Over 30 Hormone Support Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

If you’re a woman over 30 looking to shed some extra pounds, you might have heard about Over 30 Hormone Support. But, you might be wondering if it’s worth your time and money, or just another scam.

Let me tell you, Over 30 Hormone Support is a dietary supplement specifically designed for women, packed with natural ingredients that may help you regulate hormone levels and lose weight in the process. Plus, it’s not just for women over 30, anyone who needs hormone support can benefit from it.

Now, I know you’re probably still skeptical, and that’s understandable. That’s why I did some research on the brand for the past few weeks to help you make an informed decision. And honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results.

So, if you’re curious about whether Over 30 Hormone Support is legit or a scam, keep reading to find out!

Over 30 Hormone Support Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: Over 30 Hormone Support
  • Website: https://over30hormonesolution.com/
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Over 30 Hormone Support Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help women lose weight
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to lose weight (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this Over 30 Hormone Support review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Over 30 Hormone Support?

If you’re over 30 and struggling to maintain a healthy weight while juggling a busy lifestyle, Over 30 Hormone Support might just be the answer you’ve been searching for. It’s a dietary supplement that supports hormone balance and aids weight loss, making it perfect for anyone who needs a little extra hormone support.

The best part? It’s super easy to use. Just follow the recipe and watch as you shed pounds and gain a flatter stomach, all while improving your overall health. With Over 30 Hormone Support, you can naturally rebalance your hormones, speed up your metabolism, and maintain your weight for the long haul.

This program is specifically designed for women over 30, and it targets the hardest fat to lose, making it perfect for those with a slower metabolism. By controlling your body’s natural processes, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of the calories and nutrients you consume.

And here’s the kicker: after just seven days, you’ll start to see results. Plus, Over 30 Hormone Support is produced in an FDA-approved facility, ensuring its safety and quality. It’s based on a “herb ritual” from a Japanese island, so you know it’s backed by centuries of wisdom.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your health and hormones, give Over 30 Hormone Support a try. Your flatter stomach and healthier lifestyle are waiting for you!

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Who is the Manufacturer?

Applied Science Nutrition is the manufacturer. With over 30 different Hormone Solution capsules available, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality products from a GMP-certified facility approved by the FDA.

Fun fact: Did you know that Debbie, a 55-year-old mother of three, actually developed the original formula for these supplements? She stumbled upon an ancient Japanese herbal ritual that helps women over the age of 30 stay healthy and free of excess fat. Debbie then teamed up with Applied Science Nutrition to add more ingredients that have accelerated women’s fat loss even more.

Through rigorous testing and clinical trials, these supplements have been approved and are now available online. And the best part? Each tablet is made under sterile, precise, and quality-controlled conditions to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Try out Applied Science Nutrition’s Hormone Solution dietary supplements and take a step towards a healthier you!

How Does It Work?

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes. For women, these changes can be especially difficult to manage as hormone levels fluctuate more, and it takes longer for the body to produce essential hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and leptin. This can lead to stress, slow metabolism, and difficulty digesting food properly.

But don’t worry, there’s good news! Over 30 Hormone Support is a supplement that promises to stabilize hormones and boost metabolism, making these changes more manageable.

When you take Over 30 Hormone Support, it gets absorbed into your body and starts working right away. By targeting hormone fluctuations in insulin, leptin, cortisol, and estrogen that occur in women over thirty, it can help energize your entire system.

This supplement is made with natural ingredients that are designed to balance your body’s hormonal activity. With Over 30 Hormone Support, you can look forward to feeling healthier and more balanced. Say goodbye to stress, slow metabolism, and digestive issues, and hello to a healthier, happier you!

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Over 30 Hormone Support Ingredients

Over 30 Hormone Support supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • Licorice
  • Chasteberry
  • Black Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Red Clover
  • Red Raspberry


Licorice is a plant native to the Mediterranean and Western Asian regions. The root of the licorice plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Chinese medicine has long used licorice root to treat many ailments, including gastrointestinal problems, malaria, insomnia, and infections.

Licorice root is often used as a sweetener in beverages, candy, and medicine. It is 50 times sweeter than sugar but provides health benefits that sugar does not. Licorice root contains over 300 chemical compounds and flavonoids. 

Glycyrrhizin, the most active chemical compound found in licorice, has been studied for its medicinal properties. This powerful phytochemical has been proven to reduce body fat, heal stomach ulcers, and fight infections.


Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) is a popular herbal supplement used to treat a variety of health problems.

