My Magic Carpet vs Ruggable – Which Rug is Better?

I choose a rug based on its aesthetics or whether or not it matches the decor of my home. However, it seems that I have taken the wrong path in choosing carpets.

My impression of rugs in general has changed thanks to online retailers like Magic Carpet and Ruggable. The best thing about these two sellers is that you can buy rugs online and have them delivered directly to your home.

I can not decide between the two options because they are equally attractive to me.

So we will look at each product individually, discuss what some consumers say about the product and whether they are happy with it or not, and then compare the two. 

We will also discuss the practical implications of each technology.

What Makes My Magic Carpet & Ruggable Good Rugs?

Their technology is largely responsible for their popularity and the fact that they can be considered an alternative to traditional carpets. Ruggable is ahead of the curve in this regard, as it uses a two-layer approach, where the carpet is worn over a non-slip layer.

The fact that this makes cleaning your carpet so easy is its plus point. Due to its lower volume, the carpet can now be washed in a standard household washing machine.

My Magic Carpet is not half bad, though, because instead of a two-layer construction, there’s an anti-slip mat built right into the carpet. This is not a disadvantage by any means, but it can make it more difficult to clean the carpet in the machine.

But these are not the only plausible explanations. The convenience factor is also important. By this I mean that the whole process is quite convenient. You order a carpet on the Internet, and it is delivered to your home. So these are the usual advantages of buying on the Internet.

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My Magic Carpet vs Ruggable: Reviews

My Magic Carpet Review

My Magic Carpet could have been perfect, if only it showed how thick the carpet actually is. Ruggable does not do a very good job of that either, although Ruggable’s rugs are thicker on average.

I am not suggesting that any of these facts are being concealed. Rather, I am suggesting that they are offered to the customer as one of the first things they take note of, along with the dimensions of the rug.

My Magic Carpet may seem thin at first glance, but everyone’s standards are different. I am used to thinner rugs at home, so it does not bother me too much, but I know most people prefer thicker rugs that offer more cushioning. Always remember that magic carpets are usually quite slim. This makes it easier to clean, such as washing the magic carpet, but it comes at the expense of coziness.

The rug’s anti-slip feature does its job admirably and, thanks to the simplicity of its single-ply design, is perhaps even better than Ruggable’s, which uses a two-ply design.

That said, My Magic Carpet has some serious flaws. For example, the Designs section offers only a limited number of rug styles and designs. For example, I did not like any of the designs, which I initially dismissed as personal preference.

But when I invited some of my closest friends and family to pick out a rug from the Magic Store, it turned out that was not true. They had a hard time finding one.

However, My Magic Carpet only offers a small selection of patterns. So you should check out the online store first to see if the styles and patterns interest you.

Ruggable Rugs Review

Compare Ruggable with My Magic Carpet, and you will notice a big difference. When you switch to Ruggable, you have access to a wider selection of carpet thicknesses, sizes, patterns and designs.

Even though My Magic Carpet is known more for its portability and low maintenance, Ruggable can definitely keep up. We hardly noticed any change in actual use, especially when washing the rugs.

Ruggable offers more variety than My Magic Carpet, which only has square rugs. Plus, a padded rug pad for the kitchen and other high-traffic areas is available as an extra.

This is where the two-layer design shines, allowing you to choose between a standard non-slip pad and a thicker, padded option. It’s a good choice you have got there.

It’s only fair to give credit where credit is due. All of the technology is elegantly constructed, making it a breeze to separate the carpet from the pad and reattach it. The carpet can be completely peeled off. While I think it’s obvious that Ruggable offers the better all-around carpet, for the sake of clarity and organization, we will cover it below.

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Why Is Ruggable Better Than My Magic Carpet?

First, there is a wider range of available sizes for Ruggable. The vast majority of users will not be able to find the size they want on My Magic Carpet. Ruggable, on the other hand, resembles a traditional carpet store, with a wide selection of sizes.

Second, technological advances have made this possible. Before discovering Ruggable, I had no interest in this two-layer technology, but I can see why it is useful. The benefits of this two-layer technology are far greater than those of ordinary single-layer designs or even My Magic Carpet.

Ruggable is more expensive than My Magic Carpet; if you want to include the optional coushining pad, the total cost will be significantly higher. Ruggable is more expensive, but the benefits it offers more than make up for the initial investment when you consider the usefulness, comfort, thickness, size and variety of design options. Ruggable also offers financing options, so you can try it out even if you are not currently eligible.

Most people probably already have a good idea of why we chose Ruggable over the other company.

My Magic Carpet vs Ruggable: Final Verdict

Is My Magic Carpet a reasonable, cost-effective alternative to Ruggable that offers the best possible probability of success?

The workmanship is not bad and the product has some useful features, but I am not sure the price is justified. There may not be any options at all, let alone the size or style you need. But even if that’s the case, Ruggable is still the better rug because of its many benefits and relatively low price.

So if the look and feel of My Magic Carpet appeals to you, you should definitely go for it. However, we still think that Ruggable is superior in every way.

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