The Common Questions About Weight Loss

The most common question patients ask me concerning improving their health or losing weight is: where do I start? Most patients have tried many different diets and various exercise programs but always come back to the same starting point.

After being in this cycle many times over the years, they are generally very frustrated, feel guilty, and intimidated about the idea of trying again. Every day we are bombarded by some new fad diet promising all kinds of dream-like results and outcomes. Maybe some celebrity has endorsed it and we think it might be worth a try. 

Maybe the six easy monthly payments or the low introductory rate for the membership seems reasonable. And, we buy it. We try it for a week or two, maybe even a month and then we’re back to where we were. Except, we now have less in our bank account and a huge sense of guilt and low self-worth.

Ultimately, the fundamental principle behind this book is this: Achieving weight loss and getting healthier will happen if you really look at your lifestyle and replace unhealthy habits with healthier habits on a consistent basis. 

In my experience, restricting anything in your life generally makes a person obsess about what they can’t have which essentially forces them to go get whatever it is they are trying to avoid. Also, we seem hardwired to need to spend our hard-earned money on programs, equipment, supplements and memberships when the data and our own experience clearly states we’re fooling ourselves. 

We’re not going to stick with it and deep in our hearts, we know it. Sure, maybe 10-15% can honestly stick with an added program or diet for a while but most of us can’t. And again, we know it.

After working with patients day after day I’ve realized most people aren’t really happy. They don’t feel well, their lives aren’t what they hoped they would be and they feel stuck. Tight finances and the stresses of modern life are wearing people out. We’re tired, overwhelmed, and simply over it.

I believe I have found at least part of the answer to the issue of our overwhelmed modern lifestyle. It starts with more of a grassroots approach and the results have been astounding. Our jobs, families, friends and hobbies are missing one important thing: us. We’re so busy anymore that we rarely get outside, most of our meals come out a window at the burger joint and our relationships are in the toilet. 

I believe the solution to most of these issues is improving the quality of food we eat, getting rid of the chemical and sugar-laden “healthy” food we’ve been sold, and getting active again in our homes, workplaces and our communities. How can adding more to our daily planners and seeing our family and friends less possibly improve our health? How can being stuck in an expensive, stuffy gym be more energizing than being outside or going for a walk with your children or a friend?

You’ll likely notice nearly everything I recommend is completely opposite what the commercials and marketers try to sell you. You’ll never hear me say if you’re overweight that you need to run or start flipping over tires for your workout. 

And, you’ll never hear me recommend spending more time away from your family and friends, or more time indoors, or more of your hard-earned money on much of anything. This is because for most people it simply isn’t the answer to the problem. 

In fact, maybe having gained a few pounds or being more stressed isn’t actually the problem at all? Maybe the weight and poor health are actually only the symptoms of a bigger issue, which I think is the overwhelmed and convenience-based lifestyle we have allowed to control our lives. 

The lifestyle says we can’t possibly walk a block to the store, we must drive. Our lifestyle says we must leave our families to go work out in an expensive gym instead of spending time with them. And, the lifestyle says we need to go broke doing it.

Well, I think it’s wrong. I believe by reimagining how we want our lives to be and making decisions based on our priorities, we can get back to healthier habits and feel well, without all the causes of being unhappy.

This, my friends, is where to start.

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“First we form habits: then they form us.

Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.”

~Robert Gilbert

Habits are the building blocks of your life. The habits you possess will take you in the direction you want to go. If you have unhealthy habits, you will be unhealthy. If you have healthy habits, you will likely be healthy. If your habit is to drink a 32-ounce soda several times daily, this habit will no doubt harm you.

If, however, your habit is to take a daily walk, then this habit will improve your health. It’s that simple.

We all have habits. We usually don’t realize how many habits – good and bad – we actually have! For example, have you ever arrived at work safe and sound and realized you can’t recall a single moment of your commute from home?

Seriously, your commute could be five minutes or an hour-long, but you honestly don’t remember a moment? How many stoplights, stop signs and turns did you make and you don’t remember anything without really thinking about it?

This is how powerful your habits are in your life. For better or worse habits allow us to be on autopilot most of our days.

Currently, you have habits that are most likely creating a situation leading to weight gain or poor health. These habits may include snacking, going out for lunch, drinking high calorie drinks or simply eating poor quality food. All of these simple habits combine to form the overall routine of your life. It is critical then for you to review your daily life routine for habits leading to your poor health.

Over time our habits can be modified, replaced, or eliminated all-together to help you reach our goals. The habits you’ll use to lose weight and become healthier will be created exactly the same way as your old habits were created. Just as you have changed your habits in the past, you can easily incorporate new, healthier habits into your life.

Think about it this way: we have the HABIT of buying the same foods at the grocery store, we have the HABIT of driving everywhere to get things done, we have the HABIT of spending our evenings sitting in front of the TV or out for drinks at the bar, and we have the HABIT of paying good money for solutions which haven’t worked.

A serious look at these habits is crucial to get to the heart of the matter. If we haven’t stopped to consider we have a leak in our boat, how can we act to fix it before we all sink? Based on our increasing body weight, stress, illness, and overall unhappiness in life it’s clear we are barely keeping our heads above water. It’s clear we need to step back, think about the issues and only then work to address them. We simply must or soon we’ll all be sunk.

Do It For The Kids!

Being a parent and caring for children is a very tough responsibility. It takes a lot of time, tons of energy and a plan. All too often we feed our children foods that aren’t healthy out of convenience and sometimes a necessity. 

I challenge us as a society to really consider and decide how important it is to feed our children

healthy, nutritious meals. I hear many parents complain about the toxic school lunches fed to kids as part of the school lunch programs in the nation. 

My question is always this: why as a parent are you relying on their school to feed them and know what’s best for them? Aren’t you as the parent the ultimate authority on the foods your child eats? If you are a parent I encourage you to think about all the healthy habits presented in this book, both nutritional and activity habits, which you can incorporate into not only your life, but the lives of your children. The parent is the primary role model for children so when they observe their parents eating healthy and being physically active, this sets up a great, healthy family culture.

If you are able to start off your toddlers eating healthy, whole food you’ll have a child who will likely be able to avoid a significant number of diseases and conditions in their lifetime due to the simple, yet powerful, habit of eating healthy. If your children are older, strive to change their eating habits and nutrition plan to more healthy foods. We all want the best for our own children and the children in our communities. Let’s work together to keep them healthy and happy!

Do You Have to Take Supplements For Weight Loss?

Various weight loss solutions are available. Among these are pills, pharmaceuticals, and natural supplements. They are said to assist in weight loss, or at least make weight loss easier when used in conjunction with other methods.

It should be noted that pills or supplements only work when combined with a healthy weight-loss diet and regular exercise. Supplements are ineffective on their own and are hardly a solution to obesity. 

Generally, supplements work through one or more of the following mechanisms:

  • Reduces appetite, making you feel fuller so that you consume fewer calories
  • Reduces the absorption of nutrients, such as fat, causing you to consume fewer calories
  • Burn more calories by increasing fat burning

Resurge is of the most popular weight loss supplements that promise to help you shed pounds and sleep better. Because studies have shown that sleep deprivation is associated with deficiencies of growth hormone and elevated levels of cortisol, both of which contribute to obesity.

While other supplements promote nutritional factors, meal replacement forms, appetite suppression, or similar effects, Resurge boosts your body’s metabolism by increasing your core temperature. However, before making any purchases, you might want to read some Resurge reviews because the supplement industry is rife with scams.

In any case, it’s always best to talk with your doctor before you start taking a supplement, especially if you are taking medications or have any health concerns.

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