It’s most commonly used to treat:

  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • menstrual disorders
  • infertility
  • acne
  • menopause
  • nursing difficulties

It’s also touted as protection against insect bites and certain types of cancer and claimed to offer a variety of other health effects. However, not all benefits are backed by science.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is a flowering plant that’s native to North America. Its scientific names are Actaea racemosa and Cimicifuga racemosa, and it’s sometimes called black bugbane, black snakeroot, baneberry, or fairy candle.

The popular women’s health supplement Remifemin contains black cohosh as an active ingredient.

Its flowers and roots were commonly used in traditional Native American medicine, and today it’s a popular women’s health supplement claimed to help with menopause symptoms, fertility, and hormonal balance.

It may be effective because it functions as a phytoestrogen, a plant-based compound that mimics the action of the hormone estrogen. However, there’s some debate as to whether black cohosh can be classified as a true phytoestrogen.

Regardless, black cohosh appears to be beneficial for relieving menopause symptoms. Still, evidence for its other uses is lacking.

Dong Quai

Angelica sinensis, also known as dong quai, is a fragrant plant with a cluster of small white flowers. The flower belongs to the same botanical family as carrots and celery. People in China, Korea, and Japan dry its root for medicinal use. Dong quai has been used as an herbal medication for more than 2,000 years. It’s used to:

  • build blood health
  • boost or activate blood circulation
  • treat blood deficiency
  • regulate the immune system
  • relieve pain
  • relax bowels

Herbalists prescribe dong quai to women who need to “enrich” their blood. Enriching, or nourishing, your blood means to increase the quality of your blood. Women may find the most benefits from dong quai after having a baby or during and after menstruation for issues like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, and cramps. This is why dong quai is also known as the “female ginseng.”

Dong quai is also called:

  • Radix Angelica Sinensis
  • tang-kui
  • dang gui
  • Chinese angelica root

Red Clover

Red clover is a dark-pink herbaceous plant originating from Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Plus, it’s now popular throughout South America as a fodder crop to improve soil quality.

The flowering portion of red clover is used decoratively as an edible garnish or extract, and it can be extracted into essential oils.

Finally, it’s widely used as a traditional medicine to treat osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, skin disorders, cancer, respiratory problems like asthma, and women’s health issues, such as menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Red Raspberry

Raspberries are the edible fruit of a plant species in the rose family.

There are many types of raspberries — including black, purple and golden — but the red raspberry, or Rubus idaeus, is the most common.

Red raspberries are native to Europe and northern Asia and cultivated in temperate areas worldwide. Most US raspberries are grown in California, Washington and Oregon.

These sweet, tart berries have a short shelf life and are harvested only during the summer and fall months. For these reasons, raspberries are best eaten shortly after purchasing.

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If you’re looking for an effective weight loss supplement for women, Over 30 Hormones Solution might just be what you need. This formula is not only for women in their 30s but also for those who are older, up to the age of fifty. But sorry guys, this supplement is not designed for men!

Why is Over 30 Hormones Solution a great choice for women? Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Natural Ingredients for Safe and Healthy Weight Loss

One of the best things about Over 30 Hormones Solution is that it contains only natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about consuming pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals because this supplement is non-GMO and allergy-free. It also doesn’t contain any antibiotics.

High-Quality Product Made by a Trusted Name in the Health Industry

Debbie Anderson, a well-known figure in the health industry, created Over 30 Hormones Solution. She has also developed many other supplements for women of all ages. The lab where this supplement is made is FDA-approved and GMP-certified, ensuring its quality and safety.

Easy to Include in Your Daily Routine

Taking Over 30 Hormones Solution is simple and easy. It comes in the form of capsules, so you only need to take them orally. You can drink water or any other beverage while taking these capsules, but it’s best to avoid alcohol. Plus, women of all ages can incorporate this supplement into their daily routine.

In summary, Over 30 Hormones Solution is a natural weight loss supplement that’s safe and effective for women. With its high-quality ingredients, trusted creator, and easy-to-use capsules, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a supplement to aid in your weight loss journey.

How to Use The Supplement?

If you’re thinking of trying Over 30 Hormone Support, we’ve got some handy tips to help you get the most out of it.

First things first, let’s talk dosage. One bottle contains sixty capsules, which is enough for one month if you take two capsules a day. We suggest taking them during or after meals with a glass of water (at least 250 ml). Try to take them in the morning or early afternoon for the best results.

So, what can you expect from taking Over 30 Hormone Support? Well, your metabolism will get a boost, your mood should improve, and you’ll probably find your appetite reduced. But, to really see the benefits, it’s a good idea to combine it with a healthy diet.

