Skylight Frame Review – Scam or Legit?

If you’re in the market for a user-friendly digital photo frame, you might want to check out the Skylight Frame. It’s a pretty sweet gadget that we recently got our hands on, and we thought we’d share our thoughts with you.

Here’s the deal: we tried it out for a while, and we’ve got to say, we’re pretty impressed with the Skylight Frame. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and once you’ve got it going, you can easily display all your favorite pics without any hassle.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Read on for our honest review of the Skylight Frame, and see if it’s the right digital picture frame for you.

What is the Skylight Frame?

Skylight digital frame is a nifty gadget that lets you display your digital photos in a fun and easy way. Think of it as a modern twist to the classic photo frame that’s been around for ages.

The Skylight Frame has a 10-inch screen which is just the right size. Not too big and not too small. To give you an idea, it’s slightly smaller than the current iPad. This means it won’t take up too much space, but it’s still large enough for everyone to see.

What makes the Skylight Frame stand out from the rest is how it works. Unlike traditional digital frames, the Skylight Frame is WiFi-enabled, so you can send your photos and videos to an email address and they’ll show up on the frame automatically. Plus, it rotates through your digital memories, so you can enjoy all of them without having to manually switch them out.

So there you have it – the Skylight Frame. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your photos and share your memories with your loved ones.

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Why the Skylight Frame is the Digital Photo Frame You Need?

Looking for a user-friendly and modern digital photo frame? Look no further than the Skylight Frame. Here are two reasons why it’s better than other frames:

  1. It’s super easy to use. With its WiFi-enabled feature and touch screen display, the Skylight Frame makes controlling and updating your photos a breeze. You won’t need to deal with SD cards or be near the frame to update your pictures anymore. If you can send an email, you can use this frame. It’s that simple.
  2. You can connect it to your WiFi network, which means you can email photos to the frame from anywhere. No more waiting for someone to come by and update the frame manually. As long as you give them permission, anyone can update photos for you.

Setting up the Skylight Frame is also a piece of cake, as it’s a touchscreen. You just need to remember your Wi-Fi password, and you’re good to go. So, if you want to showcase your memories in a modern and hassle-free way, the Skylight Frame is the way to go.

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Setting Up the Skylight Frame: No Tech Skills Required!

Let’s talk about the super easy setup process for the Skylight Frame. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get it up and running!

All you have to do is connect your Skylight Frame to your WiFi and add it to your Skylight account. It’s a piece of cake, trust me. Creating the Skylight account might take a few minutes, but it’s still easy as signing up for any other website. Once you’re done with that, just enter the activation code shown on the Skylight Frame, and voila! You’re all set up and ready to start displaying your favorite photos.

How To Email Photos To Your Skylight 

The set up process is super quick and easy – the website takes you through all the steps in a jiffy! Once you’re all set up, you can create a unique email address (like [email protected] – but just an example, not our email address!) and voila! Seconds after you email a photo, it shows up on the frame. How cool is that?!

There’s even an option to allow all photos from any email address to be shown on the frame (not recommended) or just email addresses you approve. We recommend the latter – for obvious reasons. 

Plus, there’s a great smartphone app that allows you to upload photos – this works the best for uploading multiple photos at once. If you’ve paid for Skylight Plus, you can even add captions and upload videos. So go ahead, set up your Skylight Frame, and start sharing those precious memories!

Why Using the App is Better than Email

Hey there! If you’re thinking about sending photos to a 10 inch digital picture frame, we’ve got some tips for you. First of all, we highly recommend using the app because it makes sharing photos a breeze. With the app, you can upload multiple photos at once, and it’s super easy to do.

Sure, you could technically send up to 30 MB of content via email, but we wouldn’t really recommend it. It can get pretty slow and clunky, and who wants that? Plus, if you’re connected to wi-fi, the app works even better.

So there you have it! When it comes to sharing photos, the app is the way to go. Give it a try and see how easy it is to share your favorite moments with your loved ones.

Get More with Skylight Plus: Is it Worth the Investment?

If you’re a Skylight user, you might have heard of Skylight Plus, the paid subscription service that costs only $39 a year (that’s just $3.25 per month if you do the math). The good news is that Skylight Plus is not mandatory to use your Skylight frame, so it’s totally up to you if you want to upgrade.

