The Black Tux Review 2023: My Personal Experience

Looking to spruce up your formal wardrobe? Check out The Black Tux, an online shop where you can rent or buy tuxedos and other fancy duds. They’ve got everything you need for weddings, proms, and other fancy shindigs – ties, shoes, the whole shebang. 

Plus, they’ve been featured in some pretty big publications like, Business Insider, The New York Times and Forbes, and have amassed over 120,000 fans on Instagram. 

So, if you’re wondering if this service is worth your time, check out a Black Tux Suits review for more info on the company, their merchandise, customer reviews, and any deals they have going on.

What is The Black Tux?

Andrew Blackmon, the groom, and his best man, Patrick Coyne, came up with a genius idea to rent tuxedos instead of buying them for Andrew’s wedding back in 2011. They were searching for a tux rental company and stumbled upon a business opportunity that would give guys a more convenient option for tux and suit shopping. 

So, in 2013, they founded The Black Tux in sunny Los Angeles. They wanted to make the whole process more enjoyable and stress-free for customers.

The Black Tux only works with top suit manufacturers to ensure every garment has a perfect fit and finish. They claim their tuxedos and suits are just as good as ones that cost over $1,200 in department stores. 

Plus, all their suits are made from 100% merino wool, shirts from 100% cotton, and shoes from 100% genuine leather. The company has gotten a lot of press, and you might have even seen one of their commercials online.

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How Does It Work?

Looking to rent or buy a fancy suit or tuxedo? The Black Tux has got you covered. Renting is easy – just pick your style, take a quick quiz about your measurements, and voila! The in-house fit specialists will make sure everything is just right. 

Plus, you can even try on the clothes in person at a nearby showroom before you commit.

If you decide to purchase, you can exchange for another size within 48 hours of delivery. Just make sure to place your order at least 21 days before your event to ensure it arrives on time. 

And after the big day, returning is a breeze – just pack it back up in the original packaging and use the prepaid return label.

The Black Tux Bestsellers

Check out The Black Tux for all your formal wear needs. They’ve got over 50 tuxedos to choose from, whether you’re looking to match your prom date’s dress or need something for a wedding next month. They’ve got everything from sharp blue tuxedos to white suits reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. 

Plus, they’ve got all the extras too – shirts, vests, cufflinks, shoes and more. Don’t know what to wear? Check out their complete outfits for inspiration. Head over to their website for more info on ordering and renting options.

The Black Tux Peak Lapel Tuxedo 

The Peak Lapel Tuxedo is a classic choice that’ll never go out of style. The traditional lace lapel frames your face and makes you look taller. 

Plus, it’s made with 100% finest Italian merino wool and 100% silk satin lapel. Fully lined and with a one-button closure, this tuxedo is elegant and sophisticated. Rent it for $125 or buy it for $450.

The Black Tux Blue Tuxedo

If you’re headed to a beachy event under the night sky, the Blue Tuxedo is the one for you. This midnight blue tux is made with Italian merino wool and silk satin lapels. It’s fully lined and has a side slit, button down coat. Rent it for $125 or buy it for $450.

The Black Tux White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo

For a more understated, elegant wedding, go for the White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo. This creamy white tux is made from the same fine Italian merino wool as the rest of the suits and has the same traditional details. Rent it for $125 or buy it for $450. 

This tux is a great option for warmer climates and looks great with a black bow tie and matching trousers.

The Black Tux Navy Suit

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to a tuxedo, the Navy Suit is a great option. It’s perfect for formal occasions like cocktail parties, corporate events, and proms, and is made from high-quality Italian merino wool. 

It’s fully lined, has a two-button front, notch lapel, and side vents, and can be rented for just $110 or purchased for $375.

The Black Tux Charcoal Suit

If you’re looking to make a great impression at your next office party, the Tux Charcoal Suit is a great choice. It’s made from graphite Italian merino wool and features two buttons, notched lapels, side vents, and is all linen. 

It’s perfect for projecting a conservative, corporate image, and can be rented for $110 per month or purchased for $375.

The Black Tux Light Grey Suit

The Light Grey Suit is a great alternative to the darker charcoal grey suit. It’s a timeless suit made from 100% finest Italian merino wool and features a classic front with two buttons, notch lapels, and side vents. 

