How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child? Uncover The Secrets Here

Do you know how to raise a successful and happy child? All parents want their kids to live a happy and fulfilling life.

However, not every parent knows what to do. Each kid is unique in terms of personality and traits. So there is no one-size-fits all approach in raising a successful and happy kid.

Instead, you have to understand your kid thoroughly before helping them develop the skills to deal with positive and negative emotions. This prepares your kid to be happy and successful throughout their life.

In this article, I’m going to cover the following so that you know how to raise a successful and happy child:

Why Do Cookie-cutter Approaches Not Work?

Different kids have different needs. As a parent, you have to raise your children according to their personalities. You shouldn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach in raising your children..

You have to respect your child’s wishes and needs even if they don’t match yours. It’s not your child’s responsibility to fulfill your expectations. To understand your children’s needs, you have to learn about them.
How To Raise A Successful And Happy Child

Some parents may plan a birthday party for their kid without asking whether their kid loves it or not. As a result, they may find their kid hiding in the bedroom. Your kids might not like a crowd of noisy kids as they are not as sociable as you do. Parents have to embrace every aspect of their character.

How to Raise Introverted Kids?

For introverted kids, they need gentle encouragement and a safe space to share their feelings.

We are all a mixture of both extroverted and introverted traits. But some kids have a stronger trait of introversion. For example, they may love staying inside their bedrooms and don’t like social activities.

In that case, you should help your kid feel comfortable sharing their feelings. Because introverted kids process feelings internally. This can be problematic if they don’t ask for help when needed. You then may not know what they are unhappy about.

What you can do is to encourage your kid to share emotions by writing them down in a journal. You can also ask your kid to express their feelings through drawing. That way, you will understand their feelings and discuss with them. Your kid will feel safe to share his feelings too.

Another thing you should bear in mind is that you should only criticize introverted kids gently and in private. The reason is that introverted kids are very sensitive and feel embarrassed easily. So remember to address issues in private with your kid such that he will feel safe and cared.

How to Raise Extroverted Kids?

It’s not easier to raise an extroverted kid. Because they are usually impulsive and wild.

Extroverted kids love talking and sharing. They don’t keep their emotions internally but externally. You will find that they can better solve a problem when talking it through. So you don’t leave them alone to think about it.

Moreover, extroverted kids tend to be more energetic. It’s better to let them involve in some physical activities such as playing a team sport. That helps to burn off some of their excessive energy and feel calmer.

Since extroverted kids don’t know how to calm down. You should teach your kids some relaxation skills. For example, teaching them some easy breathing exercises can be a good calming routine.

The Importance of Playing to Kids

Many parents think playing is a waste of time. They always want their kids to focus on homework and other important tasks.

However, that’s not true. Play is a critical element of a healthy childhood. Through games, children can learn how to cooperate, share and relate to each other.

Moreover, your kid can learn how to solve conflicts, find compromises and negotiate in a game. Gradually, they develop social skills.

Playing is also a great way for children to express their feelings. Sometimes, kids may not feel comfortable expressing their feelings, but they can use puppets, toys and playing to express them.It can be an important mental therapy for children.

Help Kids to Understand Negative Emotions

Most parents want their kids to be happy all the time. But this is not possible in life.

Parents tend to categorise emotions into good and bad. Negative emotions are seen as something bad. This signals to children that they should only express positive emotions. 

As a result, children will keep their negative feelings within themselves, which is not good for mental health.

Actually, negative emotions are a necessary experience to help children to grow mature. All emotions are natural parts of childhood experience. Parents should help their kids to understand and cope with different emotions in life.

Help Kids to Develop Empathy Skills

Babies tend to cry when hearing another baby crying. This is because humans are instinctively empathetic. But that doesn’t mean your kids don’t need to develop empathy skills.

There is still a lot of room for emotional development in order to empathize with others’ situations and perspectives.

You should give your kids an empathetic role model. Start by showing your kids empathy, respect their feelings, listen to them. You can also have other kids to help your kid to understand the importance of empathy. This can be done by having other kids to share their emotions with your kid.

Help Your Kids To Cope With Stress

The world is competitive, so it’s easy to feel stressed out in life. Therefore, it’s important to teach your kid on how to deal with stress and recover.

First, you shouldn’t watch the news with your kids because there are many footages of natural disasters, famines and wars. Your kids might feel stressed watching this kind of news.

Secondly, if your kid’s homework is heavy, make sure that your kid is not pushing themselves too hard. High energy kids usually stress themselves out. So you should encourage them to make time for relaxation.

Since stress can be detrimental to your child’s physical and mental health, it’s critical that your kids know how to cope with it. 

Stress can disturb your kid’s sleeping patterns and lead to back and neck pain. Chronic stress can even cause high blood pressure and other illnesses at a young age.

One way to teach your kid to reduce stress level is relaxation breathing. Ask your kid to breathe in and count to three, hold the breath for three and release for three.

Final Thoughts

Raising a kid is not easy. It’s much more difficult to raise a successful and happy child.

You shouldn’t restrict them to certain rules. Instead, understand his unique personality and needs first before giving them any guidance.

Give your kids the freedom to play and thrive. You should be their role model that they can learn from you.

In that way, I’m sure your kids will be happy and hence become successful in life.

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