Moon Pod Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

I’m always in search of comfort like most people. But even with things like mattresses, sofas, and beanbags, comfort isn’t always guaranteed. That’s why I checked out weightless chairs and stumbled upon the Moon Pod. It’s ergonomic design ensures comfort and its high-density bead filling provides relief from joint pain. Plus, the removable cover makes it great for kids and pets.

I found mentions of Moon Pod on major media outlets like CNN, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, and USA Today. The brand has a strong social media presence too, with 80K followers on Instagram and 16K likes on Facebook.

So, what’s this all about? Before diving into reviews and promotions, let me give you a closer look at the company and its top-selling products.

What is Moon Pod?

Moon Pod is a unique and comfy seating solution that can be traced back to 2018. It was created by John Fiorentino, the genius behind the Gravity Blanket. 

The pod is filled with beads to provide support and relieve tension in your neck and back. You can sit, recline, or lie down on it. Moon Pod also offers a variety of accessories to personalize your experience. 

And, good news for the environment – they manufacture their products in an eco-friendly way, recycling waste. The covers are made in Asia, but their HQ and distribution center are in the New York area. 

Now that you know a bit about Moon Pod, let’s dive into some more details in our review before getting cozy for the night.

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Moon Pod Bean Bag Review

The Moon Pod is seriously a game-changer for relaxation. From single to double models, to some amazing extras, this bean bag is a must-try for anyone looking for some R&R.

Moon Pod Chair

Stress is real, but finding ways to relieve it can be tough, especially when you’re short on space and money. Enter the Moon Pod. It’s compact, measuring only 56″ x 24″ x 24″, making it perfect for smaller homes. 

And it’s not your average bean bag, filled with high density beads that can support up to 300 lbs. With a flotation-device feel, it’s great for sitting, reclining, and even napping. 

Whether you’re at a computer all day or just want some ergonomic support, the Moon Pod has got you covered. And with 5 colors to choose from, including black and baby pink, it’s a stylish pick at $300.

Super Moon Pod

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. That’s where the Super Moon Pod comes in, perfect for sharing with friends and family. This double bean bag is actually two separate pods, covered by an oversized cover that’s perfect for movie nights, work, or even making out. Available in three fun colors for $500.

Moon Pod Crescent Review

Relaxing in a Moon Pod is awesome, but sometimes you just can’t. The Crescent adds extra comfort and support, so you can enjoy TV, video games, and even work from home better. 

It’s available in 5 colors and made from the same beads as your Moon Pod, so you’ll get the same weightless comfort. You can buy it for $130 instead of $170.

Moon Pod Sleeve Review

Even your furry friend might love the Moon Pod. A new sleeve will solve hair and dirt problems. You can buy one for $74 (down from $89) in the same 5 colors as your Moon Pod. Plus, each cover is removable and machine washable. 

Moon Pod Outdoor Cover Review

The Moon Pod is easy to carry and weighs only 12 pounds, but it’s good to protect it when you take it outdoors. The waterproof and easy-to-clean Outdoor Cover is available for $100 (instead of $150) and will keep your Moon Pod safe while you soak up the sun.

Moon Pod Lunar Lift Bean Bag Review

Putting your feet up is key to relaxation. The Lunar Lift bean bag helps promote blood flow and circulation. It’s a smaller version of the Moon Pod, made with the same high-density beads and wipeable lid. 

It takes up minimal space with a diameter of 20 inches and is available for $130 instead of $200. Relax in style with the Lunar Lift.

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Is a Moon Pod good for your back? 

Definitely! The Moon Pod provides support for all your discs and joints. From reading customer reviews, it seems that people love the “weightless” experience. 

Some Moon Pods offer more support than others, like the Anti-Anxiety Float Chair, which is designed to support any body shape for optimal comfort. Plus, you can adjust the seat’s height, position, and recline to fit your back’s needs.

What are Moon Pods filled with? 

Moon Pods are filled with custom-made, high-friction beads encased in supportive shells. The outer shell is made of a special composite material that keeps the shape while conforming to the wearer. 

And bonus: the company uses recycled materials for all its products, showing their commitment to sustainability.

Who is Moon Pod for? 

The Moon Pod is a comfy home recliner that’s super soft, supportive, and built to last. It’s great for people who spend a lot of time sitting and have trouble with stiffness, back pain, or neck pain. But, if you have trouble getting up and down from low seats, this might not be the best fit for you. All in all, the Moon Pod is a lifesaver for anyone who needs a break from sitting all day while working from home.

