Make Your Own Gym at Home

If you don’t want to constantly spend money on a gym membership or to exercise in crowded gyms, but you still would want to exercise, this section will provide you with some ideas for doing exactly that. For those who can afford the items, the following list will definitely prove to be useful in daily exercising and keeping your body healthy. If your income allows you to spend a certain amount of money on home gym equipment, you will be able to have a daily exercising regimen right in your home.

With these ideas on how to make your own gym at your own home, you can have exactly what your body wants and needs. Whether you want to exercise your muscles, increase your muscle strength, or do some cardio exercises, the list below provides you with the best equipment to do just that. The following equipment will provide you with the opportunity to work on your muscles, flexibility, cardio, and strength.

A Punching Bag

When you come home after a hard day at work, you might sometimes just want to hit somebody. Well, a punching bag provides you with the opportunity to do that. A workout session on the punching bag is one of the best cardio workouts that can be done with the equipment mentioned in this part. 

The workout that you will be doing with a punching bag will help you be in shape, increase the strength of your body, make your muscles leaner, as well as burn a good amount of calories while relieving all of your stress. 

Another benefit of a punching bag that must be mentioned is the opportunity for you to develop your self-defence abilities, which can be crucial at some point in your life. A workout on a punching bag will also help be more balanced and coordinated. What must be noted here are, once again, the notion of the proper use of the equipment and the notion of pre-warm up. 

One of the greatest benefits of a punching bag is the amount of money you need to spend to set up such equipment in comparison to similar workout sessions in the gym. On that note, a solid-quality punching bag can be obtained at Amazon for $89.99.

Punching bags can help you work out your entire body. If you want a specific workout to follow, kickboxing and regular boxing are great ones to look at. However, if you just want to have something to punch, owning a punching bag will be extremely beneficial. So many things will be improved, including your power, aerobic fitness, coordination, core strength, and even your boxing technique. 

When using a punching bag, the main muscles you use are going to be in the upper body. The shoulders, arms, back, chest, and waist will constantly be used, which will help you stay in shape and shed off the pounds. Depending on what kinds of jabs you do, you will work those muscles in different ways.

Investing in a punching bag means you’ll be able to see your body transform in front of you. You can always destress after a particularly long day of work, which is something everyone wants to do at one point or another. As long as you stick to the proper techniques and always prepare properly, you’ll have great progress with a punching bag.

An Elliptical Machine

One of the best benefits of an elliptical machine is the fact that it enables you to have low-impact workout sessions. These kinds of sessions are very important for people who have certain health issues, such as heart conditions or back pain.

For those people, equipment like this provides them with the opportunity to work out, repair their injuries, and burn calories in a way that is adjusted to their body limitations. An elliptical machine is a great opportunity to work your arm and leg muscles, as well as to increase the strength of your body in general.

Moreover, a workout on an elliptical machine will improve coordination between your hands and legs, as well as throughout your body. Elliptical machines are also very effective in helping you recover from injuries and boosting your immune system because the effort put in the exercise on this equipment is not too hard for an injured body to handle but still intense enough to boost your heartbeat rate. 

Furthermore, this type of machine will enable you to multitask because it will allow you to watch a movie or your favorite cooking show while still exercising. As regards the cost, it must be noted that the price is not one of the advantages as it is one of the costliest among the equipment in this section. That being said, an elliptical machine can be bought at Amazon for $1,169.97.

The elliptical is a great machine for people with many different body types, young or old. It provides a low-impact workout, making it easy on the joints and on your body in general while still being a huge calorie burner. At the same time, there isn’t any weight-bearing element to it like there is on a treadmill, so you won’t get the same bone and muscle strengthening as you would with a treadmill. 

If you have bad joints, then an elliptical is definitely the first choice you should consider. Some people have found the elliptical boring or not challenging enough, but it can do so much more than people seem to give it credit for. 

