RealDoll Review – Scam or Legit?

Are you curious about RealDolls and wondering if they’re worth the hype? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on these lifelike sex dolls and help you make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

It’s no secret that sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular, and RealDolls are among the most trusted and sought-after options out there. These dolls have been around for quite some time and have continued to evolve over the years, thanks to advancements in technology.

One thing that sets RealDolls apart from other sex dolls is their near-life sexual experiences. They provide an incredibly realistic and intimate experience that’s hard to beat. With the help of AI, these dolls have become even more advanced, and their realism has only increased.

But, the big question is, should you buy a RealDoll? Well, that depends on your needs and preferences. In this RealDoll review, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the quality and durability of the dolls to their customization options and pricing.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sex doll user or just curious about RealDolls, keep reading to find out everything you need to know before making a purchase.

RealDoll Review – Key Takeaway

  • Brand Name: RealDoll
  • Website:
  • Overall Rank: 4.8/5
  • RealDoll Scam or Legit: RealDoll is not a scam. It’s legit.
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to own a realistic sex doll for pleasure

Here are the topics I’m going to cover in this RealDoll review:

What is a RealDoll?

RealDoll is a brand name used by abyss creations, LLC, a company based in San Marcos, California, that makes life-size love mannequins.

realdoll review

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what RealDolls are. Abyss Creations made them with one aim in mind: to create a silicone sex doll that feels and behaves just like a human. The whole thing was designed from the ground up by Abyss Creations.

Though there are many alternatives to the RealDoll when it comes to high-quality sex dolls (see my article on the best sex dolls), none of them can match the realism of the RealDoll.

However, they’re great budget options since the RealDolls cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford to spend $6000 on a doll.

A RealDoll isn’t just a copy of a human. It feels and looks like one. It’s even more impressive when you close your eyes.

It’s not cheap, but if it’s something you really want for yourself, get it. Finding happiness sometimes means spending a lot of money.

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How does RealDoll work?

RealDolls are made for the ultimate sexual experience. Their bodies are powerfully crafted with curves that turn you on at first glance. You can now get these dolls with different faces, body types, and even nipple colors.

RealDolls work the same as any other sex doll. You can make them do different things to fit your sexual fantasies. They have mouth, vaginal, and anal openings, which you can use to satisfy your desires.

realdoll review

Different parts of these dolls contribute to the ultimate sexual experience. For kissing, you can easily stretch your mouth and lips.

Also, the doll has a hinged jaw that opens naturally. You can also remove the tongue to clean it. The tongue is soft and ‘fleshy’ if you kiss it.

Still, these dolls have ribbed mouth cavities for pleasure. Using the X technology, you can easily change your doll’s face to get a variety of sex partners. RealDolls should be everyone’s dream with over twenty faces.

The RealDoll’s joints are strong and flexible, so it feels like a real person. For back shots, you can bend your doll into whatever position you want. You can get a perfect back arch and creative positioning.

So let’s talk about sex. The RealDoll’s cavities are filled with a vacuum, which creates a suction effect. All the pleasure comes from this suction effect.

Even oral cavities can suction. You can use different inserts with the openings, making sex even more fun.

What Makes RealDolls So Special?

RealDolls has been creating the ultimate full-body sex toys for almost 25 years. They’ve been innovating ways to make them more lifelike.

RealDolls’ attention to detail shines through in everything they do. From the way their skin, eyes, and hair look and feel, to the way they can be posed.

And that’s just with the entry-level dolls.

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What’s It Like To Sex With A RealDoll?

RealDolls aren’t just for general companionship. You can’t really know what fucking a RealDoll is like unless you penetrate it, but your own experiences aren’t that far from what the RealDoll provides.

You might find that you have better sex with the RealDoll than you have ever had before. You’ll feel the same way if you haven’t had sex with another person.

RealDolls make it feel like you’re inside someone. You don’t have to rely on your hand or a cheap pussy.

There’s a good chance you’re hornier than ever inside your RealDoll. That’s especially true if you haven’t had any self-pleasure in a while.

You might ejaculate early. You don’t have to explain anything to a doll. You can also use this to train to have sex with a real woman.

You should also watch out for penis discomfort. You’ll definitely feel strain on your cock after repeatedly using the RealDoll.

All around, the RealDoll feels great. Your penis will be pampered like it’s being touched for the first time, and you’ll get to see a lifelike body and face.

You’ll get to appreciate it more the more you use it. You can customize the doll even more by changing faces, mouths, and vagina.

RealDoll 2 vs RealDoll Classic

Now, let’s compare the two main RealDoll options – the RealDoll 2 and the RealDoll Classic.

