MitoBoost Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a MitoBoost review? Is MitoBoost a scam? Can this supplement really help you lose weight?

Globally, people are facing the problem of unwanted weight gain. World Health Organization statistics show that close to two billion of the world’s population is overweight, while six hundred fifty million are obese.

It isn’t necessary to starve yourself or spend all your free time in the gym in order to lose weight, as popular belief would suggest. Trying to prevent weight gain by eating too little can be disastrous.

It is important that we lose weight in a natural and healthy manner. Weight loss can be a challenge for many people due to their busy work and life schedules.

Furthermore, keeping a healthy diet and practising weight loss exercises is not as easy as one might think. 

A vast number of supplements are being released each year due to this factor. Many supplements claim to assist their users in losing weight as quickly as possible, but few deliver on their promises.

MitoBoost is a popular supplement on the market that also claims to help you lose weight.

However, you may wonder if MitoBoost is a scam or not.

To help you decide if MitoBoost is effective for weight loss, I’ve done thorough research about MitoBoost in the past few weeks. So I can tell you everything you to know before you make a purchase.

In this MitoBoost review, I’m going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision:

MitoBoost Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: MitoBoost
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • MitoBoost Scam or Legit: MitoBoost is not a scam. It’s a legit supplement for weight loss.
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to lose weight (except children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

What is MitoBoost?

MitoBoost is a diet pill that helps anyone shed excess weight naturally by using natural ingredients.

MitoBoost was created by Ben Robertson, a man who has struggled with weight gain since getting married. Ben and his wife gained 200 pounds together after their wedding. In the past few years, they have tried working out and dieting to lose weight but were unsuccessful. Ben then created MitoBoost, which quickly helped them lose weight.

As Ben explains, MitoBoost is made via the following steps:

“So, what I did was to perfect an easy, yet powerful formula, which consists of amazing vitamins and plants, such as Astaxanthin Complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape seeds, along with gotu kola, amla fruit, goji berries, wakame, prickly pear, [and] fo-ti root.”

According to Ben, his unique formula can change your life by enabling you to lose weight. Using MitoBoost, Ben and his wife lost 2 pounds each day.

Moreover, Ben explained that MitoBoost was developed in partnership with his doctor. That means MitoBoost has the backing of a medical doctor, something only a few diet pills can claim. The two turned MitoBoost into a supplement, and now they sell it online for anyone looking to lose weight quickly and easily.

The proprietary formula and the unique nature of MitoBoost made it a hit immediately after its release. 

MitoBoost has been supported by independent reviewers who confirm its effectiveness at fighting cravings for unhealthy food, according to the manufacturer.

Sadly, there are also fake MitoBoost supplements on the market that cause user complaints and negative feedback.

Make sure you purchase MitoBoost supplements from the official website in order to avoid fake MitoBoost pills containing cheap ingredients, counterfeit bottles, and even trademarks.

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How Does MitoBoost Help You Lose Weight?

MitoBoost is not simply a diet pill. It is a complete dietary supplement. With just two capsules a day, MitoBoost can help you lose weight more effectively. 

The main ingredients in MitoBoost’s formula, collagen and MSM.

Collagen is a protein that’s naturally found in the body. It has become a popular nutritional supplement in recent years. The main benefit of collagen supplements is their ability to improve skin health. If you’re on the lookout for ways to lose weight, you may have heard about collagen supplements.

It has been reported that collagen supplements may increase satiety. In addition, it can reduce hunger, and therefore, the number of calories you consume during the day.

This effect could be the result of collagen being a protein. As per a 2020 review, eating high-protein diets increases glucagon-like peptide-1 production and cholecystokinin levels. The hormone ghrelin is also suppressed.

According to a March 2017 review published in Nutrients, MSM is most commonly used to reduce inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to obesity, which is why some believe reducing inflammation can help people lose weight.

MitoBoost also contains vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, and botanical extracts.

Although Ben claims that MitoBoost’s formula is “100% natural,” the ingredient label lists several artificial ingredients (including magnesium stearate and dioxide). Magnesium stearate is mostly used in medication capsules for preventing individual ingredients from sticking together. Food supplements use it widely, but in their purest form, it doesn’t occur in nature. Instead, it is typically created in a lab.

Ben claims you can lose an extra 60 pounds of fat per month by losing 2 pounds of fat per morning in your urine by taking MitoBoost.

The formula Ben created also claims to be 100% effective for any individual to use because he mixes the ingredients “in the right amount for their properties to stay intact.” As a result, he claims anyone can take it and lose weight no matter their age, gender, medical condition, or goal weight.

