RepairSmith Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

You won’t regret repairing your car as long as you can drive. However, repairs can take a long time. RepairSmith brings the repair to you, saving you both time and money. Their aim is to make your day easier whether you are at home or at work.

With over 6,000 followers on Instagram, as well as thousands on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this local brand has been featured by CNN, Forbes, Work Truck, and more. 

Known for their impeccable diagnosis and repair skills, the brand is well-loved by their clients. As part of this RepairSmith review, we will discuss the pros, service, reviews, and more to provide a complete picture of working with this company.

What is RepairSmith About?

Founded by Joe Milne in 2018 to provide quick service that customers can trust, RepairSmith has grown rapidly since its inception. 

The company utilizes portable tools and machinery and works out of trucks to provide fast and convenient service as well as a warranty that anyone can rely on. 

This brand offers quick-fix solutions throughout Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas.  

This brand has already won a number of awards in its short time in business, including Start-Up of the Year and the 2020 Business Intelligence Groups’ Customer Service Award.

Since this is a growing company, it may not have as many known advantages and disadvantages as others. This RepairSmith review provides a few highlights to offer a more complete picture:


  • Offering extensive automotive repairs at reasonable prices and speedy turnarounds in convenient locations
  • Quick quotes online
  • No-Contact Service
  • With more expansion to come, we will serve more cities from six states
  • Positive RepairSmith reviews posted online
  • One year warranty on all repairs

How Does RepairSmith Work?

How does Repair on the Go actually work? With a few simple clicks, the technicians can perform their quick service in no time.

  1. You can start the Repairs process by visiting and selecting Repairs
  2. Input your zip code and car information, along with the issues or repairs you want to discuss
  3. For a quote, please include your contact information
  4. Upon receiving the quote, simply schedule the repair time and place – our team will come to you!

As soon as you fill in the information and receive a quote from the mechanic, the prices may change based on what the mechanic determines is necessary. It is said to be a fair business, so no extra fixes will be added that you will never need.

If you are not sure what’s wrong with your car, we recommend you use the Diagnosis Tool prior to submitting your Repair request to determine what exactly is wrong with it.

With their diagnostics and repairs options, this RepairSmith review will examine both options to help you understand the steps involved in using this California company.

RepairSmith Repairs Review 

An automobile can fail for any number of reasons. This car glides along smoothly because so many small parts work in harmony. Whenever the engine fails, RepairSmith Repairs is the service you need to help get it started again.

With more than 140 different common repairs listed on their website, this shop comes to you with its fleet of trucks and vans equipped with all the tools necessary to get you back to work. 

There are several incorporated areas in various states, but you may be able to find your city if you check online. Is there anything more enjoyable than avoiding those awkwardly long shop lines? Make your appointment online and come pick up your car at your convenience.

You schedule a time and place that works for you based on an online diagnosis of the problem. Depending on the repair options you choose, you’ll receive a quick quote online. 

You may need to adjust your diagnostic based on the issues with your vehicle, which can change the price, but all repairs are done to give your car a powerful start to the new year.

Due to work being dependent on costs, it is not possible to post prices online.

RepairSmith Diagnosis Tool Review

Get to the bottom of the problem with RepairSmith Diagnosis Tool, and don’t rely on mechanics blindly. Through this simple guide, car owners can narrow down the issues they are experiencing with their cars.

Are the check engine lights flashing? Is there steam coming from under the hood? It will help you determine what exactly you should request for service using an analysis of the work.

Do not fret if you are worried about misdiagnosing the problems. A mechanic comes prepared with multiple tools and is aware of checking the whole scenario before undertaking any repairs. 

It’s possible that a quick search could find a straightforward solution that could cut your bill in half.

Provide a solid idea of the problem to the technicians and they’ll work from there to find out what the issue is and how to solve it. 

With a few details added to a diagnostic tool, you won’t only save the mechanic time, but also make yourself a part of the solution. That’d be like saying you fixed the car for yourself, right?

Who Is RepairSmith For? 

RepairSmith helps car owners repair their vehicles with ease. If you struggle with automotive repair and need a quick and easy solution, this brand is for you. 

The mechanics at these companies know how to identify and repair any problems that may arise when driving any make or model.

Once you book your service with them, they do a quick inspection, fix it up, drive you through it, and leave with a warranty for the next year if anything goes wrong.

Comparison: RepairSmith vs. YourMechanic  

Mobile repair company RepairSmith only entered the field a few years after companies like YourMechanic. YourMechanic began offering mobile repair services in 2012 and is now available throughout the United States in more than 2,000 cities.

More than 500 mobile repair services are offered by this brand. This company differs from RepairSmith in the fact that it has been operating for longer periods and that its business has been expanding. 

There are more locations and services offered by YourMechanic since it is a larger company.

Depending on the services needed, both brands offer quotes ahead of time to estimate the costs involved. 

RepairSmith offers a diagnostic tool in addition to its other services. When your mechanic arrives, he will diagnose your car, but no tool or guide is supplied so you can identify what the problem is.

