RealSleep Review – Scam or Legit?

RealSleep is a natural, plant-based sleep aid that helps you naturally drift off to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Each batch is customized based on a quick assessment of your sleep patterns, physical health, and emotional well-being.

Media giants such as Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, and MSN have expressed interest in RealSleep’s method, which is composed of CBD, CBN, melatonin, and custom-chosen plants.

Looking for a natural sleep aid that can help? Read on to learn more about RealSleep.

Throughout this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the brand and its customization process, as well as share customer feedback, answer important questions, and more, to help you decide if it’s something you might be interested in.

Overview of RealSleep

Even though prescription sleep medication comes with risks, at least it works, right? It is possible to get addicted to prescription drugs, experience dangerous side effects, or even experience insomnia.

As sleeping is a natural process, why not switch to a plant-based sleep aid? Supplements can either contain too much melatonin, which can cause grogginess or a blend of herbs and antihistamines that are unnecessary.

Is there a solution to this problem? Custom sleep supplements are the answer, according to RealSleep.

The RealSleep brand was founded by Billy Gallagher, Kris Bjornerud, Max Goldstein, and Michael Kamins in California in 2019. The company understands how individual sleep is and that no single product can address a wide range of concerns. Furthermore, there isn’t one that naturally induces relaxation rather than forcing it.

With its holistic mix of CBD, CBN, melatonin, and other natural ingredients, RealSleep works hand-in-hand with your body for you to get the rest you need and deserve.

RealSleep Review will get into all of the crucial details of this brand and its sleep aid in a moment, but first, we’d like to highlight some features.


  • Effective results with a custom formula
  • Made in the USA
  • No habit-forming properties
  • All-natural
  • 3rd party tested
  • Save with Subscription
  • Sleep coaching on a one-to-one basis

Various types of cannabis can make you sleepy for one reason or another. The truth is that the old weed is doing it, not the weed itself. In particular, the CBN that develops over time.

The same CBN is in RealSleep, but it does not contain THC, so you won’t get high. As a result, it mellows your brain and promotes a naturally drowsy state, the one you should get late at night, but do not due to anxiety or disrupted sleep signals.

The proprietary formula of RealSleep contains CBD along with CBD. In addition to reducing anxiety and inflammation, non-THC cannabidiol also addresses pain.

We will see how you can tailor the brand’s sleep supplement to fit your personal needs in the next section of this RealSleep review.

RealSleep Review

You might want to consider a custom supplement like this one if you are one of the 1 in 4 Americans who have trouble falling and staying asleep, so we’re glad you’re here. You’ll learn how RealSleep’s trademark supplement works, who it’s most suitable for, and how it is formulated throughout this review.

To help you decide whether or not this supplement is worth checking out, we’ll first tell you who might benefit from it most.

Who Is RealSleep For?

The RealSleep app helps adults who have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up because they aren’t getting enough sleep. Using natural plant compounds, melatonin, and CBD, the brand’s custom formulas also help with anxiety and stress.

How Does RealSleep Work?

As RealSleep is all about making custom formulations, you’ll need to take a quiz before you buy. To queue it up, all you need to do is press ‘Create Your Formula Now’ on the homepage.

Clicking on RealSleep, we were informed that we were just 90 seconds away from the dream formula. The little ‘Next’ button was all we needed to press to get started.

As soon as we pressed, we were shown a soothing green page with friendly questions. We could see 14 of them. Besides asking about your name, age, and gender, RealSleep also asked about how often you have poor sleep, and whether you find it hard to fall asleep or wake up in the morning.

The RealSleep team gave us some personal info between sections, like the fact that we enter an adult sleep biotype when we enter our 30s. If we have poor sleep now, we’ll probably have the same sleep pattern forever-or at least that’s how it feels some nights.

In the final section, RealSleep uses a series of questions to determine how you feel physically, how you feel emotionally, what you eat, and if you’re worried about things such as cognition, body temperature, and sexual health.