Diet pills aren’t usually safe for everyone. However, according to Ben, the formula is safe because it’s made under strict sterile standards using regularly disinfected equipment. By law, supplements must be made under the same conditions. It is not, however, advertised as one of MitoBoost’s benefits. The formula is also claimed to be free of stimulants, toxins, and habit-forming chemicals.

According to Ben, MitoBoost is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the United States.

What Ingredients Are In MitoBoost?

MitoBoost has a unique formula. The product was created with natural ingredients and scientific backing. You can achieve the promised benefits by using MitoBoost on a regular basis.

MitoBoost’s formula is made up of different ingredients.

MitoBoost’s proprietary formula hides most of its ingredients. To comply with the law, MitoBoost’s makers must disclose the amount of vitamins and minerals contained in their product. Other ingredient dosages are, however, not disclosed by the company for MitoBoost.

According to the official website, MitoBoost contains the following ingredients:

  • 400mg of vitamin C (444% DV)
  • 40mg of vitamin E (267% DV)
  • 4mg of vitamin B6 (235% DV)
  • 5,000mcg of biotin (16,667% DV)
  • 20mg of pantothenic acid (400% DV)
  • 80mg of calcium (6% DV)
  • 20mg of zinc (182% DV)
  • 140mcg of selenium (255% DV)
  • 1mg of copper (111% DV)
  • 4mg of manganese (174% DV)

Other than the vitamins and minerals, MitoBoost contains a 1.21g of a proprietary blend that includes the following ingredients:

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  • Hydrolyzed collagen (types I and III from bovine sources)
  • L-methionine
  • Gotu kola leaf
  • Citrus bioflavonoids
  • Grape seed
  • Hydrolyzed keratin
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • fo-ti root, amla fruit
  • Lycium fruit
  • Silica
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Bladderwrack
  • Nori
  • Wakame
  • Olive fruit juice
  • Microalgae with 2% astaxanthin
  • Stearic acid
  • Croscarmellose sodium
  • Peppermint oil
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Microcrystalline cellulose.

We only examine a few major ingredients contained in MitoBoos, since the formula is complex, to help you determine the effectiveness of weight loss:

1. Vitamins

MitoBoost is a powerful combination of multiple B vitamins as well as vitamin C and vitamin E. The dosage is similar to what would be found in a multivitamin. In addition to helping with weight loss, vitamins are vital for general health and wellness. For instance, B vitamins provide energy to the body and brain. Vitamin C is also one of nature’s most abundant antioxidants. It may be hard to lose weight or enjoy other benefits if you do not get enough vitamins.

2. Minerals

Multiple minerals are also included in MitoBoost, including calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, and manganese. No major studies have specifically linked these minerals to weight loss. Studies have shown, however, that they contribute to overall health and wellness. 

You may experience various health and wellness issues, including weight gain if you don’t get the minerals you need every day. Most minerals found in MitoBoost are similar to those in multivitamins.

3. Collagen

Collagen is composed of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Collagen contains 57 percent amino acids from glycline, proline, and hydroxyproline.

The collagen supplements that are made from cow, horse, pig, or fish bones and tissues contain a high level of protein. The purpose of these supplements is to help the body build collagen.

A 2008 study found that increased protein intake can also increase thermogenesis, which affects satiety and energy expenditure. A higher protein diet is also suggested to favour the preservation of muscle mass by stimulating muscle protein anabolism.

Gelatin can also reduce hunger 44 percent more than casein, a protein found in milk, according to a 2009 study.

In addition, taking collagen supplements can help you increase your muscle mass. Collagen is the main structural protein in your muscles. Muscle building is essential for weight loss. At rest, muscles burn more calories, so calorie expenditure is higher.

A study done in 2015 involving older adults found that weight training could reverse sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). The participants received collagen peptide supplements, while the other half received placebos. The muscle mass and strength of those who took collagen peptides improved significantly. The body fat mass of the group also decreased as compared to the placebo group.

Furthermore, collagen appears to reduce fat cell development and accumulation in some instances.

The collagen from skate, a type of fish, was found to reduce body fat in humans in a 2019 study. There was only a small loss of fat, but the results may have implications for weight loss.

4. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

In the body, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) occurs naturally as a sulfur compound. Most people have low levels of MSM in their bodies, which declines with age. Supplementing your diet with MSM might have many benefits, including weight loss, relief from arthritis pain, and overall health improvement.

