L’ange Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Should you buy L’ange? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this L’ange review, chances are you have watched the ads for L’ange and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Raise your hands You can put away the defective 2007 iron that sets off the smoke detector every time you use it. Once again, please put the iron away or someone could get hurt. This is no time for a bad hair day.

L’ange’s goal is to help you revamp your routine by offering products that do what they promise, protect and beautify your hair at a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a new straightening iron or a product to freshen up your curls, you’ll find it at this retailer.

In addition, the company has been featured in Byrdie, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, and has amassed an astounding 626,000 Instagram followers thanks to its wide selection of products that help customers achieve their hair goals.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the L’ange to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

At the end of this review, I will also tell you the best alternative of L’ange so that you can enjoy the same benefit at a lower cost.

In this L’ange review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

What is L’ange?

Dalia Lange founded L’ange in 2017 with the idea that “dressing hair should be fun, expressive and uncomplicated (and inexpensive).” Lange’s two girls have different hair textures, and both struggled to find information on how to care for their hair.

So she created a brand to help them. Since its inception, L’ange’s mission has been to help people of all hair types discover new looks and learn how to better care for their hair through a wide range of tools, products and educational videos.

Since then, the company has continued to produce articles that incorporate the latest styles and trends, making it easier than ever to achieve one’s fashion goals. In addition, the brand’s social media accounts are a great resource for learning how to get the most out of your purchase.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Rapunzel Project and HairToStay are just a few of the organizations that have partnered with the brand because of its focus on hair care to bring attention to cancer in women and the effects of hair loss during chemotherapy.

L’ange’s mission is to equip its customers with the tools they need to express their individuality and flourish. Therefore, L’ange always thinks about what its customers want in order to offer them the best products.

The way you deal with your hair is very individual. We know the frustration of trying to style your hair in the morning, only to be confronted with tangled strands, flat hair or greasy roots after washing.

Luckily, L’ange has a wide range of alternatives to help you find your ideal look. With this brand, you can get everything you need for your hair, from styling tools and brushes to treatments and accessories.

Are you ready to put away that setback and give your attempt at having shiny, luscious hair another try? Keep reading this L’ange review, because we’ll soon be featuring the brand’s most popular products and how they fit into a comprehensive routine.

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L’ange Straightener Review

Whether you prefer your hair straight or curly, a L’ange straightener will keep your hair looking smooth and shiny for hours.

In this L’ange review, we will introduce you to the most popular devices to give you a feel for what they have to offer. However, keep in mind that the different variants are designed for different hair textures and possible styles.

L’ange Hair Le Ceramique Review

L’ange Hair Le Ceramique is the one-stop shop you’ve been looking for. With just a few quick and easy passes, this straightener can be used to achieve a variety of styles, including straightening, curling and even creating waves in your hair.

The 1″ thick plates provide full coverage and the perfect width of curls, and their rounded edges make it easy to move through your hair and twist the paddles. The ceramic coating calms frizzy and unruly hair.

Additional features let you heat it up or cool it down quickly, so you can change your hairstyle in minutes before packing it in your suitcase. The ergonomic handle and rotating cord make the iron easy to use without burning your hand or tangling the cord.

You can purchase this cute, $59 baby pink gadget while supplies last.

L’ange Hair Le Rêve Review

If you frequently spray your hair until it is rock hard, you should try the L’ange Hair Le Rêve.

With an infrared heat bar and rose gold titanium plates, this tool can curl or straighten your hair without damaging individual strands. And because they prevent moisture loss, these plates bring out even the shiniest curls.

Le Rêve, originally $179, is currently on sale for $109. This is a great opportunity to get the hairstyle of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

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L’ange Curling Wands Review

With one of L’ange’s curling irons, you can achieve the most classic looks, whether you want loose waves or tight curls. With one of these best-selling curling irons, you can create loose, shiny, bouncy curls that you can twist into a simple fringe, or you can opt for wavy curls à la Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

L’ange Hair Le Duo Review

If you’re an inveterate curler, but your hair is short and you’re afraid to use most hot appliances near your neck, the L’ange Hair Le Duo could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Thanks to the circular shaft and perforations that allow hot air to pass through, just like a straightener, you can curl your hair effortlessly, but your hair will stay curly longer because it cools quickly.

