Shavelogic Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

When you use Shavelogic, shaving won’t be an ordeal. With these blades, you’ll experience what it means to shave close, comfortably, and easily. 

If you have additional cartridges, you won’t need to run to the store whenever the current one gives you too much burn and you’ll always be ready for your 9 AM interview since fresh blades will always be available.

According to UltiUber Life, Shavelogic is one of the 7 best razor brands, and it has been featured in magazines such as Gadgeteer. Most recently, Shavelogic and the NHL announced a partnership. A quick look at their website reveals they produce innovative designs and technologies industry pros value and consider to be must-haves among gadget enthusiasts.

Here’s the Shavelogic review with details on the brand, detailed descriptions of products, and customer ratings. Our experts will help you decide if this razor deserves a place on your bathroom shelf.

What is Shavelogic About?

Rob Wilson and Duwayne Miller founded Shavelogic in 2009, but it has spent more than a decade perfecting its product. Their goal was to make sure that users got the best shave possible without causing injury. In addition, it was time to move on from hair removal products that cost a fortune. 

With the launch of Shavelogic in 2020, customers and even the NHL welcomed the product. Manufacturing processes had to be accelerated quickly to keep up with the exceptional demand. 

The American brand, known as Shavelogic, bills itself as offering “the best shave of your life.” The company’s engineering team, designers, and designers all work together to produce the highest quality shaving experience.

Getting closer to the brand with this Shavelogic review, let’s take a look at a couple of highlights:


  • Razors with cutting-edge technology that shaves close and smoothly
  • Research and development of skincare products for over 10 years, backed by 150 patents
  • Razor with five blades and magnetic cartridge 
  • Easy to clean or switch the blade
  • Eco-friendlier than disposable razors
  • Arrives in recyclable packaging 
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Shipping is free and returns are easy

There is no one who doesn’t adore a simple, sleek device that does everything he wants it to? If that’s what you’re looking for, Shavelogic has you covered. Now you will be able to feel the smooth feeling of smooth face after reading this Shavelogic review.

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Shavelogic Review

The products from Shavelogic are simple: a starter kit and replacement heads for the same razor you used at the beginning of your journey. 

A razor should perform without fail each and every time you use it. That’s the message these two products convey.

Shavelogic SL5 Welcome Kit Review

Look no further than this razor if you want to find a razor that exceeds your expectations. As part of the SL5 Welcome Kit, you will receive a metal handle and four razor cartridges which include everything you’ll need for a smooth shave. 

It’s really the razor that proves this kit’s worth. It does exactly what you need, without any extra gadgets or products. It is simple and well-designed. 

In addition to the handle, a lifetime warranty is included (we will discuss this more later). With a sleek black colouring and chromium and zinc construction, the ergonomic design will make it feel comfortable in your hands. The weight makes sure your skin isn’t tugged against the bar.

It ranges in price from $25 to $24 if you’d like to get your hands on Shavelogic’s SL5 Welcome Kit.

Shavelogic SL5 Cartridges Review 

The four original blades will run out over time, but you do not need to purchase another SL5 Welcome Kit if you go through them. The brand offers SL5 Cartridges which are compatible with existing handles and help reduce waste.

Magnetic attachments allow the cartridges to connect to the handle so even small accidents like a dropped razor won’t cause it to shatter. By doing so, the blade will also be able to pivot easier and glide over your face more easily. 

In comparison, most competing brands can only fit three blades in the same amount of space as these cartridges. You are able to get into all those hard-to-reach places under your nose and around your mouth in the shower with more blades. 

Recyclable stainless steel packaging comes with cartridges. Not only will your face be protected from nicks, but these puppies are also safe because they are made to be secured. 

The retail price for four SL5 Cartridge replacements is $18.

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Who Is Shavelogic For? 

For the man who knows the importance of personal grooming, Shavelogic has a bold, sculpted blade that gets the best shave. It’s also great for men looking for an easier shave. 