This piece of equipment is great because it doesn’t just provide a leg workout: it provides an arm workout, too. Of course, you need to use the bars if you want it to definitely work your upper body. Another phenomenal thing about the elliptical is that you don’t always have to go forward. You can actually reverse your movements and go backwards, which gives your quads a much bigger workout.

Another great benefit is that an elliptical is highly sought after as a way to bounce back from injuries. After you get the doctor’s approval, an elliptical might be a great way to get full motion back in your knee, ankle, or hips. It works all of these areas to some extent, strengthening them and making them better than they were before the injury. 

On top of that, there’s also the fun part where it’s easy to multitask on an elliptical. Maybe there’s a TV show or a movie you really want to watch. Maybe you have a book that you’re close to finishing. The elliptical is a great way to be able to do just that. Overall, an elliptical is a great choice for so many different reasons, but it’s up to you if it’s right for your needs.

A Treadmill

One of the most typical equipment for exercising is the treadmill. Being one of the main elements of every gym, a treadmill is also one of the most popular exercise equipment. Running is healthy. Running in nature is healthier.

However, if you don’t have the opportunity to run in nature, or weather conditions are not allowing such an activity, a treadmill will be a great choice if you need to stay indoors and still do some exercise. One of the advantages of using a treadmill in your exercise regimen is the fact that you, as a user, can control the way in which you run. 

What this means is that you are able to control the speed of the run, how much resistance you want, and other elements. Additionally, some treadmills have step counters, which provide you with the opportunity to monitor what distance you have run. 

There are also counters for burned calories with the same purpose. Just like ordinary running, a treadmill enables you to burn calories, as well as increase your heart rate or blood flow and the level of oxygen in the cardiovascular system. Running on a treadmill has another advantage, and that is multitasking. 

While running on a treadmill, you are still able to watch your favorite TV show while exercising. However, treadmills also have certain disadvantages. One of these is the fact that the maintenance of the device is too complicated for the common user, so a professional has to do the maintaining, and that can sometimes cause certain problems. 

Another problem related to treadmills is their size. In the majority of cases, they occupy a lot of space, so a pre-condition of buying a treadmill is securing enough space. One of the most crucial disadvantages of treadmills is their price. You can purchase a treadmill at Amazon within the price range of $999 to $2,000.

The treadmill is a great choice for those who want a lot of versatility in the way they run. Maybe it’s your first time running. You’ll be able to set your treadmill at lower settings. Maybe you want it to be very challenging. You can set it on a hill or at a faster rate, making it much harder on the body. 

You can definitely lose some weight on a treadmill. While it’s always a good idea to vary your workouts, if you spend 40 minutes on a treadmill every day amidst your other workouts, then you’ll easily notice a change in your body. Given that a treadmill is more demanding on your body, you’ll actually burn a lot more calories than you might burn otherwise. 

Treadmills are also one of the most researched workout equipment out there, so they have been modified and improved in many different ways. These are especially good for those who enjoy walking and running compared to other workouts. 

While you’ll still need to complete other workouts in order to get your body in the shape you want, you can definitely have the treadmill as your main cardio source.

Medicine Balls

All the equipment mentioned so far comprised machine equipment. However, all exercise equipment does not need to be mechanical in order to be functional and beneficial for your health and body. One piece of such equipment is a medicine ball. 

Medicine balls are often used by professional athletes because they improve endurance, strength, coordination, and flexibility, along with many other benefits. The history of the medicine balls goes back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, medicine balls were used by healers in order to improve the recovery of patients who sustained certain types of injuries. Unlike many other types of equipment, medicine balls are suitable for everyone. 

People of all ages are able to use them in their workouts. There are several sizes of medicine balls, starting from 2 pounds to 12 pounds, so they are suitable even for children. One of the most important advantages of medicine balls is the fact that they help improve the strength of the abdominal region, as well as the spine and the lower and upper back.

The most important concept is related to medicine balls in motion. In order to enjoy the benefits of medicine balls, your body must be in motion while using them.

Whether it be by moving your torso from side to side while holding medicine balls in your hands, throwing medicine balls up against the wall and catching them, or having someone throw you a medicine ball while you try to catch it, medicine balls seem to be one of the best non-mechanical pieces of equipment used for exercise. 

