Pura Diffuser Review – Scam or Legit?

Got a funky smell in your house? Pura Diffuser can help you out. They’re known for their scented candles, but they’ve also got a dope solution for keeping your home fresh without lifting a finger. With over 97.4k followers on Instagram, Pura’s clearly killing it in the industry. Even big shots like The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Business Wire have taken notice. 

If you can’t open a window, Pura Diffuser might be your new best friend. We’ll take a closer look at the company, their products, customer reviews, and promotions to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

What is Pura Diffuser?

Some folks have perfect vision, others can hear like an owl. But for Richie Stapler, his superpower was his sense of smell. From a young age, he was into perfumes and aromatics, and even studied it in college.

While others were still using basic sprays or colognes, Richie saw the potential in diffusers for aromatherapy. So, in 2014 he teamed up with Bruno Lima to create a personal fragrance diffuser. Pura, the company they created, is based out of Orem, Utah and their mission is to make diffusers as user-friendly as possible.

And don’t worry, Pura diffusers are made without any toxic ingredients. The company’s motto is “Without worry or trouble!” They’re all about combining cutting-edge fragrance science with sleek design to meet your needs. So, what kind of vibe are you feeling?

We all dream of taking a vacay in a beautiful seaside home or getting pampered at a fancy spa, but sometimes life gets in the way. But don’t worry, Pura has got you covered. With their diffusers, you can bring the exotic atmosphere of your fave vacay spot right into your living room. Just use the Pura app on your smart device to switch up the scent whenever you want.

This review is featuring some of Pura’s most popular scents to give you an idea of what they have to offer. So, whether you’re looking to relax, focus or energize, Pura has got you covered.

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Pura Diffuser Review

Let’s be real, sometimes opening a window just doesn’t cut it when it comes to getting rid of musty or stale smells. That’s when it’s time to bring out the big guns, and the Pura Diffuser is definitely one of them. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at how effective this innovative product is at tackling pet odors and unpleasant food aromas.

Pura Smart Device

We’ve all been there – you can’t just ignore that lingering smell of stale food, and opening a window isn’t going to do the trick. That’s where the Pura Smart Device comes in – it’s the perfect solution for those tough smells. This automatic device is a step up from traditional aerosol sprays, as it disperses a pleasant scent throughout the room. 

Plus, with the mobile app (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can customize the experience by setting a scent schedule and adjusting the intensity. 

Plus, with room for two scents, you won’t have to change bottles every day. And at $44, the smart device with integrated nightlight LED is a great value.

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Pura Scents Review

If you’re looking for a new air freshener, Pura’s got you covered. They’ve got a ton of different scents to choose from, like citrus, woody, floral, fresh, fruity, and oriental. 

In this review, we’ll give you the lowdown on some of their most popular models so you can decide which one’s right for you.

Pura Milk

So, you’re probably wondering: does Pura’s Milk scent actually smell like milk? The answer is no. But, it’s still a bomb scent. It’s a delicious blend of coconut cream and cafe vanilla. It’ll make you feel like you’re in a trendy cafe, without having to drop a bunch of cash on your daily coffee addiction. The scent reminds me of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies, it’s super comforting. And, the best part? It’s only $11.

Pura Feu de Bois Review 

I don’t know what to say, man. Pura’s Feu de Bois scent is just… special. It’s got notes of woody campfire, fresh pine, smoky leather, and incense. Vanilla and Virginia cedar give it a subtle sweetness and woody depth. It’ll remind you of campfires, starry skies, and country rides when you’re missing the outdoors. 

If you’re looking for a calming scent for your diffuser, this is a great alternative to the Milk scent. And, it’s on sale for $13!

Pura Anna & Olaf in The Enchanted Forest

So, you’re dealing with some less-than-pleasant household odors? Let Pura’s Anna & Olaf in The Enchanted Forest cologne help you out. It’s a magical fragrance with a supernatural blend of fresh mint, nutmeg, sage, saffron and more. It’s part of Pura’s partnership with Disney, and it’s perfect to use while you’re watching reruns of Frozen 1 and 2. 

The scent is infused with juniper berries, birch leaves, and violet leaves. It’ll only cost you $16 for a perfume or $11 for the same scent!

Pura Amber Oud

Feeling wild and adventurous? The Amber Oud perfume will make you feel like a fierce queen straight out of a Greek myth. 

With seductive notes of coconut, apple, jasmine, and brown sugar, it’s like wild jungle animals swimming in a pool of clear spring water. Spray it on and dream of Atlantis, Nysa, or Arcadia. And the best part? It’s currently on sale for only $8 (normally $12).

Pura Sweet Grace

Need some Zen in your life? Sweet Grace is here to save the day. With a soothing aroma of patchouli and sparkling tea, it’ll transport you to a tranquil Zen garden with a solid Shishi Odoshi base and quiet contemplation. Perfect for moments of restlessness. 

And it’s currently on sale for $11 (normally $16).

Pura Pacific Aqua

Missing the ocean? Pacific Aqua will bring the sea and sand to you. With a rush of tantalising salt water and the scent of warm, crystal clear sand, this fragrance exudes a harmonious blend of citrus, bergamot, cedarwood, amber, and more. 

