Skims vs Spanx – Which One is the Best?

Which underwear brand, Skims or Spanx, do you think is the winner? If you want to know more, read on!

Every woman should have a pair of shape pants and a bra in her closet. Shapewear can help you feel and look your best by concealing problem areas like a protruding belly or back, or by making you feel comfortable in your new dress.

Spanx has long been a trusted brand, but will it be trumped by Kim Kardashian’s new line Skims?

Find out if Skims or Spanx is the better choice for you by reading our in-depth comparison of the two products.

Skims vs Spanx Overview

Even if you are not familiar with the term “shapewear,” you have probably heard of the Spanx brand. The reason is that they were interchangeable in 1998. 

The founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, came up with the idea when she could not find the perfect underwear to create a smooth look under white jeans. So she cut open her pantyhose. The result was the invention of Spanx, which are now worn by millions of women around the world.

But a lot has changed since then. Recently, the number of companies producing body-shaping clothing has increased dramatically. And Skims is rapidly expanding its user base.

Both labels specialize in sculptwear for women, offering high quality underwear without sacrificing comfort or style.

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Skims vs. Spanx: What Do They Offer?

It’s important to give credit, even if you are not the biggest Kardashian fan or find the Kardashians a little too “real” for your taste TV. The Kardashian family has proven time and time again that they can run a successful business, as evidenced by the success of their various ventures, including Skims.

Take Skims as an example. Unlike Spanx, Skims comes in a wider range of sizes. Spanx’s sizes range from XS to XL, while Skims’ range from XXS to 4XL. And that’s not all, because it gets even more amazing.

At Skims, you’ll find a wider range of colours for the shapewear you buy. And what about the standard? Quality is another issue, though, and we will get into that later. In reality, they are really comparable, but we have to give Spanx the edge.

However, Spanx’s strength lies in the breadth of its offering. Spanx is more than just a provider of shapewear. The company also sells conventional clothing, such as sportswear, jeans and even a catalogue for men.

Skims Review

Not much can be said about Skims. Not even I could have foreseen how it would be. We all assumed that Skims would take advantage of the current fad for shapewear by charging exorbitant prices, but the company surprised us by charging a reasonable price.

Compared to other companies, this company does not follow fashion trends just because they are profitable. You can tell Kim and her staff are dedicated to making quality shapewear.

Most importantly, the shapewear is not too expensive for the average consumer.

Skims has some of the most eye-catching patterns on offer, from bras and underwear to full body suits and shirts.

Most shapewear manufacturers use a blend of cotton and spandex for their products.

The problem is that because of the wide range of sizes and colors of skims, you may feel compelled to choose skims even if you are not particularly interested. This is because few shapewear brands offer so many sizes and colors.

The quality is not as good as Spanx’s, as I have already indicated, and a minority of consumers agree. Some consumers have complained that their purchases were defective in some way, be it holes, cuts, or wrinkles. We found that only a small percentage of consumers reported these problems, but we felt they were important enough to highlight nonetheless.

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Spanx Review

Although Spanx has been around much longer than Skims, it has fallen out of favor recently. The cost may be a bit high for the average consumer, but Skims’ involvement is also a factor.

Still, there’s no denying that Spanx is a solid company. Even though their shapewear is not particularly fashionable, it is still shapewear. By that, I mean that shapewear is the main focus of their products.

Because it seems like Skims is trying to convince you that shapewear should replace all your other clothes. That’s fine, but the point is that after so many years in this business, Spanx has figured out how to make really effective shapewear.

Excellent quality, but too expensive. Still, I think the price is reasonable for the value you get.

As I mentioned earlier, Spanx offers a wide range of products; they are not limited to just shapewear. They also carry other basics like denim pants, leggings, v-necks, t-shirts, etc. Most of it is priced similarly or cheaper than similar well-known brand products.

Skims vs Spanx: Which Is Better?

Let me say at the outset that I consider both marks strong and weak in their own way. But let us talk about scale and color first.

Both are magnified in skims. While Spanx is available in sizes XS-XL, Skims goes up to 4XL in 9 different colors. If you have not had any luck finding the right size or color in Spanx, you may have to settle for Skims.

As far as cuts go, I prefer Skims. Skims are right for you if you do not want to wear anything but shapewear and still look bold. Not to mention the fact that they are cheaper.

However, if you are looking for quality shapewear and are willing to spend a little more, Spanx is the way to go. And while you are there, you should also check out the brand’s other collections.

In summary, if you want a great design that stands on its own, if you appreciate the designs, if you need a size or shade that is not available in the Spanx range, or if your budget is smaller, you should choose Skims.

However, if you want quality shapewear and are happy to spend a little more money, Spanx is the right choice.

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Skims vs. Spanx: Customer Reviews 

We looked at online reviews of these two companies and found that these are the most frequently cited complaints. Overall, Spanx customers rave about the brand because:

  • Is suitable for light smoothing and comfortable to wear in everyday life.
  • Has a cheaper shipping and return policy
  • Is more expensive than other brands of shapewear

However, customer feedback suggests that Skims:

  • Offers more size and color options for all body types.
  • Customer service and return policy are not great.
  • Skims is considered too small by some.

Skims vs. Spanx: Final Verdict

To say that there is an abundance of shapewear brands today would be an understatement, and no, I am not just talking about Spanx and Skims. While it’s true that there are other options, it’s also true that these two brands are the most well-known.

Skims is fantastic, but the company still needs to iron out some kinks in its production process and quality control. Some customers complained that their orders arrived damaged. The problem was eventually fixed, but it was still an annoyance.

Spanx is not perfect; the company has problems like poor customer service despite its excellent products.

In short, both brands are equally good at making shapewear, but you may not find exactly what you are looking for in one brand.

Because of the many feature differences, you can easily switch between the two brands to find the best suit for your needs.

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