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods will give your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best. And, when combined with Over 30 Hormone Support, you’ll really start to see the benefits.

Why Do You Need This Supplement?

For many women, putting on some extra weight can be concerning. They may question their diet, the calories they consume, or the exercise regime they follow. 

However, sometimes exercising more and reducing calories may not be enough to lose weight. Hormonal imbalances in the body can also be a contributing factor.

Hormonal imbalances and weight gain

When hormone production decreases, insulin resistance can develop, causing weight gain. Women’s estrogen levels also begin to fluctuate around the age of 30, leading to problems with their menstrual cycle and digestive issues. These imbalances can cause the brain to send incorrect signals about when to eat, resulting in overeating even when the stomach is full.

Regulating leptin with Over 30 Hormone Support

Regulating leptin levels can help solve this problem. Over 30 Hormone Support claims to balance leptin among other things, which assists in burning fat that is hardest to lose – particularly from the waist, thighs, and arms. It also regulates metabolism so that calories consumed from foods are used efficiently and converted into energy more quickly. By addressing insulin resistance and eliminating unexplained hunger, the manufacturer claims it can help women over 30 achieve a healthier body and lose weight.

Why give it a try?

Women over 30 who are trying to lose weight or just want a healthy body may want to consider trying Over 30 Hormone Support. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving it a try. It could be a helpful supplement for women struggling with weight gain due to hormonal imbalances.

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What are the Signs of A Hormonal Imbalances?

Let’s talk about hormonal imbalances that women over 30 might experience. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for:

Irregular periods

If you’re experiencing irregular periods, it could be due to a variety of factors like stress, birth control pills, unhealthy eating, or depression. This can cause hormonal imbalances and make your body less healthy.

Weight gain

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight despite trying different diets and exercise routines, your hormones may be to blame.

UTI and yeast infections

High hormonal output can lead to yeast infections, while low output can cause UTIs.

Vaginal dryness

Hormonal imbalances can also cause dryness in the vaginal area, which can’t be fixed with lubricants alone.

Cold feet and hands

If you’re experiencing sweating along with cold feet and hands, it may indicate that your hormones are out of balance.


Not being able to sleep well or at all at night could be a sign that your hormones aren’t being produced at the right time of day.


Along with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances can also cause bloating and other problems.

These symptoms can indicate that you’re experiencing hormonal imbalances. As you age, your estrogen levels start to decline while cortisol levels increase, which can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, anxiety, and even diabetes. That’s why it’s important for women over 30 to consider supplementing their diet with Over 30 Hormone Support.

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1. May have anticancer properties

Over 30 Hormone Support contains licorice root. Due to its content of numerous plant compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, licorice root extract has been studied for its protective effects against certain types of cancer.

In particular, licorice extract and its compounds have been linked to slowing or preventing cell growth in skin, breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers.

Licorice root extract may help treat oral mucositis — very painful mouth sores that people with cancer sometimes experience as a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation.

A 2-week study in 60 adults with head and neck cancer revealed that a topical licorice film was just as effective as the standard treatment for oral mucositis.

2. May enhance fertility

Over 30 Hormone Support contains Chasteberry. Vitex may improve female fertility due to its possible effect on prolactin levels.

This may be especially true in women with luteal phase defect, or a shortened second half of the menstrual cycle. This disorder is linked to abnormally high prolactin levels and makes it difficult for women to become pregnant.

In one study, 40 women with abnormally high prolactin levels were given either 40 mg of Vitex agnus-castus or a pharmaceutical drug. Vitex was as effective as the drug in reducing prolactin levels.

In another study in 52 women with luteal phase defect, 20 mg of vitex resulted in lower prolactin levels and prolonged menstrual phases, while participants given a placebo saw no benefits.

Yet another study gave 93 women — who had unsuccessfully tried to become pregnant over the last 6–36 months — a supplement containing Vitex agnus-castus or a placebo.

After three months, women in the vitex group experienced an improved hormone balance — and 26 percent of them became pregnant. In comparison, only 10 percent of those in the placebo group became pregnant.

Keep in mind that the supplement held a mix of other ingredients, making it difficult to isolate the effects of vitex.

Irregular periods can also hamper women in planning a pregnancy. Three additional studies report that vitex is more effective than a placebo in improving menstrual cycles in women with irregular periods.

