Testogen Review – A Testosterone Booster Supplement Scam?

Are you looking for a Testogen review? Is Testogen a scam?

Testogen is an all-natural testosterone booster that stimulates testosterone production in men. To counter the effects of low testosterone production, the product uses several vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.

A natural part of aging is the decline in testosterone levels among men. Several unwanted effects are caused, such as weight gain, low libido, depression, anxiety, and muscle weakness.

Despite diet and exercise playing a role in combatting this somewhat, most men still require an extra boost to restore healthy testosterone levels. Although steroids are an option, they come with plenty of side effects and adverse reactions, which is why natural testosterone boosters are gaining popularity.

A leading testosterone booster, Testogen has a proven track record of increasing testosterone production. Testogen may be a good option for you if you are suffering from low testosterone levels.

To help you decide if Testogen is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

 Testogen Review – Key Takeaway

In this Testogen review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Testogen?

The United Kingdom’s MuscleClub sells a testosterone booster called Testogen.

Natural ingredients in the product are believed to boost a person’s testosterone levels.

In order to accomplish this goal, the supplement boosts both the body’s production of testosterone and the levels of free testosterone in the blood. Additionally, the product delays estrogen conversion.

According to MuscleClub, individuals using the product should take four Testogen capsules per day before breakfast.

The supplement can also be purchased as booster drops, which can be taken together with Testogen capsules. Booster drops can be taken 1–3 times daily or whenever needed, according to the company.

These drops are said to deliver immediate results and boost the effects of Testogen capsules.

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How Does Testogen Supplement Work?

Men’s physical and mental health is affected by testosterone. It is responsible for fertility, strength, motivation, and many other things.

As we grow older, this hormone declines. 

Therefore, not all men with low T are older. There are plenty of other conditions that can lead to low testosterone, and even when a man is young, he may experience a deficiency at some point in his life. 

The fact that they are not performing at their best can make some men feel terrible about themselves.

Men may not seek help due to embarrassment or frustration. Furthermore, some men are unable to afford such treatments due to financial hardship or lack of insurance. The medicines may also cause side effects for some guys, or they may interact with other medications they are taking. 

Therefore, using a supplement like Testogen may be the answer. 

It is a dietary supplement designed to naturally and rapidly raise testosterone levels in men. A natural ingredient contained within could also prevent men’s low T levels from getting worse as time goes on.

According to the official Testogen website, the product is targeted at men between the ages of 30 and 40. The men at this age are often new dads, working high-stress jobs that require long hours, and keeping up with other obligations, such as caring for an aging parent or a home. The result can be a drop in T levels as a result of such stress. 

Does Testogen Supplement Work?

Testogen has not been studied for its efficacy.

In contrast, Testogen provides more than 80 scientific studies on the MuscleClub website to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ingredients within their products. These studies have a few limitations, however.

Several of these studies included only animal subjects, so their results may not apply directly to humans. An old study from 2007 that’s listed on the site examined the role that D-aspartic acid plays in invertebrates, vertebrates, and mammals.

Several studies, including this 2009 studyTrusted Source, involved a small number of participants and a short study period.

More than a third of the studies that MuscleClub lists about the ingredients in this supplement are over a decade old. Some studies are older than 20 years, including one that dates back to 1981.

In 1981, zinc was tested on men with idiopathic infertility to determine its effect on sperm counts. The zinc in these products may not be effective for all Testogen customers due to the condition not being present in every customer who uses them.

In addition, many studies focus on people with certain illnesses or deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. 

As a result, only those who suffer from these conditions may find the results of these studies relevant. This does not mean that results will be the same for healthy people.

What Exactly Does Testogen Supplement Do?

Testogens stimulate luteinizing hormone production

The pituitary gland naturally produces luteinizing hormone. Testosterone is produced and released by Leydig cells in the testes when primary hormone is present. 

As little as two weeks after starting the supplement, free testosterone levels increase as well as total testosterone levels.

SHBG levels are decreased by testogens

Researchers have discovered that 65% of testosterone contains a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Your bloodstream has less testosterone when you have more SHBG in it. 

In addition to reducing SHBG levels, Testogen also reduces the amount of testosterone that binds to SHBG, thus raising free testosterone levels.

Testogen inhibits the conversion of testosterone into estrogen

With age, men’s testosterone is converted more into estrogen. Because of this, it is often difficult to lose weight, increase strength, and build muscle as you age. 

