SharpEar Review – A Hearing Supplement Scam?

Are you looking for a SharpEar review? Is SharpEar a scam?

Communication relies heavily on the sense of hearing. There is no cure for hearing loss, but it does affect your quality of life. Similarly, hearing loss may lead to a number of health problems. 

You need to maintain your ears for the rest of your life, just as you need to maintain your general health. As you age, your ability to regenerate and grow cells decreases significantly. This causes an insufficient immune response in most elderly people.

In order to keep your sense of hearing sharp even in old age, you need to take care of your ears. Your ears also play an important role in keeping your balance. 

To reduce the risk of falls and accidents later in life, it is vital that you maintain good ear health.

To help you decide if SharpEar is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

In this SharpEar review, I’m going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision: 

SharpEar Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: SharpEar
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • SharpEar Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help people improve hearing
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to improve hearing (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this SharpEar review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is SharpEar Supplement?

The SharpEar supplement, according to its official website, is a powerful formula created with natural extracts for healthy hearing. Ingredients are derived naturally from mature plants that haven’t been treated with herbicides. 

As a result, the creator has created it in the right proportion so that the properties remain intact and it is processed under strict sterile standards. A website for the supplement claims it contains no stimulants or toxins.

There are some tips in the creator’s official website that may help you to maintain healthy ears and have a better balance.

Here are 5 simple steps to take care of your ears:

When there is loud noise, wear earplugs

The leading cause of hearing loss is noise. Earplugs can be used for reducing dangerous noise levels.

Reduce the volume

Billions of people suffer hearing loss due to unsafe volume levels. In this case, you can use 60% of the volume for no more than 60 minutes daily.

Avoid getting water in your ears

During water sports like swimming, dashing and water falls, you should protect your ears against water getting into your ear canals. This can lead to ear problems.

Keeping your ears clean is important

It is best to clean your ear properly and to use ear products made for this purpose. An example is natural protector, which is safe. Avoid using cotton buds, which may damage the eardrum or ear canal.

Move your body

When you exercise, you improve the flow of blood to all parts of your body, including your ears. If you fall, you should wear a helmet to reduce the risk of ear damage.

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How Does Sharpear Supplement Work?

Hearing loss, tinnitus, and other ear-related issues can result from cell damage in the brain. In addition to hearing loss and memory loss, the ear canal is a part of the ear that is impacted. 

There are three parts to the ear: the exterior, middle, and inner ear, which contains small hair cells and is responsible for hearing. Hair cells pick up sound and noise, converting them to electrical signals that are sent to and from the brain, according to an article from Wikipedia.

There are 100 to 200 stereocilia on each “hair bundle,” and each stereocilium has its own name. The auditory system is comprised of two types of hair cells, called inner and outer hair cells. 

Acoustic vibrations are converted into electrical activity in the nerve fibers in the inner hair cells, which are then transmitted to the brain by mechanoreceptors. The outer hair cells function as motors. 

The shape of these cells changes as a result of sound energy and amplify sound vibrations at specific frequencies. 

The tectorial membrane rests gently at the top of the longest cilia of the inner hair cells and moves back and forth in response to sound, tilting the cilia, causing the hair cells to respond electrically.

As hair cells lose their connections to brain cells, you hear less. These hair cells are sensitive to sound vibrations because they have a root through which they communicate with brain cells. From the hair cells to the brain, the cochlear neurons transmit sounds. When the cochlear neurons are not connected, hearing is lost.

Thus, the SharpEar supplement was designed to address the fundamental cause by restoring communication between hair cells and brain cells, which allows them to comprehend sounds. 

You will be able to listen without making any mistakes, according to the official website.

SharpEar Hearing supplement Ingredients Review

The official website states that SharpEar is made with quality ingredients. SharpEar contains only safe, natural ingredients without any herbicides or pesticides. 

The supplement contains the following ingredients:

Vinpocetine seeds

By improving blood flow to the brain, this ingredient protects all the vital blood cells that make the ears function optimally. By protecting the sensitive inner ears, this ingredient also treats ear inflammation.

Ginkgo Biloba

It’s packed with enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage. Additionally, it treats anxiety, inflammation, and enhances cognitive function. Tinnitus and hearing loss are also treated with it.

St John’s Wort flower head

It has been proven that this ingredient elevates mood. It secretes serotonin, which helps the brain function better. In addition to improving brain function, it has a positive impact on the brain’s ability to process sound.

Passion flower 

Pain and inflammation are relieved by it. Additionally, it is effective against common ear infections that are difficult to treat with other traditional ear supplements. It also works well for those suffering from anxiety.

Huperzine-A aerial plant

Age-related cognitive impairment is treated by protecting the ear nerves.


By enhancing your immune system and removing stress, you allow your brain to function at its best.