3. Promoting healthy blood circulation

Over 30 Hormone Support contains dong quai. The available data on how your body absorbs and excretes dong quai suggest that dong quai may improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Research has also found that water and ethanol extracts from dong quai effectively decreased fat accumulation. Excess fatty tissue can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

One 2005 study reported an increase of blood flow and drop in blood pressure in a dog, cat, and rabbit after injecting dong quai root oil, according to the European Medicines Agency.

4. Improve skin and hair health

Over 30 Hormone Support contains Red clover. Red clover extract has been used in traditional medicine to promote skin and hair health.

In a randomized study in 109 postmenopausal women, participants reported significant improvements in hair and skin texture, appearance, and overall quality after taking 80 mg of red clover extract for 90 days.

Another study in 30 men showed a 13% increase in the hair growth cycle (anagen) and a 29% decrease in the hair loss cycle (telogen) when a 5% red clover extract was applied to the scalp for 4 months, compared with the placebo group.

5. Improve heart health

Over 30 Hormone Support contains Red clover. Some preliminary research has shown red clover may improve heart health in postmenopausal women.

One 2015 study in 147 postmenopausal women indicated a 12% decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol after taking 50 mg of red clover (Rimostil) daily for 1 year.

One review of studies in postmenopausal women taking red clover for 4–12 months showed a significant increase in HDL (good) cholesterol and a decrease in total and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

However, a 2020 review found red clover did not reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol or increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

Despite some promising results, the authors argued that many studies were small in sample size and lacked proper blinding. Therefore, higher quality research is needed.

6. May Combat Aging

Over 30 Hormone Support contains Red Raspberries. Raspberries are high in antioxidants, which can help reduce signs of aging by fighting free radicals in your body.

Antioxidants have been linked to longer lifespans in various animal models and show anti-aging effects in humans.

Raspberries are also high vitamin C, which is necessary for healthy skin. It may improve collagen production and reverse damage to skin caused by UV rays.

In one eight-week study, aging rats fed a diet with 1% or 2% raspberries showed improved motor functions, including balance and strength.

7. Potent Antioxidants May Reduce Disease Risk

Antioxidants are plant compounds that help your cells fight and recover from oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is linked to a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses.

Over 30 Hormone Support contains Red Raspberries. Raspberries are high in several powerful antioxidant compounds, including vitamin C, quercetin and ellagic acid.

Compared to other berries, raspberries have a similar antioxidant content as strawberries, but only half as much as blackberries and a quarter as much as blueberries.

A review of animal studies suggests that raspberries and raspberry extracts have anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects that may reduce your risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

One eight-week study in obese, diabetic mice observed that those fed freeze-dried red raspberry showed fewer signs of inflammation and oxidative stress than the control group.

Another study in mice found that ellagic acid, one of raspberries’ antioxidants, may not only prevent oxidative damage but also repair damaged DNA.

8. Lower Menopausal symptoms

 Over 30 Hormone Support contains Red clover. Red clover’s high isoflavone content is believed to help lower menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Two review studies found that 40–80 mg of red clover (Promensil) per day may help alleviate hot flashes in women with severe symptoms (5 or more per day) by 30–50%. Still, many studies were funded by supplement companies, which may lead to bias.

Another study observed a 73% decrease in hot flashes within 3 months after taking a supplement containing numerous herbs, including red clover. Yet, due to the large number of ingredients, it’s unknown whether red clover played a role in these improvements.

Red clover has also shown mild improvements in other menopausal symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and vaginal dryness.

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Is It Safe?

It’s a natural dietary supplement that’s been classified by the FDA, which means it’s safe for women to take without worrying about any harmful side effects.

On their website, they claim that Over 30 Hormone Support has helped more than 15,000 women, so it’s definitely worth checking out! The supplement works by gradually correcting metabolic and hormonal imbalances, which can make a huge difference in how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Just a heads up, this supplement is only for women, as it targets female hormones. So, guys, sorry, but this one isn’t for you! On the bright side, you can rest assured that Over 30 Hormone Support contains no GMOs, antibiotics, artificial fillers, or ingredients. It’s all-natural goodness in every dose.

Side Effects

Generally, the ingredients in this supplement are safe to consume when taken as directed.

But, just like with anything you put in your body, it’s important to be aware that improper use could lead to side effects. For instance, Over 30 Hormone Support contains red clover, which is generally considered safe. However, some people might experience headaches, nausea, or a rash when taking it.