The products may be expensive, but the quality is often expensive as well. Based on this Shavelogic review, I believe the brand’s target audience knows it and understands it, as well as the value in paying for a razor that delivers everything it states it will.

It was created specifically for the face skin, eliminating common issues like razor burn, micro-cuts, and shaving residue from dull blades. The close shave provided by Shavelogic puts an end to those frustrations.

The Science Behind Shavelogic Razors

As the name implies, the brand’s commitment to providing a superior shave would not be possible without its innovative design and dedication to quality above all else.

Its research and development team has been working on the product for 11 years, ensuring it is the best design possible before releasing it. Over 150 patents were also obtained for the details involved in the construction of the single razor. 

It is the small details, from blade placement to handle shape, that adds to the brand promise. Shaving contours is a snap with the razor, achieving a super close shave regardless of how bold your jawline is or how wide your Adam’s apple is. The metal handle is weighted so that even when your hand moves on your skin, it moves with you rather than against you. 

Shavelogic has created something impressive and wonderful after years of rigorous testing, rewriting and planning. Shaves are made easier, faster, and smoother with this simple, yet intricate razor.

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Comparison: Shavelogic vs. Gillette

For anyone who needs to shave, razors are an absolute necessity, but they can also be considered a luxury item. In order to create tools that care for the integrity and appearance of the face, both Gillette and Shavelogic rewrote the narrative about raw skin following every session.

In addition to Gillette, Shavelogic’s partnership has skyrocketed sales thanks to its rapid growth. In comparison, Gillette has been around since 1901, while this brand has only been around for a year. 

They both appeal to men who take pride in how they look and need a close shave. Razors are their main product. They’re designed to quickly and cleanly cut through hair without bleeding. Besides custom shaving sets, Gillette offers trimmers and accessories. 

In terms of pricing, there is no contest between these brands. Shavelogic offers the SL5 Welcome Kit for only $25 while Gillette offers the Best Bundle for 57 dollars. Considering both razors have 5 blades, choosing the cheaper option makes sense since they are high-quality razors.

You don’t have to constantly throw away the entire razor with Shavelogic when it comes to cartridges, which makes it more eco-friendly. This type of tool is available from Gillette, as is a wide range of disposable options that are eco-friendly. 

Shavelogic and Gillette have similar shipping and return policies with free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee, though Shavelogic lets you try its razor for 90 days, whereas Gillette only allows 30 days.

The Gillette brand certainly commands a high price, but Shavelogic has chosen to simplify the product range to concentrate on the design. Our brand offers the easiest shave with a razor that lasts a lifetime, while the former makes a big deal about “The best a man can get”.

Shavelogic Reviews: What Do Users Think?

It wouldn’t be a complete review of Shavelogic without some reviews from customers, so we checked out some reviews from Smarter Living, The Gadgeteer, Sharpologist, as well as some comments from the company’s website. In this part, we will examine the performance of the razors and gauge how they met their goals.

There are lots of customers who say they are happy with the products and services on the website. Over 700 people gave the brand an average rating of 4.3/5. Here’s how the best-selling products are rated:

  • SL5 Welcome Kit: 4.7/5 stars out of 454 reviews
  • SL5 Cartridges: 4.9/5 stars out of 123 reviews

It was rated 5 stars in one review, where the customer noted that he used it to shave both his face and head and that it did a great job in both areas. “Much smoother after my shave is done than what I was with my Mach 5.”

A 5-star reviewer on the site explained that he had tried dozens of razors before finding ‘the one’: “As a dedicated brush and blade man, I have tried dozens of razors, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 blades, glide strips, etc. I took a shot with Shavelogic and the construction surprised and impressed me. The shave I am able to perform is close and comfortable.”

These razors are unquestionably effective when it comes to shaving. Their beauty lies in how easy they are to use. According to Smarter Living, the brand has received a 4/5 rating for its impressive design. The critic states:

“In less than 10 minutes, I had an entirely uneventful, entirely unexciting, and entirely haemoglobin-free shave: exactly how I like it. (Again, it had been a while since I’d taken a bare razor to my bare face, so I was expecting at least a droplet or two around my boney jawline by the end. But nope, I’d somehow managed a bloodless shave.)”