We need MSM to keep our blood sugar and energy levels balanced, as well as to produce insulin. By breaking down carbohydrates, MSM can increase metabolism and encourage weight loss. MSM also aids in the manufacture of bile, which is essential for digestive health. MSM’s sulfur levels support the body’s acid/alkaline balance, which is crucial to overall health.

According to research in animals, MSM supplements can help with obesity-related insulin resistance and high blood sugar, including a study in the October 2016 issue of Metabolism. Though, human results are hard to predict. Furthermore, better managing insulin or blood sugar doesn’t guarantee weight loss.

The interesting thing about MitoBoost is that, even though it is marketed as a weight-loss supplement, it contains ingredients and herb extracts that have anti-ageing and anti-inflammation properties. 

In MitoBoost, for example, you’ll find a small dose of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the best known anti-ageing ingredients.

Your skin contains about half of your body’s hyaluronic acid, which helps keep moisture in by binding to water. However, exposure to certain factors, such as ultraviolet light from the sun, cigarette smoke and pollution, can decrease its levels in the skin.

Studies suggest that taking hyaluronic acid supplements can prevent this decline by giving the body an additional amount of the nutrient to absorb into the skin.

In MitoBoost, plant extracts such as gotu kola and fo-ti root are used. MitoBoost’s makers do not explain how these ingredients work or what they do. That said, we found that they contain compounds that support the body’s inflammation process.

As an example, Fo-ti is frequently used by mouth to treat or prevent ageing-related conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and memory loss. Folti can also be applied directly to the skin to treat sores, carbuncles, rashes, and itching.

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MitoBoost Ingredients Side Effects

If you take MitoBoost supplements according to the recommended dosage, they are generally safe and have no side effects (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women) due to their natural and well-known ingredients.

However, almost every supplement and vitamin is toxic if taken in excess. Some symptoms of vitamin and supplement overdose include: 

  • Iron: Nausea, bloody stools, diarrhoea, dizziness, headache, fluid build-up in the lungs and fever. 
  • Vitamin A: Hair loss, liver damage, severe headaches, bone pain, blurred vision, dry skin and vomiting.

It is, therefore, reasonable to examine the potential side effects of the ingredients contained in MitoBoost supplements.

1. Collagen Side Effects

When taken as directed, Collagen generally has no side effects. 

However, if you take too much, you might suffer from the following side effects:

  • Feeling of fullness
  • Heartburn
  • Bad taste in the mouth

Talk with a doctor before taking collagen supplements if you:

  • have a chronic disease
  • are taking prescription medication
  • are allergic to fish

2. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Side Effects

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) generally doesn’t have any side effects when taken as directed.

That said, if you overdose on Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), you might experience the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Itching
  • Worsening of allergy symptoms.

Moreover, there is not enough reliable information to determine whether MSM is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Be safe and avoid using.

MitoBoost Complaints

1. Only available on the official website

MitoBoost can only be purchased through the official website, not through other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Therefore, it may not be convenient for people.

However, I completely understand why MitoBoost only sells on its website. By following this practice, a counterfeit product can be prevented and product quality ensured.

2. Insufficient information about the manufacturer of MitoBoost

In order to prevent copying, the Manufacturer does not disclose too much company information. However, MitoBoost’s address can be found at the bottom of their website. This means you can contact the company if there is a problem with the product.

3. MitoBoost does not work for some customers

There are a few customers who have called MitoBoost a scam after not seeing results after a few weeks.

MitoBoost researchers thoroughly researched their formula, which is designed to help people lose weight in a safe and effective way.

Because each person’s body is unique, there are many uncontrollable factors. MitoBoost supplements cannot make a person lose weight if he or she does not exercise, consumes too much fat, or consumes too much sugar.

4. There is no free shipping outside the U.S.

MitoBoost does not provide free shipping outside of the United States. MitoBoost requires you to pay the shipping fee. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me. It is common for people to complain about this because they are used to free shipping.

5. MitoBoost is not cheap

As with many natural supplements, MitoBoost isn’t cheap. Manufacturing costs and quality control are responsible for this. Since MitoBoost supplements use natural ingredients, they tend to be more expensive.

It really depends on how important your health is to you. If you are willing to invest in your health, MitoBoost is definitely worth the price.

6. Delay in delivery

Delivery delays are a common complaint among customers in remote areas or in developing countries.

eCommerce products commonly experience this issue. Global logistics is also affected by COVID 19. There are some areas that are blocked and fewer airlines flying. As a result, customers will experience shipping delays.

As good news, if you really can’t receive an order, you can request a refund. 

