Shapermint vs Spanx – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

There are so many brands of shapewear on the market that picking the finest one might be challenging. 

As of late, Shapermint and Spanx have been among the most well-liked choices available. Since you’re probably wondering which brand is superior, we’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison of Shapermint and Spanx.

Here, you’ll find a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between these two lines of shapewear so you can make an informed decision.

What sets Shapermint apart from Spanx? Shapermint is more of a marketplace where customers can compare and contrast several brands of shapewear, whereas Spanx solely sells their own.

This essay will focus on the finer points of each brand and the distinctions between them.

Shapermint vs. Spanx Overview

Spanx is a leading brand of shapewear that was founded by Sara Blakely with the goal of empowering women.

Shapermint is less of a manufacturer and retailer of its own line of shapewear and more of a clearinghouse for products from the industry’s leading manufacturers and designers. Products from Hanes, Wacoal, Empetus, Champion, and others are on offer.

The range of items available is far larger at Spanx, which is another key distinction. They provide a whole range of undergarments, including shapewear, leggings, bras, sportswear, pants, jeans, and even men’s clothing. Besides shapewear, bras, leggings, and tanks, Shapermint also sells more basic apparel.

Budget-friendly alternatives are available on Shapermint as well. As an added bonus, they hold sales more frequently than Spanx does, and you can frequently find products discounted by 50% or more.

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Shapermint vs Spanx: Pricing

Let’s delve deeper into the pricing structure of each brand we’re comparing.

There’s usually a wide pricing range for Spanx. Check out our favorite faux leather leggings that cost $100, bras and other smaller shapewear pieces that cost $60, and underwear that costs $20.

It is recommended that you personally investigate the store in order to get an exact sense of their prices, as these may vary significantly from item to item.

There are discounts available, such as “free shipping on all orders” and “10% off when you join up for our emails,” and there is also a “Sale” area. However, unlike Shapermint, they don’t regularly offer discounts of 50% off.

Shapermint carries both low-priced basics and more luxurious choices from designers like Wacoal.

They frequently have specials on select brands, which means you can often buy items like these for about $20 to $40. Empetua and Truekind are two names that are frequently on sale.

Full retail prices tend to range from $30 to $70. (depending on the piece). You can certainly spend $100 or more on a name brand.

In general, Shapermint can be a great place to shop for shapewear, however prices might vary widely depending on the brand and style of garment you’re looking for. Not only that, but all orders $60+ ship gratis, and you may send it back whenever you want.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Customer Reviews

Let’s delve further into the reviews and discuss the more widespread praise and criticism of each brand (including our own experiences).


The fact that the sizes didn’t match was a common Spanx criticism. One should think about this beforehand (it can help to study reviews and the sizing instructions for the item in question) because they were either too big or too small.

Some reviewers have claimed that Spanx’s shaping effects were not as strong as advertised.

It is my experience that the quality of Spanx products varies widely. Their imitation leather leggings, for instance, are fantastic. They’re incredibly accommodating, make my butt (and legs) look amazing, and substantially improve the quality of my wardrobe.

Some of their shapewear was fantastic, while other things I tried fell short of expectations. Spanx items I’ve bought on sale or at bargain retailers (like Nordstrom Rack) have been of poorer quality, so that’s something to think about.

Most of the Spanx garments I’ve tried have rolled down, too. Nothing major, although it can be frustrating at times. Honeylove (see my review) is my favorite brand of underwear since they don’t slip down. Boning in all Honeylove garments prevents them from sagging.

My go-to underwear for daily use is a trusty pair of Spanx, but when I need to dress up, I reach for my Honeylove.


A lot of Shapermint’s customers aren’t happy with the company’s support staff, and vice versa. People have complained that it is difficult to speak with an actual person when they have a problem.

In addition, sizing is often a problem, which is to be expected given the variety of brands on sale. Always check the item’s sizing chart to ensure the right fit! In the unlikely event that your shapewear does not fit well, they provide a 60-day fit guarantee.

Returns to Canada have been rumored to be difficult.

Two items I tested from Shapermint were of much higher quality than I had anticipated. I bought about $50 on two items from Empetua, the store with the lowest prices when I was shopping.

It’s true that these aren’t the best shapewear I own, but for the price, they’re a steal. The material is comfortable, and they effectively cinch my waist and smooth out my curves.

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Shapermint vs Spanx: Fina Verdict

When comparing Shapermint and Spanx, it’s important to keep in mind that the former is essentially a catalog of different shapewear brands, while the latter designs and manufactures its own.

Check out Shapermint if you’re seeking for a wide selection of brands at competitive prices. Spanx may be what you’re searching for if dependable quality and a wide variety of options are what you’re after.

Both manufacturers’ sizes and quality can differ, so it’s important to read reviews on the exact item you’re thinking about purchasing.

Spanx is a must-have if you ask me, but if you’re looking to save money, try something else. Despite the fact that I have received high-quality Shapermint items at low costs, I find that the quality and shaping effects of Spanx products are superior.

If you’re on a tight budget or just looking to give shapewear a try, though, Shapermint is still a fantastic option. Don’t write them off just because you know their lower-end brands (I only tried the more affordable pieces from their site).

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