Kencko Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

Eating healthy and fresh produce can be tough. I’m always on the lookout for an easy way to make up for the times when I fall short. 

But did you know that eating more fruits and veggies can lower your risk of chronic diseases and help you maintain a healthy weight? That’s where Kencko comes in. 

They’re all about getting you to eat more fresh produce, and they do that by delivering a curated box of smoothie powder blends made from high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. 

And it seems like they’re doing something right – Kencko has been featured in major magazines like Forbes, TechCrunch, The Spoon, and PSFK, and has over 155,000 followers on Instagram. 

But is it easy to eat healthy on the go with Kencko? I’ll take a closer look and give you the details on the company’s goals, products, customer reviews, and more, so you can decide if their smoothies are a good fit for your everyday life.

What is Kencko?

Kencko is a company founded in 2017 by Tomás Froes. He noticed that busy lifestyles were leading to poor diets, with only 10% of Americans getting their daily dose of fruits and veggies and 5% getting enough fiber. 

To solve this, Kencko offers easy and convenient single-serve powdered fruit and veggie blends. With 18 blends to choose from and ingredients flash-frozen at peak ripeness, you can get all the nutrients you need on the go.

Not only does Kencko provide healthy food, they also aim to educate customers on the benefits of a plant-based diet. They do their part for the environment too by collecting nutrients from surplus fruits and veggies that would otherwise go to waste, and reducing their carbon footprint in all aspects of their business, from production to shipping to packaging. 

So, Kencko is not just a great choice for your health, it’s also a choice for a sustainable future!

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Kencko Smoothie Powder Mix Review

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, getting the right nutrients and vitamins is just as important as losing weight. And that’s where Kencko comes in – they aim to streamline the process with their smoothie powder mixes.

Choosing the best smoothie can be a tough task with so many options out there, so let’s take a look at some of Kencko’s most popular products:

Kencko Mochas

This smoothie mix is packed with nourishing ingredients like coffee, cacao, dates, maqui berries, strawberries, cinnamon, baobab powder, and mushrooms. The natural caffeine gives you a clear head and energy boost, while the polyphenols keep things moving in your gut. 

With only 90 calories, 3g fiber, and 15g of carbs per packet, you can enjoy a healthy frappuccino-like treat that’s actually good for you.

Kencko Crimsons

Filled with antioxidant-rich acai berries, this smoothie mix will improve brain function and give you a wake-up boost. 

It also contains banana, strawberry, cinnamon, mango, and chia seeds, which provide 25% of your daily vitamin C and 3g of fiber to strengthen your immune system.

Kencko Peaches

Instead of grabbing a snack that may be damaging in a bag, try a Kencko Peaches smoothie. With 80 calories, this mix contains peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, rhubarb, coconut water, strawberries, flax seeds, and apples. 

One serving provides 25-30% of your daily requirements for vitamins A and C, and the electrolytes in coconut water will make you feel great.

Kencko Ambers

The Kencko Ambers smoothie is all about nourishing your body. It’s versatile, packed with tropical ingredients like passion fruit, apple, yellow beetroot, turmeric, chia seeds, dates, banana, and baobab powder to boost your microbiome. 

Plus, with 60 calories and plenty of antioxidants, it’s great for your overall health.

Kencko Corals

The Kencko Corals drink is perfect for pre or post-workout. It boosts blood flow and energy with ingredients like mango, beetroot, apple, ginger, orange, and carrot, all packed with antioxidants to support heart health. One serving has 70 sweet and simple calories.

Kencko Scarlets

The Kencko Scarlets smoothie is loaded with benefits. Tomatoes fight free radicals, cayenne pepper boosts metabolism, and a mix of fruits provides fiber. With apple, banana, spinach, dates, chia seeds, and kombucha, it’s the perfect choice for aging protection and gut health. One serving has 70 calories, 3g fiber, and 20% of your daily vitamin C.

Kencko Aquamarines

The Kencko Aquamarines smoothie is a plant-based power player that fights fatigue, toxins, heart disease, and inflammation. The blue spirulina is the star ingredient, giving you a boost and fighting free radicals. With whole fruits for energy, this drink is a must-have.

Kencko Pumpkins

Get ready for autumn with the Kencko Pumpkins smoothie. If you love pumpkin spice, this drink is for you. It aids muscle healing, cell repair, inflammation reduction, and gut function with ingredients like pumpkin, ginger, mango, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, dates, and pea protein. Perfect after a workout.

Kencko Mint Greens

The Kencko Mint Greens smoothie is a morning must-have. With ingredients like spearmint for focus, sweet potato, orange, and mango for vitamins and fiber, and wheatgrass for cell protection, this 70-calorie drink is sure to keep you sharp all day. Combine it with cucumber water and fresh mint for a refreshing mocktail taste. Plus, minty breath is a bonus!

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Kencko Smoothie Subscription Review

Checking out the Kencko smoothie subscription! You can choose from 20, 30 or 60 smoothies per order and customize the flavors. Each month, the smoothies are shipped straight to your doorstep. Plus, you can even skip a month if needed.