RealSleep differs from other “custom” supplement brands because it shows you the unique formula without requesting your email. Non-invasive brands (like this one) allow customers to feel more comfortable, knowing they won’t be automatically enrolled in a heavy newsletter regimen to receive the assistance they need.

Based on our RealSleep results, we saw a familiar mix that met all of our expectations.

CBD reduces inflammation, melatonin provides sleep, l-theanine allows you to sleep longer and feel less anxious, and ashwagandha relieves insomnia and stress. Our formula checks out and we are able to understand why the brand recommended this blend.

RealSleep will create a formula based on your unique answers, and once you see your formula, you can subscribe to get your RealSleep products monthly.

We charge $40 for our unique formula, which is the same fee regardless of what you mix.

You will also receive personal coaching from a certified coach who will help you create a healthy sleeping environment and nighttime routine. Dr. Christopher Colwell is the head of UCLA’s Brain Research Center and supervises the company’s sleep coaches.

With your supplement and coaching, you’ll be able to achieve better sleep patterns and REM cycles.

Who Creates RealSleep Custom Formulas?

All RealSleep’s custom formulas have been tested by third parties. Think 20’s experts have carefully crafted a blend of toxins-free, potent, and effective ingredients, each of which has been tested for toxicity and efficacy by Think 20 labs. On the company’s website, you can see the Test Results if you’re interested.

RealSleep Product Review

Finding the right sleep solution can be a challenge, but RealSleep simplifies the process by offering only one solution that can be customized to meet your needs. We’ll help you learn about your choices by taking you through the one-month supply and trial pack below.

RealSleep Supplement Review

Even one night of restlessness makes us aware of the importance of sleep. You may need the RealSleep Supplement if you need to perform your best at work, for your kids, or if you’re simply tired of feeling tired all the time.

Natural ingredients are used in this supplement, which helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Every morning, you should feel light and free, not as if you were holding lead weights.

Following completion of the quiz and submission of your order, you will receive your capsules containing your customized formula-a blend of plant-based compounds aimed at addressing your particular concerns, such as stress. Though certain ingredients will be custom made, not all will be, and each capsule will also contain 10mg of hemp (a combination of CBD and CBN) and 1mg of melatonin.

Taking between 0.5-5mg per night is safe for adults, according to The Sleep Foundation. In most natural sleep aids, the maximum amount is contained, but grogginess can result as well.

There are 30 capsules in the 30-Day Supply. There is no need to take a sleeping pill every night even though 1-2 capsules is the serving size. Some customers need sleeping pills only occasionally.

Just a few capsules of RealSleep thirty to forty minutes before bedtime are all it takes. Towards the end of the evening, you will feel naturally drowsy, so be sure to prepare for bed.

When it comes to RealSleep, you have some options, but subscribing offers additional benefits.

You can purchase the supplement for $50 if you’re interested in purchasing it once. You will be able to get lifetime sleep coaching for $10 as part of a subscription.

RealSleep 10-Day Trial Pack Review

It might be just a matter of committing to an entire bottle of melatonin before you have a better night’s sleep. To provide customers with the option to test out our products before committing to a month’s supply, we created the 10-Day Trial Pack.

You can also test it out before signing up for a subscription, even though subscription plans are very flexible and you can cancel at any time.

Ten little green, vegan capsules will contain your custom formula in the 10-Day Trial Pack. Then you can drift off naturally to Slumber Town after taking 1-2 capsules before bed.

For $15, you can get a trial pack.

Is RealSleep A Scam?

RealSleep is not a scam.

Sleeping well can provide quite a few benefits in various aspects of your life, and the most important one is energy. We can lose the repair our bodies so desperately need when our sleep pattern is disrupted, and without a solid REM cycle, it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest.

Regardless of your reason for seeking a sleep aid, starting with something natural is a good place to start. Designed specifically for your body and lifestyle, RealSleep is a vegan, natural sleep product.