The effects of emotional stress on your body have been studied. You are aware that your mental health is directly correlated with your internal system. 

Anxiety or stress can therefore damage the ear nerves. By eliminating or reducing stress, users can protect their ears from damage.

Prickly Pear

Particularly if you suffer from allergies, your ears are vulnerable to infection. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are believed to be associated with this essential ingredient. This prevents inflammation and bacterial invasion.

The supplement’s ingredients are all made in a FDA-approved facility. There are no harmful allergens in them that can harm the ears, making them safe to use.

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What are the SharpEar Supplement Benefits?

As a frequent user of SharpEar Supplement, you can expect to reap many guaranteed benefits. These benefits are available to everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or body shape, among other things.

  • Enhances the body’s anti-inflammatory defenses.
  • Infection and swelling of the ear are minimized.
  • Regenerates dead ear hair cells.
  • Enhances the flow of blood to the inner ear.
  • Calms you by boosting your mood.
  • Enhances the communication between nerve cells in the ear and the brain.
  • Reduces nerve damage and improves neuroprotection.
  • Hearing loss can be prevented by reducing ear ringing.
  • Enhances your auditory system.
  • Reduce swelling and discomfort in the ear.

How to Take the SharpEar Supplement?

SharpEar can be taken once a day (preferably before breakfast) to improve hearing and prevent problems with the ears. 

It may be necessary for patients to take two capsules per day in some cases, however, they should consult their doctors first. It’s also important to drink enough water with the supplement (at least 250 ml).

Is SharpEar Supplement Safe?

The SharpEar supplement, according to its official website, is a natural way to improve the hearing. The product is manufactured according to strict safety standards, and the ingredients, as reported, are clinically proven to enhance hearing. 

SharpEar’s creator claims the product is safe and effective, and there are a number of user reviews that do not mention any side effects. 

The supplements are natural, pure and safe. A doctor should be consulted before adding any new supplement to your diet, especially if you are on medication, pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

Who is the Creator of SharpEar Supplement?

Philadelphia-based medicinal chemist Sam Olsen is retired. Samuel has studied plants and vitamins that can improve the health of your ears for several years. Sam Olsen developed SharpEar dietary supplements with the help of a friend who owns a small supplement company. Vinpocetine seeds, L-glutamine, Gingko Biloba, Huperzine-A aerial plant, and St John’s Wort flower are among the ingredients.

Sam Olsen, however, claims that he made sure that all the ingredients were:

  • Combined in the correct ratios and amounts while maintaining their effectiveness
  • The ingredients are sourced from organic farms that use no pesticides or herbicides during processing. Additionally, SharpEar is free of stimulants, GMOs, and toxic ingredients.
  • It is completely safe. A facility that follows strict sterile standards processes all SharpEar supplements. Every SharpEar capsule is manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility, according to Sam Olsen.

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SharpEar Supplement Pros

  • Brain performance is enhanced by the supplement.
  • Neurons in the inner ear are better connected to those in the brain.
  • SharpEar reduces inflammation.
  • Tinnitus and earache are relieved.
  • Immunity is supported by the supplement.
  • It is completely organic, does not contain any artificial ingredients or genetically modified products.
  • A lab test and efficiency test have been performed on the SharpEar product to ensure it complies with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • New customers are offered discounts by the producing company.
  • The money-back guarantee lasts for two months.

SharpEar Supplement Cons

  • FDA has not approved or registered this product.
  • SharpEar is only available online.

Can Sharpear Supplement Really Improve Your Ear Health?

SharpEar is a dietary supplement that works to improve the auditory nerve system and overall ear health. 

The natural ingredients in SharpEar can improve your hearing even as you age, according to Sam Olsen. Most hearing loss is caused by noise pollution. 

Additionally, chronic ear infections and damage to your auditory system can lead to hearing loss. The manufacturer of SharpEar claims that this supplement can restore your hearing and prevent common acoustic system diseases. 

Furthermore, SharpEar provides nourishment to the cells of the auditory organ, leading to improved hearing.

How Long Does It Take To See Results With SharpEar?

How regularly you consume the supplement will determine its effectiveness. You must consume the supplement habitually for 2-3 months if you want long-lasting results. 

However, the supplement does not provide immediate results as it is free from stimulants and other artificial ingredients.

As opposed to other supplements, SharpEar doesn’t provide organic results. To ensure that the supplement works as intended, you need to consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

What are the SharpEar Supplement Consumers’ Feedbacks?

“I was suffering from the inflammation of the middle ear. If you have ever experienced it, you probably know, this is quite a painful and annoying condition. I’ve taken SharpEar together with my prescribed medications. My doctor said there should be no problems regarding their interactions. Altogether, such a treatment was pretty effective and fast. Of course, I can’t say for sure whether it was all thanks to the supplement. But it definitely improved my mood, reduced stress level, and I began thinking more clearly.”

