How To Stick to Your Exercise Programme

Success begets success, and the more you keep up with your new fitness lifestyle, the better you’ll feel. Your conditioning will improve, and your body will become even stronger. You may even find that your mind is clearer, your energy levels are higher, your sleep improves, and your attitude about life, in general, is more buoyant.

Once you’ve completed your six-week program, feel free to mix it up, pick and choose your favourite exercises, add some of your own, or branch out into other areas of fitness. Remember, you can always go back to these same exercises and ramp up the difficulty by increasing the weight and number of repetitions and decreasing the rest times. Keep challenging yourself!

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How Do I Tune In to Myself?

Tuning in to and taking good care of yourself are important facets of a fitness lifestyle. It’s important that you continue to get regular medical checkups and monitor your overall health, and that you continue to monitor your physical fitness progress as well. 

Consider keeping a log of your weight and your measurements. You may want to weigh and measure yourself once a week, or every two weeks, just to see where you are to help you stay on track. Or take photos to compare your front, side, and back every month and notice the positive changes in your physique. Notice how your clothes are fitting. That way, if you detect an unhealthy trend starting to develop, you can change up your regimen.

Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that can help you relax both your mind and body and work through your anxiety, pain, and depression. Committing to mindfulness provides a comprehensive check-in for your mind and body to come together.

Being mindful can be as simple as stopping to take in a deep breath and notice what is happening around you. What are you feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting? It’s a form of “stopping to smell the roses” and can help you notice and enjoy the little things in life.

If you’re feeling stressed, focus on the breath coming in and going out of your body. Close your eyes and be attentive to your deep breathing. If a thought comes into your mind, notice it and let it go, coming back to your breathing. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to tune in to yourself.

How Do I Find Support?

Keep in mind that finding a supportive community can look different for everyone. Here are some tips to help you stay supported.

Join a Fitness Support Group

Joining a fitness support group is a fantastic way to commune with others who share your goals. You’ll be able to exchange encouragement, recipes, workouts, tips, tricks, and more.

When you engage with other people who have similar health and fitness goals, you’ll find inspiration and advice that can make a real difference in your attitude and your progress. Helping others achieve their goals can also make you more resolute in your own goals as well.

To find them, check out your local community or fitness centre, your neighbourhood Facebook pages, community websites or the Resources for more inspiration.

Try Something New

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go camping or kayaking, or there’s a local mountaintop you’ve been eyeing for a while. Think creatively and become acquainted with exhilarating activities outside your usual workouts.

And, if you’re not the social type, or you can’t get out, try taking a class online. These classes can help you engage with your fitness goals and interact with other people. You’ll feed off one another’s energy while all doing the workout at the same time, fostering belonging and community.

Make it your mission to become acquainted with a new fitness activity. You’ll feel empowered and recharged, and it will help broaden your fitness horizons.

Refresh Your Routine

While you’re branching out, try exploring new activities with a fitness focus! If you really enjoy biking, you may like taking a cross-country bicycling vacation. If you’re interested in travel, you might enjoy walking tours of historic places. Maybe there is a famous mountain in another country that you’d like to tackle, or perhaps you’d enjoy swimming in an exotic lake.

Accountability Is a Strong Motivator

When you work out with others or sign up for a fitness challenge, you will have the desire to do your best and put your best foot forward. Not wanting to suffer embarrassment and not wanting to be the weak link in the group can make a difference in your level of effort (this is known as the Köhler effect).

And don’t forget, a lot of those challenges have big prizes for the winners. That alone may be all the motivation you need! 

Make Fitness a Friends-and-Family Affair

Working out with friends and family makes fitness fun. Whether it’s the accountability of knowing they are depending on you to meet at a certain time or the fact that you don’t want to let another person down by not giving it your best effort, fitness, friends, and family go together. So, why not include your loved ones in your fitness lifestyle?

Try taking a nutritional cooking class with your partner or even become a coach for a child’s or grandchild’s sports team. Finding fitness-related activities that you both enjoy will help you spend quality time with each other as well as bond over common goals and activities.

How Do I Stay Motivated?

When you feel like giving up, having that list of “whys” you compiled at the beginning of this journey will help you stay on track and keep you motivated over the long term.

