Rovux Footwear Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Should you buy Rovux Footwear? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this Rovux Footwear review, chances are you have watched the ads for Rovux Footwear and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Rovux Footwear is a retailer of high-quality, fashionable, and functional footwear for men and women. Their aesthetically crafted footwear may be worn for both everyday use and to the gym, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck out of this essential piece of athletic gear.

This Rovux Shoes review discovered that the company has a strong group of brand ambassadors, including Josh Crockett, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jeremy Buendia, a four-time Mr. Olympia. More than 124,000 people follow the company’s Instagram feed.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the Rovux Footwear to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

At the end of this review, I will also tell you the best alternative of Rovux Footwear so that you can enjoy the same benefit at a lower cost.

In this Rovux Footwear review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

What is Rovux Footwear?

Rovux Footwear’s goal is to produce high-quality footwear that evokes today’s most popular brands without the correspondingly high price tag. They sell their products directly to customers, eliminating middlemen and allowing them to pass the savings on to customers.

Miami, Florida is home to Rovux Shoes’ headquarters. Due to a lack of web resources, this Rovux Footwear review is unable to confirm the brand’s founding year or identify its creator(s) or current owner(s).

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Rovux Stride Shoes Review

With the Rovux Stride, you can go from the sidewalk to the gym without changing shoes. Stride combines great performance with a minimalist design, making it appropriate for everyday use as well as the gym for exercises like squatting and deadlifting.

The polymer footbed of the Rovux Stride provides cushioning comfort, while the mesh upper keeps feet cool and ready to move. Black Rovux shoes are great as an everyday sneaker, whereas white Rovux shoes are more classic.

The multipurpose Rovux Stride shoes are on sale for $69 (regularly $150) and come in a variety of colors, including grey and a striking red.

Rovux Flight Shoes Review

Rovux Flight put an edgy spin on the traditional sneaker design with its simple aesthetic. With a thicker sole for extra cushioning, these sneakers combine wearability and comfort. These sneakers are so lightweight and airy that you might almost forget you’re wearing them.

The minimal design of these shoes makes them a great option for wearing with jeans, and they also excel in high-intensity situations. 

Try them out on a laid-back date, use them to complete an obstacle course, or do both for a flirtatious and physically-demanding outing. The regular price of a Rovux Flight is $160, but right now you can get one for only $79.

Rovux Geneva Shoes Review

The Rovux Geneva are both futuristic and retro, with clashing colors scattered around the frame to catch the eye and highlight your irreverent spirit. And for those who can’t stop staring at your shoes, whether in awe or disgust, they feature a cheeky “What do you want?” inscribed across the toes.

These playful shoes are a touch heavier than the Rovux Shock sneakers because of their robust sole design, but that doesn’t mean you have to trade style for comfort. The Rovux Geneva, normally $180, is now only $89!

Rovux Script Shoes Review

In these lively and vibrant Rovux Script sneakers, you may rewrite the script of your life anyway you like. A pull tab at the back of the heel makes these eye-catching sneakers easy to put on, and the mesh upper ensures a snug fit during your workout.

These shoes’ thicker soles protect your feet from harm, and the ridged grips on the bottom are ideal for walking on the slushy city streets of early spring. Although white, beige, and black are your three main options, each features a distinct color scheme in its accents.

In comparison to its typical price of $180, the edgy and artistic Rovux Script may now be yours for only $89.

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Rovux Tempest Shoes Review

The Rovux Tempest shoes take the best features of both a basketball shoe and a running shoe and put them into one. With their thick bottoms and ankle-hugging knit uppers, these shoes are ideal for rapid bursts and quick pivots on the court.

The Rovux Tempest is offered in five distinct colorways, but the simple white version with the black and white marbled sole is the favorite of this Rovux Footwear review. The Rovux Tempest, once $140, may now be yours for only $79.

Rovux Eros Shoes Review

The Rovux Eros shoes combine geometric, futuristic details with gallery-worthy marbled soles for a distinctive and beautiful design that isn’t overly flamboyant.

