Peak Performance for Men Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

What is Peak Performance for Men?

The erectile dysfunction remedy (ED) known as Peak Performance for Men has made headlines for its promises of success. The company’s website claims an 80% success rate for men between the ages of 30 and 80 who use the procedure.

Focused Linear Compression Therapy is the name of the treatment offered at Peak Performance for Men (FLCT). 

To assess whether we believe this type of intervention is safe and effective, we will review the relevant medical literature and draw our own conclusions. 

In addition, we will highlight certain natural chemicals that clients may wish to investigate as an alternative to surgery for ED therapy.

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What Is FLCT?

FLCT is a recognized medical term, and there is scientific support for the procedure itself. Linear low-energy shock wave therapy and linear extracorporeal low-energy shock wave therapy appear to be interchangeable terms for the same treatment in the medical literature.

Since this method of treating erectile dysfunction (ED) is still in its infancy, not even researchers know all of its advantages and disadvantages. The exact mechanism of action of LISWT (Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy) is not yet fully understood. 

However, it is believed that the compression and subsequent negative pressure created by the shockwave energy, known as the cavitation phenomenon, is an important factor. This is according to a medical report on FLCT published in the journal International Urology and Nephrology.

One theory put forth by the researchers is that the treatment is effective because the shock waves stimulate the formation of new blood vessels by increasing the expression of a growth factor in the existing vascular system of the penis. Neovascularization is the medical term for this phenomenon.

This treatment method has been shown to be useful for a variety of soft tissue problems, including ED. Research from 2014 confirms the effectiveness of FLCT in the treatment of plantar fasciitis and calcified tendinitis.

Does Peak Performance For Men Work for ED?

Preliminary studies suggest that the technology behind Peak Performance for Men treatments is beneficial to ED. The effectiveness of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction was examined in a clinical study published in the prestigious journal Therapeutic Advances in Urology.

The researchers concluded that this treatment “is a breakthrough in the treatment of ED and may offer unprecedented properties that can restore erectile tissue.” Shockwave therapy was found to improve both “subjective measures” (such as patients’ reports of improved erections) and “objective measures” (such as increased blood flow to the penis).

In addition to the study mentioned above, Peak Performance for Men provides links to other studies published in medical publications that support the effectiveness of this treatment. 

We have encouraged more health product manufacturers to link to scientific studies that confirm or suggest the effectiveness of their products, as this is a hallmark of a high-quality brand that respects its customers.

The results of the earlier study were supported by a more recent medical study. On average, patients who underwent shockwave therapy for ED reported an improvement in erectile function, both subjectively and objectively.

If we assume that the same strength and duration of shockwaves are used in clinics as in medical studies, we can conclude that Peak Performance for Men probably works on average.

More than 12 million people have watched an informative animated film about this type of treatment, created by the medical device company “Venn Healthcare Ltd.”

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Peak Performance for Men Pricing

It appears that Peak Performance for Men does not list prices on their main website. However, prices at one of their satellite clinics are available online. Prices at Peak Performance locations in Michigan range from $1,200 for a 10-session package to $150 per 60 minutes for an initial evaluation and follow-up.

We recommend you check with your regional office for the typical recommended frequency of visits, as continuous treatment seems to be essential to get the optimum benefit from this kind of therapy. Spending plans could be improved as a result. If you only need treatment every six months, a 10-visit package can last you up to six years!

Patients should also check with their health insurance company before making an appointment with Peak Performance for Men, because ED is a real medical problem. It is possible that health insurance may cover all or part of the bill. You should also call the Peak Performance office nearest you to find out if it accepts your health insurance.

Peak Performance for Men Side Effects

According to the company’s website, Peak Performance therapy is completely risk-free. Even though the likelihood of adverse effects seems to be low, it is important to remember that medical studies have shown that this treatment can cause certain problems.

Two percent of patients experienced redness of the skin (but this was not permanent), four percent of patients experienced pain, and three percent of patients experienced hematomas (small blood vessel injuries). This is according to a medical report on side effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for the treatment of tennis elbow.

Researchers who studied shock wave treatment for plantar fasciitis found comparable rates and frequencies of side effects.

The same type of technology is used in Peak Performance for Men, so it stands to reason that the side effect profile is comparable as well. Perhaps they can be side effect free if their clinics use less powerful shockwaves, but we have not seen evidence of this.

The possible adverse effects of Peak Performance for Men are similar to those of FLCT in other conditions, but we consider them to be manageable and of much less concern than those of commercial treatments for erectile dysfunction.

 About 30% of men taking Bluechew, a popular remedy from ED, experience adverse effects lasting longer than 12 hours, as we noted in our review article.

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Alternatives for Treating ED

While Peak Performance for Men shows promise for patients with severe ED, patients with mild ED may benefit more from the use of some natural products that are less costly and supported by studies of improvement ED.

One of the best researched herbs for treating erectile dysfunction is red ginseng (Panax ginseng). We have just published a detailed paper on the benefits of red ginseng, which proves that it can improve erection quality. Red ginseng extract at a daily dose of 3,000 milligrams (mg), divided into 1,000 mg three times a day, significantly relieved symptoms of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, according to a clinical experiment published in an Asian medical journal.

Patients taking red ginseng extract reported improved penile rigidity, better penetration and better erection quality.

L-citrulline is another substance that may help people with ED, according to a medical study. This amino acid is a building block for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it causes blood vessels to dilate or open.

Researchers found that L-citrulline helped men with mild erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain a harder erection. Erection hardness improved in 50% of men who received L-citrulline and in 8.3% of men who took a placebo. 

While only a daily dose of 1.5 grams (g) was used in the study, we typically recommend a dose of 10 g/day as this appears to be the most beneficial amount for improving athletic performance and reducing ED symptoms.

Final Verdict

We were skeptical of Peak Performance for Men’s health promises because they seemed too good to be true, but we were pleasantly surprised to find so much promising data supporting FLCT therapy for erectile dysfunction. 

As this problem becomes more prevalent worldwide and pharmaceutical treatments have a worrying side effect profile, we believe there is an urgent need for more low risk cures.

Men struggling with erectile dysfunction are advised to discuss Peak Performance for Men with their doctor or schedule a free appointment at one of their clinics. 

Although more information is needed about this treatment and we hope to see more standards published about the optimal duration, strength and frequency of shockwaves used in this treatment, it appears to be a legitimate alternative to drug treatment that may have a milder side effect profile than other options.

Before opting for the rather expensive FLCT treatment, patients with mild ED can try Panax ginseng extract, L-citrulline, or lifestyle improvements such as more exercise and a better diet.

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