Customer Reviews of Moon Pod

I scoured the web for reviews of the Moon Pod and found loads of positive feedback. People seem to love how it helps with neck and back pain. The average ratings are all pretty high, with the Moon Pod getting 4.9 stars out of 5 from over 1.4k reviewers. People also like the Crescent for its comfort and versatility.

One customer who was initially wary of the price ended up loving the Moon Pod and finding it really comfortable. Some users have mentioned that it’s not as firm as they’d like, but overall, the reviews are pretty positive.

A review by Marten Carlson for Mattress Clarity breaks down the pros and cons of the Moon Pod in detail. Carlson found that the pod conforms well to the body and provides a weightless feeling, but getting out of it can be a struggle, especially for those with mobility issues.

On Reddit, opinions are mixed about the Moon Pod. Some are fans and say it improves their sleep, while others think the weightless claims are misleading. A user who’s been floating for a while said that’s not the same as the weightless experience of floating.

In conclusion, if you want to chill out and ease some pain, the Moon Pod might be a good choice. Just keep in mind it might be hard to get in and out, especially for those with mobility issues.

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Where are Moon Pods made? 

Moon Pods have a bit of a globe-trotting story. While it would be awesome if everything was made in the USA, sometimes the best work happens abroad. The outer and inner shells of the Moon Pod are made in Asia, but the good news is that the filling and assembly happens stateside.

Moon Pod’s Return Policy

You have 14 days from the delivery date to return your Moon Pod. Returns after this time will not be accepted. To process a return, you need to follow these steps: 

1) initiate a return through the Return Portal

2) get an RMA number

3) follow the instructions from Moon Pod

4) package your return securely

5) pay for return shipping and a restocking fee. 

If you want to swap your order, contact [email protected]. 

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Moon Pod vs. Lovesac: Which Brand is Better?

Just checked out the comparison between Moon Pod and Lovesac, and here’s my take:

Moon Pod is a top pick among beanbags, with its two options and extra features made from eco-friendly, high-density foam. Lovesac, on the other hand, offers a range of chaise lounges in six different sizes, filled with Durafoam.

The catch with Lovesac is that its chairs aren’t as ergonomic and some of them can be too big for average sized living rooms. On the flip side, Moon Pod’s compact size and affordability ($300 to $500) makes it a better choice, especially with its washable covers and solid construction.

So, overall, I’d say Moon Pod takes the win here!

Moon Pod Discounts

So I just wanted to share that Moon Pod is having a sweet deal – 25% off! No promo code needed, the discount is applied automatically. And here’s some bonus info I found:

  • Refer a friend and you both get $25 when they spend $99 or more
  • Free shipping, yay!

Where to Buy Moon Pod?

Head to to make your purchase. Sorry, I couldn’t find them on Amazon.

How to Contact Moon Pod’s Customer Service?

If you need any help or have questions about Moon Pod, hit up their customer service at [email protected].

Moon Pod Reviews: Final Verdict

Thinking about getting a Moon Pod? From what I’ve seen, this relaxation chair is a hit with customers. People say it gives them comfort and relief from pain like no other chair.

For a small studio like mine, it’s perfect. It’s affordable and compact, yet still comfy. Plus, Moon Pod has payment options like afterpay and often runs specials.

Is Moon Pod a scam? I don’t think so. I’ve been using it and it definitely meets my expectations. Some “purists” might disagree, but I find that it simulates weightlessness really well and keeps me from sinking.

At the end of the day, whether you’re into technical stuff or not, I can say this without a doubt: Moon Pod is super comfortable to sleep in. That’s why I got it in the first place!

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What is a Moon Pod Chair?

A Moon Pod is a comfortable and stylish seat that feels like a hug. It looks like a beanbag, but it’s filled with special high-density beads that provide a supportive, floating-on-air feeling. Plus, the cover is easy to clean!

What are Moon Pods filled with?

Moon Pods are filled with “high-density beads” that give you a supportive and comfortable feel.

How do you clean a Moon Pod?

Cleaning your Moon Pod is a breeze. Just remove the cover and toss it in the wash. Use cold water and wash with similar colors. Tumble dry on low heat to keep your Moon Pod looking and feeling great.

How expensive is a Moon Pod?

A Moon Pod usually costs $400, but they’re on sale right now for $300!

How long do Moon Pods take to ship? 

Moon Pods are currently only available for shipping within the US. Shipping rates and availability may vary, so be sure to check during checkout. 

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is an extra $125. Track your order by entering your order number on or using the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.

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