Mycosyn Pro Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Mycosyn Pro review? Is Mycosyn Pro a scam?

In a world where health and safety are major concerns, alternative health solutions are becoming more popular.

Supplements and other complementary health products are becoming more popular as people seek natural healing solutions for a wide range of health problems.

Mycosyn Pro is a natural nail and skin supplement that helps to eliminate fungus on your nails and skin while causing no side effects.

Mycosyn Pro is an all-natural supplement manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-audited facility under strict guidelines. Mycosyn Pro is free of addictive stimulants and dangerous toxins, making it ideal for those seeking safe alternative health solutions.

But first, let us explain everything you need to know about this organic supplement before we go over all of its advantages.

To help you decide if Mycosyn Pro is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

In this Mycosyn Pro review, I’m going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision: 

Mycosyn Pro Review – Key Takeaways 

Product Name: Mycosyn Pro Supplement
Official Website:
Price: Get A Special Offer Here
  • Natural ingredients 100 percent
  • It prevents fungal infections from growing and spreading inside the organs.
  • Nail and skin irritations can be treated with it.
Side Effects: Since Mycosyn Pro is made from herbs, there is little chance that it will make you sick. However, there is still the possibility that Mycosyn Pro supplement is used incorrectly.
Review Rating: 4.9/5
Verdict: The best anti-fungus supplement I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

What is Mycosyn Pro?

Mycosyn Pro is a dietary supplement made entirely of natural ingredients. According to the manufacturers of this natural dietary supplement, this product is intended to enrich nails and skin with essential nutrients that aid in their health.

Mycosyn Pro may also inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body in addition to inhibiting the growth of fungi.

Mycosyn Pro inhibits the growth of fungus in the body by improving the body’s ability to defend against fungal diseases.

A supplement is a treatment that combines essential and powerful ingredients.

This dietary supplement contains vitamins and minerals that may aid in the prevention of fungus growth in the body.

Mycosyn Pro contains FDA-approved ingredients that have not been genetically modified. This health supplement is promoted as an organic and one-of-a-kind formula that boosts the body’s natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. Users may notice healthier and stronger toenails as a result of Mycosyn.

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How Does Mycosyn Pro Work?

The Mycosyn Pro supplement specifically works to prevent and reduce fungal infections in your body.

Mycosyn Pro boosts the immune system’s defenses

Improving your immune system as a whole is the first step toward living a fungus-free life. Once your immunity is sufficiently high, you can begin to fight off fungal invaders.

As your nails lighten, their color will become lighter

The mending process has already begun, so you can expect to see an improvement in the color of your nails. However, Mycosyn Pro should make your nails pinker over time. It will return to its former self and be even stronger than before within a few days.

Fungi infections cause your skin to become dry, flaky, and achy. Mycosyn Pro’s anti-oxidative properties may aid in the rejuvenation of your skin. It will eventually return to its previous state of normalcy and cleanliness.

Furthermore, if you continue to use this supplement, your skin should appear more hydrated and younger.

You will feel more energized and lively as a result.

Your fungal infection should be almost gone by this point, so you should feel a surge of energy. Redirecting your body’s energies elsewhere will make you feel younger at heart.

You’ll be protected against fungal diseases in the future

Mycosyn provides vitamins and minerals.

As a result, the vitamins and minerals in this supplement will help you stay healthy.

Does Mycosyn Pro Really Work?

Yes, it works. The creator claims to have been treating patients with dermatological issues for over ten years.

He collaborated with Ayush Mahanti to discover natural plant extracts that can improve the health of toes and hair while completely eliminating fungal and bacterial infections that cause bad odor, itching, and other discomforts.

Each Mycosyn Pro capsule contains botanical adaptogens, minerals, and vitamins that are quickly absorbed by the body to combat fungus from within.

Furthermore, the scientifically proven ingredients are used in the correct dosages to ensure that customers receive the most effective fungus-fighting regimen.

Furthermore, Mycosyn Pro increases blood flow to the toes, which aids in the removal of toxins, bacteria, and fungus that thrive there.