So, what does Skylight Plus offer that Skylight Free does not? Well, for starters, it includes several features that you might find useful, such as the ability to upload videos, add captions to photos, and store all of your photos online with cloud backup. Plus, there’s a mobile app that you can use on the go.

Whether Skylight Plus is worth the investment for you really depends on your needs. For some users, the mobile app alone might make it worth it, even if they don’t use the other features. Personally, we don’t usually upload videos or captions to our Skylight frame, but we do find the mobile app really helpful for sharing photos on the fly.

One downside is that you can only pay for Skylight Plus annually, not monthly. However, if you’re not interested in the paid features, you can still email photos to your frame for free anytime.

In short, Skylight Plus can offer some useful features, but whether it’s worth the investment is ultimately up to you and your needs.

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Tips for Picture Perfect Memories

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your new frame:

Picture Perfect Photos

The photos on the 10 inch touch screen display look amazing! For the best results, we recommend using landscape (horizontal) pictures, which have a natural 16:9 aspect ratio on the screen.

Not Horizontal? No Problem!

No need to worry if your photos aren’t horizontal. The Skylight Digital Photo Frame has got you covered! If your digital photo is vertical, the frame will add a blurred background to make it look even better. And if you’d like to zoom in on a particular part of the photo, just pinch outward to position it the way you want. The frame will even remember your zoomed-in setting the next time the photo comes up in rotation.

Resolution Quality

While the photo resolution is not super-duper sharp at just 1280 x 800, it’s still perfectly fine for a digital photo frame. If you’re after a larger screen size or higher photo resolution, or something that supports SD cards or doesn’t need Wi-Fi, there are plenty of other options out there. But for sending photos of the grandkids halfway across the country in just 60 seconds, this 10 inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution works great.

So there you have it – some quick tips to help you get the most out of your Skylight Digital Photo Frame. Have fun displaying your memories!

More Features to Love

Aside from being a cool digital picture frame, the Skylight Digital Photo Frame has some other amazing features that we really liked! One of the things we appreciated is how easy it is to change the settings. It’s a breeze!

One feature that we particularly love is the ability to “love” photos sent by other people. It’s pretty neat that you even get an email notification when someone sends a photo that you “love”. We gave this digital photo frame to my parents as a gift, and now they “love” every picture sent their way. Most of the photos are of their grandkids, but it’s great to know that they enjoy seeing them.

Loving a photo is really simple – just tap the heart button on the photo.

Another feature that we found handy is the gentle reminders the frame sends when you haven’t updated your photos in a while. I received an email from Skylight about this and I thought it was really cool! It’s a nice way to remind you to keep your photo collection fresh and updated.

Finally, the digital picture frame not only cycles through new photos, but it also alerts you when there are new ones. All you have to do is click the “Tap to See New Photos” button and it takes you right to the new ones. My parents get excited to see this and tap it as soon as they know there are new photos!

All in all, we think the Skylight Digital Photo Frame is a pretty cool gadget to have at home.

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What Don’t We Like About The Skylight Frame?

We’re huge fans of it, and honestly, we think it’s the best one out there! But like any product, it’s got its ups and downs.

One thing we’ve noticed is that the Skylight frame tries to do a lot – maybe even too much. It’s got loads of features, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. On the other hand, there might be a few things missing that you wish it had.

Who is the Skylight Frame For?

This digital picture frame is perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite photos without having to navigate complicated technology.

The Skylight Frame is easy to set up and use. All you need to do is connect it to Wi-Fi and email photos directly to the frame. It’s that simple! And with a 10-inch screen size, your photos will look crisp and clear.

Our favorite part? You can share photos without having to scroll through social media or stare at your phone. It’s a great way to stay connected with loved ones and cherish memories together.

Plus, if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase or experience technical difficulties, the Skylight Frame offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. That’s pretty awesome, right?

So, if you want to give the perfect gift to your loved ones, get them a Skylight Frame. It’s a great way to bring joy and love into their lives in a simple and easy way.

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Why Skylight May Not Be The Best Option For You?

