Liver Health Formula Review – Scam or Legit?

So, you may have come across this Liver Health Formula supplement made by PureHealth Research that promises to cleanse, detox, and repair your fatty liver. But, before you add it to your cart on Amazon, let’s see what the science has to say.

We’re taking a closer look at the ingredients in the formula and checking out some published medical research to see if it’s worth the hype or just another marketing ploy. And, we’ll share why we think some of the company’s health claims seem a little far-fetched.

What is Liver Health Formula?

Looking to support youthful energy, lose weight, boost cognition, and feel your best? Well, Pure Health Research has got you covered with their Liver Health Formula supplement. According to their website, many of these effects are linked to liver health, which can deteriorate over time, even if you don’t drink heavily.

It turns out that your liver can take a hit from all the toxins in our modern world, and those sneaky hidden sugars. So, as we age, it becomes even more important to give our livers a little extra support. That’s where Pure Health Research’s Liver Health Formula comes in.

Just a heads up, though – don’t mix up this Liver Health Formula with the one from GNC. Both supplements share the same name, but they’re completely different formulas.

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Liver Health Formula: Debunking the Hype”

The whole idea that you need to “detox” your liver with supplements is kind of sketchy and hasn’t been proven by science. Your liver’s job is to cleanse your blood – that’s it. While eating a healthy diet can improve liver health, there’s no evidence that taking supplements can “detox” or “cleanse” your liver.

Liver Health Formula also claims to “repair fatty liver,” which is a condition caused by obesity, type-2 diabetes, or alcoholism. But here’s the thing: there’s some research that suggests some of the ingredients in the formula might help people with fatty liver disease. However, the dose of those ingredients is actually too low to have any real impact.

For example, the main ingredient, turmeric root powder, only has 300 milligrams (mg), but studies have shown that at least 500 mg and usually 1,000 mg is needed to help fatty liver disease. Plus, most of the studies used turmeric extract or curcumin, which is more potent than turmeric powder. And don’t even get us started on dandelion powder – the formula only has 100 mg, while studies use at least 1 gram (g) per kilogram (kg) of body weight. That’s nearly 1000x more than what’s in the supplement!

Bottom line: be cautious of companies that make bold health claims without any research to back them up. That’s definitely the case with Liver Health Formula.

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Ingredients of Liver Health Formula

We’ve been talking about turmeric and dandelion root powders for liver health and found that they might not be strong enough to treat fatty liver disease, but could still have a slight benefit.

The formula also includes Vitamin D3 at 10 micrograms (which is equivalent to 400 IU, a non-standard way of listing it), but according to a medical review published in the Cochrane Library, taking Vitamin D has no impact on liver disease. So, that’s a bummer.

Beet root powder is another ingredient in the formula, but at only 200 mg, it’s not enough. There have been some animal studies that suggest beet root extract can help with liver injury, but the dose in the studies was much higher (300 mg/kg).

The formula also contains 50 mg of silymarin from milk thistle, but that’s also underdosed. A meta-study in the Advances in Therapy journal found that the minimum dose used in clinical trials for liver disease was 280 mg/day, with most trials using over 400 mg/day.

In conclusion, we can’t find any ingredient in the Liver Health Formula that’s accurately dosed to optimize liver health or help with injury. Save your money!

Debunking the Need for Liver Health Supplements

So, you may have heard that liver health supplements are a must for a healthy liver. But, the truth is, for healthy adults, there’s not much evidence that taking these supplements leads to any real benefits. After all, a healthy liver already does a great job of filtering out toxins from the bloodstream.

So, what can you do to take care of your liver? Simple lifestyle changes can go a long way. Avoiding drugs and pain meds like Tylenol, which can harm the liver in high doses, and reducing alcohol intake can make a huge difference.

And if you’re looking for dietary changes, research has shown that ditching processed foods, eating more fiber, and getting more omega-3s (found in fish) can improve liver health and lower the risk of liver diseases like fatty liver.

Now, if you have liver injury, some supplements may be useful, but the dosage is much higher and the product is often different from what you find in over-the-counter liver health formulas. Keep in mind, liver injury is a serious condition with potentially fatal outcomes, so it’s best to talk to your doctor about scientifically backed supplements and appropriate dosages. Don’t just grab something off Amazon.

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Liver Health Formula Review: Final Verdict

So, we’ve looked into this liver health supplement called Liver Health Formula and it seems like they’re making big, unsupported health claims. And, even though some of the ingredients have been studied and could help with liver function, the dose in the supplement is way lower than what was used in the studies.

Our advice? We don’t think you should bother with this supplement or any liver health supplements for that matter. There’s not much evidence that they actually do anything for healthy folks. And, if you’re someone with liver problems, this supplement won’t cut it and it’s better to talk to your doctor about targeted botanical extracts that have been shown to help.

The best way to keep your liver healthy? Drink plenty of water, avoid drugs, alcohol, and processed foods, and eat more whole foods and fish. Easy peasy!

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