The Back Pain Miracle Review – Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for The Back Pain Miracle review? Is The Back Pain Miracle a scam?

Do you lean forward and hunch over your keyboard when working? Have a hard time controlling the occurrence of tingling and numbness in your lower back, legs, and feet? 

Although the onset of back pain may appear inconsequential, chronic back pain can have serious implications, including a significant impact on one’s independence and the induction of anxiety. 

By eliminating his discomfort at the root, Matt Cook was able to reclaim his health and learn a number of previously inaccessible techniques. He developed the program now known as “The Back Pain Miracle System” after a long period of trial and error. 

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about The Back Pain Miracle to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

In this The Back Pain Miracle review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

The Back Pain Miracle Review – Key Takeaways

Name of the Program The Back Pain Miracle
Price: Get a Special Discount Here
Rating: 4.8/5
Creator Matt Cook
Program Type Digital program
Use of the program Recover from back pain.

What is the Back Pain Miracle System?

The goal of the Back Pain Miracle System is to effectively free people from their back pain. This program, created by engineer and martial artist Matt Cook, will teach you the techniques you need to heal your back. 

Mobilizing the spine has become the focus since it is thought to be the quickest and safest technique to reduce stress, increase healthy disc space, and lessen tension in the back muscles. 

Those who have tried and failed to find relief from back pain and sciatica for years, as well as those who have just sustained significant injuries, can find relief with the Back Pain Miracle System.

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What Can You Learn From the Back Pain Miracle System?

Among the many things that stood out to our editorial staff about the Back Pain Miracle System was how honest the creators were. 

Matt gave an overview of the program so that people would know what they were getting into before enrolling, unlike with some other organizations where participants are kept in the dark until after payments have been made. 

Here are 15 easy exercises you may learn from the Back Pain Miracle System:

Movement #1. The Bartenieff Rock and Roller

The “Bartenieff Rock and Roller” is a recommended exercise for those who have purchased the Back Pain Miracle System because it is thought to help reawaken the neural pathways connecting the muscles and joints in the feet, legs, hips, and spine. The vertebrae in your spine will open and close as you rock gently, relieving pressure on your spinal discs and the nerves that run between them.

Movement #2. Knees Side to Side

There is hope that the “Knees Side to Side” exercise can mobilize and relax all of the muscles and joints associated with quadratus lumborum pain. 

In addition, this action has the potential to induce a lateral bend and a spinal rotation. Moving at a moderate enough pace and using deep breathing techniques can help people experience a physical release of tension and emotional stress.

Movement #3. The Bartenieff Lateral Leg Slide

The goal of the third exercise, the “Bartenieff Lateral Leg Slide,” is to provide comfort to the buttocks, thighs, hips, and groin. According to the literature, the aforementioned problems originate in the hips and can be resolved by healthy mobilization.

Movement #4. The Bartenieff Supine to Fetal

When used properly, the “Bartenieff Supine to Fetal” position can alleviate widespread pain in the lower back. The transition from the supine to fetal posture consists of simply alternating between the erect, stretched position and the supine, tucked fetal position. After performing this exercise, some people may feel a slight tightness in their back, which should dissipate with practice.

Movement #5. The Roll Over

Rolling over can help relieve tension and knots from the neck down to the feet. This body-wide phenomenon is indicative of a central nervous system failure that disrupts the body’s established neural pathways. When the core is engaged, the entire spine is mobilized, which improves posture and stability.

Movement #6. Piriformis & Hip Joint Mobilization

When the piriformis muscle (located in the butt) spasms, it can produce pain in the butt and, in certain cases, can irritate the nearby sciatic nerve, leading to symptoms of piriformis syndrome. A pinched nerve can cause symptoms such as numbness and tingling all the way down the back of the leg and into the foot, as described by one source. 

According to Matt, the symptoms of this ailment can be immediately alleviated by the use of a mobilization exercise.

Movement #7. Supported Frog Pose

Supported frog pose is another great way to stretch and loosen up your lower back, pelvis, pelvic floor, and tailbone. Follow Matt’s lead closely if you suffer from anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, frozen pelvis, pelvic floor dysfunction, or tailbone pain.

Movement #8. Foam Roller Spinal Extension

One’s ability to stretch their back may be impaired by stress in the lower back and the hip flexors. While the hip flexors and back muscles relax, the “Foam Roller Spinal Extension” can help gently mobilize the vertebrae.

Movement #9. Towel Under Thoracic Spine

To alleviate upper back hunch, rounded shoulders, forward head, stretching difficulties, and upper back stiffness, try the “Towel Under Thoracic Spine” position. It’s as easy as laying on your back on a half-rolled-up towel to perform this maneuver.

