Nervogen Pro Ingredients – Any Side Effects? Exposed!

Do you know the ingredients of Nervogen Pro supplement? Are the ingredients in Nervogen Pro safe for consumption?

Dietary supplements are products designed to augment your daily intake of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Normally, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. However, supplements can provide you with extra nutrients when your diet is lacking or certain health conditions trigger a deficiency.

While most dietary supplements are safe as long as you follow the product instructions, large doses of a certain ingredient can have adverse effects. Also, some may not contain the ingredients that they claim to have.

So understanding what ingredients Nervogen Pro supplement contain is the most critical step before making a purchase.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the ingredients of Nervogen Pro supplement. So I can tell you whether it’s safe to consume Nervogen Pro supplement.

I’m going to cover the benefits and potential side effects of the Nervogen Pro ingredients in this article.

What are the Nervogen Pro Ingredients?

Before we talk about the benefits and side effects of the Nervogen Pro Ingredients, let me give you a brief overview of the ingredients used in Nervogen Pro supplement.

Nervogen Pro supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • Passionflower
  • Marshmallow Root 
  • Corydalis
  • Prickly Pear
  • California Poppy Seed

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There are about 500 known species of passionflower. This family of plants is also known as Passiflora. Some studies suggest that certain species may have medicinal benefits. For example, Passiflora incarnata may help treat anxiety and insomnia.

Native Americans have used passionflower to treat a variety of conditions. These include boils, wounds, earaches, and liver problems.

Spanish explorers learned about passionflower from native Peruvians. They named these plants for their resemblance to a crucifix. In Christian traditions, “the Passion” is a term used to describe the final period of Jesus Christ’s life, including his crucifixion.

In Europe, people have used P. incarnata to treat restlessness and agitation. And some people use it to treat anxiety. The fruit is also used to flavor certain beverages.

Marshmallow Root 

Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) is a perennial herb that’s native to Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. It’s been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years to treat digestive, respiratory, and skin conditions.

Its healing powers are due in part to the mucilage it contains. It’s typically consumed in capsule, tincture, or tea form. It’s also used in skin products and cough syrups.

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Corydalis (Corydalis yanhusuo) is a species of flowering herbal plant in the Papaveraceae family (often called poppies). Corydalis yanhusuo can be found in the Northern Hemisphere, but they are most prevalent in high-altitude grasslands in China’s province of Zhejiang. 

The flower typically consists of five to 15 purple-blue-hued flowers clustered together that curve outward. Corydalis yanhusuo is often used with other herbal supplements.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is a fruit that grows on the leaves of the Nopales cacti, belong to the genus Opuntia, it’s scientific name is Opuntia ficus-indica. It is also referred to as Nagfani in Hindi, Nagajemudu in Telugu, Kallimullpazham in Malayalam, and Dindla in Gujarati. The younger plants are edible and often part of the Mexican diet. The other edible parts of the prickly pear cactus are the flowers, stems, and the leaves.

Widely known as “cactus pear”, prickly pear by different names in different countries and regions like Tuna, Nopal, Nopales, Barberry figs, Indian figs. Prickly pear is a cylindrical fruit that has a firm outer skin with barbs and softer inner flesh, which is edible. It is green initially and turns reddish-pink as it matures in most plants. It can be eaten raw, boiled, or grilled. It is also used to make juice and jams. 

These tasty, oval fruits sprout from the tops of prickly cactus leaves and range in various colors from deep red-green to yellow or purple. It’s taste is similar to watermelon/raspberries and it has cucumber-like fragrance.

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California Poppy Seed

The California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is a flower that belongs to the Papaveraceae or poppy plant family. It’s the state flower of California but grows in many other U.S. states, including Arizona, as well as in Northern Mexico.

California poppies grow abundantly along roadsides as native wildflowers and are also commonly grown in gardens.

California poppy flowers range in color from orange to yellow and are a food source for pollinators like bumblebees. They’re also known as “cup of gold” and “California sunlight” because of their bright, cheery color.

Benefits of Nervogen Pro Ingredients

The ingredients in Nervogen Pro supplement are carefully sourced and formulated. There are many benefits to your health.