The plates are made of titanium, so your hair won’t stick to them and will remain shiny and smooth. The handle is made of lightweight, non-slip rubber and is a soft baby pink colour. The rotating cord keeps the waves in motion.

The price for the Le Duo is $119.

L’ange Hair Le Curl Review

Le Curl is the perfect solution for those who have long hair that is too heavy to curl properly.

This curling iron is perfect for loose, long curls, thanks to its simple and beautiful titanium handle in rose gold. 

As an added bonus, it reaches a temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal point for styling hair. The non-slip design of the handle prevents accidental burns if you ever drop the pot. Also included is a heat-resistant glove that allows you to style your hair with ease.

You can buy the L’ange Hair Le Curl for $59 and get curls like a hairdresser with a blowout.

L’ange Hair Brush Review

L’ange’s best-selling hairbrushes are a staple in any bathroom; they retain their traditional design. Someone once said that you need to brush your hair 100 times a day to keep it silky and smooth, but with this hairbrush from L’ange you only need a few strokes to get your mane back in order and untangle it.

In the next round of our L’ange test, we will focus on products that will give your hair a new shine.

L’ange Hair Siena Paddle Brush Review

L’ange Hair Siena Paddle Brush is suitable for both straight and wavy hair, as it eliminates static and gently detangles hair without breaking it.

Thanks to the nylon and boar bristles in the large convex shape of the brush, the natural oils are distributed in the hair and the ends are moisturised. In addition, the rubber used for the handle is soft and pleasant to the touch.

The Siena Paddle Brush, which costs $35 total, is your new best friend when it comes to taming unruly curls.

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L’ange Glass Hair Review

Rapunzel, make way for the new woman with the magnificent mane. With L’ange Glass Hair treatment, your long, beautiful hair will stay healthy and shiny.

Before blow drying your hair, give it a quick spray with this primer that protects it from heat styling while activating chemicals that tame frizz and keep moisture out (just the word sends a shiver down our spine).

This $30 treatment contains a primer, heat protector and detangler and is free of sulfates and parabens.

Who Is L’ange For? 

The makers of L’ange wanted to create a product suitable for people with a wide range of hair types and textures, and they succeeded. The tools are suitable for both damp and dry hair and simplify styling for people with all hair types, including the tightest curls, the limpest hair and the most damaged strands.

In addition, styling lotions and heat protectants are available to protect your hair and tame unruly strands. In addition, there are a variety of options for treating thinning hair, and thick conditioners are great for reviving dry, damaged hair.

Theoretically, we could go on and on about the many different types of hair and the specific products that are best for each one. What we are saying is that you can solve your hair problems and achieve your ideal style with these universally designed and purposefully tailored solutions (literally and figuratively).

Take the hair quiz to refine your search if you are unsure what your hair needs. You choose your hair type, goals and more, and the brand recommends products tailored to your needs.

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Benefits of L’ange

1. Product Quality is acceptable

L’ange’s product quality is satisfactory. It’s well-designed and serves its purpose well. Some customers may, however, receive defective products from them. As a result, I would recommend that L’ange inspect the products before shipping them to customers. Customers are less likely to receive subpar or defective products as a result of this.

2. Customer Service is Available

Shopping in stores that provide poor customer service is extremely inconvenient. As a result, it’s critical to shop at stores that at the very least provide a phone number and an email address for after-sales service.

L’ange’s customer service is adequate but not exceptional. You may contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your order, but it may take more than 48 hours to receive a response. This is not ideal, especially in some emergency situations.

3. L’ange meets the product description

Many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements to increase sales. This does not always imply that the product is a scam.

L’ange’s advertisements are quite impressive and can catch the attention of customers. Some may believe they are overhyped. However, you cannot conclude that it is a scam because L’ange does, to some extent, deliver on its promises.

4. Door-to-door Delivery

Many people prefer to shop online because it saves them time. Simply place an order and wait for the product to arrive. You are not required to drive to a physical store to obtain the product.

L’ange is an online retailer that offers door-to-door delivery. Even if you live in a remote location, you can still purchase from L’ange.

5. Easy to Place an Order

L’ange’s website design is appealing. It is very simple for people to place an order. Simply click the “add to cart” button and proceed to the payment page with your credit card. Unlike a physical store, L’ange’s website accepts orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

L’ange Cons and Complaints

1. L’ange is Overpriced

L’ange is not inexpensive. Many people complain that it is too expensive. Because the quality of L’ange is not superior to that of other similar products, the higher price is not justified.