The fixings boost nutrient intake in the nail and hair areas, resulting in stronger, healthier nails and hair.

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Benefits Of Mycosyn Pro

1. Supports bone health

Mycosyn Pro contains Horsetail. Research suggests that horsetail may aid bone healing.

Through bone metabolism, bone cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts continuously remodel your bones to avoid imbalances that could cause brittle bones. Osteoblasts handle bone synthesis, while osteoclasts break down bone through resorption.

Test-tube studies show that horsetail may inhibit osteoclasts and stimulate osteoblasts. This suggests that it’s useful for bone diseases such as osteoporosis, which is characterized by overly active osteoclasts that result in fragile bones.

One study in rats found that a daily dose of 55 mg of horsetail extract per pound (120 mg per kg) of body weight significantly improved bone density, compared with a control group.

Researchers believe that horsetail’s bone-remodeling effect is mostly due to its high silica content. In fact, up to 25% of its dry weight is silica. No other plant boasts as high of a concentration of this mineral.

Silica, which is also present in bones, improves the formation, density, and consistency of bone and cartilage tissue by enhancing collagen synthesis and improving the absorption and use of calcium.

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2. Promotes wound healing and nail health

Mycosyn Pro contains Horsetail. The topical application of horsetail ointment appears to promote wound healing.

One 10-day study in 108 postpartum women who had undergone an episiotomy during labor — a surgical cut to facilitate childbirth — showed that applying an ointment containing 3% horsetail extract promoted wound healing and helped relieve pain.

The study also found that wound redness, swelling, and discharge improved significantly compared with a control group. Scientists attributed these positive effects to the plant’s silica content.

In older rat studies, those treated with ointments containing 5% and 10% horsetail extract showed a wound closure ratio of 95–99%, as well as greater skin regeneration, compared with control groups.

Additionally, horsetail extract may be used in nail polish for the management of nail psoriasis, a skin condition that causes nail deformities.

One study found that using a nail lacquer made up of a mixture of horsetail extract and other nail-hardening agents decreased signs of nail psoriasis.

3. May prevent hair loss

Hair loss is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, certain medical conditions, hormone changes, and the use of medications such as stimulants and blood thinners.

Mycosyn Pro contains Saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is often used to balance hormone levels and combat hair loss.

According to one study, saw palmetto may help block the activity of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into another sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is linked to hair loss.

Saw palmetto may also prevent hair loss by reducing the uptake of DHT in your hair follicles, which decreases DHT’s ability to bind to specific hormone receptors.

One review of 7 studies found that oral and topical supplements containing saw palmetto improved hair quality by 60%, raised total hair count by 27%, and increased hair density in 83% of people with hair loss.

4. May decrease inflammation

Mycosyn Pro contains Saw palmetto. Some research suggests that saw palmetto has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help treat certain conditions.

For example, one study in mice with enlarged prostates observed that saw palmetto extract decreased swelling and several markers of inflammation, including interleukin 6 (IL-6).

Another study in rats with BPH found that saw palmetto decreased inflammation and improved antioxidant status.

Although these results are promising, human studies are lacking.

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5. Improves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is characterized by inflammation in your nasal passageways.

It is triggered by environmental allergens, such as pollen, animal hair or even wheat dust.

Mycosyn Pro contains Spirulina. Spirulina is a popular alternative treatment for symptoms of allergic rhinitis, and there is evidence that it can be effective.

In one study in 127 people with allergic rhinitis, 2 grams per day dramatically reduced symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching.

6. May Aid Blood Sugar Control

Mycosyn Pro contains Spirulina. Animal studies link spirulina to significantly lower blood sugar levels.

In some cases, it has outperformed popular diabetes drugs, including Metformin.

There is also some evidence that spirulina can be effective in humans.

In a two-month study in 25 people with type 2 diabetes, 2 grams of spirulina per day led to an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels.

HbA1c, a marker for long-term blood sugar levels, decreased from 9% to 8%, which is substantial. Studies estimate that a 1% reduction in this marker can lower the risk of diabetes-related death by 21%.

