MANTRA Labs Super Greens Review – A Supplement Scam?

Are you looking for a MANTRA Labs Super Greens review? Is MANTRA Labs Super Greens a scam? 

There are millions of Americans who take vitamins or supplements every day, so you’re not alone. In addition to a healthy diet, there is evidence that some supplements can benefit your overall well-being with little to no risk.

Sadly, the supplement industry is also home to plenty of scammers who spread misinformation to hype questionable products and lure the unwary with deceptive marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been scammed yourself or if you would like to learn more, our reviews will give you the knowledge you need to spot and avoid scams with more confidence.

We have researched the brand MANTRA Labs thoroughly in the past week to determine if it is a good supplement or just another waste of money. 

In this MANTRA Labs Super Greens review, we’re going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision.

What is MANTRA Labs Super Greens?

Powder supplements from MANTRA Labs blend easily with beverages or smoothies of your choice. You will get the energy and nutrients you need all day long to get more done in less time with this product.

This relatively new brand, co-founded by Jared Padalecki, has already accumulated 14.8k followers on Instagram. For its clean and natural formulas, it continues to turn heads for supporting waking up, exercising, and going to sleep.

The new Super Greens by MANTRA Labs is made of USDA Organic whole-food vegetables, prebiotic fiber, alkalizing grasses, super fruits, super greens and vitamins.  Add a delicious organic all-in-one health boost to your daily wellness routine. 

This mighty blend has 1 full serving of fiber – more fiber than the leading fiber supplements. 

Finally, a convenient, delicious, and comprehensive superfood shake you’ll want to actually drink.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand and where it came from, this MANTRA Labs review will go over some pros and cons of Super Greens:


  • 1 full serving of organic vegetables (14 kale leaves, one broccoli floret, and four spinach leaves in every delicious scoop)
  • Immune supporting with 100% of your RDA of Vitamins C, D3, Zinc and Selenium in vegan, highly absorbable forms
  • Science-backed, synergistic formulation
  • Simple to use and perfectly dosed
  • 0 sugar
  • Organically sweetened
  • Delicious, natural flavor
  • Drink daily and feel the difference
  • Mix with 12-24 ounces of water for desired taste, or mix into a smoothie for an added boost!


  • Not available for customers outside the US

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MANTRA Labs Super Greens Ingredients

There are prebiotics, super greens and super fruits in the Super Greens formula by MANTRA Labs.However, each of the nutrients used supports overall health in their own way.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss MANTRA Labs Super Greene’s key ingredients:

Organic prebiotic fiber blend 

Only 5% of Americans get the fiber they need every day. A tastier option than prune juice, this fiber blend provides 29% of your daily needs – more fiber than many fiber supplements offer. Plus, with the focus on gut health, you’ll also be supporting your immune, hormone and mood health, while helping your body absorb nutrients from your food easier. 

Every glass of SUPER GREENS not only nourishes and energizes you, it also helps you get more out of the rest of your food all day.

Organic whole food greens blend

Rather than on the side of your plate, this organic blend puts the greens directly in your drink. You might not see it, but there is an entire serving of TruServⓇ whole food vegetables in there to support your daily nutritional needs. 

That’s right – 14 kale leaves, 1 broccoli floret and 4 spinach leaves in every scoop. Add in alkalizing wheat grass, spirulina and barley grass and you can see why it is called Super Greens. 

Organic fruit blend

Free radicals are formed during your body’s everyday metabolic processes. You get even more just by breathing polluted air. When your free radicals get out of balance, they can start a chain reaction leading to oxidative stress. 

This organic fruit blend provides antioxidants and powerful polyphenols to help defend against excess free radicals. Research shows polyphenols can help manage blood pressure levels and keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting good circulation. They also help reduce chronic inflammation, another risk factor for heart disease. Polyphenols can reduce and help control your blood sugar levels.


PureWay-C is a lipid fatty acid formula that absorbs quickly and is clinically studied to be retained 233% better than all other forms of ascorbate (Vitamin C) currently available.

PureWay-C is a great and versatile ingredient for immune boosting formulations (tablets, capsules, softgels, sachets, liquid formulations and more) and allows all EFSA Approved Health Claims for Vitamin C.

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Animal lovers rejoice. We’re leaving the lamb’s wool and fish alone. VegD3® provides a sustainable, 100% plant-sourced, vegan alternative for the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D – Vitamin D3. 

It is suitable for use across a wide range of Food, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Animal Nutrition applications. 

Whereas in the past D2 (Ergocalciferol, a Vitamin D analog) has been used in vegetarian and vegan Vitamin D products, the suitability and bioavailability of D2 continues to be questioned. 

VegD3® now offers the perfect universally-acceptable Vitamin D ingredient source, in the form the body naturally produces: D3 (cholecalciferol).

With 100% of the daily value, you’ll get much-needed support for your bones, mood, immune system, heart health, and so much more.

Selenium & Zinc

This duo works together to help mop up excess free radicals, reducing oxidative stress, and supports your immune system.

Zinc and selenium work great together, working with what is known in biology as a synergistic effect. The synergistic effect is when the interaction between chemical substances causes an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effect of any of the substances.

