Moon Pod vs Lovesac vs Yogibo: Which Is Better?

I have always had a soft spot for bean bags. They just have an innate coziness about them. It’s true that bean bags are the best to use for this, but are there really that many varieties?

It turns out that there is a great variety of bean bags. Beanbags and the experience you have with them can vary greatly, as evidenced by the wide selection of brands. Numerous people rely on these three.

Although they are heavily marketed today, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best or the best for you. Find out as we pit the Moon Pod, the Lovesac, and the Yogibo against each other in a head-to-head comparison.

Moon Pod vs Lovesac vs Yogibo: Differences

For each product line, there are usually several size options, each aimed at a specific target group or serving a specific function.

Not only does the outer material vary, but so does the inner material. Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is a material that Moon Pod and Yogibo use, but Lovesac does not. Lovesac’s conventional construction uses shredded dura foam. We will have to wait and see how this affects comfort and usability.

When it comes to size, Lovesac and Yogibo have more options. It is possible that many people will find the available selection too large. After all, a standard size beanbag should suffice for most purposes. However, a few additional choices are always welcome.

There are not many other notable differences, though. The last point is the style they chose. They are all unique and have all developed their own methods to achieve maximum relaxation. 

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Moon Pod Bean Bag Review

We have already established that the size range for Moon Pod is the narrowest of the three. There are only the original Moon Pod and the larger, more comfortable SUPER Moon Pod beanbags to choose from. There are numerous reasons why the Moon Pod is the best option among the three mentioned before you cross it off your list.

In 2018, it started as a Kickstarter campaign that received an unprecedented amount of support. The inspiration for its look was obvious.

The Moon Pod is similar to flotation therapy, where patients float face up in a sensory water tank to achieve a state of deep relaxation and concentration. I have to admit that I was skeptical about the concept of weightlessness at first, but I have since changed my mind.

This method is effective. This beanbag offers the best balance of comfort and whimsicality. The concept of weightlessness proves to be effective. The Moon Pod also supports the back better than the Lovesac and the Yogibo.

It’s not like those beanbags that make you feel like you are sinking into the center of the planet. It offers the ideal compromise between softness and structural integrity. But the question is whether you want the standard Moon Pod or the improved Super Moon Pod

Moon Pods come in two sizes: the standard model, which is about 4 square feet, and the Super model, which is nearly twice that size. The truth is that if you are looking for a beanbag chair for one person, you will not need much more than the original. However, if there are only two of you, the Super is just right for you.

Lovesac Bean Bag Review

It gets even more interesting when you include Lovesac.

Most buyers do not seem to mind that the beanbags are made of shredded dura foam rather than EPS. The reason for this could be the plush interior of the Lovesac.

There’s also a wide range of sizes, including some that are, shall we say, fancy. The main model, as proof. Its dimensions are 6 feet in width and 4.1 feet in height. Two people and two children can comfortably sleep in it. A good example: the SuperSac. It is 3.10 meters high and 5 feet wide.

This is inconceivable, to say the least. But are these huge bean bags really necessary? Frankly, I covet every one of them, but finding a suitable home for them is a problem. And that’s not the only problem we are dealing with here.

Let us continue our discussion of them and turn to the issue of cost. The SuperSac starts at $1,600, while the BigOne starts at $1,985. Yikes. That’s a pretty penny and takes up a lot of space in your living room – not exactly a bargain.

Maybe we should not be so hard on Lovesac. There is a moment and a place where a beanbag like this would be ideal. However, the typical buyer should not expect this.

One negative effect of the beanbag’s original design is the creation of large holes once you sit in it. To reduce the effects, you need to pump out the beanbag and sit back up.

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Yogibo Bean Bag Review

On the other hand, the Yogibo is remarkably similar to the Moon Pod in many ways. Mainly because it uses the same EPS cushioning substance. And both the exterior and interior materials feel very similar.

There are many more options than with the Moon Pod, but since the sizes of the Moon Pod are also available with the Yogibo, most customers will stick with those.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the product, all sizing information and comparisons are for illustrative purposes only and are not precise. Since the Yogibo is made from a malleable substance, its dimensions will change from time to time.

Our honest opinion was that most people can get along with the Yogibo. It is quite adaptable and functional. You can sit upright on the Yogibo beanbag and work on your laptop. You can not really recline on it without some sort of support, so it has to be against a wall.

The prices are also low and can match the Moon Pod in many ways.

One of the best features of the Yogibo is that it is so extensively customizable compared to other options on the market. Since most people want to coordinate the Yogibo with their existing décor, the wider selection of shades is a welcome relief.

While purchasing a beanbag with a variety of add-on options can significantly increase the overall price, these extras are still quite affordable.

Moon Pod vs Lovesac: Which One is Better?

In some situations, the Moon Pod is preferable to the Lovesac and vice versa.

For example, the Moon Pod is superior to other beanbags because it can be used not only for lounging, but also as a seat and a desk. Unlike Lovesac, it can be tilted backwards and forwards.

Nevertheless, Lovesac surpasses them all in terms of comfort. However, Lovesac is also the most expensive option. Lovesac has a high price tag, but if you are looking for the best value, go for the Moon Pod.

Moon Pod vs Yogibo: Which One is Better?

Moon Pod is the better of the two options.

The reason is that you get the same deal in terms of the type of beanbag, but the Moon Pod is far more practical. Unlike the Moon Pod, the Yogibo does not have a backrest to help you sit upright.

Yogibo does offer other sizes, but the ones offered by Moon Pod are the most popular. In addition, individuals actually report feeling like they are floating in mid-air when sitting in a Moon Pod. So the company’s claim of no gravity is not just marketing.

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Lovesac vs Yogibo

Lovesac. Even though it is filled with conventional materials, the improvement in comfort is remarkable. Comfort in this case comes at the expense of functionality, because it is difficult to make a Lovesac firmer so you can sit upright, etc.

Lovesac is a fantastic choice if you can afford it. However, Yogibo is a good choice if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Moon Pod vs Lovesac vs Yogibo: Final Verdict

Bean bags are worth the price because they are more durable and comfortable than other options. Wait, which one do you want?

The Moon Pod is the best option among the three. It’s soft and supportive, and thanks to the EPS filling, you can adjust the shape to your body. Once you sit down, it conforms to your shape and provides excellent ergonomic support.

However, the Lovesac is the most relaxing beanbag chair. It looks like a cloud, but the main problem is that it deforms like the Moon Pod. Therefore, it only serves as a coolant.

Yogibo is a good and inexpensive alternative, but we think the Moon Pod is the better overall product.

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