Serotonin Brain Food Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Serotonin Brain Food review? Is Serotonin Brain Food a scam?

In the past year, I have tried dozens of sleep supplements, and my goal when testing supplements is to see if they help me fall asleep, stay asleep, and improve my sleep quality.

Natural Stacks’ Serotonin Brain Food is not really marketed as a sleep aid, but after reading the list of ingredients on the site, I noticed it contains many of my favorite ingredients, like L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, and Zinc – and at some of the highest concentrations I’ve observed in other supplements.

To help you decide if Serotonin Brain Food is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

In this Serotonin Brain Food review, I’m going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision: 

Serotonin Brain Food Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: Serotonin Brain Food
  • Website:
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  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Serotonin Brain Food Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help people promote positive mood and reduce stress
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to have good mood and reduce stress (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this Serotonin Brain Food review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Serotonin Brain Food Supplement?

The natural production of serotonin by your body is supported by Serotonin Brain Food. The scientific community has recently focused on serotonin.

Benzoyloxyaniline is a feel-good chemical produced by the brain, which promotes a positive mood and reduces stress.

Rhodiola Rosea, magnesium, and other ingredients in Serotonin Brain Food can relieve stress and anxiety.

It used scientifically-backed ingredients to reduce stress and anxiety, such as Rhodiola Rosea and magnesium, among others.

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What Does Serotonin Brain Food Supplement Do?

Natural Stacks’ Serotonin Brain Food is a natural mood enhancer. Natural Stacks is probably already known to you. They produce CILTEP, one of the world’s most well-known nootropics. They also produce a range of other popular supplements designed to enhance performance and promote health. 

A neurotransmitter-boosting product, Serotonin Brain Food is part of their range. There’s something unusual about the products here; as far as we know, it’s a unique angle.

How does Serotonin Brain Food work? For whom is it intended?

Serotonin Brain Food is designed to work as a fast-acting mood booster. According to the Natural Stacks website, this product helps you “get more done and feel better”.

Serotonin Brain Food is said to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Maintains a positive mood
  • Maintains a healthy appetite and digestive system
  • Calms the mind
  • Provides a sense of well-being
  • Relieves stress

There are quite a few benefits listed there. If this stack is actually capable of doing all of these things, then it’s a great supplement.

Is Serotonin Brain Food effective? Is all of this done naturally, without causing side effects? Is there another way to achieve the same results? 

Serotonin Brain Food ingredients Review

On the bottle, there is a list of ingredients for Serotonin Brain Food:

The following is a brief overview of what each ingredient does. We’ll discuss why Natural Stacks has included it in Serotonin Brain Food, what we think about the research, and what we think of the dose. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Magnesium Glycinate – 50mg

Minerals such as magnesium are essential for normal brain function. For proper hormone synthesis, neurotransmitter production, and other bodily functions, it is essential. 

Magnesium supplementation has several physiological and mental effects including reducing blood pressure, promoting deep sleep, raising testosterone levels, and improving memory.

Due to its effects on blood pressure and sleep, we believe Natural Stacks has added 50mg of magnesium glycinate to Serotonin Brain Food. If you’re trying to maximize serotonin levels, reducing stress is the best way to do so! 

A bi-directional relationship exists between serotonin and anxiety – increasing serotonin will reduce stress, and reducing stress will increase serotonin release.

Zinc Glycinate – 20mg

Zinc plays an extremely important role in numerous bodily functions, just like magnesium. A number of hormones (including testosterone) are synthesized from it, and a number of reactions are carried out with it. Interestingly, zinc may interact with serotonin in humans to have an effect on depressive symptoms.

This study showed that zinc improved the effectiveness of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (an antidepressant). However, more research is necessary. Zinc should definitely be included in a stack to boost serotonin levels and improve mood.

L-Tryptophan – 1250mg

We cannot make tryptophan on our own since it is an essential amino acid. It must be ingested through food. 5-HTP, the immediate precursor to and intermediary of serotonin, is derived from tryptophan. We simply can’t make serotonin if we don’t have tryptophan.

5-HTP supplements are often taken to increase serotonin levels. We believe that taking Tryptophan supplements is actually more efficient and effective. Taking 5-HTP supplements is not very effective. 

The enteric nervous system (the “second brain” in the gut) will use a substantial amount of it when it becomes available. Tryptophan is much better absorbed and utilized by the body than other amino acids.

In addition, tryptophan crosses the blood-brain barrier better than 5-HTP. We would not want any 5-HTP to leave the brain, so this makes perfect sense!

Tryptophan is generously included in Serotonin Brain Food. It provides us with 1250mg per serving. This much Tryptophan can be consumed from food, but it is difficult. 

It would take about 300 grams of tofu, lamb, or cheese to get this much Tryptophan. Despite this, it wouldn’t have the same impact as highly refined, pure Tryptophan powder.

Rhodiola rosea – 400mg

Rhodiola rosea is one of the most effective natural stress relievers. There has been a lot of research on rhodiola rosea, and the results have been positive. Rhodiola rosea supplementation reduces stress, relieves anxiety symptoms, and promotes a calm and clear mind. 

Rhodiola’s effect on cognitive function has been studied in some studies. In almost all of these studies, rhodiola rosea consumption improved cognitive performance in individuals experiencing mental or physical stress.