First, zinc promotes immunity through direct, indirect and antioxidants mechanisms, as it is crucial for the development and correct functioning of cells that are responsible for the body’s immunity such as macrophages, large cells found in the tissues or as white blood cells when an infection occurs. 

When you are in deficiency of zinc, your body isn’t able to produce healthy new cells, leading to a lower immune system thanks to a lower amount of cells fighting viruses and infections. Additionally, zinc deficiency not only compromises immunity but also shifts the immune system towards an inflammatory state.

Then we have selenium, which works as an important antioxidant in the body, reducing inflammation and enhancing immunity, and it also prevents the mutation of viruses and the appearance and new high-pathogenic strains. 

Although a selenium deficiency is rare and mostly seen in patients over 60 years old, it is important to make sure to get a proper intake and that the body correctly absorbs it if you don’t want to lose the immune benefits of it.

Supplementation of these two minerals is highly recommended, specially taken together as they boost each other’s effect and with it, boost also the immune system, reducing the risk of diseases and infections, and also the risk of complications in case you get sick.

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Is MANTRA Labs Super Greens Worth It?

This MANTRA Labs Super Greens review believes that the supplement may be right for you if you’re looking for a natural immunity or an energy boost. MANTRA Labs’ mission is to make life easier.

The formulas are specially designed to give our bodies what they need at the right time according to the natural rhythms of our bodies.

We found hundreds of testimonials attesting to the effectiveness and taste of the products. However, the price was the biggest complaint.

You can sign up for a subscription and receive a 25% discount, which makes the price a bit more bearable.

We always appreciate when people support mental health initiatives, which is why we support this brand. The company donates 1% of all profits to such organizations, including Bring Change To Mind.

MANTRA Labs Super Greens is worth the investment if you desire clean energy and are willing to make a long-term commitment to your health. MANTRA Labs supplements are proven to work.

MANTRA Labs Super Greens Promotions & Discounts

In this MANTRA Labs Super Greens review, we found a number of promotional offers to save you money. The brand posts exclusive discounts on its Instagram account.

As a young brand, it intends to prove its value by offering regular discounts to entice customers to try its products. There are currently the following savings options:

  • Get 20% off your first order by signing up for their mailing list
  • Get $15 off your order (for both of you!) when you refer a friend
  • Get auto-renewing deliveries to your door each month for 25% less than the regular price by joining the monthly membership program

MANTRA Labs Super Greens Shipping Policy

MANTRA Labs offers free shipping if you spend $40 or more. In addition, your order should be shipped the same day if it is placed before 2 p.m. CT.

As a result of COVID-19, larger orders could take two business days to process and ship. As we understand it, the company will do its best to get your order to you ASAP.

MANTRA Labs will ship your order anywhere in the US (yes, they deliver to Alaska and Hawaii). Your order should be with you within seven days. Customers outside the US will not be able to order.

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MANTRA Labs Super Greens Return Policy

The standard return deadline for MANTRA Labs is 30 days from the date the product is delivered. Sometimes, however, you might not be required to return the item.

When a physical return is required, the brand will pay for the shipping costs and provide a shipping label if it is concerned about keeping you happy.

This MANTRA Labs Super Greens review also found that you’ll receive your refund in about five business days, at which point it will be credited to the account you used to make the purchase.

Where to Buy MANTRA Labs Super Greens

You can buy the Super Greens directly at There is an official Amazon business page for the brand where all of its best-sellers can be purchased.

MANTRA Labs Super Greens Reviews: Final Verdict

Customers have given MANTRA Labs Super Greens positive reviews, but you should still speak with your healthcare provider before starting a new dietary regimen. Many supplements on the market have various ingredients and fillers. They can have side effects and may interact negatively with drugs. Therefore, you need proper guidance from your doctor to help you make the right decisions.

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MANTRA Labs Super Greens FAQ

When Should I Take Super Greens?

You can take Super Greens in the morning or lunchtime as a quick way to get alkalizing grasses, greens, and super fruits in. As an added bonus, Super Greens has enough fiber to help satiate you so you’re not hungry again half an hour later. That means it can also make a great mid-day snack if your stomach is grumbling.

How is all that fiber in there?

MANTRA Labs Super Greens actually has more fiber (almost 2x) than many fiber supplements. Not only that, the fiber is a premium organic prebiotic mix including oat, acacia and Jerusalem artichoke.

Does Super Greens contain sugar?

No, Super Greens does not contain any sugar. It’s sweetened naturally and tastes like mixed berries with a hint of apple juice.

What can I mix organic Super Greens with?

Super Greens mixes easily with water – without being grainy and gritty. You can also add Super Greens to your favorite shake, smoothie, or fresh-squeezed juice.

How does organic Super Greens taste?

With the natural flavors of mixed berries and apple, you’ll look forward to getting your daily greens. Because when greens aren’t tooth-shatteringly sweet, don’t taste like a freshly mown lawn, and actually taste good, something amazing happens: you accidentally create the habit of getting a healthy dose of greens every day.

How to Contact MANTRA Labs

If you have any questions after reading this MANTRA Labs review, the brand wants to hear from you. Here are your options:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Message Form: Available on its website
  • Mail: 9600 Escarpment Boulevard, Suite 745-260, Austin, Texas 78749

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