How To Be a Baddie: Baddie Outfits Review

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’ve ever wished you could have the same life as the attractive girls you see on Instagram. 

Not as difficult as you might think to be an Instagram villain; it’s all in your attitude and self-assurance. Following that, all you need to do is some homework on current baddie fashions, hairstyles, and makeup.

What Is a Baddie?

One definition of “baddie” is an attractive, self-assured woman who sets the fashion agenda. Influencers like these typically have access to the newest fashions, most elaborate cosmetics, and hippest accessories. 

They have a natural elegance about them that makes us envious and want to follow them on Instagram. The villain look may appear difficult to accomplish, but it’s actually quite simple.

Because of this, we’re going to go over some pointers to help you unleash your inner supermodel and boost your Instagram game (and self-assurance) in general.

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Becoming a Baddie on a Budget

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “But what if I’m tight on cash right now?” Can you give me some tips on how to be a nasty guy without breaking the bank? Do we even have a chance? Undeniably, yes. Here are some methods:

  • This only applies to sales. There are always amazing discounts to be had at Nasty Gal, Missguided, and boohoo. SheIn and Zaful also have some great deals if you’re ready to take a risk on quality and pay less.
  • Buy makeup at a drugstore even though it costs less than the high-end brands you’re used to.
  • Visit a secondhand store. When you least expect it, you can come across the latest and greatest in bad guy fashion. Moreover, it is possible to go thrifty while shopping online.
  • Get your hands dirty. Do your own brows, hair, and nails to save money and use it toward something else. Aside from the obvious benefit to your appearance, this will also help you become a more proficient stylist and makeup artist.
  • Be resourceful. Make something new out of the garments you don’t wear by cutting, sewing, and stitching them into something else.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into some of the techniques of the trade for dressing the part of a terrible guy.

Baddie Outfit Tips

Cropped Tops

As of late, cropped tees, tanks, sweaters, shorts, and jeans have become a staple of the Instagram bad girl uniform, so you should probably get on board. Cropped clothing is versatile enough to complement any outfit, whether you’re going for a laid-back or sensual vibe.

Furthermore, you can crop your own clothing by simply clipping it to the desired length. Who would have thought that wicked guys could be that cunning?

Hug Those Curves

In the badass fashion trend, it’s all about highlighting the curves (aka wearing tight-fitting clothes). This calls for the purchase of skin-tight garments that will highlight your amazing figure. Don’t be modest about your body; it, like every other body, is lovely.

You don’t have to wear clothes that fit snugly all over your body if that’s not your style. An effortless and sultry look can be as basic as a crop top and sweatpants. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tight biker shorts and a long graphic tee.

High-Waisted Everything

Next, you can’t miss the babes when they’re wearing the high-waisted attire that has been a staple of the baddie wardrobe trends. High waisted clothing draws attention to your curves and highlights your waist, which can make your waist appear more diminutive. You’ll end up looking better in this.

Matching Sets

The easiest (and sexiest) way to pull off a badass ensemble is to wear a matching set. Set up like you’re going to the gym, and you’ll be fine. Also, you can get creative and mix and match instead of buying pre-made sets.

Keep It Chill 

Finally, the ability to make even the simplest outfits appear beautiful is a major factor in an Insta baddie’s rise to fame. Examples of such items are shoes, mom jeans, and a high ponytail. Athletic wear, too, is riding high in the fashion world.

There are times when a sloppy bun and sweatpants are appropriate for a badass.

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Baddie Makeup Tips


I mean, name an Instagram villain who doesn’t have flawless brows. Undeniably not! That’s why you should start shaping your brows. Get your brows in shape, whether with powder, a pencil, brow mascara, or microblading. Eyebrows that are thick, full, and tidy are currently trending.

Once you know what flatters your figure, it’s a breeze. Get creative and you can make your brows look thick and natural, right on point. If you want to succeed at being a nasty guy, this is a must-have.


Contouring your face by cutting off your cheekbones is another badass look. Besides being a lovely cosmetics trend to experiment with, contouring and highlighting your features and giving your skin a healthy glow are two other benefits (which is mega flattering). Now is the time to start learning the art of contouring by watching tutorials on YouTube.


One other pesky piece of advice is to give your lashes some TLC. It seems like all the badass ladies you see on Instagram have stunningly long eyelashes. 

You may achieve the same effect with some seductive artificial lashes or by just applying more mascara, so a professional lash service isn’t necessary.


Makeup that complements bronzer should emphasize the wearer’s best features. Highlighting draws attention to your features, whether you’re emphasizing your brow bones, your nose, or your upper lip. The use of highlighter pens is currently very fashionable. In other words, spruce up your appearance.

Create Your Own Look

Make an effort to establish a look that is uniquely your own, whether that be pronounced cheekbones, wild eyeshadow hues, or a bold lip color. 

In this manner, others who appreciate your taste will naturally follow your lead. Famous for her full lips is Kylie Jenner, while Lily Collins is lauded for her thick, voluminous brows.

You can’t stand out from the crowd if you all sport the same style, so use your cosmetics to highlight your unique qualities.


While these pointers may have you well on your way to rocking a badass wardrobe or makeup, the best piece of advice may be to just be yourself. 

Spend too much time crafting a false persona on Instagram, and you risk becoming a follower of the wrong kind of terrible guy. Learn to accept and love yourself.

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