Each serving of Serotonin Brain Food provides 400mg of Rhodiola rosea! That is much more than you can get from even a single-ingredient rhodiola rosea supplement. You’ll get so much more from a nootropic stack. Serotonin Brain Food delivers more rhodiola rosea than even the best nootropic stacks.

Our Opinion on Serotonin Brain Food Supplement

An anti-anxiety stack like this is not bad at all. It is a very simple supplement, but Natural Stacks Serotonin Brain Food packs a lot of power.

In general, this is the kind of supplement we prefer. If manufacturers try to be too clever by adding as many ingredients as possible to their formulas, the end result is usually pretty bad.

The ingredients used in Serotonin Brain Food are known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Serotonin levels can be naturally increased by eating tryptophan. The amino acid tryptophan is a precursor to the hormone serotonin, which is made up of 5-HTP. Tryptophan, unlike 5-HTP, can cross the blood-brain barrier readily.

You can increase your brain’s ability to synthesize serotonin by supplementing with Tryptophan. As opposed to synthetic mood drugs, it does not increase serotonin levels, which can actually lower mood in the long run.

In addition, Serotonin Brain Food provides a massive amount of Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola 400mg will definitely relieve stress and reduce physical anxiety symptoms.

When you take this much rhodiola rosea even semi-regularly, you will feel calm, collected, and clear-headed throughout the day. It will also help you handle stressful times well. Serotonin Brain Food may be the key to your success if you’re facing an intense deadline schedule or a period of exams.

Finally, we have a nice serving of minerals and vitamins to round everything out.

Together, zinc and magnesium contribute to healthy hormone levels, better sleep quality, and lower blood pressure.

The Serotonin Brain Food from Natural Stacks is an effective stack designed to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost serotonin levels.

If you are looking for a sleep improvement product, there are better options (such as Performance Lab Sleep). It is also possible to improve cognitive function during times of acute mental strain with better products (such as Mind Lab Pro).

Then Serotonin Brain Support may be the right option for you – whether you’re feeling down, having trouble sleeping, or whatever the reason may be.

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What are the Side Effects of Serotonin Brain Food?

Typically, these natural mood supplements are very safe and have no side effects.

Serotonin Brain Food appears to be safe to us.

Today, each of these ingredients is well understood and widely used.

Almost all of them are found in foods in large quantities. If you binge on turkey or cheese regularly, you may eat more Tryptophan than this without even realizing it!

This amount of Rhodiola rosea is rare. Clinical trials have extensively examined rhodiola rosea. In doses up to 600mg per day, it is generally considered safe and unlikely to cause any side effects.

Studies have used 200-400mg daily without reporting any serious health issues or side effects.

No long-term health risks are also associated with any of the ingredients.

Overall, Serotonin Brain Food appears to be safe to use on a regular, long-term basis.

What are the Usage Guidelines For Serotonin Brain Food?

Taking 2-3 capsules to support a positive mood, during times of stress or irritability, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

  • Avoid using it in the evening.
  • A maximum of two servings per day is recommended.

What are the Customer Reviews of Serotonin Brain Food?

“I have had some of the best night’s sleep on this supplement. I’m not sure it really had much brain-boosting effects on my beyond what taking Rhodiola on its own could accomplish (which is still noticeable for me). My activity tracker showed a higher percentage of deep sleep than I usually get, and I did feel like I recovered from workouts better while taking these. I will keep these around for sure.”

“I had these with me on a recent trip, and they were fantastic to help me fight jet-lag.  I also took them 20 minutes before boarding my transatlantic flight, and it really helped me deal with my usual flight anxiety. These will definitely travel with me anywhere I go. Not the most potent brain-booster I’ve tried recently, but very handy for maintaining a sense of calm when faced with stress.”

“I took 2 of  these in the morning, with my cup of coffee, and felt a mild wave of calm and clear-headedness. I was able to stay in control during high-stress situations, and I ended up having some great sleep to boot. This supplement did not increase my energy levels or focus, though.”

“I took 2 capsules of Serotonin Brain Food in the morning with my coffee. I really enjoyed the way it made me feel (calm, focused, and sociable) and it may have actually helped curb my snack cravings.”

What are the Pros and Cons of Serotonin Brain Food Supplement?


  • Sleep quality improved overall.
  • There was no groggy feeling the next morning.
  • It is easy to time, though the manufacturer recommends avoiding taking it in the evening. I have also had some success taking it earlier in the day.
  • Each ingredient is sourced for high bioavailability.
  • Control of mild appetite (observational).
  • Contains no preservatives, no GMO ingredients, no artificial colors, and no soy.


  • It took me a while to figure out the right timing, and the full three capsule dosage gave me the best results.

Serotonin Brain Food Review: Final Verdict

Serotonin Brain Food is not strictly a nootropic. It’s more of a mood supplement, though it can also have a positive impact on cognitive function and sleep quality.

If you are looking for a way to naturally increase your serotonin levels, Serotonin Brain Food appears to be a very good supplement.

This stack is great if you have high stress levels, social anxiety, or trouble sleeping because of your anxieties!

By boosting serotonin production in the brain, Serotonin Brain Food does not artificially raise serotonin levels.

Stress will be reduced, calm focus in stressful situations will be promoted, and deep sleep will be promoted.

Serotonin Brain Food is not a bad option if you are looking for help with serotonin, sleep, or anxiety.

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