This process is slowed down by several ingredients in Testogen, which keeps more testosterone.

Moreover, Testogen’s ingredients have been shown to work in as little as two weeks. You can reverse the effects of low testosterone as soon as you raise your free & total testosterone levels.

What are the Benefits of Using Testogen?

Testogen offers numerous benefits. It’s a vegan-friendly capsule and a completely natural supplement. 

The formula is free of dairy, caffeine, fillers, GMOs, gluten, and soy, and it gives your body what it most needs to create enough testosterone. 

Now let’s look at some of the other benefits of Testogen:

Stimulates Testosterone Production

Testogen may increase testosterone production by stimulating the body’s luteinizing hormones, which are made by our pituitary gland.

Testosterone is created and released by the Leydig cells in the testes when this occurs. Testogen contains D-aspartic acid, which has been shown to boost both luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels in clinical studies.

Leydig cells are also protected from damage by antioxidants such as vitamin K and vitamin D, as well as zinc, in Testogen. After your Leydig cells are damaged, they are unable to produce enough testosterone. 

By increasing the levels of our luteinizing hormone and ensuring the health of our Leydig cells, we can ensure that our body will produce testosterone efficiently and consistently.

Increases your free T levels

It is well known that most of our testosterone is not used. As a result, it binds to proteins found in the blood and is rendered useless. Therefore, you should increase your free T levels. 

The majority of testosterone binds with a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin, or SHBG. When levels of SHBG in the bloodstream are elevated, the body has a reduced amount of free testosterone. As we age, SHBG levels tend to increase, causing testosterone to decrease.

The ingredients in Testogen include minerals, vitamins, herbs, and more, which may help lower our SHBG levels as well as boost free testosterone levels in the body. Supplements such as this are excellent for making you feel more energetic, happy, and confident. They may also assist in building muscle and burning stubborn fat. 

Slows Testosterone’s Conversion to Estrogen

Almost all of our body’s testosterone converts into estrogen as we age, which is why testosterone levels decrease as we age. 

It is possible that Testogen can slow testosterone’s conversion, keeping testosterone levels elevated even as you age.

It Can Be Taken Anytime of the Day

You can take Testogen before your workout, during your late shift or night, in the middle of your shift at work, or anytime that is convenient for you. 

Testogen is an excellent natural energy booster. Furthermore, it does not contain caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about staying up all night.

It’s loved by customers

There is perhaps no greater benefit than how helpful this supplement has proven to be to men just like you. You should check out the Testogen website to read what other guys have to say about how great it is.

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What are the Cons of Testogen Supplement?

Not actual testosterone

Unlike testosterone replacement therapy, Testogen does not contain actual testosterone. Testogen products contain herbal ingredients that are steroid-free.

Backed up by old or limited studies

MuscleClub does not claim that every study it relies upon to back up its claims about Testogen applies to everyone. As a result, they may not be able to prove the safety or efficacy of their products.

Premium price

Testogen is a little more expensive than its competitors.

Limited availability

The majority of retailers do not carry Testogen. It is only available on the company’s website and through approved Amazon sellers.

No supplement facts label

In neither of its products does MuscleClub provide a supplement facts label. Testogen Booster Drops does not have a dosage information.

No certification

There are no third-party certifications or privacy standards at the company. Despite claiming its products come from certified GMP facilities, the company does not provide proof of certification. There is also no BBB accreditation for the company.

What are the Customer Reviews of Testogen Supplement?

Anecdotal information about Testogen’s results can be found on its website.

Over 1,500 global customer reviews give Testogen a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Most customers gave them a 5-star rating.

The product’s visible effects may take some time to manifest, according to positive reviews. However, some positive reviews mention subtle yet noticeable results within a few days. Most positive reviews mention increased energy, libido, weight loss, muscle mass, and stamina.

However, the product also has more than 150 one-star reviews on Amazon. Many of these reviews note the ineffectiveness of the product.

At the time of publication, the above information was accurate.

What are the Side Effects of Testogen Supplement?

In this Testogen review, we’ve discussed the benefits and ingredients of this supplement, but what about the side effects? Does it have any negative effects?

The ingredients in Testogen are entirely herbal, and it contains no steroid or chemical components. Therefore, there are no known negative side effects. 