Moreover, medicine balls are often used in the rehabilitation process. If you, by any chance, have injured a shoulder, medicine balls would be a great choice for recovery. One way in which you could use medicine balls, in this case, is to take a 2-pound medicine ball, stand next to the wall, throw the medicine ball against the wall using the hand on the side of your injured shoulder, raise your arm above your head, and try to catch the ball as it comes back. 

The injured shoulder is used to throw the medicine ball against the wall. It is also important to emphasize that before taking up medicine balls for exercise, pre-warm up is crucial. Otherwise, you risk getting injuries or making an already existing injury worse. It is important also to mention that the price of this equipment is not that high, as it can be purchased at Amazon for $59.11.

Using a medicine ball is also a great thing to do with a friend, which will make it a great workout. There are so many different workouts you can do with a partner, but one of them is the sit-up pass. With this, each person lays with ankles in line with each other. One has the medicine ball, and you both sit up.

The one with the medicine ball passes it to the other person, and then you both lay back down. The faster you can do this exercise without going too fast that you lose control, the more of a workout you’ll be able to get. Working with a partner is always a great idea with something like this since you’ll both be in motion, even when you don’t have the medicine ball in your hands.

Medicine balls are great because of the different weights you can choose from. You can start out with a lower weight, and as you progress, you can increase the weight. Many gyms will have medicine balls up to twenty or thirty pounds. If you would like to get higher weighted medicine balls, then look for them online.

Medicine balls can add a lot to your daily workout. If you do many reps with a lower weight, just like with any weightlifting regimen, you’ll be able to slowly build the muscle you want without needing a machine to help you.

A Jump Rope

Not all pieces of equipment for exercise need to be expensive or technically sophisticated. Some of them can be as simple as a rope. This is exactly the case with a jump rope – no sophisticated programs, no hardware, no software, and no cables – just plain and simple rope. 

Although it may seem like a child’s game, a jump rope is actually pretty effective in burning calories and losing weight. A jump rope exercise will burn 480 calories in half an hour of training. Ten minutes spent exercising with a jump rope has the same effect as a 30-minute running session. Jumping rope in several sets will improve your body coordination like few other pieces of exercise equipment. 

Jumping rope is often performed by professional athletes, such as footballers, boxers, tennis players, basketball players, and many others for a quick cardio exercise that boosts their blood flow and increases their heartbeat rate. 

One of the reasons why professional athletes use jump rope is the fact that such exercise helps with the recovery of a previously sustained foot or ankle injury. One of the best advantages of a jump rope is its size. Being small in size, it is possible to bring it with your wherever you go. 

Consequently, this means that you don’t have to miss a workout even if you are travelling because you can bring your jump rope with you in your bag. Surprisingly, jump rope exercises also affect the brain’s cognitive functions because they incorporate three elements (coordination, rhythm, and strategic organization) into an exercise plan. 

One of the best advantages of a jump rope is its price. It is one of the most affordable pieces of equipment for exercise that you can find on the market. It can be purchased at Amazon for only $14.97.

Another great thing about a jump rope is that it can really power up your speed levels. If you get a regular jump rope, there’s a great possibility that you’ll be able to go faster than you ever thought you could. If you want a little more of a challenge, though, you can buy a weighted jump rope. 

This will allow you to gain some muscle through this simple exercise. Moreover, your endurance levels will go way up. Having weight on something that is meant to be moved quickly helps your body be ready for unexpected things. 

Weighted jump ropes are also good for losing weight. They are specifically made with the idea of burning calories in mind. This means that if you are really into losing some weight, a weighted jump rope might just be what’s right for you. This will allow you to shed off the pounds by mixing a jump rope with your usual workout routine. In no time, you’ll be marvelling at how you managed to become the person you wanted to be.

Ab Wheel

Another pretty affordable piece of exercise equipment is the ab wheel. An ab wheel is a small wheel that has two handles on either side. This piece of equipment can be purchased at Amazon for $28. 

