Ladder Supplements Review – Scam? Ingredients Exposed!

Supplements for sports performance are created by Ladder, a nutritional and wellness company. Professional athletes use the company’s products because they’re developed and formulated by experts. 

Ladder has garnered 129k followers on Instagram and has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Business Wire, and Bleacher Report. 

To determine if Ladder supplements are right for you, this Ladder supplements review examines the company, its products, buyer testimonials, and more.

What is Ladder About?

Lebron James, one of Ladder’s founders, developed a nutrition regimen with his trainer, Mike Mancias, after experiencing muscle cramping during the 2014 NBA finals. 

With the help of another legendary athlete, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lebron and Mike decided to make their own exercise supplements. 

Their products were developed over a period of four years. As a final step, the California-based company received a seal of approval from NSF Certified For Sport in 2018. As a result, they don’t have banned substances or contaminants in their products. 

The company is currently known as OpenFit. In addition to private training, the company offers fitness classes. 

In order to provide professional-calibre results, Ladder’s main objective is to produce nutritional supplements. With Lebron and Arnold Schwarzenegger backing him, it’s not hard to believe.

We will now provide a basic overview of Ladder supplements as well as a list of pros and cons. 


  • Athletes endorse and co-found workout supplements
  • Artificial sweeteners are not allowed
  • Gluten-free and vegan blends are available 
  • Shipping is free 
  • Refunds within 30 days 
  • Subscription options are available
  • There are no cancellation fees


  • Ships only within the United States
  • A higher price than competing brands

You can obtain the best results healthwise and aesthetically when you take supplements from Utopia Nutrition, like whey protein and pre-workout blends. Protein and energy supplements from Ladder can help you feel energized and ready for anything. 

Have you just completed an intense workout? In this review, I discuss protein supplements that can help you build muscle and lose fat after a workout.

Ladder Supplements Review

What are the top blends that customers are currently loving? This Ladder supplements review will examine the company’s best-selling supplements. Each of the products on this list can be mixed with 8-12 ounces of water.

Ladder Whey Protein Review 

It is very beneficial to take the Ladder Whey Protein powder before or after working out. By utilizing essential amino acids, you can speed up muscle recovery, so your next workout and day will be stress-free.

If you want to gain muscle, you need protein in your diet. If you follow a high-protein diet that includes whey protein, you’ll get the results you want, plus you’ll have the pleasure of sipping on a tasty chocolate or vanilla beverage.  

Alternatively, you can blend it into a smoothie or make it with water. As long as there is a window for the protein to assist with muscle growth, Ladder recommends not being bothered with the exact timing of consumption. 

There are four different serving sizes and three different types of Whey Protein powder, all with different prices. Below are the choices: 

  • 4 servings (Sampler): $16
  • 15 servings (Packets): $40  
  • 30 servings (Packets): $70 
  • 30 servings (Bag with scoop): $60 
  • 45 servings (packets): $90

Ladder Plant Protein Review 

We will now discuss the Ladder Plant Protein powder. With pea and pumpkin proteins, this vegan blend will help you build muscle and maintain a healthy gut. 

The benefits of this protein powder are similar to those of Ladder’s Whey Protein, but it is plant-based. In addition to being perfect for vegans, it is also a great alternative for anyone looking to experiment with protein supplements. 

Chocolate and vanilla Plant Protein are available. You can mix Ladder supplements into your breakfast cereal according to this review. You can choose from the following sizes and price variations: 

  • 4 servings (Sampler): $16
  • 15 servings (Packets): $40  
  • 30 servings (Packets): $70 
  • 30 servings (Bag with scoop): $60 
  • 45 servings (packets): $90

The frequency date for subscriptions can be changed from 30, 45, or 60 days.

Ladder Pre-Workout Review 

To keep you motivated during your workout, the Ladder Pre Workout mix helps fight fatigue and sluggishness. Exercise should be performed at least 30–45 minutes before taking this supplement. 

Green tea leaves are included in this pre-workout for a source of caffeine, as well as theanine, which keeps your mind focused. When you finish downing this drink, you’ll be ready to hit the gym or work out at home, regardless of your fitness level. 

You can push all the limits with strawberry lemonade and tropical fruit flavours. For the Pre-Workout mix, here are the serving sizes and price options: 

  • 4 servings: $15 
  • 15 servings: $37 
  • 30 servings (packets): $66
  • 30 servings (bag): $56 
  • 40 servings: $85

Ladder Superfood Greens Review 

The next supplement in our review of Ladder supplements is Superfood Greens powder. Superfoods are combined in this product to deliver essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. 

Magnesium and Rhodiola root are among the strongest ingredients. Besides helping with fatigue, Rhodiola root supports your body’s natural stress response. You’ll be feeling the benefits after your first sip, thanks to vitamin D and zinc

In addition to being vegan and gluten-free, Superfood Greens also contains antioxidants. Taking Ladder supplements during the day is recommended because vitamin D might interfere with your sleep. Experts also recommend combining this product with coconut water and apple juice to make a hydrating and sweet treat. 

Superfood Greens are offered in these serving sizes and at these prices: 

  • 4 servings: $16
  • 15 servings: $40 
  • 30 servings (packets): $70 
  • 30 servings (bag with scoop): $60 
  • 45 servings: $90

Ladder Protein + Pre-Workout Bundle Review 

Getting started with a healthy fitness lifestyle is easy with Ladder’s nutrition bundles. You’ll get 30 servings of each flavour in this protein and pre-workout bundle. Plant proteins are also available. 

Upon purchasing the bundle, you are also eligible to receive a free Superfood Greens sampler, a complimentary Hydration sampler, and a complimentary Shaker Bottle. This sampler will replenish your electrolytes after a workout by replacing electrolytes lost. Ladder recommends taking it after a long workout. 