An effective solution is developed by a renowned company with the assistance of nutrition, exercise, and health professionals.

It is, however, possible that you may encounter some of the following side effects in your search for more testosterone:

Seek medical attention if side effects persist. Make sure you read the recommended dosage and take the prescribed dose at the prescribed time. Don’t take more pills than recommended, even if you’re in a hurry to see results.

Testogen Ingredients Review

Testogen consists of 11 natural herbal extracts. Among them are:

D-Aspartic acid

An older, small human and animal study found that this amino acid increases LH levels to stimulate the Leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone.

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek contains furostanolic saponins, a compound that prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen, which can boost testosterone levels. In addition, it reduces symptoms of low testosterone levels.

The study performed by Trusted Source in 2020 found that it boosted testosterone levels in men’s blood.


A zinc deficiency has been associated with hypogonadism, as zinc is crucial to testosterone production.

Vitamin D3

A study from Trusted Source concluded in 2020 that men with a vitamin D deficiency may have increased testosterone levels.

Korean red ginseng extract

Researchers believe Korean red ginseng extract increases libido, sexual performance, and testosterone levels. 

According to a 2020 study, Korean red ginseng significantly decreased testosterone levels after acute resistance training.


Following muscle strength training, boron supplementation was found to improve free testosterone levels.


Studies from 2011 found that supplementing with magnesium increased testosterone levels in male athletes.

BioPerine 95% Piperine

Black pepper extract BioPerine is said to increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. According to MuscleClub, BioPerine can help boost Testogen’s absorption, increasing its effectiveness.

Testogen Pricing and Discounts

Directly from the official website, you can find the most affordable pricing for Testogen. Based on your individual needs, you can choose from a variety of packages:

The price of Testogen capsules is as follows:

  • A one month supply costs $59.99
  • Two months supply is $119.99 + one free month
  • Three months supply is $179.99 + two free months

Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster is considerably more affordable:

  • A one month supply costs $34.99
  • Two months costs $69.98 with a free month
  • Three months costs $104.97 with two free months

Customers of Testogen are entitled to a 100-day money-back guarantee on all orders. Should you not be satisfied with Testogen for any reason, you can contact the manufacturer and receive a full refund, less a small fee for shipping and administrative costs. 

You can reach the company by phone or email at:

  • USA Phone- +1 (844) 886-1634
  • UK Phone- +44 0808 164 9933
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Company Address- MuscleClub Limited Digital House, Clarendon Park Nottingham, NG5 1AHUnited Kingdom

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What is the Scientific Evidence For Testogen?

More than 725,000 men around the world have benefited from Testogen, according to the company’s makers. Testogen would be the best-selling testosterone booster in the history of nutritional supplements.

Using the ingredients in here, the company claims you can significantly increase testosterone levels. A website mentions a testosterone increase of up to 80% after taking Testogen.

The claims made by MuscleClub Limited have not been supported by clinical trials or peer-reviewed research. However, the company references individual studies on the formula’s ingredients. 

The doses in some of these studies are similar to those we see in Testogen, while others are much higher.

A major component of Testogen is D-aspartic acid (DAA). Most testosterone supplements sold online today contain this well-rated, highly popular amino acid. 

Researchers gave resistance-trained men DAA supplements in this 2015 study. The men received either 3,000mg or 6,000mg of DAA or a placebo, then their testosterone levels were checked after several weeks. 

It was found that the 6,000mg dose of DAA actually reduced free testosterone as well as total testosterone levels, while the 3,000mg group and placebo group did not significantly differ from the 6,000mg group. 

The men in this study had been resistance training for two years, so it’s possible the results would have been more obvious if they had never been resistance trained.

In a 2013 study, however, researchers told resistance-trained men to take a DAA supplement for 28 days. 

Researchers tested the men’s testosterone after 28 days and found no difference between them and a placebo with regard to body composition or testosterone. DAA was given daily to the men in that study at a dosage of 3,000mg.

There are other studies that support the use of DAA supplements, especially among sedentary men. Taking DAA supplements may not increase testosterone if you are already exercising and lifting weights. Sedentary men may be affected.

Ginseng is sometimes used for sex drive. In traditional Asian medicine cultures, it has long been used for health and wellness. Korea red ginseng has been shown to support overall health, according to WebMD. 