The first thing most people will notice is the price – the RealDoll Classic costs thousands less, so it’s a much more desirable option.

realdoll review

In almost every category, the RealDoll 2 beats the RealDoll Classic. It has a softer body, lighter weight, and more customization options. Customization options are what set the RealDoll apart from other dolls, so improving on this is a great move by Abyss Creations.

Soft silicone foam cores make The RealDoll 2 lightweight. In comparison to the RealDoll Classic, this new technology reduces the weight of the doll by 10 lbs. A lighter sex doll is easier to position and offers a more comfortable sex experience.

You can use removable inserts for both the vaginal and oral cavities on the RealDoll 2. 

Optional inserts are always the best when it comes to my dolls, for many reasons – ease of cleaning, better hygiene, easier maintenance, and most importantly, unique sex experiences on the same exact doll. 

It’s cool to be able to try out different inserts on your doll until you find one you like. It’s pretty expensive to buy a new sex doll body every time you want something new (as you probably already know). 

RealDoll 2 lets you just order a new vagina and boom – you’re back to enjoying the pleasure of a new doll all over again.

RealDoll 2 also has a new head design that uses magnets instead of Velcro for new faces. This means you can change not just the inserts, but also the faces of your dolls. 

With RealDoll’s Face X technology, this is possible. There are more customization options on RealDoll 2 than you could ever imagine, so if you want fully customizable sex dolls, then get one, it’s all you’ll ever need.

RealDoll 2 has a new skin texture that reduces the shine on her body. Like everything else in The RealDoll 2, the skin texture is awesome. The skin feels eerily similar to a real woman’s!

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RealDoll Review: Packaging & Shipping

In the next part of my review I’ll describe how the shipping process goes after you buy a RealDoll. 

There’s a big fear that your roommates or neighbors will find out you got a RealDoll. 

The shipping process of the RealDoll, however, is completely discrete, anonymous, and unmarked. It comes in a crate that’s built for stealth and measures about 6’x2’x2′. Here’s what your crate would look like:

Depending on the body type, the crate will be 70″ tall (74″ tall for larger bodies). No one will find out what’s inside this big crate until you tell them. Tell them it’s home fitness equipment – simple as that!

I’ve never seen a lighter crate for a sex doll, but the RealDoll 2 is still pretty heavy. 

It’s quicker and safer to hire someone to move the package (once they get it through the door, you can handle the rest on your own) or use a hand truck. In that sense, the package is easy to handle since the crate fits through most doors.

Eight large wood screws keep the crate shut, so you’ll need a screwdriver to open it. 

To prevent damage during shipping, the RealDolls are packaged in plastic sheets and foam blocks. Since there are no logos or brand names on the crates, no one will know what’s inside them.

Even packages sent across tens of thousands of kilometers are handled with care at Abyss Creations. 

My friends have sent their RealDolls across more than 10 000 miles and none of them arrived damaged or indented. Maybe Abyss Creations should set up a logistics company. 

Compared to any other company, they seem to be doing a better job, and their customer service is awesome.

RealDoll Review: Features


I think the RealDoll’s head is one of its strongest features. They look and feel amazing. Lips and mouth feel very soft and stretch like real ones. 

The doll’s hinged jaw opens realistically, so you can kiss it. RealDoll has a removable tongue so you can clean it easier. For extra realism and pleasure, the inside of the mouth cavity is ribbed.

RealDoll buyers can change the faces of their dolls with Face X. You can easily change the face of your RealDoll using this magnet-based technology. 

Over 20 unique female faces let you change your doll’s look without buying a new body. A doll can be customized with different lips, eyes, skin tones, hairstyles, and colors. 


Owners of RealDolls have complained that the breasts are too firm despite months of use, and they haven’t noticed any change in softness. However, I haven’t found that to be the case. Sure, they’re perky and firm, but isn’t that good?

A sex doll is supposed to be the perfect representation of a female body, so why would you want saggy breasts? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, though. Though I don’t agree with these complaints, I thought I’d mention them anyway.

Flesh & Skin

My next RealDoll review will be about the skin and flesh. There are a lot of doll makers who don’t get this detail right, and it’s discouraging. A horrible skin design can ruin a good doll. But when it comes to RealDolls, the skin design is awesome.

I love the skin on The RealDoll 2! The skin texture on the RealDoll 2 is gorgeous. Sometimes you can’t tell it from real skin. It’s amazing how they managed to make it so believable. Feels like real skin, smooth and silky. 

Pinching it gives feedback just like your skin would, and pounding it from behind makes it jiggle as real skin.


Reviews rarely mentioned how fragile and easy to break the fingers were on the original RealDoll doll. 

The RealDoll 2 has a big advantage over the old version of this. Many sex dolls, including the older RealDoll 1, have finger pokes. 

The sex doll’s skin gets ripped apart by sharp finger wires inside. With the new finger bones, however, you can bend them more easily and no finger pokers are an issue. 