~ Charlotte O’Reilly, 35, Cleveland, Ohio.

“This is my second time using SharpEar. I’m taking it as a preventative measure since my family members are prone to hearing loss. And last year, I noticed that I began to hear worse. So I took actions immediately. Fortunately, SharpEar turned out to be legit. It calmed my nerves, reduced stress, and improved hearing as well.”

~ Kenneth Briggs, 58, Henderson, Nevada.

“The only minus about SharpEar is that you need to take it regularly for 2-3 months. And I’m quite forgetful person, so yeap, I definitely missed a few days. Still, I feel positive changes. I hear surrounding sounds better and think more clearly.”

~ Marcus Stott, 45, Indianapolis, Indiana.

“I was suffering from tinnitus. I’ve tried various methods to improve the situation, but nothing seemed to help. In the SharpEar presentation, it’s said it may help. So, I decided to try the supplement. I felt the effect in the first two weeks. Great product!”

~ Lucille Hunt, 51, Arlington, Texas.

“SharpEar changed my life completely. I was sure I’m not going to hear clearly again. My health care provider said there was nothing they could do to solve the problem. And all these pieces of advice like cleaning ears or sticking to healthy diet weren’t effective at all. The situation got worse and worse. I was tired, angry and annoyed all the time. I began to gain weight. On other words, I was desperate. My friend suggested the SharpEar supplement to me as a safe and natural solution. The first month of intake hadn’t shown any results. But then I began to notice changes in my mood, attitude, and overall health condition. I began to hear better! Thanks to the manufacturer a lot!”

~ Meredith Acosta, 60, Birmingham, Alabama.

“It’s not like I hear badly, but I experience pain in ears quite often. SharpEar helps me to reduce pain and improve the blood flow to the brain.”

~ Antonina Bradley, 40, Omaha, Nebraska.

“SharpEar is great! 5 out of 5. No side effects, whatsoever.”

~ Nevaeh Collier, 50, Portland, Oregon.

“I was a martyr to the ear infection. Once a year, I experienced it for sure. And that happened regularly. So, I decided to get rid of the issue completely. SharpEar was my solution. It alleviated symptoms in a few days. Now, I’m taking it as a preventative measure.”

~ Florence Velazquez, 41, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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How Long Do Sharpear Supplement Results Last?

Your dosage will depend on how often you consume the supplement as well as other factors like consistency, size, age, and medical conditions. 

The supplement might interact with your medication if you are taking prescription medication or suffer from an underlying health issue.

Providing consistency is practiced, results can even last over a year for a healthy individual. Eating a balanced diet can never be overemphasized. Drinking alcohol responsibly and avoiding drugs will also ensure lasting results.

What Are the Dangers of Hearing Loss/Deterioration?

Even temporary hearing loss can reduce quality of life and cause discomfort. Eventually, the disease’s progression can lead to serious physical and psychological problems: hearing loss is strongly associated with depression, emotional isolation, and cognitive decline.

Hearing loss can be dangerous for people of working age since it can cause memory loss and decreased productivity. They are less able to establish social contacts quickly and easily. With ringing in the ears, sleep becomes worse, and sensitivity to sounds increases.

Children with hearing problems have problems socializing. In addition to not being able to establish full contact with peers, hearing loss negatively affects the child’s education. Adolescents and adults with deafness are significantly more likely to suffer from depression, panic attacks, phobias, and other mental disorders.

A common cause of social isolation among the elderly is hearing loss. An individual feels lonely when there is no full-fledged communication. 

As a result, they can misinterpret what the other person said and provoke conflict. Fear and paranoia develop. In addition, the person may lose their orientation in space, have a delayed reaction to danger, or develop dementia.

Who Can Consume Sharpear Supplement?

SharpEar formula is suitable for people who wish to improve their hearing and ear health.

SharpEar is a natural product, so consumption is not an issue. Everyone can benefit from the SharpEar formula.

No matter your age, SharpEar can improve your ear health and reverse hearing disorders.

There are some people who experience a sharp ringing in their ears and believe it is coming from their ears.

Your nervous system is making noises because your brain is not communicating properly with it.

The SharpEar formula is very safe and healthy to consume today since it treats tinnitus and other disorders at their root causes.

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What Makes Sharpear Different From Other Hearing Loss Supplements?

As opposed to most hearing loss supplements that contain toxins, additives, fillers, flavours, and addictive compounds, SharpEar only has what it says on its label.

SharpEar capsules are safe to consume so you never have to worry about them. 

The products are 100% natural and safe.

In addition, some SharpEar supplements claim to restore your hearing power within a week, which may be impossible in many cases since every human is different.