7. Boosts immunity

Mycosyn Pro contains vitamin C. One of the main reasons people take vitamin C supplements is to boost their immunity, as vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system.

First, vitamin C helps encourage the production of white blood cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help protect the body against infection.

Second, vitamin C helps these white blood cells function more effectively while protecting them from damage by potentially harmful molecules, such as free radicals.

Third, vitamin C is an essential part of the skin’s defense system. It’s actively transported to the skin, where it can act as an antioxidant and help strengthen the skin’s barriers.

Studies have also shown that taking vitamin C may shorten wound healing time.

What’s more, low vitamin C levels have been linked to poor health outcomes.

For example, people who have pneumonia tend to have lower vitamin C levels, and vitamin C supplements have been shown to shorten the recovery time.

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8. May promote weight loss

Mycosyn Pro contains Barley grass. Barley grass is low in calories but high in fiber, making it a great addition to a healthy weight loss diet.

Fiber moves through your body slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer to curb cravings and decrease hunger. In fact, several studies have found that increasing your intake of fiber could boost weight loss.

For example, one study in 252 women associated each gram of fiber consumed daily with 0.5 pounds (0.25 kg) of weight loss and 0.25% less body fat over 20 months.

Similarly, a 6-month study in 345 adults with overweight or obesity showed that those who ate more fiber lost more weight and found it easier to stick to their prescribed diet.

Furthermore, one study in rats on a high fat diet showed that drinking barley grass juice decreased body weight and body mass index (BMI) more effectively than drinking a control.

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Mycosyn Pro Complaints

1. Potential Side Effects

Although Mycosyn Pro is all-natural, meaning they don’t contain any chemicals with crazy names that no one can pronounce, side effects are still a possibility. This is one reason why you should always consult your physician before taking them. He or she will help you determine which supplements are the safest for you.

2. No Safety Regulation

Unlike prescription medication, which is heavily regulated by the FDA, over-the-counter dietary supplements don’t have any standards that they must meet and don’t require their approval. However, the FDA does monitor the safety and efficiency of each supplement after it’s been released. If one is found to be unsafe, they will issue warnings or ask that it be taken off the market.

3. Only available on the official website

Mycosyn Pro can only be purchased through the official website, not through other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Therefore, it may not be convenient for people.

However, I completely understand why Mycosyn Pro only sell on its website. By following this practice, a counterfeit product can be prevented and product quality ensured.

4. Insufficient information about the manufacturer of Mycosyn Pro

In order to prevent copying, the Manufacturer does not disclose too much company information. However, Mycosyn Pro’s address can be found at the bottom of their website. This means you can contact the company if there is a problem with the product.

5. Mycosyn Pro does not work for some customers

There are a few customers who have called Mycosyn Pro a scam after not seeing results after a few weeks.

Mycosyn Pro researchers thoroughly researched their formula, which is designed to help people in a safe and effective way.

Because each person’s body is unique, there are many uncontrollable factors.

6. Mycosyn Pro is not cheap

As with many natural supplements, Mycosyn Pro isn’t cheap. Manufacturing costs and quality control are responsible for this. Since Mycosyn Pro uses natural ingredients, they tend to be more expensive.

It really depends on how important your health is to you. If you are willing to invest in your health, Mycosyn Pro is definitely worth the price.

7. Delay in delivery

Delivery delays are a common complaint among customers in remote areas or in developing countries.

eCommerce products commonly experience this issue. Global logistics is also affected by COVID 19. There are some areas that are blocked and fewer airlines flying. As a result, customers will experience shipping delays.

As good news, if you really can’t receive an order, you can request a refund. 

Generally, logistics shouldn’t be a problem if you live in a well-developed country, such as the US, United Kingdom, or Canada.

8. Unsuitable for children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women

Mycosyn Pro is not for everyone. It contains natural ingredients that do not usually have any side effects, but it should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Most other types of people are safe from Mycosyn Pro. All you need to do is follow the dosage instructions.