It’s pretty cool how you can position the hands in endless ways, which greatly improves the doll’s overall feel, not to mention its durability.

Joints & Flexibility

RealDoll 2 joints are stainless steel. The joints bend human-like and are incredibly strong. Sex dolls can be positioned creatively and this adds realism. I love how the legs go wherever you want them and how the back arches.

RealDoll 2 has much more flexibility than its predecessor, RealDoll 1 (or RealDoll Classic). A RealDoll sex doll can be used in almost any sex position and has a very impressive range of movement. 

The joints on older and cheaper sex dolls are always too tight. You can’t position the doll to your liking, so it makes the whole thing frustrating. 

Those overly tight joints aren’t an issue with The RealDoll 2 (and other high-end sex dolls). 

With the new skeleton system and lighter weight, the legs are super flexible. It moves exactly as a human skeleton, so you can do all kinds of stuff like doggy-style, missionary etc.

Weight & Size

To move the RealDoll, you will definitely need strength and energy. However, it is not the heaviest I have seen and the flexibility makes it easier to handle. A good job has been done by the folks over at Abyss Creations in reducing the weight of the doll without sacrificing any special features.

The love doll weighs from 70 lbs to 105 lbs. RealDoll’s website lets you pick the body type you want. Get the exact specs for the dolls you’re interested in on the RealDoll website.

Even with the heavier doll body types, well-trained users might find it easy to move them around. 

People who are light-weight may find it more comfortable to choose lighter-weight versions, so they can comfortably position themselves before and during sex. You’ll sweat a bit wrestling the doll around, so be prepared.

Consider your strength and abilities before buying a heavier version. There are some users who think that extra weight makes sex with the RealDoll more believable. 

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of fitness, lifting abilities, overall health, and, of course, personal preference.

It’s important to pick the right body type when buying a RealDoll 2. You might want to choose a lighter body type if you aren’t sure of your fitness level due to the weight of these RealDoll sex dolls. 

Since the dolls themselves are so strong, they can support up to 400 lbs of weight, so your size shouldn’t be an issue.

Anal & Oral & Vaginal Openings

RealDoll 2’s opening cavities create a vacuum inside its entries when they’re penetrated. You get a powerful suction effect. It’s especially noticeable in the mouth. I prefer the vaginal cavities, though. You can’t beat taking your RealDoll for a ride in your bedroom.

You can also use the optional deep-throat inserts inside the mouth to maximize the penetration experience.

You can choose your own removable inserts with the RealDoll 2 when it comes to cavities. I can’t stress how important this is. It’s not hygienic to use the permanent inserts inside sex dolls, as they are rigid, and they break more easily. 

There are 11 different vaginal inserts to choose from, and the main difference between them is the shape of the labia. It’s like getting a bunch of dolls in one.

Accessories & Add Ons

If you don’t want to spend the money on a full-size doll or don’t have the space, get an ultra-realistic torso instead. You can get a male ‘Bottoms-Up’ torso which is really popular with gay men. It works with vagina inserts or a gender converter.

You can also buy extra faces separately and swap ’em around. You can either use them magnetically or with a full head kit (extra).

You can also get extra eyes, a penis attachment, a pair of feet and a vaginal or oral simulator. You can use this one as a manual masturbation sleeve or with the Autoblow 2, a popular blowjob machine.

Here are some other accessories on sale:

  • Extra Wigs
  • Pair of Feet
  • Repair Kits
  • Tripod Stand
  • Lubricants

Help & Support

Abyss Creations’ customer service and support are top-notch. You’ll get a complete breakdown of the purchasing, building, and shipping processes. 

All questions before and after the sale are answered within minutes by the customer service team. Some people have reported damage to their dolls (including self-inflicted damage). 

In these cases, the CEO himself has stepped up to provide repair kits and instructions. We’re talking great customer support here. The RealDoll comes with full support, which is essential when you’re buying something as expensive as this.

I’ve dealt with too many adult toy companies who don’t care about their customers. Abyss Creations’ care for their customers is refreshing to see in this industry.

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RealDoll Pros 

1. Full Customization and Interchangeability

RealDoll’s best feature is that customers can totally customize their models and even purchase new faces and other parts to customize their experience.

These dolls have interchangeable faces and eye/wigs so you can give them a totally different look.

You can choose from over 20 different faces, from hair to nails. These dolls also have a lot of customization options, so they’re more unique than the rest. Now you can pick your nose color, lips, eyebrows, and even what type of breast you want.

You can even choose the personality of your doll using X technology. You can customize the skin tone, the eyes, the hairstyle, the lips, and even the color of the doll. Your doll can have ebony skin if you like it.

