How To Stay Fit In School?

It’s important to get young or older students active to help develop these healthy habits so they can enjoy lifelong health and wellness. If you are a student you can significantly benefit from several smart habits whether you are in your early years, college years or maybe headed back for more education. 

In any of these scenarios, you’ll be better off if you can be learning while getting your daily activity completed. Avoid guilt while exercising by getting some school work completed at the same time.

Being a student is stressful and it seems like the first habit to go when school gets busy is your daily activity or exercise. Remember, it’s guaranteed you’ll get better results if you take care of yourself and studying while exercising is a great way to do this. 

And, exercise is a proven way to decrease stress, clear your mind and organize your thoughts. If you are sitting in the library for five hours every night drinking sugary soda to stay awake and feeling completely worn out, it’s because you aren’t taking care of your health and you’re sabotaging your success. 

I know because I did this during my undergraduate days and it made school much more difficult than it had to be. In graduate school, I focused on getting my exercise in and the difference in my energy level, focus and grades were truly shocking. 

Make it a point this semester to continue with your daily physical activity or exercise and you’ll notice an enormous improvement in grades, sleep, quality of life, less depression and anxiety and you’ll simply feel better.

Sure, some people go for a walk or to the gym to escape school work for a while; I get it. However, you probably also go out to parties, bars, play video games and watch movies over and over to avoid studying. 

You might as well retain the habit of being active or exercising while also getting your studying done since there is no way you’re going to take your notes with you while you demolish others in a first-person shooter video game with your friends!

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Recording and Listening to Notes

One of the best ways to learn faster is to multitask using technology we already carry on us 24 hours per day. When I was in graduate school back in the day, I used to read many of my notes or outlines into a pocket voice recorder app on my phone and listen to my notes using headphones or earbuds while I ran outside or in the gym. 

Sometimes I would listen to my notes while riding my bike to class however traffic always seemed busy enough that I felt I needed to pay more attention and not daydream while studying.

The great part about this system is you are reviewing the information in multiple formats. You listen to the lecture and likely write or type notes, then you say the notes aloud into the voice recorder app on your phone, then you play it back and hear the information in your own voice and can emphasize certain points if necessary. 

By reviewing information this way, I can pretty much guarantee your information absorption rate will increase. It’s a fact that physical activity and exercise oxygenates your brain and allows for better brain function. What better time to have increased brain function than while studying for your next exam?

Instead of listening to the same music over and over, record your notes and go for a walk, run or bike ride and you’ll be amazed at how much further ahead you are in your schoolwork!

Memorizing Terms while Lifting Weights

Another trick I used when in school was making flashcards and looking at them in between workouts while weight lifting. I would read the card while in between sets and think about it while completing a set of reps. Once completed, I would move on to the next card and memorize this term while completing the next set. 

This method is great for memorizing keywords, terms, history dates and any other boring list of info you need to master. This is also a great way to learn another language. Most language learning systems are broken down into small sets of sounds and words which are perfect to practice while being active!

Studying on Stationary Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you prefer paper or electronic versions of notebooks or tablets for learning. Both versions are incredibly useful to use while being active or exercising. 

These are easily placed onto treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes to allow you to get your workout in while not feeling like you are going to get behind in your coursework. Also, for those who record lectures or their notes as previously mentioned, these files can be stored on electronic tablets and be played back using headphones or earbuds while in the gym or on an evening walk.

Activity Summary

I recommend focusing on becoming more active each day with simple, low-cost methods including walking, riding a bike and simple exercises like pushups and sit-ups. The most important aspect is finding what works for you and sticking with it on a daily basis. 

Being consistent is the most important part of incorporating a new habit into your life. Start simple with a specific daily activity and work your way up. Your body will tell you when it is time to increase your distance, pace, or time spent. 

Starting an intense fitness routine/program/club when you are very out of shape, overweight or obese will often result in injury, disappointment, and regret. I treat patients all the time who started an intense program designed for individuals who already have a basic level of fitness and have ended up injured since they didn’t have any level of fitness. 

Start simple as this has proven time and time again to be the best starting point and foundation for becoming more active and developing healthy habits which will change the course of your life and health.

Find a simple activity such as going for an evening walk, bike ride or walk during lunchtime and you’ll start a habit that will yield higher rewards than you could ever imagine! There is no need to empty your bank account and fill up your calendar with expensive, time-sucking exercise programs. Consistency is the key and the formation of a daily activity habit will provide this for you.

This is the secret you’ve been looking for and fortunately, it’s completely free and you can start NOW!

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