9. Mycosyn Pro is not a miracle cure

Don’t expect extraordinary results from taking just one Mycosyn Pro pill. They aren’t miracle cures.

Even if you use Mycosyn Pro, you need to maintain healthy eating habits.

10. Mycosyn Pro requires regular intake

Mycosyn Pro does not produce results after a few doses, as with all supplements. In order to produce noticeable results, Mycosyn Pro must be consumed before bedtime every night.

Thus, if you want to get obvious results, you should not just buy one bottle. It’s not enough.

11. Several exaggerated claims have been made

Reviews of Mycosyn Pro sometimes exaggerate the benefits of the product in order to convince people to buy it. These are not reviews, but sales promotions.

It does not mean that Mycosyn Pro is a scam. Some marketers employ these tactics as part of their marketing strategy. Mycosyn Pro’s ingredients and the science behind them remain trustworthy.

Despite the complaints, Mycosyn Pro has a lot of positive testimonials. There is a high level of customer satisfaction with Mycosyn Pro.

Mycosyn Pro Ingredients

Mycosyn Pro supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • Horsetail
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Fo-Ti
  • Spirulina
  • Vitamin C
  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • Alfalfa
  • Barley Grass

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Field or common horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a perennial fern that belongs to the genus Equisetaceae.

It grows wild in northern Europe and North and Central America, as well as in other moist places with temperate climates. It has a long, green, densely branched stem that grows from spring to fall.

The plant contains numerous beneficial compounds that give it multiple health-promoting effects. Of these, antioxidants and silica stand out.

Antioxidants are molecules that protect your body from the effects of free radicals that can cause cell damage. Silica is a compound made up of silicon and oxygen and is believed to be responsible for horsetail’s potential benefits for skin, nails, hair, and bones.

Horsetail is mostly consumed in the form of tea, which is made by steeping the dried herb in hot water. It’s also available in capsule and tincture form.

Saw Palmetto

If you’re coping with common concerns such as prostate issues or hair loss, you may wonder whether any natural supplements will help.

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), a type of palm native to the southeastern United States, is commonly used in supplements to improve prostate health, balance hormone levels, and prevent hair loss in men.

Plus, it’s associated with a variety of other benefits, including decreased inflammation and improved urinary function.

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Fo-ti is also known as Chinese climbing knotweed or “he shou wu,” which means “the black-haired Mr. He.” Its scientific name is Polygonum multiflorum. It’s a climbing plant that’s native to China. It’s also grown in Taiwan and Japan.

Legend has it that famine struck the village of a poor man named Mr. He. While most people left to find food and temporary work, Mr. He was too sick to leave. He gathered and ate wild plants and roots to keep from starving.

One of those was the bitter fo-ti root, which the villagers hadn’t previously eaten. Gradually, Mr. He regained his health. His complexion brightened. He fathered a son. And his graying hair turned black again. He went on to live a long and vital life.

Fo-ti extracts are used in creams and ointments for skin conditions. Shampoos containing the herb are available to help combat hair loss and graying. It’s also brewed into teas and made into pills.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), fo-ti has been used in longevity tonics to ward off aging. It’s also been used to treat a variety of other conditions, such as constipation and skin problems.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae from the genus Arthrospira (“arthro” roughly meaning “joint,” and “spira” meaning “spiral”). The Aztecs in Mexico and people living in the Lake Chad area in Africa have used spirulina for centuries. Spirulina’s usually cultivated from bodies of water like lakes or farmed in ponds.

Spirulina contains several nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, and K), fatty acids (DHA, EPA), beta carotene, and minerals. It’s also a source of protein, but it lacks high enough levels of some of the amino acids that your body needs to function at its best (unless you have a medical condition where you need to avoid specific amino acids, like phenylketonuria or “PKU”). Since spirulina comes from bacteria (cyanobacteria), it may be considered a protein source for vegans.

It’s also important to note that the B12 in spirulina is in a different form as “pseudovitamin B12” than the type typically absorbable by your body. You’ll likely need to look elsewhere for your B12 needs, especially if you follow a vegetarian or vegan way of eating, which can be low in B12. 