2. Sensory Realism

Besides having a lifelike visual experience, RealDolls have applied the same attention to detail to the mechanics of sex.

With each doll, you can choose removable or permanent vaginas or you can upgrade to the SenseX insert, which detects touch and transmits audio feedback (using wireless technology).

3. Robotic Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence

With A.I. at the forefront of their industry, Abyss Creations became the first company to launch a sex doll powered by artificial intelligence in 2017.

The Harmony and its three siblings (Nova, Solana, and Serenity) use a modular head system with multiple actuators to let these girls do stuff like:

  • Form Expressions
  • Blink
  • Move their Heads
  • Speak

Yes, these dolls (RealDollX ) can actually talk.

Premium models come with custom AI software, letting you choose her personality and even customize her voice.

You can choose whatever you want, and the RealDollX will learn from every interaction it has, so the more time you spend with it, the more realistic it will become.

With a premium model, you get the X-Mode app for your smartphone, so you can re-create your companion in digital form and take her everywhere.

4. RealDolls are light

With every model, the weight keeps going down. You’ll enjoy a lot of perks once you get your RealDoll. You can easily move your doll around.

Think about trying to bend over a heavy doll. You might want to pump your doll while carrying it if you like extreme sexual positions. Therefore, the lightweight of these dolls is a plus since you can easily carry them while you make love.

The weight also comes in handy if you want to try out different spots. You’re probably gonna have an easier time moving your doll around.

Therefore, you can begin at the bed, proceed to the floor, and end at the kitchen counter. How cool is that?

5. Flexible joints

RealDolls now have highly flexible joints thanks to their superior skeleton. The doll’s joints are flexible so you can move the legs, hands, and neck.

Positioning is a huge benefit of flexible joints. You’ve got to try different positions to get sexual satisfaction. By adjusting the joints, you can make sure your doll is in the perfect position.

You get removable inserts with RealDolls, so you can have the ultimate pleasure.

So, you can experiment with a few mouth and vaginal inserts until you find one you like. You can also save money with removable inserts.

There’s no need to get a new doll to try something new. Your doll’s mouth cavity can easily be replaced if you don’t like it.

Therefore, there are lots of options for you to try out.

6. Detailed crafting

RealDolls has everything down to the last detail. Your biggest desire is crafted into your face. So let’s start with the lips.

The lips on RealDolls are full, juicy and make oral sex fun. This is the doll for you if you’re into lips. You can also spread the lips wide for intense kisses.

Besides that, the mouth cavity is also ribbed for the ultimate oral sex feel and touch. Real dolls have firm breasts, which is good for you if you’re a boob guy. Sucking to oblivion is easy.

RealDolls also have a well-crafted skin, which is great. It’s probably not a good idea to go down on a doll with badly coordinated skin tones. It has a human-like skin texture.

So it’s realistic, silky, and smooth. Try pinching your doll when you get it. It’s just like your skin.

7. Anonymous shipping.

While sex dolls are getting more and more popular, a majority still views them as abominations. It’ll take time for them to see these dolls differently. Now, if you’re a secrecy freak, this is your dream doll.

When you get your RealDoll, it’s shipped anonymously so it won’t draw attention. You don’t have to worry about your friends or neighbors finding out.

RealDoll comes in a crate whose size varies depending on the body size. It’s easy to think the container is a piece of furniture because of the way it’s packaged. Even shipping companies don’t know what’s inside these crates because they don’t have logos.

The RealDoll crates are also bolted shut, so it can’t be peeped into during sipping. To get the doll out of the crate, you’ll need a screwdriver.

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RealDoll Cons and Complaints

1. RealDoll is Expensive

RealDoll of high quality. But it is not cheap and not everyone can afford it. It costs thousands of dollars to buy a RealDoll.

If you don’t enough money, you may have to consider buying some cheap sex toys instead. However, if you can afford it, RealDoll is definitely worth the money because you are going to have a human-like doll that can fulfil all your fantasies.

2. RealDoll Cannot Replace Real Love

RealDolls are not human after all. So it might not be a long-term solution if you seek real love.

But for sexual pleasure, RealDolls can be a great solution to satisfy your desire.

So you may get a doll from to help you ease your problem with lacking sexual life.

RealDoll Review: Pricing

There’s no denying that RealDoll makes some of the best sex dolls around, and the stuff you’re buying here is top notch.

Therefore, these companions aren’t cheap but that’s your first clue. Sex dolls like these are built to last and should be considered an investment. If you take good care of it, store it and use it right, you should be able to get 10 years out of your RealDoll.

You can get a Pro Service Plan for $50 a month that covers these things:

  • Any ‘incident’ to the head
  • Up to $2,000 of damage (two ‘incidents’ per year)
  • Upgrades no demand

How much does a RealDoll cost?

