kApex Supplement Ingredients – Any Side Effects? Exposed!

Do you know the ingredients of kApex supplement? Are the ingredients in kApex safe for consumption?

Dietary supplements are products designed to augment your daily intake of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Normally, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. However, supplements can provide you with extra nutrients when your diet is lacking or certain health conditions trigger a deficiency.

While most dietary supplements are safe as long as you follow the product instructions, large doses of a certain ingredient can have adverse effects. Also, some may not contain the ingredients that they claim to have.

So understanding what ingredients kApex supplement contain is the most critical step before making a purchase.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the ingredients of kApex supplement. So I can tell you whether it’s safe to consume kApex supplement.

I’m going to cover the benefits and potential side effects of the kApex ingredients in this article.

What are the kApex Ingredients?

Before we talk about the benefits and side effects of the kApex Ingredients, let me give you a brief overview of the ingredients used in kApex supplement.

kApex supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • Tri-PHase Protease
  • Lipa4 Lipase
  • L-carnitine powder
  • Innoslim
  • AstraZyme
  • Betaine HCl
  • Dandelion root powder
  • Ubiquinone (CoQ10)
  • Trace mineral blend
  • 7-keto DHEA

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Tri-PHase Protease

Proteolytic enzymes are essential for many important processes in your body. They’re also called peptidases, proteases or proteinases.

In the human body, they are produced by the pancreas and stomach.

While proteolytic enzymes are most commonly known for their role in the digestion of dietary protein, they perform many other critical jobs as well.

For example, they are essential for cell division, blood clotting, immune function and protein recycling, among other vital processes.

Like humans, plants also depend on proteolytic enzymes throughout their life cycles.

Not only are these enzymes necessary for the proper growth and development of plants, they also help keep them healthy by acting as a defense mechanism against pests like insects.

Interestingly, people can benefit from ingesting plant-derived proteolytic enzymes.

As a result, proteolytic enzyme supplements may contain both animal- and plant-derived enzymes.

Lipa4 Lipase

Lipase is a digestive enzyme that is found in many plants, animals, bacteria, and molds. An enzyme is a protein that speeds up a particular biochemical reaction in the body. People use lipase as a medicine.

Lipase is used for indigestion, heartburn, allergy to gluten in wheat products (celiac disease), Crohn’s disease, and cystic fibrosis.

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L-carnitine powder

L-carnitine is a nutrient and dietary supplement.

It plays a crucial role in the production of energy by transporting fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria.

The mitochondria act as engines within your cells, burning these fats to create usable energy.

Your body can produce L-carnitine out of the amino acids lysine and methionine.

For your body to produce it in sufficient amounts, you also need plenty of vitamin C.

In addition to the L-carnitine produced in your body, you can also obtain small amounts by eating animal products like meat or fish.

Vegans or people with certain genetic issues may be unable to produce or obtain enough. This makes L-carnitine a conditionally essential nutrient.


InnoSlim is a patent ingredient composed of highly purified and fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus that has been shown in 18 in-vitro, two in-vivo and one human clinical study reduce glucose absorption in the intestines and increase glucose absorption in the muscle and fat cells; increase adiponectin levels (which increases AMPK levels for AMPK fat loss) and reduce insulin resistance. 

The results are healthy weight loss by reduced excess glucose absorption, appetite suppression and increased fat burning.

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AstraZyme® is a proprietary and clinically proven blend of proteolytic enzymes, extracts of Astragalus membraneceus and Panax notoginseng and trace minerals.

Betaine HCl

Betaine hydrochloride (also known as betaine HCL) is a chemical produced in a lab that is meant to increase a stomach acid known as hydrochloric acid. In the past, betaine hydrochloride was sold as an over-the-counter (OTC) digestive aid.

Dandelion root powder

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is sometimes used to help the body remove excess water. Dandelion has also been studied for its antibacterial, antifungal, and immune boosting activity, as well as its use for arthritis, liver disease, diabetes, colitis, prostate cancer, and obesity.

More research is needed before any health benefits of dandelion can be confirmed.

A plant related to the daisy family, its roots, leaves, and flowers are consumed in foods and beverages, like teas, as well as taken in supplement form (capsules and liquid extracts).

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Ubiquinone (CoQ10)

CoQ10 is a compound made by your body and stored in the mitochondria of your cells.

The mitochondria are in charge of producing energy. They also protect cells from oxidative damage and disease-causing bacteria or viruses.

CoQ10 production decreases as you age. Thus, older people seem to be deficient in this compound.

Some other causes of CoQ10 deficiency include:

  • Nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin B6 deficiency
  • Genetic defects in CoQ10 synthesis or utilization
  • Increased demands by tissues as a consequence of disease
  • Mitochondrial diseases
  • Oxidative stress due to aging
  • Side effects of statin treatments

Research has shown that CoQ10 plays several key roles in your body.

One of its primary functions is to help generate energy in your cells. It’s involved in making adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is involved in energy transfer within cells.

Its other crucial role is to serve as an antioxidant and protect cells from oxidative damage.

Excessive amounts of free radicals lead to oxidative damage, which can interfere with regular cell functioning. This is known to cause many health conditions.

Given that ATP is used to carry out all the body’s functions and oxidative damage is destructive to cells, it is not surprising that some chronic diseases have been linked to low levels of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is present in every cell of your body. However, the highest concentrations are found in organs with the greatest energy demands, such as the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver.