Lower levels of B12 are also found in adults over 60. And why’s B12 important? Because your body needs B12 to make red blood cells, it’s also crucial for brain and nerve cell development. Not getting enough B12 can cause tiredness, memory loss, depression, and even different types of anemia.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body can’t produce it. Yet, it has many roles and has been linked to impressive health benefits.

It’s water-soluble and found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach.

The recommended daily intake for vitamin C is 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men.

While it’s commonly advised to get your vitamin C intake from foods, many people turn to supplements to meet their needs.


Folate is present in a wide range of foods, including fruit, vegetables, legumes, and eggs. Many foods are also fortified with folic acid, which is a synthetic form of folate.

Folate is an essential B vitamin necessary for producing red and white blood cells in bone marrow, producing DNA and RNA, and transforming carbohydrates into energy. Having an adequate amount of folate is especially important during periods of rapid growth, such as pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence.


Also known as vitamin H, biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy.

The word “biotin” comes from the ancient Greek word “biotos,” which means “life” or “sustenance.” B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. Biotin is also a crucial nutrient during pregnancy, as it’s important for embryonic growth.

Most people get the biotin they need from eating a healthy diet, but there have been many claims that getting more biotin can regulate your blood sugar, promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, and help pregnant moms have healthier babies.


Alfalfa, also known as lucerne or Medicago sativa, is a plant that has been grown as feed for livestock for hundreds of years.

It was long prized for its superior content of vitamins, minerals, and protein compared to other feed sources.

Alfalfa is a part of the legume family, but it’s also considered an herb.

It seems to have originally come from South and Central Asia, but it has been grown around the world for centuries.

In addition to being used as feed, it has a long history of use as a medicinal herb for humans.

Its seeds or dried leaves can be taken as a supplement, or the seeds can be sprouted and eaten in the form of alfalfa sprouts.

Barley Grass

Barley is a type of grain that’s considered the fourth most important cereal crop around the globe.

Also known as barley leaves and barley greens, barley grass is the leaf of the barley plant. It has been studied extensively for its beneficial health effects and is often featured in green juices and supplements.

Although fresh barley grass can be tricky to find, it’s available in other forms, including powders, juices, tablets, and gummies.

It’s often combined with other ingredients in green blends, including kale, spirulina, and wheatgrass.

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How Long Does Mycosyn Pro Take To Work?

Mycosyn Pro will not have any effect on your fungal infection for at least one month after you start taking it.

You must wait a month for your feet to gradually improve. To achieve the desired results, Mycosyn Pro should be taken for at least three months. Mycosyn Pro should be used for at least six months to achieve the best results.

How to Use Mycosyn Pro Supplement?

The capsule form makes it simple to consume.

Mycosyn Pro contains enough minerals and vitamins to help reduce skin problems.

Mycosyn Pro comes in a bottle with 60 capsules, which is enough for a 30-day supply. The supplement should be consumed after eating.

Before taking any supplement, drug, or following any prescription, consumers should always seek medical advice, especially if they have a medical condition.

Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product.

Its users are required to take two pills with meals twice a day. It is also recommended that the supplement not be taken within one hour of taking any medication.

The results take about a few weeks to appear, though this varies from person to person. Individuals should take the supplement on a regular basis for the best results.

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Who Mycosyn Pro is Made For?

Mycosyn Pro is designed for people who have fungal infections, poor oral hygiene, or constantly itchy, painful, and stinky feet.

Furthermore, if you suffer from any of the issues listed below, Mycosyn Pro is a sure-fire way to improve and protect your health.

If you wake up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain in your feet, hands, or skin, the first thing you should do is start using Mycosyn Pro. It can also be used to treat fungal infections internally.

Overall, Mycosyn Pro is a one-stop solution for people whose health has resulted in a low quality of life.

When you compare the competitive pricing of this product to that of a professional healthcare provider, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

Recommended Dosage of Mycosyn Pro

According to their official sales page and the instructions on their bottle, Mycosyn Pro is a product for adults only.