When choosing a package, keep in mind that Kencko wants to help you eat your veggies – so go for the 60 pack if you feel like your diet needs a boost. Just 2 packets a day and you’ll be getting 2.5 servings of veggies in each blend!

As a bonus, you’ll get a free shaker with your first order and a consultation with a nutritionist. The shaker even has a de-clogger, so your smoothies will always be smooth. Trust me, having a good shaker is key to making smoothies.

And since Kencko is all about making health a habit, they only offer a subscription plan. But don’t worry, you can cancel deliveries anytime without any fees. Give it a try if you like it!

Does Kencko Help You Lose Weight?

So, does Kencko help with weight loss? The answer is, not really. Kencko’s main focus is providing delicious and nutritious smoothies that are packed with fiber, vitamins, and wholesome ingredients.

While you may see some weight loss as a side effect of consuming Kencko products, it’s not their primary objective. To see weight loss results, you’d need to combine Kencko with a balanced diet and regular exercise, just like with any other weight loss program.

What’s great about Kencko is that their products are made from organic whole-food plant-based ingredients and don’t contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Plus, they use ingredients that can help improve your overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

In short, Kencko is all about healthy living, not just weight loss. So, if you’re looking for a delicious way to get more vitamins and fiber in your diet, Kencko might be a great option for you!

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Customer Reviews of Kencko

If you’re considering trying Kencko’s smoothies, here’s what people are saying about them. 

From what I can tell, most folks seem to think they’re both healthy and convenient. They like the flavors, the size, and the fact that they’re nutritious. Some users say that it’s easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle with these smoothies, since they’re quick and easy to make in the morning.

I checked out reviews on Kencko’s website, Reddit, Trial Eater, and Plush Society. On Kencko’s site, most of the reviews are glowing. But since the company picks which reviews to post, I looked elsewhere. Reddit users seem happy with the company’s commitment to sustainability, and the fact that it’s easy to pause or cancel the subscription. Some people did say that some flavors are better than others, but overall, people seem to like the brand.

Trial Eater and Plush Society both tested the smoothies and agree that they’re healthy. They also like how convenient and customizable the drinks are. However, it’s worth noting that there aren’t a ton of reviews out there yet, so keep that in mind. 

Hopefully, as Kencko grows, we’ll see more opinions from people who have tried their products.

Is Kencko A Meal Replacement?

I just checked out Kencko and found out that they sell fruit and veggie powders. But, don’t get it confused, they’re not meant to replace meals. They only have 60-90 calories per serving, so they’re not marketed as a meal replacement.

But, you can still make the smoothies more filling by mixing them with yogurt or other meals. Plus, they’re a great way to up your daily fruit and veggie intake. If you have digestive issues or have trouble getting enough nutrients, Kencko might be a helpful solution for you. Overall, these powders can add some excitement to your diet and give you all the nutrients you need.

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Kencko Discounts

Save money on Kencko with these tips:

  • 1 month free with 3-for-2 offer
  • Get a discount from a friend referral
  • Earn points for rewards with every $1 spent.

Where to Buy Kencko?

Buy Kencko on

Sign Up For Kencko

Join their smoothie delivery:

  • Go to website
  • Check delivery to your address
  • Choose monthly plan, flavors, and extras
  • Fill out shipping/payment info
  • Order and enjoy your organic smoothies!

How to Contact Kencko?

Need help? Email [email protected], response time is 1-3 business days.

Kencko Shipping Policy

Just a heads up – when this review was written, Kencko used to ship internationally to the US and EU. They ship out from Lisbon, Portugal where their products are made in Europe. Your order will be on its way within three biz days and you can track it all the way. Bonus – if you make a big purchase, shipping is on the house!

Kencko Return Policy

Sorry, but no refunds or exchanges for you – Kencko only delivers perishable goods. But, if you’re not happy with what you got, let us know within a week of receiving your shipment. Exchanges are at Kencko’s discretion.

Kencko Reviews: Final Verdict

Kencko’s meal delivery service is unique and has been gaining popularity in the industry. They cater to health-conscious people who want the convenience of healthy food.

So, what do you think about Kencko’s smoothies? They pack a ton of vitamins and minerals, plus 2.5 servings of fruits and veggies in each blend. Sounds super healthy to me.

And from what I hear, the smoothies are also super yummy! But like with anything, it might take trying a few flavors to find your fave.

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What do you mix with Kencko?

Kencko blends work well with cold liquids like water, milk, and juice. Check out their website for flavor recommendations. You can even add Kencko to yogurt and oatmeal for a tasty twist. Don’t be afraid to get creative and share your experiments on their Instagram.

How long does Kencko last?

Check the best before date on the bottle. Kencko smoothies can be stored for 3 to 6 months.

How much does Kencko cost?

Monthly subscriptions range from $20 to $60, depending on the number of packs you choose (20, 30, or 60). Volume discounts for bigger orders. Prices:

  • 20 smoothies: $60
  • 30 smoothies: $81
  • 60 smoothies: $149

How do I cancel my Kencko account?

Cancel anytime by going to the “Account Page” on their website and following the instructions. Just make sure to cancel at least one business day before your next refill. Alternatively, you can skip deliveries instead of cancelling.

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