You will be able to find a similar or identical product at a lower cost elsewhere. Let me tell you where at the end of this L’ange review.

2. Inefficient logistics

L’ange is a small company with insufficient capital to invest in logistics. They are forced to rely on inefficient third-party logistics. They have minimal control over the shipping speed.

Therefore, you may see a lot of customer complaints about their slow delivery. If you want fast shipping, go with a large marketplace like Amazon. Unlike L’ange, Amazon can ship products in a matter of days.

3. L’ange Has Few Positive Reviews

I looked for positive L’ange reviews but came up empty-handed. While the product is excellent, customers may be dissatisfied with their service.

Because L’ange is a small company, you should not expect them to provide world-class service. It is preferable to purchase from a large marketplace such as Amazon if you want to ensure good after-sales service. There is much better customer protection there.

4. L’ange does not offer unconditional refunds

L’ange does not always issue refunds to customers. Although there is a refund policy, L’ange has complete discretion over whether or not to issue refunds.

Some customers may find it unjust. However, this is a disadvantage when purchasing from an independent online store. Personally, I prefer purchasing from marketplaces such as Amazon, where the refund policy is reasonable. When requesting a refund, you will have Amazon’s backup.

5. Difficult to Return the Product

If you don’t like L’ange, it’s difficult to return it to them. You would be responsible for the shipping costs.

That is why I dislike shopping at independent stores. If you want to avoid this problem, I recommend purchasing from Amazon. If you don’t like the product, you can easily return it. Later, I’ll tell you where you can get a similar or identical product to L’ange on Amazon.

6. Some Good Reviews are Written by L’ange’s Affiliates

You probably have found some other reviews of L’ange and all of them are saying good words.

But some of them are actually paid to write, meaning they are sponsored posts. Therefore, their words are often biased and not trustworthy. Those reviews are simply sales pages and do not tell you the downsides of L’ange.

By common sense, should you trust someone who has a conflict of interest that receives huge compensation by “reviewing” L’ange? Probably not. They are not reviewing, but selling!

Therefore, I recommend reading the reviews of those written by the non-affiliates of L’ange.

7. L’ange Spent a Lot of Budgets on Advertising

L’ange spends a lot of money on advertisements. There is nothing wrong with marketing their products via paid advertisements. 

But the problem is how can they make a profit with huge marketing costs? It’s common sense that L’ange passes the costs to customers. So that explains why L’ange is more expensive than other similar products you can find on Amazon. The higher price doesn’t mean their quality is better. They are just trying to cover their marketing costs.

As a smart customer, you should only pay for the quality of the product, but not the marketing costs of the product. That’s why I recommend purchasing from a large marketplace like Amazon, which I will tell you more about later.

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Is L’ange a scam?

I cannot say L’ange is a scam for legal reasons. I researched them thoroughly, including their social media pages, review sites, forums, and so on. And while I see nothing suspicious about their business, I cannot find any verified positive reviews.

If L’ange is a genuine and well-established company offering high-quality products, you should be able to find numerous positive customer reviews about them online.

But, strangely, I can’t find any. This could be due to the company’s service quality rather than its product quality. As a result, I have less faith in them. That’s why I looked for a similar or identical product on Amazon for you. Let me elaborate later.

L’ange Customer Reviews

It is only logical that this L’ange review takes consumer feedback into account when deciding whether or not to recommend this brand. The brand’s website, TrustPilot, Influenster, and the Better Business Bureau all have hundreds of reviews.

Given their popularity and high-quality offerings, it’s only natural that they receive a lot of feedback.

Let us take a look at the reviews of the best sellers before we get started.

  • Le Ceramique: 5/5 stars out of 458 reviews
  • Le Duo: 5/5 stars out of 21,237 reviews
  • Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo: 5/5 stars out of 29,000 reviews
  • Siena Paddle Brush: 5/5 stars out of 7358 reviews

The overwhelming majority of the 938,796 customers who rated L’ange on the brand’s website gave the product a score of 4.62 or higher. Le Ceramique, one of the best-selling products, received rave reviews for the smoothness it gives hair and for ease of use.