To achieve the best results, users should take two capsules daily, preferably 15 minutes before breakfast. The makers of Mycosyn Pro warn against exceeding the recommended dosage because it can lead to serious health problems.

Furthermore, the makers of this anti-fungal supplement claim that it is safe and does not cause serious side effects.

However, some new users may experience mild symptoms such as nausea and stomach discomforts.

These symptoms should go away in a few days. In the event of an adverse reaction to Mycosyn Pro, seek medical attention immediately and discontinue use.

You can use it for 30 days because each bottle contains 60 powerful pills. It is recommended that you take Mycosyn Pro on a regular basis for 180 days to reap the most benefits. If this product does not improve your health, you can get your money back within 60 days.

Mycosyn Pro Customer Reviews

“I don’t know what’s so special about Mycosyn Pro, but this is the only supplement that immediately cleans my skin. I have pimples/acne on my back and décolleté. I tried to order the ingredients in this composition separately, but there was no effect. Results from this formula are immediately noticeable on the second day, literally. The pills are a little bitter, but it doesn’t bother me. The effect is completely worth it! I think this supplement deserves not 5 but 10 stars!”

~ Faheem Peralta

“Among all dietary supplements, this is the most effective product! I used Mycosyn Pro early in the course of toenail fungus. The effect is great – complete elimination of fungi in 5-6 months. Don’t know how the supplement works in the advanced case though.”

~ Ingrid Knott

“I ordered Mycosyn Pro for my mother (67 y.o.), she says that it works great. It’s been 2 months since she uses the supplement. Her toenails are still a bit thick. Nevertheless, she sees the difference in color. And the bad odor has disappeared. She keeps using Mycosyn Pro and has even asked me to order it again!”

~ Sian Hibbert

“I saw the difference on the 2nd day of use! The color of my nails became a little milky and flakes began to flake off. I’m still shocked!”

~ Hadiya Miles

“I’ve been using Mycosyn Pro for about 3 months now. I definitely see the result: infected toenails are less yellowish, don’t smell at all, and new nail plates have started to grow. Definitely recommend the supplement!”

~ Roma Sampson

“It took me 6 months to get rid of fungus with Mycosyn Pro. But I guess it’s okay for a dietary supplement. No side effects have been noticed.”

~ Ruby Gibbs

“Mycosyn Pro is great! I’ve struggled with a toenail infection for almost a year. No procedures or prescribed medications didn’t help much: after short-time relief, the fungus appeared again. But thanks to this supplement, I’ve managed to get rid of fungi once and for all! 5 out of 5!”

~ Eamon Allison

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Is Mycosyn Pro Backed By Scientific Evidence?

A large number of scientific studies supporting Mycosyn Pro’s supplement have been found online.

The creators of Mycosyn Pro based their research on articles from National Public Radio, Oxford University Press, and the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 35 scientific studies from around the world were used to develop Mycosyn Pro.

Despite the fact that this sounds great to someone like you who wants to be certain, the majority of the studies posted on their official website’s reference page are still being debated by scientists all over the world.

Side Effects Of Mycosyn Pro

When taken at the recommended doses, the ingredients in Mycosyn Pro supplement are generally safe to consume. However, you should bear in mind that some may cause side effects when used improperly.

For example, Mycosyn Pro contains barley grass. Barley grass is likely safe for most people. However, in some rare cases, it might cause gas, bloating, or feelings of fullness in some people.

Where Is Mycosyn Pro Manufactured?

Mycosyn Pro is a product made in the United States. Mycosyn Pro is made in a GMP-certified manufacturing facility.

We can conclude that their distribution center is in Englewood, Colorado, USA.

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Mycosyn Pro Pricing and Discounts

Mycosyn Pro offers three different pricing packages. Shipping within the United States is free. 

Furthermore, all major credit cards, PayPal, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

  • 1 bottle, offering a 30 day supply for $69.
  • 3 bottles, offering a 90 day supply for $177.
  • 6 bottles, offering a 180 day supply for $294.

Originally, these offers were priced at $99, $297, and $594, respectively.