Another thing to look for is non-habit forming products, and you’ll find this brand offers that, along with one-on-one coaching to help you improve your sleeping habits.

Could a short quiz lead to a better night’s sleep? Customers seem to think so. Our research on RealSleep didn’t reveal anything alarming, but if you suffer from sleep problems, it’s definitely worth a look if you can’t sleep well.

Nevertheless, the statements RealSleep makes are not FDA-approved yet. You should keep in mind when ordering that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

RealSleep Promotions & Discounts

In addition to reviewing RealSleep, we were looking for any promotional offers offered by the brand. While there does not seem to be a mailing list (which is great if you don’t enjoy cluttering your inbox with newsletters), the brand offers a few ways for customers to save. Read on for details:

  • Get $10 off every order by subscribing
  • With every subscription order, you get free one-on-one coaching

Where to Buy RealSleep

As a direct-to-consumer brand, RealSleep is the only place where you can get your personalized sleep formula.

RealSleep FAQ

What is the price of RealSleep?

Whether it’s a one-time purchase or a subscription depends on your preference. Subscribing to a monthly supplement saves subscribers money as they only pay $40 a month, as opposed to $50 for a single purchase.

There is also a $15 sample pack of 10 capsules available for those who want to try them before they purchase

What are the side effects of using RealSleep?

People do not want something that benefits them on one level to cause problems on another level. In the absence of side effects, RealSleep would not be so successful as it is.

Taking the company’s sleep supplement hasn’t been associated with any adverse side effects, and this is probably due to the balance of natural ingredients in the formula, as well as the modest dose of melatonin.

RealSleep builds a supplement that is tailored to your unique health and sleep needs by getting to know your health history and habits. This eliminates any extra ingredients that might address other concerns that you do not have.

RealSleep does not have any known side effects, nor does it lead to habit formation. Both CBD and melatonin are not addictive, unlike THC.

Are RealSleep Supplements Vegan?

Definitely! For its supplements, RealSleep uses vegan capsules, making them suitable for vegans and those avoiding dairy or gelatin.

What is RealSleep’s Shipping Policy?

Customers of RealSleep can choose from two shipping options within the USA:

  • Standard: $5
  • Expedited: $15

Subscribing subscribers can expect their supplements to be delivered on the same day every month.

What is RealSleep’s Return Policy?

If you’ve read this far, you know the importance of sleep. RealSleep understands that everyone’s sleep needs are different, which is why it offers a 14-day return policy. If you wish to return a product, it must be unopened and unused, and in the original packaging.

Here’s what you need to know about our return policy so you’ll know what to expect if you do need to return something.

  • To ensure your product is eligible for return, send an email to [email protected] and be sure to include your order number and name.
  • You will receive a pre-paid return label from a customer representative once your return has been accepted
  • Attach the label to the outside of the return package after printing it off
  • Your products should be packaged up and slipped into the return package
  • You should include a note inside the package with your order number and the billing name and address associated with the order
  • Choose a trackable service at your nearest post office and drop your package off

How to Contact RealSleep

In this RealSleep review, we hope you found everything you were looking for. You can reach the brand at [email protected] if you still have questions.

RealSleep Alternative: Another Sleep Aid Supplement We Considered

Resurge is a popular sleep aid supplement that promises to help you sleep better.

It contains melatonin as its first ingredient. Research shows that your body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that tells your brain it’s time to go to sleep. In other words, the primary function of this hormone is to let the body know when it is time to go to sleep so that it will relax and sleep easily. 

Although more research is needed, current evidence suggests that melatonin can be useful in helping people get to sleep. When taken for short or long periods of time, melatonin supplements appear to be safe for adults, according to studies

Resurge supplements might allow your body to absorb enough melatonin to maximize your natural melatonin production. Apart from that, it is also marketed as a weight-loss supplement because epidemiological studies show that insufficient sleep is associated with a higher risk of obesity. 

However, since the supplement industry is barely regulated, you might want to read some Resurge reviews before making any purchase of the supplement.

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