Although exercises performed with the ab wheel may seem to require little effort from the user, the reality is totally different. You might have a problem in the beginning when you start to use the ab wheel unless you already possess a powerful core and well-balanced body. 

One of the best advantages of this piece of equipment is that when you use it, your spine returns to a natural position, and your muscles get well-balanced. A natural position of your spine means good posture for your body and, consequently, a healthier spine and bones. When you use the ab wheel correctly, your body uses several muscles in order to push the wheel away and bring it closer. 

Exercising with an ab wheel involves more than 20 muscles. If you want eye-turning abs and, more importantly, a healthy body, you might use the ab wheel because the parts of your body that exert the most effort are the abdominal muscles. 

The ab wheel is also a very good piece of equipment for burning calories and losing weight. It is small in size, so you can bring it with you on your travels, which makes it one of only a few pieces of equipment that are portable. You should be very careful when using this equipment because if it is used in the wrong way, it may result in certain injuries.

Although there are many advantages of an ab wheel, it also has several disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is the amount of pressure that this kind of exercise places on your lower back. If the muscles of your lower back and hips are not strong enough, it is possible that this exercise may result in pain or even injury.

It’s very important to know how to use an ab wheel properly. Again, improper use can lead to injury, which is the last thing you want when trying to be in shape or to lose weight. 

In order to use this device properly, you need to follow these steps: Place the ab wheel below your shoulders, latching onto the handles, and having your arms and back straight. From there, roll the wheel forward slowly. 

Make sure to keep your core tightened and your back straight, as these will reduce the chances of any injury. Once you get to the furthest point you can while still keeping your body straight, move back using your core. Be sure not to use your hips to move back, as this will completely negate all of the work you’ve tried to do. 

This is the basic ab wheel exercise that will get your abs working. If your abs are not very strong, this will likely be a difficult thing to start doing. Patience is needed here. Eventually, you will be able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. If you become too impatient and try to do things before you should, this will end in disaster. However, if you stick with the plan, then things can work out in your favour.


The kettlebell is a piece of exercise equipment that looks similar to a cannonball but with a handle on it. Kettlebells come in a variety of weights and are quite inexpensive. Exercises performed with kettlebells combine cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training, and they are easy to learn and perform properly.

The benefit of kettlebell exercises is that they tend to work several key muscle groups at a time, which means that these exercises fall more under interval training than traditional weightlifting despite the fact that it may look like lifting weights. 

Kettlebell exercises tend to involve multiple repetitions, but beginners should start out slowly and focus on doing the exercises properly rather than achieving high numbers of repetitions.

Kettlebell exercises offer improved range of motion, mobility, and strength, but should be avoided by people who have shoulder or back problems. They can be as cheap as $8 on Amazon, making them a great thing to add to your equipment.

Given that they are such an inexpensive device to add to your equipment, you can buy them in many different weights and add them to your medicine ball collection. You can also opt to go with kettlebells instead of medicine balls.

Kettlebells are very interesting, and they really keep you in good health. They can strengthen your tendons and ligaments, which in turn makes your joints stronger. They are used in a different way than medicine balls, which is something some people aren’t aware of. 

Obviously, this means that anyone can use kettlebells. They may look intimidating, but they are much more helpful than you may think they would be. Given that they come in many sizes, someone who is a little older and who might have some joint pain can grab a lighter kettlebell and slowly work his or her way up to a heavier one. 

This way, this person will be able to slowly add to the weight he or she has been carrying. Overall, kettlebells are a great investment in your home gym. Given that they work different muscles than the medicine ball, you can have a few of each and use them interchangeably. 

Adding some kettlebells can make your workout a more comprehensive one than it might normally be. Of course, this means you have to keep up with the workout. Doing it for a few days and then stopping won’t change anything, but if you keep at it, you’ll likely change your body significantly.