The Rovux Eros, with their convenient pull-on tabs, will help you break personal records both in and out of the gym. You can now own these works of art for for $89 (down from $180).

Rovux Spartan Shoes Review

The Rovux Spartan will help you tap into your inner warrior. The spring soles of these aesthetically pleasing footwear not only cushion your feet but also propel you forward, no matter what you’re doing. This review of Rovux shoes concludes that they are ideal for high-intensity interval training or boot camp.

The name might make you assume they’re only for males, but these Rovux come in women’s sizes, too, and they come in three vivid shades of green that will make any outfit stand out: orange, dark green, and neon green.

Rovux Spartan shoes are now only $109 (regularly $180) so you can be ready for your moment of glory in style.

Rovux Verdict Shoes Review

You can feel the difference on your feet with the Rovux Verdict. In contrast to the heavy appearance of many other designer statement shoes, these are light and enjoyable. These Rovux footwear come in a variety of colors (including red, black, blue, and yellow; our favorites are red and red).

Like the Rovux Geneva, the Rovux Verdict is available in a variety of colorways, each of which features the question “What do you want?” emblazoned over the toes. They’re best worn around town as a pair of casual kicks, but can handle long walks and busy days with ease.

Wearing the Rovux Verdict will set you back only $99, down from its normal price of $180.

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Rovux Shock Shoes Review

The crisscross rubber bottoms of the fierce-looking Rovux Shock sneakers absorb shocks and distribute your weight, allowing you to take on any challenge. Is that a wall you’re climbing? Done. sprinting the 50 meters? Done. Amble all over town? They’ve got you covered there, too

The knitted fabric makes these easy to throw on, and the muted tones help you concentrate on the path ahead. The Rovux men’s mint shoes are a great choice for this look because they are understated but nevertheless stand out because to their funky, unexpected shade of mint.

Shock your rivals with these $79 (reg. $140) Rovux shoes and watch your performance soar.

Positive and Negative Feedback by Real Customers of Rovux Footwear

Positive Feedbacks

  • Their shoes have a designer appearance but are less expensive.
  • Styles ranging from basic to eye-catching
  • Performance, comfort, and style are all balanced.
  • Excellent client service
  • Seezle offers a payment plan in installments.
  • All orders qualify for free shipping.
  • Options for international shipping
  • Unrestricted exchanges—
  • Rovux simply sends you another size and does not ask you to return the others.

Negative Feedbacks

  • Some consumers received shoes that did not resemble those shown on the internet.
  • Because shoes are transported without a box, they may arrive wrinkled.
  • Shipping periods are longer, with a minimum of 12-20 business days.
  • Returns are only accepted if the incorrect items were sent or if the items were damaged during shipping.

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Rovux Footwear Customer Reviews

For the purposes of this Rovux Footwear assessment, the company looked at feedback left on Trustpilot, Reddit, and the Better Business Bureau’s website.

As of this writing, Rovux has received 212 reviews on Trustpilot and has received an average rating of 4.2/5 stars, indicating that customers think it is great. The shoes are well-made, and the company has excellent ratings for customer service.

One happy buyer had this to say: “I’m quite pleased with the shoes and the agents’ customer service. I ordered the wrong size owing to my error, and they sent me new pairs. Thank you for the excellent product and service.” 

Another buyer agreed, praising the company for letting her make an exchange without sending back the item she originally purchased.

“YOU HAVE TO HAVE THESE SHOES. I ordered a pair of shoes, but when they arrived, they were too big for me. I emailed customer service, and they promptly answered…. To my surprise, they wanted me to be happy with the transaction, so [I] was told not to return my old pair and that I may keep it.”

The commenter went on, “I was overjoyed because this pair of shoes was amazing and quite comfortable. I would recommend ordering one size down because it does run large. I will definitely purchase another set.”

The reviewer of the Rovux Vulcan on Reddit gave some insight into how he got around to like the product after having doubts at first: “I honestly expected the worst from a shoe designed to look really excited in an Instagram commercial… However, they have far exceeded my expectations thus far. We’ll see how long they last after months of use, but for now, I’m impressed!” 

