Supplements That Can Help with Early Hair Loss

For many men, this becomes a huge problem. The receding hairline can be a disaster for the man who is conscious of it, and the supplements recommended in this chapter will help to ward off that event. We have also added information on how best to cover this in your diet.

The condition of your hair depends on dietary input, and if your diet is lacking in certain areas, you will be able to adjust it and add the supplements that we have suggested to make the most of your hair.

The Causes of Hair Loss

You may already know why your hair is falling out. Many medical conditions can cause hair loss, and it will be obvious to you that chemotherapy is a particularly well-known cause. However, genetic factors also play a role in whether you are going to lose your hair.

There is another major cause of hair loss, and that is over-treatment. In other words, you may have introduced too many hair care products into your day-to- day life, and your hair loss is as a result of this combination.

One thing that we do know is that the growth of hair relies upon the hormones within the body, and the main hormone that is responsible for hair growth is testosterone. This relates to hair loss as well, and this is why it is common for men to have receding hair lines and for women to suffer from this because of falling levels of female hormone in certain periods of their lives, such as menopause.

Appropriate Blood Tests that can help

There are many supplements that claim to be able to help with hair loss, although few of these claims have been substantiated. However, a common pointer would be a blood test result, which shows that you are lacking in vitamin D, iron, or zinc, and because these are all related to hair growth, this should be your first port of call.

This can be straightened out with the introduction of supplements according to your body’s needs, and your doctor will be able to give you a prescription for the appropriate amounts needed to get your levels back to the normal range, which can be tested once again after the supplements have been taken for a while to see if they stay at a healthy level.

Medical Reasons for Hair Loss

Along with the lack of the minerals and vitamins mentioned above, there may be reasons why you are losing your hair, such as the side effects of medication that you are taking, and you should establish with your doctor whether the meds that you are on affect hair growth or have side effects of hair loss. You can also check with your physician about whether you are prone to hair loss for a medical reason.

Supplements to Help Reduce Hair Loss


This has been proven to help with hair loss. A Clinical Director at Columbia University swears by it and states that research has shown that Finasteride lowers the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.

This, in turn, encourages hair growth. As we already know, testosterone levels affect hair loss; this would appear to be a claim that should be taken seriously.

However, this is provided on prescription only, and you need to talk to your medical health provider because this may have other implications when it comes to prostate health.


This is made up of green tea extract, grape seed extract, and palmetto berries, and you are advised to take two capsules twice a day with meals to avoid getting an upset stomach.

If you are going to take this, do let your doctor know, especially if you have prostate problems in your family history, as the doctor may advise you to take blood tests to ensure that the supplement is not causing any change in your bloodwork and PSA levels.


Containing more natural ingredients, this supplement purports to work on the thickness of the hair, such that hair loss is less noticeable. The supplement comes in a two-step program where there is an application on the surface of the skin, followed by the taking of the supplement within a set period of time. Full instructions come with the supplement and should be followed to the letter. In a study, 85% of users reported improvements to their hair.

In all cases of taking any treatment for hair growth, do find out from your health provider if there is any reason why you should not take that supplement, as only a medical professional can assess your particular health situation. Losing your hair can be traumatic for a man, and it is for this reason that we have included this section in the book.

As a note of interest, you may also do well to eat foods that are known to have beneficial vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy hair growth. All of the B vitamins and vitamin C help to promote healthy hair growth.

However, you may find that your diet is lacking in vitamin E, which is responsible for detoxing the body. This can be found in beans, leafy greens, and nuts, so if you are not eating these as part of your everyday diet, you would be wise to introduce a supplement of vitamin E. If you want to add the effect of detoxifying your body, try to drink nettle tea, made from leaves you can buy at your local health food store.

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