For erectile dysfunction, some men take 200mg to 400mg of ginseng daily or 5 to 10 times the amount of ginseng in Testogen.

Korean red ginseng has been found to improve sex drive in some cases. Researchers analyzed more than 25 trials on ginseng in this 2008 study and found that red ginseng was effective in treating erectile dysfunction. 

The majority of studies used dosages of 600mg to 1,000mg of panax ginseng per day, with significant improvements in erectile dysfunction observed at this dosage.

Fenugreek, an herbal extract that has been linked to sex drive, libido, and testosterone, is often found in testosterone boosters. 

Fenugreek has been linked to male sex drive in some studies, but most large-scale studies in humans have been inconclusive. A 2016 study, for instance, found that fenugreek’s active ingredients (saponins) had antioxidant effects on rats, and antioxidants are essential for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Numerous studies have linked zinc to testosterone. Zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels in men. However, more zinc will not increase testosterone in everyone. A zinc supplement could, however, increase testosterone production if you are deficient in zinc.

Testogen’s most active ingredient is DAA. A significant amount of DAA is present in the supplement, along with small amounts of other vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. Testogen may be the right supplement for you if you believe in the power of DAA. 

Testogen may not be the best choice, however, if you’re looking for a high dose of fenugreek, zinc, or other testosterone boosting ingredients.

What are the Bonuses Included with Testogen Purchase?

Testogen’s makers are offering three bonuses with every purchase as part of a promotion for 2021, including:

Bonus Gift #1: 2 x Muscle Building Workout Guides

All purchases come with two eBooks. The first eBook discusses bodyweight training, while the second discusses the overall process of building muscle. 

Among other benefits, following these guides can allegedly maximize testosterone production, strength, and muscle gains.

Bonus Gift #2: 40 Recipes for Men’s Health

You can find recipes in this eBook that will boost testosterone levels. Certain foods are associated with increased energy and testosterone levels.

Bonus Gift #3: Exclusive Weekly Lifestyle Video Content: 

Our Testogen ambassador Will Pounder will send you weekly updates via email, including inspirational videos to keep you on track.

Who Created Testogen Supplement?

MuscleClub Limited markets Testogen online. Nottingham, UK is the company’s headquarters.

In FDA-approved facilities in the United States and United Kingdom, MuscleClub Limited manufactures Testogen.

MuscleClub Limited can be contacted by the following methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (United States): +1 (844) 886-1634
  • Phone (United Kingdom): +44 0808 164 9933
  • Mailing Address: Digital House, Clarendon Park, Nottingham, NG5 1AH, United Kingdom

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Where to Buy Testogen Supplement?

You can purchase it on TestoGen’s official website. There is a 100% money-back guarantee for 100 days, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing and getting a refund. You can get a full refund from the brand if you’re not satisfied with the results. 

TestoGen offers free shipping to multiple countries worldwide. Their official website also offers discount codes for reduced prices. You can save money by combining multiple TestoGen packages.

TestoGen is available for $59.99 a month, which is a savings of $10. You can get an extra month free if you order their 2-month supply option. They offer two extra months for three-month supplies.

Who Should Use Testogen Supplement?

Testogen might be right for any man over 18 who thinks he could benefit from an increase in his testosterone levels.

A low testosterone level can negatively affect your energy levels, performance in the gym, and libido, all of which can lead to dissatisfaction with your partner. 

Testogen is therefore designed for men who feel they need something extra to complement their lifestyle and make them feel like themselves again.

Testogen’s makers developed their supplement to appeal to the following customers:

  • Despite getting enough sleep, men who are always tired, cranky, and irritable.
  • Healthy men who follow a healthy lifestyle – eat well, exercise regularly, limit alcohol consumption, etc. – but need a boost to achieve their goals.
  • The men who find it hard to balance work, family life, and personal obligations, with each day feeling like a challenge.
  • For men who need a bit of a boost to perform well in the bedroom and please their partners. 
  • Older men who want to tone up and improve their appearance but have difficulty gaining muscle mass.

Among other things, testosterone affects men’s mood, libido, energy levels, and more. This makes it essential for men’s overall health.

As we age, testosterone levels decrease. Each man experiences this as he ages. For some men, testosterone levels begin to fall around age 30. Your T levels may drop to half or even less by the age of 50. Testogen may help you reverse these symptoms and restore your sense of self. 