If you get one of their classic models, expect to spend a minimum of $4,000 and anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 for one that doesn’t have artificial intelligence.

A full-body AI doll starts at $12k+ and goes up to $8k for a head only.

For a top-of-the-range RealDoll, you could realistically expect to pay $14,000+ if you want all the upgrades and accessories, including the Sensex insert, cleaning kit, tripod stand and custom hair, make-up, and piercings.

Shipping is also extra, especially if you want to upgrade to a Doll Crate ($300).

RealDoll Review: Payment Option

Prior to the order taking off, the buyer’s financial obligation must be settled at the time the order is placed on its database. There aren’t any payment plans or financing options at this company. 

RealDoll accepts personal checks, bank-to-bank transfers, cashier’s checks, and money orders. You can pick one of the options above based on your preference. The store uses PayPal as a universal payment method for online settlement. 

Additionally, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards are accepted. 

Dollars are the only currency they accept.

RealDoll Review: Testimonials

RealDoll has served thousands of customers worldwide and they have received many positive feedbacks from customers.

Here are some of the real customer reviews:

“I’ve just had Sorchia’s second anniversary with me and I love her every bit as much as the first day she sat on my sofa looking so vulnerable. Since then she has had several public outings including representing a company that makes wigs for cancer sufferers.

In the next week or so I shall be taking photos of her on horseback fully fitted in her armourments. I’m hoping to get her used as a mascot for the ‘War against Cancer’ we have going here.

I have also invested in another beautiful elf doll call Kvinna, not just a warrior elf, but the queen. She is beautiful, statuesque, formidable and sexy all in one and I love doing costumes and weapons for her as well.”

“As always, ordering with Abyss was seamless and easy. I have 2 Abyss dolls; a Boy Toy 3 and a Body D. The body D currently has two faces, Michelle and Laila . I am adding a Carmen face because it is so beautiful and classy.

Each of my experiences of purchasing from Abyss, Dolls or accessories, has resulted in my 100% satisfaction. Annette and the entire staff are tops. There isn’t another doll , maker that can match it for Customer Service and quality!”

“I was surprised to receive the three extra magnetic faces I ordered as quickly as I did. Honestly, I did not dare hope they would look as good as the pictures on the website. But when I opened the boxes I was delighted to find that they looked even better! I can’t wait to get out the camera and see if it loves them as much as I do. These aren’t just doll faces – they’re art objects. Kudos to your company!”

“Artificial Life is a part of the cultural adoption for many of us who need companionship. All the artists involved are very accomplished in their field and was for me amazing to observe their personal effort which is most professional in its style and adherence to the clients wishes and continued loyalty. The ongoing evolvement of their business and its created form builds on perfection where before you thought there was no higher level until the effort results in a acceleration of the standing beauty that was before. I wait for the next breakthrough for the company’s founder and assisting staff.”

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RealDoll Review: Final Verdict

In the market, RealDolls are among the best sex dolls available. A unique feature of these dolls is their customization options.

The flexible joints on these dolls allow them to be positioned creatively. Also, they are lightweight, so moving them around is quite simple. I would therefore highly recommend these dolls for anyone who wants the ultimate sex doll experience.

In addition, you can choose the personality of your doll and choose from many different faces thanks to the X technology. With RealDoll, you can take part in both technologies and delight at the same time.

There is nothing more beautiful and perfectly crafted for those in need of companionship than this doll. Also, they would facilitate the exploration of different sexual options.

They are realistic, after all. Although they are expensive, they offer value for money.

Don’t let other people’s worries or frivolous money concerns stop you. One of these dolls can be the most fun you’ve ever had.

Other than sexual performance, the RealDoll is also a source of general comfort. Give your doll a name and a persona.

When you need to get something off your chest, it can become your friend. You can use your doll as a shoulder to cry on or just to tell jokes to.

You can reach out to a RealDoll when you feel isolated and don’t feel comfortable to talk to anyone. Styling its skin and hair can sometimes bring you the feelings you’re looking for.

Is it worth getting one? Yes, absolutely. Real dolls will never let you down.

Get a RealDoll and start having fun anytime you want.

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RealDoll Review FAQs

1. Can I customize the look of my doll?

RealDolls are all custom made. Go to the Female Order Page to order a female RealDoll or the Male Order Page to order a male doll.

There are some colors and features they don’t immediately offer, but we can sometimes handle unusual color requests. 

They handle custom requests on a case-by-case basis. Most of these requests come from contacting them. 

Include photos with your order if you’ve seen a doll on the RealDoll website or somewhere else that you’d like us to match.

2. Can I pick up my RealDoll in person?

When you pick up your doll in California, you must pay 8.75% State Sales Tax. Furthermore, pick up does not include either a crate nor bracket to attach the doll to a wall. Pickups are by appointment only.