Your hearing will improve within 60 days after purchasing SharpEar, and this is true in every case.

There are some people whose hearing problems completely disappear, while others take some time to improve.

SharpEar works based on the individual’s condition, but everyone who uses it is certain to see results within 60 days.

SharpEar Supplement Pricing and Discounts

Would you like to keep your ear clean and healthy? 

SharpEar has been designed to improve the overall health of your ear. 

The prices are as follows:

  • 1 bottle of SharpEar capsules – $69 per bottle
  • 3 bottles of the supplement – $59 per bottle
  • 6 bottles of the supplement – $49 per bottle

These bottle packages all come with free shipping. For the best price discounts, it’s better to buy at least three bottles of the supplement at once. If you want to avoid missing out, place your order immediately due to the high demand.

Fortunately, this supplement comes with a money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results!

What is the SharpEar Supplement Refund Policy?

In accordance with its official website, the supplement provides you with 100% satisfaction. The body characteristics of everyone may be different, and the results may change over time. 

If the users are not satisfied with the results within 60 days, the creator offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. It gives you the confidence to try this supplement without risk.

What are the Guidelines for the SharpEar Supplement Buyer?

SharpEar is made from natural materials and is non-GMO. Using it should not cause any adverse side effects. It is completely safe because it does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. 

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the compounds make it even better. Take one supplement pill every morning before breakfast. Drink one glass of water along with one SharpEar capsule. 

Don’t overdo it if you want to see results fast because you may end up with health problems. As previously stated, the recommended dosage must be followed. ShapEar supplements should not be taken if you have a persistent medical condition. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take SharpEar tablets without a prescription. SharpEar should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18.

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Where To Buy The SharpEar Supplement?

The official website offers SharpEar. Retailers or other websites cannot sell it. 

There are many unscrupulous sellers selling counterfeit products online because of the high demand for this supplement.

You should always order supplements directly from us if you want to avoid scammers and third-party sellers. 

From free shipping to an iron-clad return policy, SharpEar customers enjoy amazing offers.

Moreover, the customer service department is capable of handling any concerns promptly. The customer care team can assist you at any time of day. 

Moreover, when you take the supplement on a regular basis, you can expect to feel contentment and relaxation because the supplement contains ingredients that elevate and boost mood.

The supplement should be consumed regularly to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your health in general. Be sure to follow the instructions for dosage to avoid unwanted side effects.

SharpEar Supplement Review: Final Verdict

With SharpEar, you can treat your ears and improve your hearing. You could be vulnerable to adverse side effects with those hearing aids and medications. SharpEar doesn’t have any adverse side effects. All of the ingredients in SharpEar are natural. 

As soon as you start taking SharpEar, you will notice a noticeable improvement in your hearing loss or abnormalities. It has already been tried by many, and they are in good shape with clear or crisp ear health. 

Now’s your chance to take care of your hearing problems and enjoy healthy hearing for years to come.

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SharpEar Supplement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does SharpEar help with Tinnitus?

Tinnitus may be helped by SharpEar. There are no underlying diseases that cause Tinnitus, which is the buzzing or ringing noise in one or both ears. 

Loud sounds, whiplash, head injuries, ear wax buildup, and medication side effects are examples. SharpEar helps people with conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss, which are two common types of hearing loss. 

SharpEar consists of ingredients that help keep brain cells and hair cells involved in hearing healthy and well communicated.

To ensure a sharper and more clearer hearing response, it can help link the brain cells together properly. Not to mention, improving blood flow can help fix dented areas in the ear. Our hearing system weakens at a slower rate when we wear SharpEar. 

2. Who should use SharpEar?

The SharpEar hearing aid is recommended for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy and well-functioning hearing system. It is for people who have hearing problems and those who want to avoid them in the future. Among its key ingredients is Ginkgo Biloba, which is a neuroprotective agent. 

Antioxidant compounds are also increased. Youths are also recommended since they are more likely to wear earphones and listen to loud music, which causes sensorineural hearing loss. In order to prevent this, SharpEar nurtures and improves the functions of both inner and outer hair cells. 

SharpEar protects these parts very well since they are the most prone to hearing loss. Everyone should take it since it helps to improve the blood flow to the brain and ears. By doing so, the brain is able to hear sounds appropriately.

3. What are the side effects of SharpEar?

SharpEar does not contain GMOs. With SharpeEar, you may not experience any adverse side effects since it is made from all-natural resources. It is chemical-free, preservative-free, and additive-free, making it completely safe. 

Additional benefits include the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the ingredients.

4. Do You Have Video Reviews of SharpEar Supplement?

Yes, to help you gather more information, you can watch the YouTube videos reviewing SharpEar Supplement below:

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