Accordingly, the benefits of many of these T boosters are similar. Let’s take a closer look at Testogen’s ingredients and see what sets this formula apart, which we’ll do next.

Who Should Not Use Testogen?

Males ages 18 and up who feel they could benefit from a boost in their life can take advantage of Testogen. Testogen could be harmful to the health of children who are still growing, so please do not purchase or use it if you are under 18 years old. 

Testogen should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing. As the supplement is only for men, this may seem like a silly thing to say. This must be said to ensure that pregnant or nursing mothers do not negatively affect their children’s growth.

People with underlying medical conditions should avoid using Testogen, as it could pose a risk to their health and interfere with their medication. You should consult your doctor if you wish to continue using Testogen. 

The last thing men should do is spend money on Testogen if they expect to get something out of it that isn’t really there. There may be some guys who think this supplement can increase the size of their penis or make them more sexually attractive. 

However, this is not the case. You must take it correctly to see results, since it is a testosterone-boosting supplement. It should also be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

How Long Does Testogen Take to See Results?

Testogen is not a miracle supplement, despite its clinically proven ingredients. Your T levels will not miraculously change over time with Testogen.

After a few weeks, most Testogen users begin to notice results. With D-aspartic acid, men began to see noticeable changes within the first two weeks of use, such as increased libido, energy, and strength. It may take longer for you to notice results since everyone’s results vary.

Manufacturers recommend that you give the product 30 days to see if it works for you. 

It is likely you will begin to notice changes before then, but most men start to notice a physical change in their body composition after 30 days.

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Is Testogen Supplement Safe?

Kubala says, “Not only are the ingredients in Testogen likely ineffective for increasing testosterone, but some of the ingredients may be harmful.”

One of the additives in the supplement, Korean red ginseng, can interact poorly with commonly prescribed medications, for instance.

Testogen is also not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), like other supplements. Kubala states that despite it being advertised as a “safer” and “natural” way to increase testosterone levels, no scientific evidence supports it.

What Is The Recommended Dosage And Tips To Start?

Testogen is a natural supplement that promotes testosterone production naturally. You can reap the benefits of Testogen by taking four capsules each morning before breakfast. It is not recommended to take more than four capsules per day. 

Follow these tips to maximize your results:

Stick with the program

Maybe this isn’t a program at all. But it could prove useful in an emergency. You will notice a difference after using Testogen anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and you should stay motivated during this process. 

It’s important to continue taking Testogen even if you don’t see results right away.

Change your diet

It is wise to include as many foods that boost testosterone levels as possible in your diet. Eggs, pork rinds, coconut oil, and red meat are examples.

One thing these foods have in common is saturated fat. As well as cholesterol, this contributes to the natural increase in testosterone. Be sure to consume it in moderation.

Work out intensely

You can benefit from any type of exercise. Exercise on a daily basis may, on the other hand, boost testosterone levels.

Then you will have a three-pronged strategy. Furthermore, you will be eating well, exercising properly, and taking Testogen. If you follow this plan, you may see positive results.

Testogen Review: Final Verdict

Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, reduced sexual drive, and erectile dysfunction. Testogen, for example, is a testosterone booster that aims to raise testosterone levels in the body.

It is possible that the science behind the company’s claims may not be completely reliable, despite many positive reviews. The company’s accreditation claims are also unsubstantiated.

Testogen, for example, is widely available to buy without a prescription, so it can be taken easily by people.

Before starting a new supplement, one may want to consult a doctor to ensure that it is safe for them to take.

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Testogen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Testogen frequently asked questions and answers:

1. Does Testogen Work?

Testogen has not been studied for its benefits.

Several online customer reviews state it is effective in increasing energy and libido, as well as assisting in weight loss.

Nonetheless, some reviews claim the supplement is ineffective and causes side effects.

2. Is Testogen Safe?

Testogen has no known side effects.

Furthermore, the company claims that it is free from side effects since it contains natural ingredients.

Any supplement should be discussed with a doctor before being taken.

3. Is Testogen FDA Approved?

FDA only approves the use of True Source testosterone in men with low testosterone levels due to a medical condition.

A testosterone booster, such as Testogen, is a dietary supplement that has FDA approval as a food, but not as a drug.

6. Do You Have Video Reviews of Testogen Supplement?

Yes, to help you gather more information, you can watch the YouTube videos reviewing Testogen Supplement below:

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