3. Can I use cosmetics on my RealDoll?

I recommend specifying “natural” colors on your order if you intend to use cosmetics to change the appearance of your doll.

RealDolls work very well with liquid eyeliner and powdered cosmetics (blushes, eye shadows, powder foundations, etc). 

On the other hand, cream/oil-based makeup (such as liquid foundation) will not disperse well on silicone. Eyebrow pencils and lipstick can be applied with reasonable effectiveness and are easily removed. 

You should avoid removers that are too oily, since they tend to leave behind residue on the silicone skin. You can clean your RealDoll with normal cosmetic removers or mild household detergents.

4. How are RealDolls shipped?

The RealDolls are shipped by standard freight in a wooden shipping crate that is unmarked and secure. The crate is approximately 6’x2’x2′ and weighs about 200 lbs when loaded; the door is secured with screws. 

All shipments are fully insured and the doll is safely hung by a neck bolt on a removable mounting bracket which can be installed in your home for safe storage of your doll.

All RealDoll product ships discreetly with the return address to Abyss Creations, LLC.

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2 thoughts on “RealDoll Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. I’m not even reading this as it looks like a paid review, probably a free doll. Instead in reply I am leaving my own HONEST review of my own doll that I paid $7400 for with a cleaning kit and a doll stand taht cost $400. The doll stand doesn’t adjust properly height-wise to my 5#1″ doll. The height adjustment is every 6 inches, which leaves the doll’s feet too firmly planted on the floor or floating.

    The optimum position for the stand’s back rest always winds up at the joint between the top and bottom part of the pole, WHERE IT CANNOT GO. Then to keep the doll’s pelvis straight in relation to the body above, I have to tape together a thick pad made of a towel in the middle of the lower pole and position it behind the butt. Keep in mind that this stand that does not work well at all costs $400.

    Criticism of the doll (there are many) :

    #1 I paid $400 for body and face freckles, did not receive them and was called, by the self proclaimed “sales manager” that I’m a liar, a psycho and that he personally inspected my doll and approved it’s shipment and it had freckles. So this person, to avoid professional repercussion , threw the absent freckles on me and said he was severing all contacts with me and the company by blocking my IP address. His real reason for his actions is obviously to try to keep me from going to his bosses and providing pictures proving the freckles were left off my order. Also I demanded Freckles on my doll, not a refund, so that ,among other facts, disproves taht I’m psycho, lying and trying to scam back $400 of my $7400 order.

    #2 I ordered the HD perky 2 nipples because I wanted some really poky ones. Well, that’s their largest nipples, the HD perky 2’s, and they ain’t that big really. The listed 11/16″ length turns out to be from the back side of the areolas and includes the 1/8″ thick areolas. The result is that the HD perky 2 nip[les only stick out 9/16″ rather than the stated 11/16″.. Also , the nipples are somewhat translucent. Regarding nipple diameter, listed as 3/8″ diameter that measurement turns out to be at ONLY at the VERY BASE of the nipple at the areolas. after that they cone rapidly down to 1/4″.

    #3 The hands are TINY & the fingers are short. Yes there are realistic lines on the palms and on the knuckles. other than the visual accuracy, there is nothing whatsoever to praise about the hands. They cannot be realistically posed or made to hold anything becaue they are extremely stiff and can’t even be made to touch each other whether in a fist (which cannot be formed) or fully opened. Wires in several fingers poke out of the finger tips WHICH IS EVEN DESCRIBED IN THE MANUAL to happen! So while the hands look (and feel) picture perfect (albiet with short stubby fingers instead of long graceful ones) they cannot be posed anything close to that.

    #4 The thighs wont nearly close together.

    #5 The head has teeth, a tongue and an opening jaw (very difficult to open) which won’ stay open and they won’t tell me now to make it stay open. the bottom “teeth just sit in the mouth on top of a razor thin non-realistic white lower “jaw” without being anchored to it in any way, not even with a grove in the soft silicone rubber “gums to fit on top of the sharp top of the lower “jawbone” .Oh and the teeth are not teeth at all, they are only little silicone replicas that are softer than the doll’s silicone skin!

    #6 The doll is not “kissable” because the silicone is so hard that the face is made of that it’s like kissing one of those hard store manikins. The tongue is soft and I wish the rest of the doll was like that but it isn’t. I

    #7 The rest of the doll is very hard, barely jiggleable , much less so that the cheap tpe dolls. co0mpared to the TPE doll I had prior to this Real Doll, my TPE doll, while Misproportioned in every way, extremely difficult to keep clean (and repeated cleaning breaks it down) nevertheless had MUCH more realistic looking ears than My supposed hyper realistic Aimee 3.0 doll ,with Type F body, has ears that look like greatly enlarged Barbie Doll ears!
    #8 the inside of the vagina is just tapered out holes, not realistic at all. The anus on the other hand seems to taper inward between narrowly placed hard, probably steel skeleton parts.