It’s like a warm blanket to wrap yourself in, and it’s currently on sale for $8 (normally $12).

Pura Superego

Feeling like a headliner? Superego cologne is made for chads and overachievers. With a bold blend of saffron, passion fruit, apple blossom, and centifolia rose, it’s exotic and sensual. Make a strong first impression for just $14 (normally $20).

Pura Blush Rose

Feeling romantic? The Blush Rose fragrance is a lush concoction of aromatic pepper, tart rhubarb, fresh freesia, powdery orris, and earthy patchouli. Perfect for a candlelit dinner for two. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out on the manufacturer’s official website.

Who Is Pura For? 

Everyone likes coming home to a fresh-smelling house, so Pura diffusers are great for anyone. It’s especially handy for those times when you need to deal with musty smells. We recommend installing it in key areas like the pantry, bathroom, and kitchen.

How Many Square Feet Does Pura Cover?

The Pura Smart device can cover up to 1,000 square feet, which is perfect for a studio or small apartment. 

But if you have a larger place, it’s a good idea to get two units to make sure the scent is evenly distributed.

How Long Do Pura Scents Last? 

Pura doesn’t give an exact lifespan for their aroma pods, but according to some bloggers who’ve tried them, they last around 350 hours or about 15 days. 

Keep in mind, this is assuming you have your smart device set to medium brightness.

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Pros Pura Diffuser

  • The scents are safe for pets and children.
  • Pura offers a variety of fragrances and seasonal scents that help to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. 
  • It’s convenient to control the schedule and intensity of the scent via the app. 
  • Pura includes a handy nightlight.
  • Unlike other plug-in devices, it doesn’t look tacky.

Cons Pura Diffuser

  • Pura is more expensive than other fragrance devices. However, the benefits it offers are more or less the same as other essential oil diffusers. 
  • Some elderly people might find it annoying to control the device via an app. 
  • The scents might not last as long as some would like.
  • Pura can’t be used with a variety of essential oils. In other words, you can’t customize the scents. 
  • The device might disconnect from Wifi from time to time.

Pura Diffuser Customer Reviews

Check out these customer reviews for the Pura Diffuser. People are loving the aromas and the diffusers themselves. The Smart Device and Volcano fragrance have both gotten 4.8/5 stars from 15.6k and 18.4k reviews respectively. The Grapefruit Pura nest fragrance has 4.7/5 stars from 2,571 reviews.

Customers are praising the invigorating and heavenly qualities of the scents. Some reviewers even say the smart device helps mask bad smells in their homes, like cooking odors or pet smells. 

And on popular shopping platforms like Amazon, Influenster, and Anthropologie, the Pura Diffuser is getting high ratings too. Some customers even call it a “godsend” for their smelly homes.

 Plus, independent blogs like By Skyler Renee have given the Pura Diffuser their stamp of approval, recommending specific scents like Linens & Surf and Volcano. 

All in all, the brand’s invigorating aromas and affordable prices make it a great choice.

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Comparison: Pura vs. Aera 

Pura and Aera are two companies that offer smart home fragrances, but they differ in terms of their product offerings, pricing, and features. 

Pura offers a smart gadget model and a wide range of fragrances that are priced between $8 and $18. All of their fragrances are also animal cruelty-free. 

Aera, on the other hand, has two types of diffusers and a variety of fragrances that are priced around $55. Aera’s perfumes are safe and ethically made, but they are more expensive than Pura. 

In summary, if you are looking for a cheaper option with a variety of fragrances, Pura might be the best choice. However, if you are looking for extra features and customization options, Aera could be a good option.

Pura’s Shipping Policy

If you buy two or more products from Pura, you can get free shipping. 

Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside the US at the moment. When you place an order, you’ll get a tracking number so you can keep an eye on it. Orders usually ship out within 5 business days.

Pura’s Return Policy

You’ve got 3 days to return your Pura purchase, but everything has to be in perfect condition. Pura will give you prepaid shipping labels so you can send it back. To initiate a return, go to their online portal.

Pura Discounts

The company has a referral program where you can earn $10 or 200 points for every friend you refer who makes a purchase. 

And if you’re a regular customer, make sure to join their loyalty program for the chance to snag some sweet discounts and other offers.

Where to Buy Pura?

If you’re in the market for a Pura diffuser, you can check out their website trypura.com to see what products they’ve got. 

You can also find them at retailers like Anthropologie, Lowes, Nordstrom, and Walmart.

How to Contact Pura Diffuser’s Customer Service?

If you have any other questions about Pura that this diffuser review didn’t cover, you can reach out to them at:

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Pura Diffuser Reviews: Final Verdict

If you’ve used up your tenth can of air freshener, it might be worth looking into buying a diffuser for your home. But if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on an automatic freshener, Pura’s smart device is a great alternative. 

Plus, most of the scents they have at the store are only $18 or less. Not only is it a more budget-friendly option, but it’s also more environmentally friendly since you don’t have to keep throwing away empty cans. 

And, all of Pura’s perfumes are made with natural ingredients and are cruelty-free, which is always a bonus.

Pura’s smart device doesn’t have fancy features like adjustable scent strength, but it’s a great choice for anyone just starting out with aromatherapy. It’s easy to use and if you’re looking for a simple solution, Pura can help.

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