Free Weights

If you have kettlebells and medicine balls, why do you still need free weights? Well, these weights work different muscles in your arms than the others do. Free weights come in as light as 2 pounds and as heavy as 80 pounds at a gym, though they do go higher if you want to purchase them. 

You can also buy adjustable free weights, where you can add weight onto the ends, making them even heavier. Those can go up to 200 pounds.

For those who might not know, a free weight refers to the stereotypical weights you usually see people using. They come in a set, each weighing, say, five pounds. They are basically like a bar with a weight on either end but miniaturized to fit in your hands. 

These are incredibly useful when you’re trying to build up lean muscles. Moreover, you don’t need to have a spotter if you use these. That being said, you need to be careful when using them, especially as the weight goes up. Using them improperly can lead to an injury that might be hard to recover from.

Using free weights forces your muscles to work together, eventually creating balance. There are some exercises you could do to focus on one or maybe two muscles and nothing else. This can be very counterproductive if you are trying to balance your body out. 

As free weights are, well, free, you can not only so many different things with them, but it’s also what helps you build lean muscle and give your body a more balanced look. There are tons of free weights available to buy at local stores and online. On Amazon in particular, you can start with a set of 3, 5, or 8 free weights for only $45. While it is a bit of an investment, it will pay off in the future.

These weights are great for burning calories. They really target muscles in order to strengthen them. You could do a full-body workout and burn even more calories, all while strengthening your muscles. Of course, one of the best things about free weights, especially if you buy them for your home gym, is that they can be put away very easily. 

They are very easy to move and put into a closet or on a rack, which is something that will come in handy as you get more weight. Free weights are incredibly versatile, which means that there are tons of ways to use them. The sheer magnitude of exercises for people using free weights is astounding. 

They range from simple bicep curls to something that will make you use muscles throughout your entire body. There are endless possibilities, which is why free weights would make a great addition to your home gym.

Exercise (Yoga) Mat

While yoga and other floor exercises do not require an exercise mat, these mats can be very helpful if you are doing this kind of activity. The mats are designed to provide enough cushion to safeguard you from the soreness that comes from working out on a hardwood or tile floor or other hard surfaces, but not so much cushioning that it reduces the effect of the exercises that you are doing.

Along with the cushioning, it can give you a solid, comfortable surface to do your exercises on. Without a yoga mat, you could slip and fall or just feel completely uncomfortable with all of your exercises. The great thing about an exercise mat is that it isn’t only for doing yoga. 

It’s also for doing other exercises that require you to stand for long periods of time or those that need a good, solid surface to stand or move on. A yoga mat is just a great accessory to have, especially in a home gym.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is not a piece of exercise equipment, but it does come in very handy after working out because it is a fantastic way to roll out tight and sore muscles. It is basically a way of giving yourself a massage, but the benefit of the foam roller is that it makes it very easy to do the process properly and avoid causing an injury. By applying pressure to certain points on your body, particularly the areas that you just targeted in your workout, you can improve muscle recovery.

The foam roller works best when used on trigger points, which are knots that form in your muscles. These areas are easily identified because they will feel painful when you put pressure on them. If you roll a trigger point (such as in your calf) over the foam roller, it will gradually break up the muscle knots and allow normal blood flow to return to the area. 

Keep in mind that this will hurt at first because you are applying pressure to those knots. As you continue to use the foam roller, you will note that the pain gradually decreases as the knot is worked out, and blood flow returns.

Foam rollers may seem silly, but they can be so beneficial. Everyone who’s had a sore back in their life knows that the pain can make it nearly impossible to concentrate on the things they need to, especially if you go to the gym semi-regularly. There are, of course, days that you should simply take off and res.

These days might make you realize just how sore your back is because it hasn’t been worked in a few days or because it was worked in ways it hasn’t been worked before. These muscles need some sort of release from the agony they are in, and a foam roller can give the release you desire. A foam roller will be a great investment that can give you everything you need after a hard day at the gym.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, are a very useful tool for strength training and general fitness exercises. 

Resistance bands are usually purchased in sets, with different colours used to indicate increasing levels of resistance. Beginners should start with the lowest resistance and work their way up as their fitness improves.

