Metabolic Renewal Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Have you heard about Metabolic Renewal? It’s a weight loss program that promises to boost your metabolism through customizing your diet and workout based on your hormone type. Sounds cool, right? Well, hold up – there’s some debate on the science behind it all.

Despite some drawbacks, a lot of people are giving it a shot to up their energy, tackle cravings, and improve overall health. But is it right for you? Let’s break down the upsides and downsides to help you decide.

What is Metabolic Renewal?

Looking to give your metabolism a boost? Look no further than Metabolic Renewal. This program was created by naturopathic doctor Jade Teta, who’s an expert in natural health and fitness.

The program uses Teta’s “4 M” framework – Mindset, Movement, Meals, and Metabolics – to optimize your metabolism. And, it’s all based on the idea that there are seven distinct hormone types. By figuring out your specific hormone type, you’ll be able to enhance your metabolism even further.

You’ll get a 12-week meal plan with recipes tailored to your hormone type, plus access to a bunch of 15-minute workouts and guidebooks on balancing hormone levels and eliminating belly fat. And the best part? You have two options to choose from. You can go with the online version and download or stream the workouts on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Or, for an extra fee, you can get the online access plus DVDs and printed materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your metabolism the boost it needs with Metabolic Renewal.

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How to Follow Metabolic Renewal?

Ready to get your metabolism on track? Metabolic Renewal is here to help. The first step is to take the online quiz to figure out your hormone type. The quiz asks about your age, menstrual cycle, health history, and weight loss goals.

Once you know your hormone type, you can follow the plan with confidence using the “The Hormone-Balancing Roadmap.” Meal plans are based on the 3-2-1 diet, which includes three meals a day with two being protein and veggies only, and one having a small serving of starch. The program provides a detailed meal plan with recipes, but feel free to get creative and make your own meals as long as you stick to the 3-2-1 principles.

And, there’s a workout plan too! Metabolic Renewal’s 12-week program has four phases and requires you to exercise for 15 minutes three times a week using the program’s Intelligent Workouts, which blend resistance and cardio training. On your days off, the program recommends taking a walk for a set amount of time, based on your hormone type, to keep your metabolism humming.

Need some extra support? Join Metabolic Renewal’s private online community where you can connect with others who are on the same journey. And, all the resources you need are included in the online version of the program or the DVD and printed materials collection, available for a one-time fee.

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Foods To Eat And Avoid

If you’re looking for a healthy eating plan, Metabolic Renewal could be just what you need. The goal is to eat a diet that’s low in carbs and high in protein, but don’t worry – you won’t have to give up all your favorite foods! You can still enjoy fruits, grains, fats, and oils in moderation.

Here are some foods you can dig into:

  • Fruits (moderately): apples, oranges, kiwi, melons, berries, peaches, and plums
  • Veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, tomatoes, and carrots
  • Meat: beef, lamb, and pork
  • Fish: salmon, codfish, mackerel, sardines, and halibut
  • Poultry: chicken, turkey, goose, and duck
  • Grains (moderately): quinoa, couscous, rice, oats, and buckwheat
  • Fats and oils (moderately): olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, and avocados
  • Drinks: water, black coffee, and unsweetened tea
  • Herbs and spices: turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, and garlic

And here’s what to limit:

  • Processed foods: fast food, frozen meals, breakfast cereal, granola bars, and microwave popcorn
  • Sweets: cake, cookies, candy, and baked goods
  • Salty snacks: crackers, pretzels, and potato chips
  • Sugar-sweetened drinks: soda, sweet tea, sports drinks, and energy drinks
  • Added sugars: honey, table sugar, maple syrup, and brown sugar

It’s all about balance! Enjoy the foods you love in moderation, and don’t be afraid to indulge every once in a while.

Customer Reviews And Reputation

The program’s parent company, Natural Health Sherpa, has an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. That’s good to know, but it’s worth mentioning that Natural Health Sherpa has been involved in some lawsuits in the past.

As for Metabolic Renewal, it failed to pass Healthline’s vetting process. The reason being, the program makes lots of health claims without providing any solid evidence to support them. Plus, there are some concerns about the program’s safety and effectiveness.

However, based on 114 customer reviews on its Facebook page, Metabolic Renewal has a rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars. Some customers have complained about being charged for supplements they didn’t order, or having trouble getting refunds or contacting customer service. But, there are also positive reviews from folks who say the program has worked for them, and that the workouts are quick, easy, and effective.