If you’re in the market for a digital picture frame that can do more than display photos, like serving as a voice assistant, we wouldn’t recommend Skylight as your top choice. 

While it’s a great option for displaying photos, it doesn’t offer the advanced features of other digital picture frames like the Google Nest Home Hub, which we personally use in our own home. 

With the Nest Home Hub, not only can we display our digital photos, but we can also control our lights, view our security cameras, and much more. So, if you’re looking for a digital picture frame that can do it all, Skylight may not be the best fit for you.

Pros and Cons of Skylight Frame


First of all, the Skylight Frame is a breeze to set up. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to get it up and running. It’s also a great gift idea, especially for grandparents or anyone who’s not so tech-savvy. The touch screen is super cool and makes navigating the frame a lot of fun. Plus, it’s really easy to send photos to the frame, so you can keep it updated with your latest and greatest shots. And let’s not forget about the beautiful 10 inch screen – your photos will look fantastic!


One thing that could be better is the integration with Google Photos or Apple Photos. It’s not bad, but it could be improved. So, if you’re someone who uses those services a lot, this might be a bit of a drawback for you.

All in all, we think the Skylight Frame is a pretty neat gadget. It’s user-friendly, great for sharing memories, and looks stunning. Just keep in mind the limited integration with Google and Apple photos when making your decision.

Where to Get the Best Price?

We’ve scoured the internet and found the best place to buy this awesome photo frame is the official website.

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How much does the Skylight Picture Frame cost?

The Skylight Picture Frame is priced at $159, but if you commit to getting Skylight Plus for $39/year, you can buy it for $129.

Does the Skylight Frame require a monthly subscription?

No, it doesn’t. Although there is a premium version of the service, it’s not required, and you don’t need to buy a monthly subscription on top of the frame price.

How many pictures does the Skylight Frame hold?

The Skylight Frame has 8GB of storage, which can store around 8,000 photos. That’s a lot of memories!

How does the Skylight Frame work?

It’s easy! Just create a Skylight account, connect the account to your device, connect your Skylight frame to your Wi-Fi, and then you can email photos to your Skylight frame through a unique email address or even through the Skylight app.

Can you export pictures from the Skylight Frame?

Yes! If you purchase the annual subscription, you can export the photos from the Skylight Frame.

Can you add photos to the Skylight Frame via USB?

No, but that’s the beauty of the Skylight Frame—you can email your photos or use them through the app!

Can you slow down how fast the pictures change on the Skylight Frame?

Yes, you can adjust the Skylight Frame to show each photo for anywhere from 5 seconds to 240 seconds (4 minutes) each.

Can you block specific emails from sending to the Skylight Frame?

Yes, you can either block email addresses or manually approve what email addresses can send photos to the Skylight Frame.

Does the Skylight Frame need an SD card?

Nope! The Skylight Frame already has memory built into the device.

How long does it take for a photo to appear after sending?

Only about 60 seconds! That’s pretty awesome!

Can you send photos using something other than email?

Absolutely! You can also use the Skyframe App to send photos, which is great if you want to send multiple pictures at once.

Is there a monthly fee for the Skylight Frame?

Nope! While there is an option to upgrade to the $39/year Skylight Plus feature, which allows you to send videos, use the mobile app, upload videos, and add captions to your photos, it’s not mandatory. You can still use the email feature without paying any monthly or yearly fees.

Do you need Wi-Fi for the Skylight Frame?

Yes, you do. While you could set up the frame without Wi-Fi, you need a connection to receive new photos. So, if you took the frame camping, for example, it wouldn’t be able to display any new pictures.

How do you transfer photos to the Skylight Frame?

It’s incredibly easy! Simply send an email to the custom email address you create (e.g., [email protected]), and any photos you email will appear on the frame. Alternatively, you can use the Skylight app to upload photos.

How many pictures can a digital photo frame hold?

Digital photo frames these days can hold a ton of pictures! The number of pictures a frame can store depends on the data storage available (the Skylight Frame comes with 8 GB of storage) and the size of the photos. Most photos are around 1-3 Megabytes each, and 1 GB equals 1,000 Megabytes. So, the Skylight digital frame can store approximately 2,600 photos.

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