To make the suit pop, wear a dark blue tie with a pastel blue shirt instead of a grey tie and shirt. You can rent the Light Grey Suit for $110 or buy it for $375.

The Black Tux Tan Suit

If you’re looking to make a sophisticated impression at a fancy event, the Tan Suit is a must-have. Designed by modern menswear label Ovadia & Sons, it’s made from 100% Italian merino wool and features a classic front with buttons, notched lapels, and side vents. Rent it for $110 per week or purchase it for $375.

The Black Tux Black Suit

The Black Suit is a great alternative to a tuxedo if you’re looking for something that’s sophisticated, but not overly pretentious. 

It’s perfect for any black tie event and is made from Italian merino wool. It features a two-button front, lapels, and side vents and is a timeless color that can be worn with any outfit. You can rent it for $110 per month or purchase it for $375.

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  • A wide selection of high quality tuxedos and suits are available.
  • The convenience of buying a suit online from home
  • There is no need to bring the products to a store.
  • Customers can rent or buy tuxedos and suits from their range.
  • Before buying or renting, customers can request color or fabric samples.
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Orders and returns of rental items are both free of shipping charges.


  • Shipping is only available within the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Customer Reviews

We checked out The Black Tux and the overall consensus is that it’s a pretty solid choice. 

People on Trustpilot gave it a 3.3 rating or higher, with many praising the rental service’s ease of use and saying the suits were super attractive. Even when some weddings had to be rescheduled, The Black Tux staff was super flexible and helpful.

On Yelp and Weddingwire, the reviews are similarly positive with a 3.5 rating or higher. Out of 1400 reviews, the average rating is 4.7 stars. Customers have said that the staff were super helpful in finding the perfect suit for them, and shipping, arrival times, and returns were all smooth sailing. 

Plus, it’s great for people who don’t have time to go to the store multiple times for fittings.

On the downside, some customers did have issues with getting the wrong size when they had to exchange suits. So just keep that in mind if that’s something that concerns you. 

But all in all, most people were happy with their experience and would use The Black Tux again for any important occasion.

Shipping Policy

If you order something from The Black Tux that’s over $95 and in the contiguous US, shipping is free. If not, it’s $20. 

If you order less than 13 days before your event, it’s up to $40 for rush delivery. They don’t charge for replacement deliveries. Orders are usually shipped at least 14 days before your event using USPS Surepost. You can track your order by logging into your account and using the tracking number.

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How to Send The Black Tux Back?

The Black Tux wants you to return your rental within 3 days after your event. You can find the return label by peeling it off the original packaging. 

Keep in mind, if you return it late, you’ll be charged $60 and the return policy will be extended from 3 to 10 days. 

If you spent more than $60 on a garment, you’ll be charged the full price. 

Contact customer service for refunds if your event is postponed or canceled. Returns and exchanges of purchased products are not allowed.

How to Contact The Black Tux?

If you have any more questions, you can reach them at (888)-717-1588 or email [email protected].


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any coupons or promo codes at the moment. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on their suits.

Where to Buy The Black Tux?

You can check out their website,, for all your suit needs. 

They also have a line at Nordstrom, so you can check them out there too. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, they’ve got showrooms in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and other states, so you can check out the suits in person.

Final Verdict

Looking for a tux or suit on a budget? Check out Black Tux Suits. Renting online is a breeze and you won’t have to worry about running around to stores or dealing with alterations. 

Plus, they’re super affordable and their stuff is always top-notch. People love them, but keep in mind that sizing can be tricky. But if you’re over the traditional rental process, give Black Tux a try.

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Who owns The Black Tux? 

The Black Tux is still run by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, the original owners. The admin offices and main production facility are in LA, California.

What sizes does The Black Tux have?

You can check out the sizing options for their suits and tuxedo sets on their website. They have jackets that range from 34 inches to 58 inches and pants in slim and regular fits with waist sizes from 28 inches to 54 inches and inseam lengths from 26 inches to 36 inches. 

Keep in mind, they don’t have children’s sizes.

How much does The Black Tux cost? 

Renting a tux from The Black Tux will cost you $125, and buying one will be around $450. A wedding suit rental is $110 and buying one is about $375.

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