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Benefits of Metabolic Renewal

Weight Loss Support

  • Metabolic Renewal encourages a diet full of whole foods like meats, fish, poultry, and veggies. These foods are often lower in calories and richer in nutrients compared to processed foods.
  • Studies suggest that low-carb diets can help with weight and fat loss, and Metabolic Renewal is low in carbs.
  • Eating more protein can keep you full longer and support weight loss.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • No need to track calories, measure food, or count macros.
  • Customize your meal plan with other recipes or create your own.
  • Offers options for paleo, keto, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

Drawbacks of Metabolic Renewal

Benefits aside, let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of this program.

Science doesn’t support it

Sorry to break it to you, but the idea of seven specific female hormone types isn’t supported by scientific research.

In reality, the positive effects of this program are probably just due to the dietary and lifestyle changes it recommends, not the so-called optimization of female metabolism.

Short-term solution, long-term problem

Metabolic Renewal is only meant to be followed for 12 weeks.

While it may result in quick weight loss, it’s likely that you’ll gain the weight back once you go back to your regular diet.

That’s because temporary dietary changes don’t usually lead to permanent lifestyle habits.

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Metabolic Renewal Pricing

Whether you want the convenience of the online version for $97 or you’re a fan of tangible materials (DVDs and printed materials), there’s an option for you. Just note that if you go for the latter, there’s an added fee for shipping and handling.

But the good news is, both options come with a sweet discount on the company’s website and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not feeling it. And if you’re feeling extra motivated, there are even optional add-ons you can snag at checkout like an audiobook and some supplements to boost your progress. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to renew your metabolism!

Sample 3-day menu

Metabolic Renewal Meal Plan – A 3-Day Sample

Meal Plan Flexibility

  • The 12-week meal plan is provided, but you can also make your own meals using the diet’s guidelines.

Day 1 Eats

  • Breakfast: Protein-Packed Smoothie (protein powder, banana, flax seeds, spinach)
  • Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots)
  • Dinner: Garlic Pork Chops with Couscous and Asparagus
  • Snack: Hard-Boiled Eggs

Day 2 Delights

  • Breakfast: Apple-Kale Smoothie (protein powder, apple, chia seeds, kale)
  • Lunch: Beef and Veggie Stir-Fry (cauliflower rice, veggies, beef)
  • Dinner: Baked Salmon with Broccoli and Quinoa
  • Snack: Cucumbers with Hummus

Day 3 Treats

  • Breakfast: Berry-Beet Smoothie (protein powder, berries, hemp seeds, beets)
  • Lunch: Turkey Chopped Salad (red cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes)
  • Dinner: Grilled Mackerel with Sweet Potato Wedges and Sautéed Kale
  • Snack: Peanut Butter with Celery

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Pros and cons of Metabolic Renewal

Well, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:


  • It might help you lose weight in the short-term.
  • It’s simple, flexible, and easy to follow.
  • You’ve got options to choose from different diet patterns.


  • There’s not much solid evidence to back it up.
  • It’s only designed to be followed for 12 weeks, which could mean the weight comes back.
  • It’s a bit pricier compared to other diet plans.
  • Some people have reported issues with unexpected charges and trouble getting refunds.

Metabolic Renewal Review: Final Verdict

Metabolic Renewal program is all about helping women optimize their metabolism by tweaking their diet and exercise habits.

Here’s the thing though – while the diet may be flexible and promise some short-term weight loss, it’s based on some questionable health claims. And once you go back to your regular eating habits, you’ll probably see that weight creep back up. So, is it worth it? You decide.

Alternatives to Metabolic Renewal for Weight Loss and Health Improvements

Looking to shed some pounds, balance your hormones, or just improve your health? Check out these options:

  • WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). This weight loss program assigns points values to food and gives you a personal points budget to work with. You can also get extra support through one-on-one coaching or group workshops.
  • Noom. This app-based program helps you form healthier habits to support weight loss and general health. Foods and drinks are sorted into green, yellow, or red categories based on calorie density, and you’ll have a virtual support team to keep you motivated.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet. Want sustainable weight loss? The Mayo Clinic Diet is a digital program that offers meal plans, at-home workouts, and an online food log to help you stay on track.

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So you’re thinking about trying out Metabolic Renewal, huh? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about the program.

Will it really balance my metabolism?

Well, there’s no magic pill for a balanced metabolism, but following the diet and lifestyle changes in the program may lead to weight loss.

How long should I use it?

The program is designed for a 12-week commitment, but you can repeat it until you reach your goals.

Any free trial offer?

Sorry, no free trial, but you can check out the discounted rates and 90-day money-back guarantee on the website.

Who’s it for?

If you’re looking for a structured diet and exercise plan to keep you on track, Metabolic Renewal might be worth a shot. Just keep in mind, there are plenty of other diet options that are more affordable and better for long-term weight loss.

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