An advantage of resistance bands is that they are very lightweight, and they fold up into a very small package, making them a great option to bring with you when you are travelling and want to make sure that you can still get a workout in.

Resistance bands can be combined with other exercises to increase difficulty, and there are exercises that can be done specifically with the resistance bands. Most resistance band kits will even come with a few suggested exercises that you can use to start out with. You can get a starter kit on Amazon for $20, which will give you a few different bands, a door anchor, an ankle strap, an exercise chart, and a carrying case for your resistance bands.

Resistance bands have tons of benefits. They not only make your muscles and bones stronger but also work parts of your body that are harder to target. 

They can also help improve your balance, reduce joint pain, improve your speed of movement, and make your body more elastic. No, that doesn’t mean that your body will suddenly move in weird ways that you didn’t think were possible, but it will mean that your movements will be more fluid. You’ll have the strength to help your body do the things it needs to do.

You don’t need to have a partner to use a resistance band. If you want to work your legs, if you have a door anchor and an ankle strap, you’ll be golden. Moreover, these definitely are a great thing to add in after you’ve already been working out. It will add a variety to your workout, catching your body off guard. It will increase your stamina and add to your range of motion.

Exercise Videos

Buying exercise videos to work out with at home is a great way to add variety to your daily workout. For some people, having a pre-made routine to follow improves the likelihood that they will work out; for others, it is nice to have a cardio option available when the weather outside is not great. 

The benefit of videos is that they do not usually require specialized equipment, or if they do, it is usually equipment that is easy to get and fairly inexpensive, such as resistance bands or free weights.

There are so many different types of workouts available on video that there is something for virtually everyone: Zumba, kickboxing, step aerobics – you name it, there is a video for it. If you are not sure what kind of exercise will work best for you, you can try and see if there are videos online of the different exercises so that you can try them out first before purchasing your own, or your local gym might have some available to borrow.

Exercise videos are especially helpful when you are just starting out. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym yet, and you’d rather start at home, doing something you think might be fun. You can start the road to getting the body you want and do it all in the comfort of your home. 

Going to the gym can be intimidating, especially at first, but it can be less intimidating if you start at home first. Of course, you could grow to love exercise videos and decide you’d rather work out to these at home. You’ll need to make sure to have some other types of equipment around if you want to do that, as you need to have some variety to what you do. 

This will keep your body guessing at what you might do next and thus help it evolve. Maybe doing two days of a Zumba video and one day of weights would work. Anything you might think would work for what you want your body to be is what you should go with.

Just remember that, as with any exercise that you are doing, it is important to focus on doing the exercises properly rather than always keeping up with what is happening in the video. If you are starting out in more of a beginner position than the video provides for, just do what you can, and make sure that you do not push yourself too hard or you will risk injury.

As we have seen throughout this book, paying huge gym membership fees in order for you to remain in shape and to exercise your body and your mind is not the only solution. It is possible to have all the effects of gym sessions from the comfort of your own home. 

Making a gym at home by buying certain pieces of equipment should be done according to plan based on the needs and requirements of your body. Although some exercise equipment may be beyond the price range of common people, there are some that are cheap but with the same or even better effects than the more expensive ones. 

The risk of injury is present with every piece of exercise equipment, so you should be extra careful if you are using these elements for exercising, especially if you are working out alone.

Note: If you require a little extra help to shed pounds, you might consider trying natural supplements that support weight loss.

Resurge is one of the most popular weight loss supplements that promise to help you shed pounds and sleep better. Because studies have shown that sleep deprivation is associated with deficiencies of growth hormone and elevated levels of cortisol, both of which contribute to obesity.

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Besides, it should be noted that pills or supplements only work when combined with a healthy weight-loss diet and regular exercise. Supplements are ineffective on their own and are hardly a solution to obesity. 

In any case, it’s always best to talk with your doctor before you start taking a supplement, especially if you are taking medications, pregnant or have any health concerns.

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