Motiv vs Oura – Which Smart Ring is Better?

There are few smart rings that can accurately track your sleep, but among those few, Motiv and Oura are frequently mentioned and contrasted. 

Both of these high-tech bracelets look and feel fantastic on your finger. The question is: where exactly do we draw the line?

In September 2017, San Francisco- based Motiv unveiled the Motiv Ring, the world’s first wearable designed solely to monitor sleep. 

Oura, based in Oulu, Finland, is Motiv’s main competitor. It has established itself in the market by focusing on sleep monitoring and launched the first generation Oura Ring in early 2018.

What Do The Motiv & Oura Rings Do?

You could consider these watches as an alternative to traditional smartwatches. The technology of modern smartwatches has been scaled down and integrated into a smaller form factor, in this case a ring.

These two rings are often misunderstood as rings for monitoring sleep activity. This is partially true, but they also have other capabilities, such as extensive data collection. Activity, calories burned, steps taken, sleep, heart rate, pulse, temperature and more are just some of the data that can be monitored.

Neither ring has a display like a traditional smartwatch, so buyers will need to use the appropriate smartphone app to use the ring. Although the rings are designed to work on their own platform, several companies allow consumers to link their own favourite health monitoring apps.

These are full-featured smartwatches, but their main goal is to monitor your health and make suggestions to improve it.

Those who prefer not to wear timepieces might prefer one of these rings.

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Motiv vs Oura

Motiv Review

Two-factor authentication is the ring’s main selling point. Although few people are aware of it before choosing Motiv, it is a notable benefit.

It provides an extra layer of protection for all services that support biometric authentication, including online purchases, electronic communications and credentials. In fact, it is very similar to a fingerprint. However, instead of a finger pattern, users choose a distinctive hand gesture that can then be used for online identity verification. This is a very cool thing.

Please note that at the time of writing, only iOS users with face and touch recognition ID can access this beta feature.

Opinions differ on whether this is an improvement over previous generations of smart rings, but there is no denying that this is a significant development in personal security.

Compared to other similar services, the amount of information you receive is quite normal. The information you need, such as how long you slept, how often you woke up, and your average heart rate at rest, is sent to you.

Walking, running, standing and even activities like washing and brushing your teeth can be recorded by the Motiv Ring. Besides recording your heart rate and steps, you can use this device for so much more. The software continuously collects this information throughout the day and displays it in an easy-to-consume format.

Both Apple and Google Play users can get the software.

The Motiv Ring’s battery life is satisfactory, but not exceptional. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge it, and it can be used for up to 72 hours before it needs to be recharged. It cannot sync data with your mobile device for up to three days, so you have plenty of time to use it without worrying about battery life.

Oura Review

If we are quite honest, the Oura ring is the “PERFORMANCE” ring of its category. It lacks polish and big selling points like internet security, but what it offers in terms of data collection and oversight is incredible.

I know I mentioned that its main selling point is not internet security, but I take that back; it also has sleep technology. It is excellent at monitoring your sleep habits on a daily basis and giving you overall averages. For example, weekly or monthly averages.

The quality of the user’s sleep is measured and evaluated. This is not even an average calculated from other people’s data. It does matter, but your state of readiness, activity and biometric data are also taken into account.

It will also record the times and lengths of your different sleep stages.

The fact that this ring can provide its users with customised suggestions to improve their fitness, alertness and recovery is a major selling point.

In reality, Oura users are rated in three categories: Activity, Sleep, and Readiness. Activity level is measured by the number of steps taken, time spent being active, number of calories burned and total calories burned. 

Each sleep phase is assessed, as well as overall sleep efficiency, total sleep time, number of rapid eye movements (REM), and sleep quality. Resting heart rate, average heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, and other factors are used to calculate readiness scores.

This ring is the performance ring for all the reasons mentioned above, including its battery life and capacity to store information. It can run for up to seven days on a single charge, and there is enough space in the memory to store six weeks worth of information. It can be fully charged in just twenty to eighty minutes.

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Motiv vs Oura: Which One is Better?

I hope I am making myself clear… No one can claim victory with certainty.

Of course, Oura is the superior Smart Ring in terms of sheer performance, but other factors, such as cost and personal preference, should be considered in your final decision.

A simple Google search will show you that Motiv is the most affordable ring option. The price is about two-thirds that of an Oura ring, and the battery life of three days is sufficient for most people. 

Also, Motiv provides accurate information, or at least information that is sufficient without additional help.

Also, if you use iOS and have Touch ID or a fingerprint, you can use the Beta 2FA feature.

However, the Oura ring is the best option if you can not decide between the two. It features the following characteristics, among others:

  • A more digestible overview of the data
  • Features for advanced sleep monitoring
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Extended battery life
  • Data storage for 6 weeks
  • Excellent quality
  • If you live in the EU, you get a 2-year warranty.

A significant part of the ring’s recent success is due to an influx of new customers. The Oura ring is now more of a status symbol than a simple ring. It has the same circumference as a standard ring, but is flatter at the top, as if the crown had been milled away.

What We Like About Motiv

  • A balance of form and function
  • Rose gold, titanium, black gold and silver finishes complement the sleek and elegant design.
  • 3 days of battery life in an appealing look
  • Connects to your mobile device
  • Identity protection requires a two-step verification process.

Ordering a new ring could not be easier than with Motiv, and they offer sizes 6-12.

What We Like About Oura

  • Many options to customize
  • Battery life of 7 days provides measurements and sleep trends
  • Additional smart features and data tracking
  • Data can be stored locally on your device for up to six weeks before syncing.
  • A gyroscope is built in for better activity tracking.

The Oura sleep ring offers more individuality in terms of its functions and aesthetics. The Oura is available in either the “Balance” or “Heritage” style. The Balance style gradually rises to a peak at the top of the ring. The Heritage style, with its flat top, is a nod to classic styling.

Both styles are offered in a “balance” version with a single row of small diamonds along the edge and in matte silver and black. The Oura ring is customizable in many ways, with a choice of two styles, four finishes and eight sizes.

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Motiv vs. Oura: Pricing

The first noticeable difference between these devices is in their prices. If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable sleep tracker, Motiv is the place to go. 

Your ring will ship within 4-6 days, has a 1-year warranty, can be returned within 45 days, and includes additional security measures for only $199.99.

Prices for Oura gadgets start at $299, and depending on the metal, style, and customization options, they can cost up to $999.

Motiv VS Oura: Final Verdict

If you do not wear watches but still want to monitor your vital signs and other health information, a smart ring is a great alternative. Although they are not the only companies in this field, Oura and Motiv are among the most recognizable names in the industry.

Although Motiv is significantly inferior to Oura in terms of performance, it still serves its purpose well enough to be considered a suitable alternative by many. Mainly because of its manageable cost.

In terms of functionality, Oura is the best smart ring available. The battery life and the amount of data that can be stored are incredible. In addition, there are a number of other benefits. You also get customized suggestions on how to improve your readiness, sleep, and activity levels.

Its price puts it right in the smart watch market, and its performance is comparable to the best of these devices. Simply put, you get a lot of power in a very small package.

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