So, what’s the bottom line? As long as you stick to the recommended doses and pay attention to how your body reacts, Over 30 Hormone Support should be safe to use. But, if you do experience any negative side effects, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

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Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of the customers have to say:

“I was pleasantly surprised with the results! Combined with exercise, this stuff really works. No weird side effects either. I even found myself wanting to eat less while taking the capsules. I lost about 20 lbs and I’m happy with it!”

“Over 30 Hormone Support has helped me become a more chill person. No more mood swings or hot flashes, and the best part? No more crazy food cravings. I’m slowly but surely slimming down!”

“I love that I don’t have to spend hours at the gym to lose weight with this supplement. Plus, it even helped me normalize my blood sugar levels. Definitely a 5 out of 5!”

“I was struggling with hormonal imbalances that caused weight gain around my waist and hips. But Over 30 Hormone Support helped me fix my endocrine profile and lose weight too!”

“If you can’t resist the carbs, don’t worry! Over 30 Hormone Support reduces carb absorption by 30%. Just remember not to go crazy and eat everything in sight!”

“I have a major sweet tooth, but taking this supplement when I indulge helps me stay slim. Love it!”

So if you’re over 30 and looking for a little extra help with your weight loss journey, give Over 30 Hormone Support a try!

How Long Will It Take To See The Result?

If you’ve started taking Over 30 Hormone support pills, you may start to see positive results after two or three months. But, remember that every body is unique, so it’s important to keep using the pills for the recommended amount of time.

If you stick with the suggested dosage for the suggested period of time, you can expect the effects to last for two to three years. Of course, it’s always best to continue living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly to get the most out of any supplement. So, keep up the good work and let Over 30 Hormone support pills help you achieve your health goals!

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Is Over 30 Hormone Solution a Scam or Legit?

Over 30 Hormone Support is made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility, so you know they’re legit. Plus, they use high-quality ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.

But don’t just take our word for it – thousands of users have shared their amazing weight loss journey results on the official website. And if you’re still not convinced, the manufacturer offers a 60-day refund policy. That’s how confident they are that you’ll love the product.

Pricing and Discounts

You can find their Over 30 Hormone Support on their official website. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to find this product on other e-commerce websites.

Good news! Their official website is currently offering a limited-time discount, so if you’re keen on trying out these supplements, now’s the time to make your purchase.

They’ve got different discounted packages available to suit your needs, which include:

  • Basic Package: 1 bottle of Over 30 Hormone Solution dietary supplement (30-day supply) for $59 per bottle (you’ll save $40), plus you’ll get free shipping.
  • Most Popular Package: 3 bottles of Over 30 Hormone Solution dietary supplement (90-day supply) for $49 per bottle (you’ll save $150), plus you’ll get 2 free bonuses and free shipping.
  • Best Value Package: 6 bottles of Over 30 Hormone Solution dietary supplement (180-day supply) for $44 per bottle (you’ll save $285), plus you’ll get 2 free bonuses and free shipping.

Final Verdict

Over 30 Hormone Support might just be the solution you’ve been searching for if you’re struggling with hormonal issues and looking for a natural remedy.

This supplement has been a game-changer for many, providing an effective treatment for hormonal imbalances. Unlike other supplements on the market, it’s made with natural ingredients and has no harmful toxins or chemicals. So, you can feel safe knowing what you’re putting in your body.

Thousands of satisfied customers have reported feeling better and seeing improvements in their overall health after using this supplement. And the best part? You don’t even need a prescription to try it out! If you’re not currently taking any medication, you can start taking Over 30 Hormone Support without consulting a doctor.

Whether you’ve been struggling with hormonal imbalances for a while or are just looking for a natural way to support your overall health, this supplement could be a great option for you. And since it has no side effects, you can keep taking it for as long as you like. So why not give it a try?

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Are the ingredients antibiotic-free?

Yes! According to the manufacturer, Over 30 Hormone Support is made with 100% antibiotic-free ingredients.

Can men take Over 30 Hormone Support?

Sorry fellas, this one is just for the ladies. Over 30 Hormone Support is only effective for women.

Is it safe for women with thyroid and diabetes?

Yes! The manufacturer assures us that it’s safe for women with thyroid conditions and diabetes to take Over 30 Hormone Support dietary supplements.

Which hormones does it balance in women?

Over 30 Hormone Support can balance insulin, leptin, cortisol, and estrogen in women over 30. It’s a safe and effective dietary supplement!

Can pregnant women take Over 30 Hormone Support?

It’s better to err on the side of caution here. Pregnant women should avoid taking Over 30 Hormone Support dietary supplements.

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