Quality Ad Shoe – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Is Quality Ad Shoe Trustworthy? This review shares information regarding Quality Ad Shoes sold at qualityadd.com.

As Qualityadd.com offers a variety of sports shoes, we couldn’t find Quality Ad Shoe Reviews on the web since it was recently launched. So we decided to check them out ourselves.

An investment in a good pair of shoes complements our health by allowing us to move easily. They can last many years. 

The right pair of shoes can also enhance our overall attire, so having one that is strong and comfortable is a must in everyday life.

For this reason, Quality Ad Shoes were placed on sale in an online store in the United States.

Is Qualityadd.com legit or wasting your time by visiting them? Keep reading to find out.

What is Quality Ad Shoe?

This website claims that Quality Ad Shoes are high-quality shoes with a wide range of styles and designs. These shoes are made of fine leather and are affordable because they claim to buy a large number of pairs and sell them at a low margin, which makes their shoes economically viable for everyone.

A variety of sizes are offered in the shoes ranging from 6.5 to 11.5. They are mainly meant for outdoor use only.

Specification of Quality Ad Shoe

Site type: An online store selling quality Ad Shoes (https://qualityadd.com/)

Email: [email protected]

Delivery time: Not mentioned

Exchange: Applicable when contacting customer service

Returns: Permitted if sent back within 30 days of purchase.

Shipping fee: Free shipping worldwide

Refund: Applicable

Cancelation of order: Not mentioned

Contact number: (816) 866-3368

Address: 3111 Wyandotte St Suite 207, Kansas City, MO 64111 United State

Payment method: Credit card

Is Quality Ad Shoe Legit?

Since it is a new online store, we did not see any customer reviews on their site or elsewhere. 

Other brands such as Nike and Adidas are offered by the site, but there are only a limited number of pairs in those categories. 

They do also have a large variety of footwear on their site. Mostly they offer sports shoes. They come in many sizes and colours.

There is one distinguishing feature of this site that lends to its credibility: mention of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). 

But they only accept one payment method, namely credit cards, which can be viewed as a disadvantage. 

On top of that, there isn’t much information regarding shipping, delivery time, and cancel the purchase.

Pros of buying Quality Ad Shoe

  • There are items of renowned brands available.
  • The prices are comparatively lower for their products.
  • Most of the products are refundable or exchangeable.
  • The shipping is free worldwide to the majority of locations.
  • In the store, new items are constantly added.

Cons of buying Quality Ad Shoe

  • Only Credit Cards are accepted.
  • If the product is damaged beyond repair, you have to return it to the address provided.
  • Foreigners may find it more expensive than those living in the US.
  • There is not a great deal of upkeep on the site.

What are the customers saying about Quality Ad Shoe?

The delivery and cancellation policy of the product are not detailed, which is a warning sign. Customers usually find out about delivery time and cancellation policy when making an online purchase.

It is evident from the in-depth analysis and the Quality Add site reviews that this particular website also has some negative reviews. 

But unfortunately, we found no customer reviews on most of the products. It indicates this website’s lack of popularity. We searched elsewhere for experiences of people who have purchased from this website. We had trouble finding reviews on other platforms, but we did manage to find a few of them.

They were mainly satisfied with the products they received and also thanked the website for offering such reasonable prices.

Nevertheless, some consumers complained that the products were in fact fakes, not the brands themselves, but offered no evidence to back up their claim.

However, most of the reviews favored the website. Customers also praised free delivery and easy return policies. Negative responses were few in comparison to the positive responses. This means that a detailed evaluation is needed regarding the new website.

Final Verdict

We have analyzed all the details of the website, it is time to decide if this site is authentic and is it worth your hard-earned money? Is Quality Add Shoe legitimate?

Our review of the Quality Add Shoe Website has found some drawbacks, but the website seems legitimate as some relevant information was provided on the site. However, the website is not so popular across the globe, as it is only two months old, so it is hard to trust such sites.

It is still up to you to decide whether or not to use this website. We believe you should do thorough research before placing an order. Do share your experience with the company in the comments section if you have one.

However, the website seems to be legitimate. There is no reason to suspect it is a scam, as all of the relevant information is readily available on the site.

You might try this website as it doesn’t seem to be a scam. If the quality of the product is not optimal, it can be returned.

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