    My conclusion is that Real Dolls are made to look at but never to touch lest any momentary illusion one may have that they may be real, is utterly destroyed. Having said , that I DO NOT RECCOMEND any other brand or material (Real Dolls are made of platinum cured silicone) because all have their different drawbacks. All in all, the most important aspect of a full size “love doll” is visual realism & I’m totally satisfied with my doll in that respect other than being nitpicky about the tiny hands and the missing freckles that I paid for

    in fact I consider the $1,100 I paid my 5/’6″ TPE doll , with all the options and including shipping , a total waste that should have been saved for a Real Doll or just bills. Turns out, and if I’d ordered the same tpe doll from a US based website instead of going directly to China on Alibaba and ordering the same doll, the TPE doll OI got would have cost me $3k! To get to get a 5’6″ doll, the cheapo manufacturers simply add 5″ to the lower legs! The upper arms were hyper long and the forearms super short as well. and that wasn’t nearly all the issues, but I will stop because this “reply” is really a review of my Real Doll, Real Doll and it’s products, not the plethora of cheapo copies.

  2. This comment contains is details about my bad experience with 1st custom doll order from Abyss Creations Real Doll:
    My doll’s features: Aimee 3.0 face (makeup, nails hair etc.); Type F body; light tan skin; HD perky 2 nipples, light red; fixed vagina, type C; medium pubic hair, brown; freckles on face and body. special freckles instructions:” slightly darker than skin color light freckles on face and body. you can use your discretion on the freckles to artistically render the above freckle description because I have no artistic talent whatsoever ”

    acessories issues:
    #1 The doll stand isn’t made for dolls! It appears to be just some stand they picked out that can hold the weight & a couple of inadequate attachments added, then labelled a “premo” doll stand. It doesn’t adjust properly height-wise to my 5’1? doll. The height adjustment is every 6 inches, which leaves the doll’s feet too firmly planted on the floor or floating. If one looks at RD studio pictures and videos, the dolls on this stand one can see they don’t stand in a natural posture, but rather literally hung forward, pelvis back like stumbling frozen zombies. For $400 I expect a stand to make a $7000 doll to look natural when mounted on it, but these stands don’t unless I place extra padding between the butt &the stand to push the pelvis forward more & eradicate as much as possible the zombie look.

    Furthermore The optimum position for the stand’s back rest always winds up at the joint between the top and bottom part of the pole, WHERE IT CANNOT GO. Then to keep the doll’s pelvis straight in relation to the body above, I have to tape together the aforementioned thick pad made of a towel in the middle of the lower pole and position it behind the butt. Keep in mind that this stand that does not work well at all costs $400.

    #2 nobody can see admire or photograph Real Dolls from behind while “standing” because of the required doll stand blocking the view.

    Problems I have with my doll and a small taste of what I endured with staff to get it:

    #1 I paid $400 for body & face freckles, got practically invisible freckles that I didn’t detect for days. regarding the freckles, the AIMEE3.0 has distinctive freckles taht stand out even in a small photograph. The ones I got for $400 are barely visible from a foot away. They have to be searched for. Furthermore, NOWHERE in my special instructions did I EVER state taht I wanted freckles as effing light as I got!

    Meanwhile when I reported it pointedly but still politely, I was called by the self proclaimed “sales manager” Sam Pfauth, a liar, a psycho and that he personally inspected my doll and approved it’s shipment and it had freckles (which it did I finally discovered). But instead of doing his job properly, by responding politely and telling me that they are there & that I have to look harder. After such a reply a polite conversation would have ensued but didn’t because he wrote and had the nerve to tell me that he would give me one last chance to address my issue if I quit acting like a child etc. etc., to which I replied back that after calling me names when I wrote in about my Freckles issue, he blew his 1&only chance to sever serve me again and that the last time somebody made ultimatums like this that worked, it was my mother when I was an errant child. WIlson sided with Pfauth and neither have replied to my last batch of emails and I’m stuck with barely visible freckles..

    So Pfauth, I mistakenly thought, to avoid possible professional repercussion , threw me, the customer “under the bus”, blaming his lapse, the absent freckles, on me & said he was severing all contacts with me & the company by blocking my IP address.

    Note: While there’s several good points about this doll, I refuse to list ANY until Real Doll makes good on my crapola freckles & Pfauth apologizes for calling me names & faces discipline for screwing up my freckles & his unprofessional behavior

    #2 The “skin” is much less lifelike to touch than cheap TPE doll skin is. Also, Unlike as is claimed in the manual, powdering the doll does nothing for the “skin feel” . The rest of the skin is silicone hard, barely jiggleable , much less so that the cheap TPE doll.