This Ladder nutrition bundle can be purchased for $116, or for $101 if you subscribe. 

Ladder Workout Bundle Review 

The Workout Bundle is the next part of this Ladder Supplements review. With this product, you will receive 15 servings of protein, a pre-workout mix, and hydration. The purpose of this package is to make your life easier by combining all of your essential exercise supplements into one convenient package. 

You can choose your favourite Pre-Workout flavour, just as with the Plant + Pre-Workout bundle. In addition to Whey protein, the brand offers Plant-based protein for all you vegans out there. A shaker bottle is included with every purchase. 

The price of this bundle is $102 for a one-time purchase. 

Who Is Ladder For? 

High-performance athletes, vegans, and people embracing an active lifestyle will benefit from ladder energy supplements. The company appears to target that audience. However, they are on the more expensive side, so it’s not as feasible for budget-conscious shoppers. 

Ladder’s supplements can boost your energy and help you recover after a tough workout, a long run, or even trying to lose weight. In addition, the company offers gut-targeted products that contribute to overall health. After all, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise. 

You know exactly what ingredients go into your body, and that’s great for athletes who undergo drug testing. You’ll also be assured of a high-quality product since Ladder supplements have undergone intensive certification.

Ladder Supplements Reviews: What Do Users Think?

It probably hasn’t occurred to you yet: What does Ladder’s customer base think about us? So we did a little digging on the internet and found customer testimonials on the main website, fitness blogs, and other news sources. 

To begin with, we should note that Ladder does disclose the California Prop 65 Lead warning on some products, which details that this product “could be exposed to chemicals including lead, which has been linked to cancer and birth defects in California” and some other reproductive issues as well.

Including the Ladder bundles, here’s how we rated each product: 

  • Whey Protein: 4.8/5 stars from 419 reviews
  • Plant Protein: 4.8/5 stars from 493 reviews
  • Pre-Workout: 4.8/5 stars from 602 reviews
  • Superfood Greens: 4.7/5 stars from 290 reviews

Throughout this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the pre-workout supplements and the plant protein supplements. They note the effectiveness and taste of the pre-workout powders. 

According to one reviewer, “The extra pre-workout without jitteriness, headaches, etc., is unrivalled. This product is unlike any other you might find in a chain store. Worth every penny.” 

It’s going well so far. According to another customer, “I had a friend recommend it to me, and I instantly loved it. It gave me a boost of energy without being overpowering.” 

When it comes to Plant Protein, customers praise the powder for the same reasons: “Really enjoying this protein powder! No gritty taste. I’ve been taking it every day since I joined. After two months, I’m hooked!” 

People can’t get enough of it. A commenter says, “Great tasting protein. It’s easy to mix. Packs are convenient for travelling. The ingredients are high quality and there is no aftertaste.”

I think it’s pretty good. A customer writes, “I have been using this product for over three months and I love it. When I need to refuel my body after working out, I use other products that were rough on my body. […] I have been using this and I am very happy with it. Thank you!” 

On fitness blogs and in news outlets, there are third-party reviews. As a writer for the Chicago Tribune pointed out, Ladder is certainly more expensive than rival brands, but you get what you pay for.

In addition, there was a fitness blog called Total Shape that reviewed Ladder’s Whey Protein and found it to be very expensive as well. However, despite their dislike of the blend’s texture, they said it tasted good: 

“During my workouts, this whey protein from Ladder kept my energy levels high. The flavours also taste great to me. This drink is too thick for me. I also find that it often leaves a film on my tongue, which is annoying.” 

There’s no doubt that people have different tastes when it comes to pre and post-workout shakes. It appears that Ladder supplements are popular among customers.

Is Ladder Supplements A Scam?

Ladder supplements are legitimate products.

There is no doubt that sports nutrition is on the rise. Supplements from Ladder are a great place to start if you’re looking to live an active lifestyle. 

Due to this, we would say that Ladder supplements are hit-or-miss based on the research in this review. When it comes to protein blends and pre-workout supplements, taste and body reaction are factors to consider. 

You need to have a diet regimen that works and that you enjoy in order to tailor workouts that are right for you. A good pre-workout and post-workout routine include protein supplements. 

Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the reviews available. Others have complained of adverse reactions, while others praised the texture and efficiency. The effectiveness of the products can’t be determined since it varies from person to person. 

Ladder Promotions & Discounts 

For your first purchase, you can receive $5 off by signing up for the Ladder’s newsletter. Student Beans allows buyers to get a 20% student discount just by verifying their status as a student. Bundles and free trials are excluded.

Where to Buy Ladder 

Do you want to know more about the Ladder Lebron x Schwarzenegger collaboration? All of the brand’s supplements can be purchased directly from 

Ladder Supplements FAQ

Where does Ladder come from? 

Ladder supplements are manufactured in the United States, according to this review. However, we were unable to find an exact address. 

What is Ladder’s Shipping Policy?

Within the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, ladder offers free shipping. Military bases and territories are also covered. At the moment, there is no expedited or international delivery option available. 

There was no information about expected shipping times available for Ladder supplements.

What is Ladder’s Return Policy?

A Money-back guarantee is offered by Ladder for 30 days. OpenFit customer service can help you initiate a refund. 

Let’s say you want to cancel a subscription. You can manage auto-renewal by logging into your account, finding the Ladder subscription, and clicking ‘Manage Auto-Renewal’. By doing so, the auto-renewal process can be terminated.  

How to Contact Ladder 

Having read this review of Ladder supplements, we hope you enjoyed it. There is no direct contact information for the company. 

The customer service team at OpenFit can be reached through the company’s support site, Through this page, you can send an email to their team.

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