“This is by far the greatest and most user-friendly straightener I’ve ever used. It not only straightens your hair perfectly after one pass, but it’s also a breeze to curl. It’s my first Lange straightener, and I’m really impressed. I adore anything by Lange.”

The brand receives 4.4/5 stars out of 41,877 reviews on Trustpilot. One customer raves about the brand, saying it helped him get his ideal hairstyle with minimal effort and time:

“I kept hearing how great the L’ange heated brush was, so I bought it during a big product sale. All I can say is that now that I know how amazing it is, I would have paid much more for it. It heats up in about 5 seconds and it feels quite luxurious to brush your hair with a heated brush. It adds volume to my hair and straightens it in less than two minutes.”

Another satisfied customer commented as follows on the quality of products and service:

“L’Ange’s customer service and products have exceeded my expectations. Something was missing from my last order, so I contacted customer care, and the product was dispatched within minutes. I’m very impressed. I love the tools and hair products I bought; they work well on my natural grey hair and smell great.”

On the Influenster opinion-sharing platform, 247 satisfied buyers give the company 4.3 out of 5 stars. One consumer raved that the L’ange Hair Aplatir Straightener cut his styling time in half and rated it a perfect five stars.

“My hair is extremely thick, curly, and rebellious. My hair normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to straighten, but not today! My hair is extremely silky, and I was able to straighten it in about 20 minutes! This straightener has won my heart!”

For the past three years, the company has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Problems usually occur when packages are slow to ship or are lost. Still, L’ange is very accommodating when it comes to sending new packages and reimbursing customers for missed shipments.

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L’ange Promotions & Discounts 

Want to save money on your next hair care purchase? Here is what this analysis from L’ange has uncovered:

  • Free shipping to the contiguous United States is available for orders over $50.
  • When you sign up for emails, you’ll get access to special discounts and product news at VIP.

Where to Buy L’ange? 

L’Ange can be purchased at many different online and offline stores, including Amazon, Walmart and Ulta. In addition, the company’s website serves as a viable way to complete a transaction.

L’ange’s Shipping Policy

On the website of L’Ange are only a few shipping dates.

  • Standard processing time for orders is 3-5 business days.
  • Depending on stock, we may ship your order in multiple packages.

In addition, all domestic orders over $50 will be shipped free of charge within the 48 contiguous states.

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L’ange’s Return Policy

In this review of L’ange, it was noted that the company has a simple return policy in case the customer is dissatisfied with their purchase. The brand’s return policy is straightforward, but only applies to products purchased through the company’s website.

  • Begin the return process within 60 days of the date of shipment.
  • Items must be in their original packaging.
  • Currently, returns are not available for overseas orders.

To start a return:

  1. Proceed to their return facility.
  2. Fill out the products you want to return and explain why.
  3. Confirm all information is correct.
  4. Print your return label after downloading it (a return shipping fee will be taken from your refund).
  5. Ship from the closest available location.

Once your return is received at the Return Center, it should be processed within 2-5 business days.

How to Contact L’ange’s Customer Service?

L’ange does not have great customer service. It may take more than 48 hours to get a response from them. Here are the contact details:

  • The live chat function on the website
  • Submit an email request
  • Text (+1) 650-456-0936

L’ange Reviews: Final Verdict

L’ange is a fantastic product that delivers on the promises made in their advertisements. However, I would not recommend purchasing from them. Instead, you can find a similar or identical product on Amazon.

Because L’ange is a small company, I am hesitant to purchase from them. Personally, I always try to find an alternative on Amazon. Every time, I can find a similar or better one at a lower price on Amazon. In the following section, I’ll tell you where you can get it on Amazon.

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Where to Get the Best Alternative of L’ange?

If you’d like to get the best alternative for L’ange, you might go to Amazon.

I just found a very similar product on Amazon that can produce the same or even better results. It is also more reasonably priced!

That’s why I bought one from Amazon, and I don’t regret it because of the excellent customer service and quick delivery.

You should look into it so that you won’t regret it later.

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L’ange FAQs

Who owns L’ange?

Dalia Lange, the company’s namesake and sole owner, runs L’ange.

Does L’ange ship internationally?

Although L’ange generally ships internationally, there are some countries to which they don’t ship. Products marketed in spray cans cannot be shipped due to their sensitivity to heat and cold. See L’ange’s website for a detailed list of banned items.

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