Generally, logistics shouldn’t be a problem if you live in a well-developed country, such as the US, United Kingdom, or Canada.

7. Unsuitable for children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women

MitoBoost is not for everyone. It contains natural ingredients that do not usually have any side effects, but it should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Most other types of people are safe from MitoBoost. All you need to do is follow the dosage instructions.

8. MitoBoost is not a miracle cure

Don’t expect extraordinary results from taking just one MitoBoost pill. They aren’t miracle cures.

Many factors contribute to effective weight loss. Even if you use MitoBoost, you need to maintain healthy eating habits. It is not possible to consume a lot of fat and achieve results at the same time.

9. MitoBoost requires regular intake

MitoBoost does not produce results after a few doses, as with all supplements. In order to produce noticeable results, MitoBoost must be consumed every day.

Thus, if you want to lose weight and improve your health, you should not just buy one bottle. It’s not enough.

10. Several exaggerated claims have been made

Reviews of MitoBoost sometimes exaggerate the benefits of the product in order to convince people to buy it. These are not reviews, but sales promotions.

It does not mean that MitoBoost is a scam. Some marketers employ these tactics as part of their marketing strategy. MitoBoost ingredients and the science behind them remain trustworthy.

Despite the complaints, MitoBoost has a lot of positive testimonials. There is a high level of customer satisfaction with MitoBoost. 

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Does MitoBoost Have Any Side Effects?

Some people might have concerns about the side effects of this supplement. Weight loss products sold as safe often come with some unadvertised side effects that should be discussed. 

To begin with, if you take MitoBoost supplements according to the recommended dosage, they are generally safe and have no side effects.

MitoBoost contains only natural ingredients sourced from the highest quality sources without any harmful fillers or chemicals.

Clinical trials have been conducted on the ingredients to ensure that they work efficiently and safely without causing side effects. It is scientifically proven that these ingredients can make a difference in your health as the supplement claims.

Even if there are any side effects, they are usually very mild like nausea, headaches, and lethargy. Some of these symptoms are actually common during and after weight loss, and most of them should disappear after a good rest.

While there have been no reported side effects with MitoBoost supplements, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of your doctor before you start any new diet, supplement, or exercise regime. 

As for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, MitoBoost is not recommended.

Is MitoBoost a Scam?

MitoBoost is definitely not a scam. It’s a legit supplement that can help you lose weight.

Supplements are rife with scams, as are most industries. Because of this, the MitoBoost supplement can only be purchased through the official website. The MitoBoost you find elsewhere is most likely a knockoff.

Moreover, the MitoBoost supplements can be returned within 60 days for a full refund. Other competitors lack the mettle to do this. The manufacturer of MitoBoost does this because they are extremely confident in the quality of their products.

MitoBoost products are made from natural ingredients. According to MitoBoost’s official website, the product is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility under the most sterile and precise conditions.

MitoBoost is a dietary supplement with a strong safety record. There have been no reported side effects during its primary trials. We occasionally receive complaints from customers who feel nauseated after starting MitoBoost. In this case, it is advised that you consult with your doctor before taking MitoBoost if you have any health concerns.

MitoBoost Pricing and Discounts

MitoBoost is not cheap. One bottle costs $69 at the original price. However, when ordering 3 or 6 bottles at a time, the price is $59 or $49. Do not let this deal pass you by.

Here is the price at the time of writing, which might change in the future:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

There are 60 capsules (30 servings) in each bottle of MitoBoost. Taking two capsules daily, a bottle lasts a month (1 month).

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Is MitoBoost Safe To Take?

MitoBoost is a safe supplement. It is manufactured and prepared in an FDA-approved facility. GMP guidelines are followed.

The ingredients are natural and well known to us, so we know that in general they are considered to be safe. 

Just remember not to exceed the recommended daily dose as it may cause some side effects, such as headaches or nausea, in some exceptional cases.

In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, MitoBoost is not recommended. Before taking MitoBoost supplements, you should consult your healthcare provider if you’re taking any medication or have any health issues. 

Besides that, MitoBoost is safe when taken as directed for healthy adults.

How To Use MitoBoost?

MitoBoost is available as capsules. You can swallow it easily, and it has no taste.

There is no unpleasant aftertaste, despite the presence of herbal blends.

The user manual also provides instructions on how to take the supplement. There are enough capsules in each bottle. Take the pills as directed with water before going to bed.

Taking MitoBoost daily can yield the best results. It is, however, important to never exceed the recommended dosage.

Who Should Not Use MitoBoost?

