Roselinlin Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for a Roselinlin review? Should you buy from or is it a scam?

If you are reading this Roselinlin review, chances are you have watched the ads for Roselinlin and wonder if their product and service are good.

Since I’m looking for women’s fashion apparel and accessories, I have spent some time researching Roselinlin. 

After reading this review, you will know if Roselinlin is a scam or not.

Below is what I’ll cover in this Roselinlin review.

What is Roselinlin?

There are a lot of online e-commerce stores offering clothing lines, accessories, shoes, handbags, etc. with significant discounts today.

Similarly, is an online clothing store that catches the attention of customers with its cheap and stylish clothes and other accessories such as shoes and bags.

Having clicked on the website, you will see that everything is on sale at a discount of 10%. 

Buying trendy clothes for a low price is a favourite of many people. Therefore, Roselinlin’s clothing website gets many website visitors.

I also checked the social media pages of Roselinlin. At the time of writing, their Facebook page only has 165 followers, which is not a good signal.

Social media followers are a powerful indicator of whether a company is trustworthy since scams usually have no followers. Because of Roselinlin’s small following, it’s hard to judge if it is legitimate or not.

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Is Roselinlin a Scam?

I cannot say Roselinlin is a scam for legal reasons. But I found that on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, there are many negative reviews and people complain about being ripped off by Roselinlin.

To determine if a site is a scam or not, the first and most important step is to check the site’s address. The address listed on the Roselinlin is Unit 507,5/F, New East Ocean Centre, No.9 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, HK.

Second, no phone number is provided on the site’s contact us page. There is only an email address provided. Genuine companies always provide a dedicated phone number for customer service.

However, Roselinlin does offer live chat to help customers with their queries. The problem is that it is not real live chat as no one is online providing instant live support.

What makes me feel uncomfortable is that there is no name of the owner or anything that would indicate that a real person is running the site. In most scams, the site often camouflages its identity this way so it can’t be tracked.

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Roselinlin Customer Reviews

Online shoppers are encouraged to read online reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Roselinlin is notorious for having so many negative reviews.

There are many negative reviews on SiteJabber and Trustpilot where people share their experience of getting defective clothes. Here are some examples.

“EXTREMELY poor quality fabric &sewing. When you try to return it, they tell you you’d have to return it TO CHINA & the shipping would be very expensive, but they can offer you a 15% refund. I think they also sell the same clothes under other company names, so be careful. Huge rip-off!!!” ~ Dorothy Connery

“I made an order with this company and received only a portion of the law have reached out with no real answer! No refund lost $$ with no product. Do not order from this company ever again! So disappointing!!” ~ Jennifer

“I ordered from this company. The items received were nothing like the pictures shown on Facebook. I immediately submitted a return request and it shows that it was successful. They then asked for pictures to be emailed to them, so I did that also. After about a month of no response, I emailed them. Now, after 20 days I still do not have any response. I have not sent yet another email via their website. I am very concerned that I will never get any response.” ~ Armelia LovingLife Johnson

“The worst purchases from a total rip off company. I tried to return everything but got no response. Finally, they offered me a small credit that never happened. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!” ~ Jennifer Mondelli Ingram

“I ordered several items from this company and, like most people, never received them AND they refused to refund my money….Be careful and don’t order from them!” ~ Pam

“I received my order and immediately was very disappointed with the quality of my items. Out of 7 items ordered I could only use 1. Please do not spend your hard-earned money with Roselinlin. I spent over $100 and never received my refund. Shame on them. They are thieves for keeping my money. Horrible customer service!! Will never order from them again.” ~ Ruth Brown

“This company is NOT worth your time or money. I received shoes that were stitched together pathetically. I never wore them and did as asked to return them. I never got a response and when I emailed again they said it was past their return policy deadline. They will not give me the address to return the junky shoes and will not refund my money! I don’t think a homeless person would want them! Horrible customer service and no flexibility when they are the ones who never responded to my request to return the shoes!” ~ Deb Michael

It doesn’t stop there. There are many complaints about their terrible return policy.

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Final Verdict: Roselinlin Review

Roselinlin appears to be a Hong Kong-based company that sells cheap clothes. I think the site is not very trustworthy and you can be at risk of losing your money when purchasing something from them.

The online reviews prove enough that Roselinlin’s products and services are not good enough, and the red flags listed above make it even more apparent.

In this Roselinlin review, I hope to have cleared up any doubts you might have about the online store. 

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6 thoughts on “Roselinlin Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed”

  1. I ordered from this company and was extremely disappointed with the poor quality and sizing in large size, varying from 38 inches – 48 inches bust. One item was not even completed with raw edges round the neckline. The packages arrived over a long period of time and when the final two out of eight finally made it, they said I could not return them as I was too late. Only one was something I was pleased with. Roselinlin is a company offering very poor quality clothing which they do not stand behind. I wonder if I will ever receive my 15% discount which I requested as postage to China would be exorbitant.

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  3. Huge ripoff Horrible cheaply made clothes shoes ect…. Return policy is ridiculous.
    Clothing was nothing like the pictures, quality was horrible!!!!! Lesson learned the hard way!!!! Never again!

  4. DO NOT buy from this company??? (ripoff scam site)
    tried to return a dress their response
    Sorry that you are not satisfied with the item(s).

    Please note that customers must respond to every email within 7 days. If not, we will close this case after the aforementioned deadline.

    Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China.
    According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.
    Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue.
    According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.

    We would like to offer you a 15% cash refund 【for the item(s) in question as compensation】 instead of returning the item(s).

  5. This roselinlin is now selling under “Stylewe”. They are pure scammers. Very obtuse and will not cancel an order. They start by saying there was no order. Then it hit my bank. That was last week. They still have not canceled and keep trying to talk me into buying the crap they were pushing.

  6. Carolyn Brinegar
    October 22, 2021
    I received my order today and after hearing all of these horror stories, I will take it to Goodwill instead of trying to return it. I’m sure some tall young woman will be able to wear it. I’m not tall or young and I don’t want to go through all that aggravation of trying to return it.


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