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Trace mineral blend

Like regular minerals and vitamins, we need trace minerals and ionic trace minerals to help our body perform at its best. Trace minerals benefits include being able to serve as catalysts to vitamins within the cells of the human body according to the current research.

7-keto DHEA

7-keto-DHEA is formed from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the body. DHEA is a “parent hormone” produced by glands near the kidneys. But unlike DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA is not converted to steroid hormones such as androgen and estrogen. Taking 7-keto-DHEA by mouth or applying it to the skin does not increase the level of steroid hormones in the blood.

People take 7-keto-DHEA for obesity, muscle strength, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

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Benefits of kApex Ingredients

The ingredients in kApex supplement are carefully sourced and formulated. There are many benefits to your health.

1. Improve Heart health

kApex contains L-carnitine. L-carnitine may help with some markers of heart health, although the research is still ongoing.

Supplementation may help improve L-carnitine levels in a failing heart, which could boost heart health and circulation in the short term following a heart attack. Supplementation may also help with symptoms of heart failure, such as chest pain and arrhythmia.

2. May help fight inflammation

kApex supplement contains Dandelion. Dandelion may reduce inflammation, thanks to certain compounds such as polyphenols.

Inflammation is a normal immune system response to injury or infection. However, long-term inflammation may lead to permanent damage to your body’s tissues and DNA.

Some test-tube studies note significantly reduced markers of inflammation in cells treated with compounds extracted from dandelion.

One study in mice with inflammatory lung disease showed a significant reduction of lung inflammation in those that received dandelion.

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3. May aid weight loss

kApex supplement contains Dandelion. Some research indicates that dandelions and their compounds may support weight control.

Some researchers suggest that dandelion’s ability to improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce fat absorption may lead to weight loss.

One study in mice also suggests that dandelion extract may aid weight management by reducing fat absorption.

Another study in mice found that chlorogenic acid, a compound found in dandelion, reduced body weight, decreased fat accumulation, and altered levels of certain proteins involved in weight control.

4. May support healthy digestion and treat constipation

kApex supplement contains Dandelion. Dandelion is often used in traditional medicine to treat constipation and improve digestive health.

One older animal study found a significant increase in the rates of stomach contractions and stomach emptying in rats treated with dandelion extract.

Dandelion root is also a rich source of the prebiotic fiber inulin, which has been shown to reduce constipation and promote the movement of food through the digestive system.

What’s more, with more than 3 grams of fiber per cooked cup (105 grams), dandelion greens may bump up your fiber intake. Fiber supports bowel regularity and protects against a variety of digestive conditions, including hemorrhoids and diverticulitis.

5. Might Help Keep Your Skin Young

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it’s widely exposed to damaging agents that contribute to aging.

These agents can be internal or external. Some internal damaging factors include cellular damage and hormonal imbalances. External factors include environmental agents, such as UV rays.

Harmful elements can lead to reduced skin moisture and protection from environmental aggressors, as well as the thinning of the layers of the skin.

kApex supplement contains CoQ10. Applying CoQ10 directly to the skin can reduce the damage from internal and external agents by increasing energy production in skin cells and promoting antioxidant protection.

In fact, CoQ10 applied directly to the skin has been shown to reduce oxidative damage caused by UV rays and even decrease the depth of wrinkles.

Lastly, people with low levels of CoQ10 seems to be more likely to develop skin cancer.

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6. Could Help With Exercise Performance

Oxidative stress can affect muscle function, and thus, exercise performance.

Similarly, abnormal mitochondrial function can reduce muscle energy, making it hard for muscles to contract efficiently and sustain exercise.

kApex Supplement contains CoQ10. CoQ10 can help exercise performance by decreasing oxidative stress in the cells and improving mitochondrial functions.

In fact, one study investigated the effects of CoQ10 on physical activity. Those supplementing with 1,200 mg of CoQ10 per day for 60 days showed decreased oxidative stress.

Moreover, supplementing with CoQ10 can help increase power during exercise and reduce fatigue, both of which can improve exercise performance.

7. Could Help With Diabetes

Oxidative stress can induce cell damage. This can result in metabolic diseases like diabetes.

Abnormal mitochondrial function has also been linked to insulin resistance.

kApex Supplement contains CoQ10. CoQ10 has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels.

Supplementing with CoQ10 might also help increase CoQ10 concentrations in the blood by up to three times in people with diabetes who typically show low levels of this compound.

Also, one study had people with type 2 diabetes supplement with CoQ10 for 12 weeks. Doing so significantly reduced fasting blood sugar levels and hemoglobin A1C, which is the average of blood sugar levels over the past two to three months.

Lastly, CoQ10 might help prevent diabetes by stimulating the breakdown of fats and reducing the accumulation of fat cells that could lead to obesity or type 2 diabetes.

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Side Effects of kApex Ingredients

When taken at the recommended doses, the ingredients in kApex supplement are generally safe to consume. However, you should bear in mind that some may cause side effects when used improperly.

kApex Supplement contains 7-keto-DHEA. 7-keto-DHEA is likely safe. However, in some rare cases, it might cause mild side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or low blood pressure in some people.

Final Verdict: Are kApex Ingredients Safe or Harmful?

To conclude, the ingredients used in kApex supplement are generally safe for adults. They are natural ingredients that do not usually have any side effects, but it should not be used by kids or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. All you need to do is follow the dosage instructions.

However, while there have been no reported side effects of kApex supplements in most healthy adults, you might still consult your doctor for double confirmation. 

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