MitoBoost is not for everyone. For safety reasons, the following people should not take MitoBoost:

  • Are not at least 18 years of age
  • Are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Have a medical issue or condition that causes insomnia or weight gain

If you have any medical conditions that are allergic to the MitoBoost ingredients, you should consult the doctor before taking MitoBoost.

Where To Get The Best Price of MitoBoost?

MitoBoost is not available on Amazon or any local stores like Walmart, Walgreens, GNC. You can only order from the official website.

You receive a money-back guarantee from MitoBoost if you are unsatisfied with their product within 60 days of purchasing.

Currently, they are offering a big discount. Don’t hesitate to buy MitoBoost if you’re interested in it. I don’t know when the sale will end.  

MitoBoost Review: Final Verdict

MitoBoost is a diet pill that claims to help you lose weight. By taking two capsules of MitoBoost per day, you can burn fat more effectively than ever before.

I’m intrigued by many aspects of its formula. Its formula is particularly impressive because all ingredients have been proven to assist in weight loss to some degree. 

For those looking for a proven weight loss supplement, MitoBoost could be the right choice. The combination of supplements like this one with healthy eating and exercise is one of the best ways to maximize your weight loss chances.

Because MitoBoost is free from allergens, GMOs, chemicals, and toxins, it is perfectly safe to consume. Ingredients in this product are natural and backed by scientific research.

Since it has no side effects, it doesn’t hurt to try it. Upon dissatisfaction with MitoBoost, you can receive a refund within 60 days.

You are welcome to post a comment if you have any questions.

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MitoBoost Review FAQs

1. How often should I take MitoBoost?

As a result of our experience, we have found that MitoBoost works best when taken 2 capsules with water or a cold beverage daily. 

The standard MitoBoost supply should last up to 30 days when taken six times a day. Your supply will last less than 30 days if you take 2 capsules per day.

2. How long does MitoBoost take to work?

Due to MitoBoost’s nature, you can expect a natural, gradual result, not one that is abrupt. Kicking in your body’s metabolism and burning fat may take some time.

There have been thousands of people who have successfully used it, but everyone is different, so what one individual achieves in two weeks may not be the same in four weeks, for example. In general, MitoBoost works quickly but requires consistency and adherence to the dosage prescribed.

You can continue to take MitoBoost as long as needed as it’s made from natural ingredients with no side effects. Losing 1- 2 pounds per week is considered a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss, depending on the amount of calories consumed and how active you are.

If you reach your goal, you can continue taking MitoBoost to help maintain your weight loss or you can stop taking it. You can easily resume taking MitoBoost if you begin to gain weight until you have gained control again.

3. How and Where Is MitoBoost Made?

Under strict aseptic conditions, MitoBoost is manufactured in FDA approved facilities in the United States. Non-GMO and all-natural ingredients are used.

The ingredients are sourced from trusted sources so as to ensure the highest level of quality and cost-effectiveness.

4. How Much Weight Can You Lose With MitoBoost?

By using MitoBoost, Ben claims that you can shed two additional pounds of fat each day through your urine. Both he and his wife say they gained 200 pounds after getting married, then lost all the weight after taking MitoBoost.

Ben shares other tips on how to lose weight, including:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat cheat meals regularly
  • Consume more protein and fibre than carbs to feel fuller faster
  • Make a meal plan for each day to avoid unexpected snacking
  • Sleep and eat in a strict schedule to maximize metabolism and hunger

5. How Much Does MitoBoost Cost?

The price is currently heavily discounted, but it may change at any time. Starting prices are $69 for 30 days supply. Shipping is free in the United States. Discounts are larger when you purchase more.

6. How long does it take for MitoBoost to be delivered?

Approximately five to seven business days are required to ship US and Canadian orders. Shipments to international addresses usually take 8-15 business days (plus customs clearance time).

7. Is MitoBoost available on Amazon?

No, the company’s official website is the only place to order MitoBoost.

8. What is MitoBoost Contact?

Support is available 24/7 at MitoBoost’s email address: [email protected]

9. Can MitoBoost be used by diabetics?

There is no reason why diabetics cannot take MitoBoost. That said, if you have diabetes, we do advise you to talk to your doctor before taking MitoBoost.

10. Do oral contraceptives interfere with MitoBoost?

As a natural food supplement, MitoBoost does not interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

11. How does the money-back guarantee work?

The company is very confident in its product quality, which is why they offer a generous money-back guarantee. Within 60 days, you can return the MitoBoost supplement for a refund.

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