Choosing between these two brands is like choosing between apples and oranges in that both offer similar prices and services, as well as the assurance of trained and knowledgeable mechanics. 

RepairSmith brings the diagnosis straight to you, whereas YourMechanic has more history and services in the business.

RepairSmith has the best diagnostic tools, so we think they will get the vehicle back on the road faster.

How Much Is RepairSmith?

The cost of repair work for each vehicle is determined by RepairSmith. To give customers a good idea of what they’ll spend to get their car in working order, customers are given quotes as part of the booking process. 

We make clear that quotes may change depending on how the repairs go and whether additional work is required.

Their work is done at fair prices and all of their employees have their client’s interests in mind. This means that only repairs that are necessary are completed on time. As a result, there are no unforeseen costs.

RepairSmith Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On its website, this brand proudly displays its ratings. Over 75 reviews per platform make up RepairSmith’s customer base, and every review they receive is four-star.

The following are the top-rated listings from online platforms:

  • Google Reviews: 4.4/5-stars based on 85 ratings
  • Yelp: 4.5/5-stars based on over 225 ratings
  • Reseller Ratings: 4.6/5-stars based on almost 800 ratings

The arrangement of this service seems to be well received by customers. Scheduling online is relieved of the hassle and offers low-cost solutions without causing stress.

According to a Reseller Rating reviewer, “Made an appointment online, Keven showed up and got the battery and starter changed in an hour.” The price was as expected. The whole process was straightforward and painless.

Their mechanics are consistently praised for their excellent work in RepairSmith reviews. Their workers arrive quickly, understand the issue without heavy jargon, and solve it within a short timeframe.

One such reviewer commented, “Showed up at my house, diagnosed my problem really quickly, replaced my rotors and pads, and had me drive it around. I will definitely hire them again. Excellent service at an excellent price.”

This brand works to hire mechanics who know what they’re doing and complete the job as quickly as possible, inspired by the 12-month warranty on their services. 

This mechanic is able to diagnose an issue with ease by conducting thorough tests, driving your beloved vehicle, and more to help you feel comfortable driving it.

“Used them a couple of times now and am impressed with the thoroughness of the work they do.”

Customers of this company are not forced to wait for hours at the shop, as it provides a stress-free experience. 

Is RepairSmith A Scam?

RepairSmith is not a scam.

We believe RepairSmith is one of the best companies for automotive repair work based on numerous reviews and ratings. 

Mechanics come to your home and fix your vehicle, and they are trained not only to fix the issue but also to explain how to fix it and what steps to take next. 

It eliminates any worries about the company scamming clients by providing a quote before meeting and by giving straight answers about repairs.

For those who live in US states where RepairSmith operates, we highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fast, affordable repair.

RepairSmith Promotions & Discounts 

Reviewers on RepairSmith say that this brand rarely offers discounts and promotions. The referral program may be worth checking out, however. The original client who refers a friend who uses this company’s services will receive a $25 discount on the next repair job they receive.

Although $25 may seem inconsequential in the context of automotive repair costs, every cent counts in the long run. You can quickly accumulate savings by referring many friends. 

With this deal, there’s no limit on how many people you can sign up for, so you can cash in the codes once others use it.

RepairSmith FAQ

Who is the owner of RepairSmith?

Joe Milne owns and operates RepairSmith. Milne’s enterprise has been backed by Daimler AG since 2019, a company listed as one of the most important automakers in the world.

How do I cancel my RepairSmith?

You can cancel RepairSmith prior to the delivery of repair services, but this service is not subscription-based. 

If the client wishes to cancel an order, they have up to 24 hours prior to the service date to do so without incurring any fees. Should cancellations be made within 24 hours of the scheduled service, additional fees may apply.

The company or mechanics who are directly involved can alter the service in several ways. 

Contacting Customer Success about the booked service is the easiest way to change or cancel an appointment. The mechanics will be provided with new information regarding bookings and the service time will be changed to whatever works for you.

In order to reschedule, there is an online element available for those who do not want to communicate over the phone (no judgment, we’ve all rescheduled over the phone). 

The company creates a customer profile for each client upon scheduling an appointment. Check out the appointment tracker at to see the scheduling/cancellation options available for rescheduling an appointment.

What is RepairSmith’s Shipping Policy?

A client’s scheduled time is when services are delivered with this brand. The mechanic will show up for each service within a two-hour time window since it is a service. 

The mechanics will have sufficient time to get to the job and finish any previous jobs scheduled for that day, even though it is inconvenient to wait for that two-hour period.

What is RepairSmith’s Return Policy?

With an expansive array of automotive services, RepairSmith is not eligible for returns. Furthermore, their warranty covers all repair work for 12 months after completion. 

You can contact the company at any time if you discover a defect or manufacturing issue during service, and a technician will come to check it out.

Check out the brand’s website to see exactly what RepairSmith covers when it comes to repairs so that you know what to expect. As long as you know what their coverage means, their belief in their work keeps you covered.

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