Movement #10. The Slow Scorpion

The “Slow Scorpion” focuses on key vertebral joints, relieving nerves of pressure and alleviating numbing, shooting pains. Those suffering with sciatica can benefit greatly from this strategy because it helps to restore physical equilibrium.

Movement #11. Straight Legged Slump Waves

The back, hamstrings, calves, and feet, and even the neck, might all feel tight. The conventional wisdom says that bending over and touching one’s toes will help, but Matt is certain that this will only make matters worse. 

Instead, you can use “Straight Legged Slump Waves” to loosen up your neck and back. This is a movable thought for relieving strain on a series of back muscles.

Movement #12. Seated Spirals

After only a few minutes, most people will find it challenging to maintain an upright posture. It’s a sign of tiredness, says Matt, because it indicates the deep postural muscles haven’t been fully activated. By engaging the spine, hips, and pelvis with the “Seated Spirals,” good posture is promoted.

Movement #13. Pelvis Movement

Back tightness is the root cause of stiffness and incapacity to walk. The swings are reminiscent of salsa, a dance that has been linked to numerous health benefits, including better coordination, fluid movement, and revitalized pelvic mobility.

Movement #14. Spinal Waves

When you’re stuck in a hunched over position, it’s time to stretch and wake up your spine. After completing this step of the Back Pain Miracle System, Matt will help his clients move with ease, enthusiasm, and self-assurance.

Movement #15. Eero Westerberg Spinal Dives

The back can be made strong, flexible, and pain-free with the help of “Eero Westerberg Spinal Dives.”

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How Has the Back Pain Miracle System Been Structured?

Now that you know what the exercises in the Back Pain Miracle System are, it’s important to talk about how to perform them correctly. It’s not as simple as just doing 15 every day. 

Of course, at this point, Matt’s prior knowledge in creating the program is crucial. Specifically, he will lead everyone through a choreographed routine, detailing the specific actions to take, when to take them, and how to take them.

In accordance with available time, choose from one of three Back Pain Miracle System routines:

  • Routine #1: This is suitable for people who only have 5 to 15 minutes per week
  • Routine #2: This is suitable for people who want to spend hours per week
  • Routine #3: This is suitable for people who want to make massive progress over a short period

The Back Pain Miracle Positive and Negative Feedback

Positive Feedback

  • Every day, you can relieve your back pain with the help of the exercises in The Back Pain Miracle.
  • Spine mobilization should be slow and gentle.
  • When you do this, you open up the area between your discs, reducing pressure on them.
  • In doing so, you are alleviating the strain on your back muscles.
  • You can relax and enjoy the ride because the motions are moderate, mild, and comfortable.
  • The tried-and-true method of physical therapy for relieving back pain
  • Movements in The Back Pain Miracle are meant to be easy and relaxed.
  • The routine is motivated by the Bartenieff Activity Fundamentals for Development.
  • This program is a fun and effective solution to chronic back pain.
  • The actions are uncomplicated and easy to follow.

Negative Feedback

  • There are a lot of options for tweaking and adjusting the application to suit your needs.
  • There is no offline distribution of the Back Pain Miracle Program.
  • The outcomes for each person may be unique. Not everyone has a one-of-a-kind physical make-up.

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The Back Pain Miracle Customer Reviews


“Finally, I discovered some unique movements that completely eliminated all of my back pain and provided me with effortless movement, mobility, and flexibility. These slow, gentle movements may appear different from what you are used to.” 

Rick Wilson

“You will fall in love with these movements when you try them for yourself and notice how much better your back feels, possibly better than it has in months, years, or even decades.”

The Back Pain Miracle Creator

The Back Pain Miracle System was created by Matt Cook. Matt, who couldn’t take a single step without shooting pains down his lower back, taught himself unique movements that go beyond just recovering back health. He primarily desired that everyone have the same level of effortless movement, mobility, and flexibility that he now has.

Prior to this system, Matt wrote a book called Conscious Movement: The Key to Releasing Pain (2020), in which he focuses on ways to reconnect with the body, identify mistakes, and understand bodily movements from a neurological, biological, and psychological standpoint. 

Whether people want to get rid of pain or gain mental clarity, this is the educational resource to have on hand!

The names of some of the movements in the Back Pain Miracle System are proven for those who have noticed them. Matt’s program was created using techniques developed by Eero Westerberg and Irmgard Bartenieff. 

