Rest Remedies Smart Sleeper Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

So, you’re wondering if Rest Remedies Smart Sleeper is a trustworthy brand? Well, about a third of adults in the US deal with snoring, and while occasional snoring may just bother your partner, chronic snoring can actually pose serious health risks, like sleep apnea. That’s where Rest Remedies Smart Sleeper comes in – it’s a smart device that uses technology to tackle snoring. 

But can it really protect you and give your partner a good night’s sleep? I did some research and wrote a review on the brand, so you can make a more informed decision. 

And don’t worry, I’ll also let you know where to get the best deal on the product.

What is Rest Remedies Smart Sleeper?

SmartSleeper is a cool wearable device that helps you stop snoring. You just wear it under your chin while you sleep and the sensors will detect when you start snoring. Then, it’ll give you some gentle micro-impulses to keep your airways open.

The best part? It’s super lightweight (only 10 grams!) and doesn’t rely on any uncomfortable mechanics like suction cups or jaw positioning. Instead, it uses sound recognition technology to emit signals or vibrations when it detects snoring.

And if you want to track your snoring and sleep patterns, you can download the SmartSleeper app and connect it via Bluetooth 4.0. The device will continuously monitor your sleep so you can see your progress.

Overall, a much more comfortable and advanced option compared to other anti-snore devices out there.

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Does It Have Any Side Effects?

No worries, it has none reported so far and won’t mess with your sleep. Unlike other sleep aids that can cause discomfort, drooling, and even infections, SmartSleeper is all good. And the best part? It’s super comfortable, even for restless sleepers.

Anyone can use it, even little snorers, and it’s lightweight and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go for quality sleep.

Why Consider This Smart Sleeper?

  • Easy snoring control: A smart solution to help you sleep soundly. Give it a try for a week or two.
  • Tiny but powerful: Uses TENS tech to stop snoring, tested by 100+ snorers at Southern University of Science and Technology. Proven to reduce snores and help you sleep better.
  • Comfortable patch: Medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and stays put. No more falling off!
  • Simple charging: Just pop it on the magnetic charging base and you’re good to go for over 24 hours after a 2-hour charge. Get to know your snoring better.

Who Is It For?

  • People who snore and disrupt their own (and others’) sleep
  • Those who don’t dig the CPAP and want another option
  • Folks who move around a lot while sleeping or switch positions
  • Anyone who hates uncomfortable masks, hoses, and other gear
  • Travelers in need of a portable snoring solution
  • People who want to up their sleep game and improve their overall lifestyle.

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Safe and effective

No masks or tubes, just a simple device to help you stop snoring.

Easy to use

No complicated setup, just pop it in and you’re good to go.


Lightweight and rechargeable, it’s easy to bring with you on the go.

Sleep Tracking

Comes with a sleep tracking app to track your progress and see improvement over time.



The Rest Remedies SmartSleeper isn’t exactly a steal, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a solution to snoring. The device uses built-in sensors to detect snoring and applies electrical muscle stimulation to open up collapsed airways.

Delivery delays

If you live in a less developed country like India or Argentina, you might experience some delays with delivery. No worries if you’re in a developed country like the USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK though.

Takes time to see results 

Don’t expect instant results, most people report seeing improvements after using the SmartSleeper regularly for two weeks. Patience is key when it comes to snoring treatment.

Lifestyle changes needed

To get the best results, you’ll need to make some changes to your sleep routine and habits, like avoiding alcohol before bed and sleeping on your side with the head of your bed raised.

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Customer Reviews

Customers generally have positive things to say about the Rest Remedies SmartSleeper anti-snoring device. 

They report that the device is comfortable to wear, even for those who tend to toss and turn at night. 

They say that it has improved their sleep quality, energy levels, and stopped or reduced snoring. 

A few customers say they no longer use their CPAP machine. The device’s lack of intrusion into the mouth or nose is also noted as a plus. 

Some customers took a few days to get used to the device, but overall they say it is working well and has made a positive impact on their sleep and their partners’ sleep.

Where to Get the Best Price?

The Rest Remedies SmartSleeper is a lifesaver for snorers! It uses sounds, vibrations, and signals to stop snoring in its tracks.

If you’re looking for the best deal on a SmartSleeper, head to the official retail store. They’re currently selling them at a discounted price, but who knows for how long.

I went for it and bought one from the official store – no regrets here! Great customer service and quick shipping made the whole process a breeze.

Think about giving it a try, you won’t regret it!

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Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’re looking for a way to treat snoring, a CPAP machine might be a good option for you. They’re often prescribed for sleep apnea and help keep your airway open while you sleep, preventing breathing interruptions.

But, CPAP machines aren’t perfect. Some people find them uncomfortable and stop using them due to side effects like trouble falling asleep, feelings of claustrophobia or anxiety, nasal congestion, dry mouth, nosebleeds, skin irritation, and bloating.

If you’re looking for an alternative, check out Rest Remedies SmartSleeper. It attaches to your body with a comfy silicone earpiece and is virtually unnoticeable. Plus, it’s more affordable and convenient than traditional CPAP machines.

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3 thoughts on “Rest Remedies Smart Sleeper Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?”

  1. I bought the product a few days back, my wife is already very happy about the result. Like everybody who snores, I don’t know when I snore, but my wife knows every bit of it and it has been painful to her. The device is comfortable to wear, the phone apps set up is smooth, and the configuration is easy. Next morning you can see the snore record of previous night on your phone. The device not only helps on snores but also improve the sleep quality, I was able to see the good progress for the first few days I used.

  2. When I use it consisently, I sleep better, don’t have to get up in the night to stumble to the bathroom. Should probably get tested for sleep apnea–but this is really helping. I am more rested in the morning, much better mood.

  3. If I don’t fall asleep first it always takes me forever to because my husband sounds like a freight train. He didn’t want to use it cause he said he feels silly but oh my gosh! it works so well!! I was able to get a goods night rest for the first time in a long time.


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