Remind yourself of the positive changes in your body, your energy levels, and your sleep quality, and build upon those successes.

Set an Appointment

Looking back, if you’ve found that it’s been difficult to stick to your schedule, make adjustments. Consider choosing a different time to work out or perhaps another venue. Explore the things that have been getting in the way of regular exercise and get creative with ways to overcome these obstacles. 

Pick regular times of the week that will accommodate your workouts and coincide with your motivation and energy levels. Remember, if you set an appointment, it becomes a commitment.

Celebrate Your Progress

Keeping a journal to reflect upon your feelings can help you remember how you felt about yourself, physically and emotionally, throughout your fitness journey. Reflect on how you used to feel and compare that with how you feel and look now. 

Are you stronger? Do you have more endurance? Do you feel better, healthier, and more vibrant? Let yourself feel the boost in confidence that comes from the evidence of a job well done.

Also, think about the lessons and the legacy you want to leave behind. Your offspring, friends, and family can all learn from you and your good example. Envision yourself being remembered as the picture of health, always able to show up for your family and friends. Being capable of participating in activities will leave a wonderful legacy.

Share Your Enthusiasm and Passion with Others

Perhaps you decided to hire a personal trainer to guide you at the beginning of this program and found that it helped you tremendously. Maybe it’s time for you to pay it forward. Do you recall how nice it felt to be guided gently through your very first aerobics or yoga class? 

Do you want to help others feel that same level of comfort that you did? Especially if you’ve fallen in love with a new fitness activity, consider getting certified as a trainer or instructor, or just showing others around your favourite gym, community centre, or outdoor space. Why not continue the trend and share your success with others?

Set Another Goal

To pave the way for your success, make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed) ones!

Be Specific. What is the ultimate outcome? Why is it important to you? Be detailed in describing it to yourself and to others!

Make It Measurable. For example, “I want to be able to do 10 push-ups by June 1.” Measure your progress and accomplish mini-goals along the way, but don’t forget to set some big, long-term goals as well.

Make It Achievable. Make your goals challenging but not impossible. Set ambitious goals but be realistic.

Make It Relevant. Your goal should be meaningful to you, whether you want to hike the Appalachian Trail, run a marathon, or snowshoe in Alaska. Ensure it’s important to you on multiple levels.

Make It Timed. Set mini-deadlines and a final date for the full achievement of your goal. Use those progress points to check in throughout your journey and adjust the course, if needed.

Reward Yourself

Once you have your goals in place, setting up rewards for yourself will also give you something to work toward. Have both smaller and larger non-food rewards for reaching mini-deadlines and progress points, as well as more extensive rewards for getting to the finish line. You might start with something like a gold star on your calendar for every day that you stick to your plan. Choose things that will motivate you to stay on track.

Should I Try Weight Loss Supplements?

It becomes harder for you to lose weight as you get older. However, if you don’t see any results after a few weeks, you might lose motivation. To give yourself a little extra help to shed pounds, you might consider trying natural supplements that support weight loss.

Certainly, a person cannot rely on a single food or supplement to burn fat. They should also decrease their calorie intake and increase physical activity. However, when used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, natural fat burners may accelerate weight loss by either increasing metabolism or decreasing appetite.

Traditional approaches to weight loss cannot be substituted by natural supplements. However, they may help people burn slightly more calories every day, gradually increasing weight loss.

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While other supplements promote nutritional factors, meal replacement forms, appetite suppression, or similar effects, Resurge boosts your body’s metabolism by increasing your core temperature. However, before making any purchases, you might want to read some Resurge reviews because the supplement industry is rife with scams.

It should be noted that pills or supplements only work when combined with a healthy weight-loss diet. Supplements are ineffective on their own and are hardly a solution to obesity. 

Besides, it’s always best to talk with your doctor before you start taking a supplement, especially if you already take medications, have health concerns or are pregnant.

This Is Just the Start

You now have the knowledge you need to take the next steps on your fitness journey. Best of all, you now know that you can do it! Keep up your momentum and keep moving forward in the direction you’ve chosen. Take it one day at a time and remember you’re not trying to be perfect, just persistent. These healthy choices and changes will bring you a happier and healthier tomorrow. Congratulations on how far you’ve come, and welcome to the fitter you!

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