The Gadgeteer was impressed by the razor’s features: “The Shavelogic does have a larger pivot angle and a smaller cartridge area. At nearly 2/3s the size of the Gillette’s cartridge in height and the same in width. The Shavelogic five blades are more tightly spaced, fitting in the space of about 4 of the Gillette’s. This smaller head means that it may be more suited to you if you have issues reaching certain places.”

Additionally, the Sharpologist is impressed by how the design avoids any inconveniences other razors may have: “You might think the small cartridge head of the S5 would create problems with lather clogging but I have found that it doesn’t.  The lather seems to gather on each side of the cartridge head as I shave and a quick swoosh of the razor in water does an admirable job of rinsing lather off.  I’m actually rather impressed by it.”

Shavelogic is not only backed by the NHL, but it’s also well-loved by customers. The brand is new, so reviews are harder to find, but we are expecting nothing but smooth, smiling faces from them!

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Is Shavelogic A Scam?

Shavelogic is not a scam.

Shavelogic may still seem a bit pricey to you. We concluded that you should check out the brand after considering its customer reviews for its environmentally friendly products. Fortunately, they offer a satisfaction guarantee (read on for more!).

It seems that the pros of this new brand are outnumbering the cons. To achieve the flawless experience Shavelogic promises, we expect Shavelogic to release only more innovative products. Perhaps Shavelogic is about to release a shaving cream.

Shavelogic Promotions & Discounts 

Want to find a great deal? Luckily, Shavelogic is offering a $10 gift card with its SL5 Welcome Kit purchase, according to this Shavelogic review. Purchasing razor heads from this brand in this manner will save you some cash!

Where to Buy Shavelogic 

Are you wondering if this brand is too good to be true? You can’t be misled, because it’s real! Using the website at, you can order the Welcome Kit directly and purchase additional blades when you run out.

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Shavelogic FAQ

Who is the owner of Shavelogic?  

Shavelogic was founded by Rob Wilson after he got tired of getting nicks in his skin. He is also the brand’s CEO and owner. 

Where are Shavelogic Products Made?  

Shavelogic is based in the US where their products are made. The headquarters is only a few steps away from the manufacturing facility, which makes sense since the company values craftsmanship.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Cartridges?  

The blades of your razor wear out quickly if you shave frequently. The sharper the blade, the better (and safer). 

The cartridges from Shavelogic are different. In order to maintain optimal performance and results, they need to be changed after about two weeks. Replacement blades are available in packs of four.

Can I use Shavelogic on my head?   

Shavelogic razors are designed to prevent nicks and tears in the skin. They are intended to fit all facial contours. But they aren’t just for the face! Its super mobile design will follow your natural curves so you can shave as close as possible.

What’s The Best Shave Guarantee? 

Among the promises of Shavelogic is not just the best shave of your life, but also a handle that will last you for a lifetime. During the first 90 days after purchase, you can return the item if you are not satisfied. Read this Shavelogic review for more information on the returns process. 

Furthermore, if you run into any problems with the handle, you can have it replaced for free. 

What is Shavelogic’s Shipping Policy?

Shavelogic’s website currently doesn’t outline the company’s shipping policy. While many reviews document that orders are often delivered on time, there are also some that criticize the service.

What is Shavelogic’s Return Policy?

In case one outlier results in a bad experience, Shavelogic offers a 90-day return period since it is sure its design will work for everyone. However, this offer only applies to the Welcome Kit. 

Here’s every step for getting a refund with this Shavelogic review:

  • Contact the brand by email
  • Return your razor in its original packaging
  • Attach the postage, and mail the package to the nearest mail carrier

How to Contact Shavelogic

We hope you enjoyed our review of Shavelogic! If you have any more questions about the brand, you may contact their customer service team by using these methods:

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