Krill Oil: Benefits, Sources, Deficiency

Krill oil is derived from Antarctic krill (scientifically called Euphausia superba), which is a crustacean that is tiny in size. 

While krill oil is only one of the products derived from the crustaceans (the list includes krill proteins), it is the most researched product – thus allowing us to be well aware of all its uses.

Krill oil is now being increasingly marketed because of the amount of omega-3 fatty acids it contains, which are very helpful for the body – they are very important in the process of human metabolism

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in krill oil have a slightly different structure as opposed to fish oil (which also contains the omega-3) and it is that difference in a structure that makes them more effective.

Benefits of Krill Oil

Different studies involving the consumption of krill oil have shown positive results regarding its benefits. To begin with, krill oil aids cardiovascular health in multiple ways – one such benefit is ensuring maintenance (and health) of those pathways that are likely to be inflamed. 

Apart from this, it also helps maintain levels of HDL (referred to as good cholesterol) when consumed on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

Other parts of the body are also benefited by krill oil’s effect on inflammation – it eases joint pain and enables them to function better while improving overall mobility of the joint.

It is a supplement that is becoming increasingly favoured by women – because it is known to ease the discomfort associated with cramps because of PMS, in some cases better than fish oil does. Krill oil also contains powerful antioxidants that improve overall health and provides an added advantage of improving skin complexion.

Krill oil also has positive effects on the brain, as studies have shown that the consumption of krill oil supplements improved the individuals’ abilities to focus and concentrate – both mental abilities that are known to decline with age. 

Some other participants also showed that memory loss was less likely to occur when it was regularly consumed. Apart from this, the antioxidants contained in it help maintain cellular integrity.

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Sources of Krill Oil

As previously stated, krill oil is derived from a crustacean named Antarctic krill, scientifically referred to as Euphuasia superba. There is no other known source of krill oil yet.

Deficiencies of Krill Oil

As krill oil is not an essential nutrient, its absence does not harm your body adversely – this is because even though omega-3 fatty acids are required by the body, there are various other sources available for the same.

However, it is advisable that a person continue to consume krill oil because of all the benefits it

provides, and more so because of its potency.

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