Eero Westerberg, the head coach of VAHVA Fitness, taught Matt much of what is outlined in the Back Pain Miracle System. Here’s a synopsis of the expert’s work with Matt:

“Matthew approached my coaching with an open mind, knowing that something was missing. Matthew’s real strength was his curiosity […] He went on, experimented, studied, and learned from any exercise or piece of knowledge I gave him […] Matt transformed his body from a stiff and painful one to one that is highly functional, strong, and capable. Along with the coaching, Matthew expanded his repertoire of martial arts, gymnastics, and dancing, expressing his growing confidence in his abilities.”

Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981) was a dancer, physical therapist, and cross-cultural scholar who made significant contributions to the field of movement therapy. After studying with Rudolf Laban, Bartenieff established the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York. If we’ve piqued your interest, you can visit the online exhibition devoted to Irmgard’s life works here.

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The Back Pain Miracle Pricing and Discounts

At the official Back Pain Miracle website, you may purchase the entire Back Pain Miracle System for $47. Following successful payment, buyers are sent to a video portal where they can access The Back Pain Miracle System.

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, there are no recurring membership costs, and the software is compatible with iPads, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

The Back Pain Miracle Customer Service

Customers can reach the designers of the Back Pain Miracle System by dialing the following number:

  • Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035
  • International: +1 208-345-4245

The Back Pain Miracle Review: Final Verdict

This in-depth analysis should have made it abundantly evident that the Back Pain Miracle System is neither a program that just targets the back, nor does it promote stretches. 

Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, stretching is not a cure for back pain. Those who treat pain by considering its origin in various locations on the body are more likely to see improvement. Just like with deep breathing, gentle motions help relieve stress and strain.

The show provides an overarching summary of Matt’s road to recovery, during which he focused on movement therapy from well-known professionals in addition to activities like gymnastics and ballet. His passion for teaching is clear from the extensive commentary and demonstrations that accompany each routine.

He also made sure his applications were convenient, which is apparently the most highly regarded quality in the modern world. 

The Back Pain Miracle System is the culmination of several years of research and development, and its thoughtful design makes it a useful resource.

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The Back Pain Miracle FAQs

1. Who should consider the Back Pain Miracle System?

The Back Pain Miracle System is highly recommended for those who are experiencing back pain. Since everyone’s health is different, it could be helpful to bring a list of the aforementioned maneuvers to a doctor’s appointment.

2. How long will it take to see results with the Back Pain Miracle System?

Matt is confident that the benefits will become clear after performing the first four motions; nevertheless, individuals who consistently train will see progress and enhancement.

3. Is age a determining factor as to whether one might see results?

No, your age is not a role in whether or not you will experience results. All of the exercises in the Back Pain Miracle System are low-impact and designed to help you slowly mobilize your spine and relieve pain.

4. What are the purported benefits of following the Back Pain Miracle System?

Balance, stability, coordination, mobility, flexibility, and improved posture and alignment are just some of the touted advantages of the Back Pain Miracle System.

5. Will Matt Cook provide guidance every step of the way?

You can email Matt’s staff if you have any questions while you’re doing the exercises, and he encourages you to do so if you get stuck. Matt welcomes one-on-one conversations about consultations for a more intimate encounter. From there, he’d be happy to make a video response and revise the “other resources” area for the benefit of anyone else who might have a similar inquiry.

6. Do users have to be fit to follow the Back Pain Miracle System?

No way; the Back Pain Miracle System features low-intensity, simple motions that even a beginner can master.

7. Is there a specific time of day to execute the Back Pain Miracle System?

Matt likes to do the exercises from the Back Pain Miracle System before bed because they help him get the restorative sleep his body needs. Others, however, could find it more convenient to carry out the actions early in the day, at noon, or even in the wee hours of the night. Nonetheless, everybody to his or her own.

8. Is it okay to perform the Back Pain Miracle System with other fitness programs?

The Back Pain Miracle System is compatible with different exercise routines, right? A. They could, at the at least, help you work harder without causing you any discomfort.

9. Is the Back Pain Miracle System a daily program?

If the user’s back pain has improved, it is up to the individual to determine if they wish to continue using the Back Pain Miracle System. It is common sense to keep going with the program in order to keep it going and keep getting results.

10. How long will it take to receive the Back Pain Miracle System?

The Back Pain Miracle System is 100% online, exclusively accessible through a video portal. Once funds are processed, access will be provided. This is far more practical, as the video series can be watched on any platform, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even better, you can save them to a USB and keep them forever.

11. What if the Back Pain Miracle System doesn’t work as suggested?

Upon purchase of The Back Pain Miracle System, you have 60 days to request a refund if you are not satisfied. Requests for refunds submitted within 60 days of the purchase date are guaranteed approval by Matt’s team.

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