Rovux has a Better Business Bureau rating of 4.33/5 stars based on 108 reviews. Positive feedback reinforces the brand’s excellent customer service, with one representative commenter adding, “The customer service was outstanding! I ordered the wrong size, and they let me exchange it for a larger size while keeping the old shoes.”

Another sneakerhead was thrilled by the shoes’ beautiful design: “The design and color pattern I chose are really fantastic!! I like the design, and the quality appears to be excellent. Because I live in New York City, I go through a pair of sneakers every six months… I’m looking forward to wearing these sneakers on my morning jog!”

However, not everyone was as taken with these sneakers as the reviewers above. A one-star review on Trustpilot stated, “Overall, shoe quality was beyond awful. The overall shoe is just too large and badly built; regardless of size, it’s still too big!”

There have also been some sporadic complaints that the brand’s shoes do not look exactly how they do on the Rovux website.

According to one Reddit user, “the shoes I ordered (Stride) do not match the shoes they show on their site and other social media pages.”

Another common concern is about the shipment process. A BBB reviewer was dissatisfied with the sneakers’ condition as well as their construction:

“The shoes arrived in a package with no protection [and] are badly crumpled! Furthermore, neither shoe’s design nor manufacturing is symmetrical or of high quality. The color/paint is already flaking, adhesive is pouring from the edges, there is loose thread, and the rubber is worn…”

Customers may be surprised to receive their shoes in a bag rather than a box, as this delivery technique may result in damage, according to this Rovux Footwear review. 

However, considering the numerous testimonials to the brand’s excellent customer service, it appears that the company will make it right if your item is damaged or incorrect in any manner.

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Rovux Footwear Promotions & Discounts 

A discount of 10% is available to new subscribers to the Rovux Footwear newsletter.

Rovux Footwear Return Policy

You can get a refund from Rovux only if they sent you the wrong item or if it arrived broken. The COVID-19 epidemic has caused the company to temporarily suspend their return policy, although they will still do exchanges if you purchase the incorrect size.

Send an email to [email protected] or give the company a call at the number provided if you need to exchange your shoes for a different size.

Where to Buy Rovux Footwear

To purchase a pair of Rovux Shoes, visit The Rovux Hydra shoes have been discontinued, however our Rovux Footwear review has determined that they are still available at Hyper Forever and Mugen Soul.

How to Contact Rovux Footwear’s Customer Service?

Rovux Footwear does not have great customer service. It may take more than 48 hours to get a response from them. Here are the contact details:

Customer service email: [email protected]

Phone number: (561) 692-6001

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Where to Get the Best Alternative of Rovux Footwear?

If you’d like to get the best alternative for Rovux Footwear, you might go to Amazon.

I just found a very similar product on Amazon that can produce the same or even better results. It is also more reasonably priced!

That’s why I bought one from Amazon, and I don’t regret it because of the excellent customer service and quick delivery.

You should look into it so that you won’t regret it later.

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Rovux Footwear FAQs

Where is Rovux located?

According to Rovux Footwear’s Better Business Bureau profile, they are based in Miami. Several reviews on the site suggest that the company is based in China, and their products are shipped worldwide from there.

Is Rovux Footwear black owned?

The owner of Rovux Shoes has not been identified in this Rovux Footwear review; however, many consumers and commenters online have assumed that the brand is black-owned because Rovux Shoes are similar to those of Nagast Footwear, which is owned by black people.

Are Rovux Shoes legit?

You can trust Rovux as a legitimate shoe brand. After ordering from what he believed to be a fraudulent business, one buyer was pleasantly delighted when he received his shoes on schedule and in perfect condition. There are a lot of loyal clients who adore this company.

How long does Rovux take to ship?

Orders placed with Rovux typically take between three and six days to process, and a further twelve to twenty business days are needed to deliver to locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. It may take up to two to four weeks for a package to arrive in a more remote part of the world.

After your purchase has shipped, Rovux Footwear will send you an email with a tracking number so you can monitor its whereabouts in real time. Don’t bother calling the Rovux Shoes phone number.

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