Is Mycosyn Pro a Scam?

Mycosyn Pro is unquestionably not a scam. It’s a legit supplement that you can trust.

Frankly, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between beneficial products and scams. Don’t be a victim of clever marketing tricks that don’t deliver actual results. 

Sometimes, the same advertising messages that make us feel good about a product are red flags to watch out for.

The manufacturer of Mycosyn Pros advocates for clean, natural products produced with transparency. That being said, reading a supplement label can be overwhelming.

Where do you start? How can you see through a supplement scam?

You can tell if Mycosyn Pro is a scam by looking at the following three things:

Does Mycosyn Pro Brand Make Its Supplements In The United States?

An important indication of the quality of dietary supplements is whether the company selling the product manufactures it in the United States. Production in the United States is a clear sign that the manufacturer’s top priority is high quality. Companies that move production overseas usually do so because production costs are much lower there. However, once a company outsources production, it loses control over the product. It’s no insight into the methods and materials used to manufacture it. All knowledge about the quality of the product is limited in favor of saving money on production.

However, when companies manufacture products in the U.S., they’ve complete control over every aspect of the product, from the design to the materials used. At every step of production, the company knows how the compound is made.

The Mycosyn Pro dietary supplement is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved facility in accordance with GMP standards. This shows that the company is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality product available. They’ve sent a message to consumers that price will never be more important than quality.

Does Mycosyn Pro Contain Artificial Ingredients?

Artificial ingredients are produced by chemical reactions that occur at high temperatures or high pressures. The compounds used to make artificial ingredients are not derived from natural foods but from chemicals. They can be harmful to the human body. 

You should be especially careful with artificial colors and flavors. Also, check carefully for

  • Rice flour (filler to make the capsule look full).
  • Gelatin (cheaper capsules that come from animal sources).
  • Carmine Color (used as a dye).

On closer inspection, we found that Mycosyn Pro contains only natural ingredients. No artificial colors, preservatives, or antibiotics are used in its production. 

Does Mycosyn Pro Use 3rd Party Testing?

A quality brand should have some type of third-party testing to verify its product. Third-party testing provides honesty and gives you, the consumer, peace of mind.

Mycosyn Pro has been tested for purity as no artificial colors, preservatives, or antibiotics were used in the manufacturing process. In addition, third-party inspectors are used throughout the year at their manufacturing facility to ensure they meet all current regulations.

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Where to Buy Mycosyn Pro?

Mycosyn Pro is currently only available from the official website. It is not available on third-party websites or in stores. Purchasing Mycosyn Pro is a simple process on the official website.

Simply click “Order Now” on the Mycosyn Pro website, choose your pack, and click “Add to Cart.” 

Following that, you will be taken to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information and make your payment. 

You will receive your package within 5 to 7 business days after completing the transaction.

Is Mycosyn Pro on Amazon?

No, Mycosyn Pro is not available on Amazon. The company has eliminated all middlemen and resellers, so all of the Mycosyn Pro Amazon listings are false and fraudulent. They have not been independently tested for purity and potency by third party labs, and does not come with a refund policy. So make sure you only buy from the official website of Mycosyn Pro, i.e.

Mycosyn Pro Customer Service

Customer service is always a plus, as we all know. Customer service at Mycosyn Pro is better than many other companies.

You can easily contact customer service within 180 days of receiving the product if it didn’t meet your expectations. They will be glad to give you a full refund if Mycosyn Pro doesn’t help you lose weight.

Mycosyn Pro Official Website

You can only buy Mycosyn Pro on the official website. Stay away from other websites or stores. The official website of Mycosyn Pro is

Mycosyn Pro Phone Number

If you want to contact someone at Mycosyn Pro, you have several options:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (United States): 1-800-390-6035
  • Phone (International): 1-208-345-4245

Mycosyn Pro Review: Final Verdict

Mycosyn Pro could be a useful and safe product for anyone to use.

There are no negative side effects because the supplement is made with organic ingredients.

Mycosyn Pro is intended to treat fungal infections that have previously proven difficult to treat.

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