1. May calm your mind

Nervogen Pro contains passionflower. P. incarnata has many common names, including purple passionflower and maypop. Early studies suggest it might help relieve insomnia and anxiety. It appears to boost the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain. This compound lowers brain activity, which may help you relax and sleep better.

In a trial published in Phytotherapy Research, participants drank a daily dose of herbal tea with purple passionflower. After seven days, they reported improvements in the quality of their sleep. The researchers suggest that purple passionflower may help adults manage mild sleep irregularities.

Some trials suggest that purple passionflowermay also relieve anxiety. A study reported in the journal Anesthesia and Analgesia examined its effects on patients scheduled for surgery. Patients who consumed it reported less anxiety than those who received a placebo.

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2. Might soothe your stomach

Nervogen Pro contains passionflower. Other members of the Passiflora family might help treat stomach problems. Passiflora foetida is more commonly known as stinking passionflower. In a study reported in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, researchers examined its potential for treating stomach ulcers. They found it helped alleviate ulcers in rats.It also showed antioxidant potential.

In another study reported in BioMed Research International, scientists examined Passiflora serratodigitata. They created an extract from itsleaves and stems. This extract also showed promise for treating ulcers in rats. But more research is needed on humans.

3. May support heart health

Nervogen Pro contains Marshmallow Root. Scientists are investigating the potential of marshmallow flower extract in treating various heart conditions.

A 2011 animal study examined the effects of liquid marshmallow flower extract in treating lipemia, platelet aggregation, and inflammation. These conditions are sometimes linked to cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that taking the flower extract for one month had a positive effect on HDL cholesterol levels, promoting heart health.

4. Central Nervous System Benefits

Nervogen Pro contains Corydalis. Nonhuman animal research studies have looked at the analgesic and sedative effects of Corydalis yanhusuo.

An alkaloid from the corydalis plant called tetrahydropalmatine (THP) has been shown to block receptor sites such as dopamine in the brain, causing a feeling of sedation. In other research studies, Corydalis yanhusuo effectively decreased chronic pain, persistent pain, and depression in rat models.

Researchers conducted a double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover study with 15 participants using the cold pressor test (a research method to induce pain in humans). The study found that a single oral administration of the Corydalis yanhusuo extract and another herbal supplement significantly decreased pain intensity scores.

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5. Boost Immune System 

Nervogen Pro contains prickly pear. The vitamin C content of prickly pear is responsible for this particular health benefit. Vitamin C boosts the body’s immune response against various infections. It increases the production of white blood cells that undertake the process of killing and eliminating infectious microorganisms from the body. 

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and reduces the free radical damage throughout the body. This also gives the immune system a boost.

6. May have sedative and anti-anxiety benefits

Nervogen Pro contains California Poppy Seed. Research in humans and animals suggests that California poppy extract may have sedative and anxiety-reducing effects. However, these studies are all from the 1990s or early 2000s, so their conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.

For example, an older study found that California poppy extract had anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing effects in mice. Another older rodent study found that the extract helped relieve pain.

Additionally, a 3-month study in 264 people with mild to moderate anxiety demonstrated that taking 2 tablets containing California poppy extract, hawthorn extract, and magnesium twice daily reduced anxiety symptoms more effectively than a placebo.

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Side Effects of Nervogen Pro Ingredients

When taken at the recommended doses, the ingredients in Nervogen Pro supplement are generally safe to consume. However, you should bear in mind that some may cause side effects when used improperly.

For example, Nervogen Pro contains Marshmallow root. Marshmallow root is generally well tolerated. In some rare cases, it might cause upset stomach and dizziness. Starting with a low dose and gradually working your way up to a full dose can help reduce your risk of side effects.

Final Verdict: Are Nervogen Pro Ingredients Safe or Harmful?

To conclude, the ingredients used in Nervogen Pro supplement are generally safe for adults. They are natural ingredients that do not usually have any side effects, but it should not be used by kids or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. All you need to do is follow the dosage instructions.

However, while there have been no reported side effects of Nervogen Pro supplements in most healthy adults, you might still consult your doctor for double confirmation. 

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