    #3 There’s many or more noticeable, feelable mold seams remaining on the Real Doll as there were on my cheap TPE doll. Under most light, these seams show up in photographs (moreso than the “freckles”!). i don’t think anyone can credibly argue that I’m seeking unobtainable “perfection” when I say that On a $7k doll, these seams shouldn’t be noticeable at all, but they are. The seams run down the inner thighs & legs & down the inner arms.

    #4 Head neck and shoulder design issues: IMO the shoulders are too rounded, a bit too sloped & too far forward & therefore aren’t “elegant” and can’t be repositioned. The head is too big for the 5’1″ body, though Pfauth said they matched. The worst issue here is that to tilt the head down at all, the neck has to tilt forward, giving the shoulders a further back appearance yet still inelegant, rounded and sloped.

    The head is too big for the 5’1″ F type body, even though Pfauth assured me they were a good size match.

    #5 I ordered the HD perky 2 nipples because I wanted some really cartoonish poky ones. That’s their largest nipples & there are no pictures, just measurements. Turns out they aren’t nearly as big as the stats claim. The published measurements indicated that the HD perky 2s should be cartoonishly big. However, the listed 11/16″ length turns out to be from the back side of the areolas and includes the 1/8? thick areolas. The result is that the nipples only stick out 9/16″ rather than the stated 11/16″. Regarding nipple diameter, listed as 3/8″ diameter, that measurement turns is ONLY at the very base of the nipple at the areolas. After that they cone rapidly down to 1/4″. Also , the nipples are somewhat translucent.

    #6 The hands are small & the fingers are short. There are realistic lines on the palms and on the knuckles, however, other than the lines, there is nothing to praise about the hands. The fingers cannot be realistically posed or made to hold anything because they are extremely stiff & can’t be made to touch each other whether in a fist (which cannot be formed) or fully opened (also nearly impossible). Wires in several fingers poke out of the finger tips WHICH IS EVEN DESCRIBED IN THE MANUAL to happen! So while the hands look (and feel) picture perfect (albeit with short stubby fingers instead of long graceful ones) they cannot be posed anything close to that.

    #6 The thighs won’t nearly close together. My Doll is 5’1″ & the torso appears too long & the legs too short.

    #7 The head has teeth, a tongue &an opening jaw (very difficult to open) which won’ tstay open or closed, it seems to be “the luck of the draw”! how to keep it open or closed isn’t in any manual & won’t tell me how. The bottom tiny silicone “teeth” just sit in the mouth on top of a razor thin non-realistic hard white lower “jawbone” without being anchored to it in any way. The teeth are not imitation teeth at all, instead only little rubber (silicone) replicas that are much softer than the doll’s silicone skin!

    So if I had a fetish for feeling up women’s tongues, teeth, only the tongue, nipples, hands, and hair only, of this doll, It’s extremely satisfactory for “feeling up” because everything else, even the teeth, feel really WRONG!

    #8 No place on the doll including the neck, ears, vagina, except where noted later, not even the lips are “kissable” because the silicone is so hard that the face is made of that it’s like kissing one of those hard store manikins. The tongue and nipples are soft & I wish the rest of the doll was like that but it isn’t.

    #9 My supposed hyper realistic Aimee 3.0 doll ,with Type F body, has ears that look like greatly enlarged Barbie Doll (not realistic looking) ears! I had, prior to this Real Doll, a TPE doll, while Misproportioned in every way, extremely difficult to keep clean (and repeated cleaning breaks it down) nevertheless had MUCH more realistic looking ears than my Real Doll that were soft& kissable & I liked to play with them. Not so at all with this Real Doll because it’s ears are fake looking & hard.

    #10 The inside of the vagina is just tapered out holes, not realistic at all. The anus on the other hand seems to taper inward between narrowly placed hard, probably steel skeleton parts.

    #11 The wig & the makeup, while supposedly ordered and created “as pictured” according to online pictures of the Real Doll Aimee 3.0, the makeup is extremely light compared to the pictures to the point that , unlike the pictures, it could be considered a “natural” look. The wig is different color and much longer.

    #12 The feet are not “Duracast” & “realistic” like Real Doll Claims on the website and to me in email responses. Length-wise, the front half of the feet are floppy, squishy silicone, just like a cheap TPE or silicone doll’s is

    #13 Type F body has “thunder thighs” that from a front view are MUCH wider than the hips. The result is that there is no hip definition at the hips, instead, the hips start below the waist & disappear into ever widening thunderthighs, never to be seen again.

    #14 The body is too long or the legs are too short or maybe it’s the visual effect of thunderous thighs leaving me with that illusion, IDK.


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