How Important is Motivation for Your Workout and Weight Loss Plan?

So far, we have talked about several aspects of healthy living, as well as several aspects of exercising. However, one very important thing was not previously talked about in-depth, and that is motivation. 

Every single one of us has been in a situation in which motivation for a workout was an issue, and all of us struggled to find the motivation to return to training or take up some new activity. This section will try to explain what motivation is and how it can be reclaimed.

Sometimes, staying healthy or losing weight is not good enough motivation to get up early in the morning when it is raining outside and the temperature is freezing cold. In such cases, additional motivation is needed in order to follow your workout schedule and not fall behind in your exercise routines. It often happens that one skipped workout session can lead to a second, a second one leads to a third, and without you even realizing it, you have lost the habit of exercising and all the good things that came with it.

There are times when people will say things that will only make you doubt yourself. They might say things about you that you’ve been thinking for a long time. These types of things will make you lose all motivation to work out or do whatever it is that you are trying to do. You need to block those people out.

If all they can say to you is about things you need to work on or things you aren’t good enough at, you shouldn’t be talking to them. Most of the time, their aim is to bring you down. They don’t care if what they say hurts you; they would rather make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes, they are the ones doubting themselves. 

You should try your hardest to stick with your gut feeling, and don’t give up. It will only lead to failure, and that’s the last thing you want. Another reason you might have a lack of motivation is if you have depression. Battling depression is something so many people have to undergo on a daily basis. 

It is a lot of hard work, and sometimes, it’s hard for them to get out of bed in the morning. If you have even an ounce of energy, you should put that towards something you want to be able to do, whether it’s a hobby or a goal that you are trying to achieve. 

Every day will be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be the thing that holds you back from everything you can do in life. If you can find that ounce of energy, and you really want to get into shape, try putting this energy into working out. There are many workouts that have had positive effects on people who have depression. 

This isn’t to say that working out will cure your depression, but there’s a possibility that you will be able to deal with some of your symptoms more easily or simply feel relief from your symptoms. If there is something in your life that has that kind of effect on you, you should try your hardest to get out of bed to go do it.

The important thing to have in mind as regards motivation is that we must have a goal that makes us do more in order to achieve more. Doing one thing and not seeing any improvement or new results will cause the situation to quickly become tiresome, and people very often lose motivation to persevere.

Continually reinventing goals is something that makes us motivated and provides us with reasons to do certain things, whether to read, study, work, or even exercise.

Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to exercise or do some other type of work is to reward yourself after the completion of the activity. If you have problems with getting out of bed and going for a run, get out of bed and prepare a healthy fruit shake or some other type of delicious meal or drink, and condition yourself to run in order to enjoy the prepared meal or drink. 

Keep reinventing the rewards so that you will be able to keep it interesting without losing motivation. Go shopping, go to a movie, have a drink with friends, or take a nap, but only do so after you have finished with your exercise activities or any other activities. 

This positive conditioning enables you to create a positive habit of doing something, and in this way, the given activity will become a routine part of your day after some time. Soon, you will not need any motivation for this activity. The reason for this is that you are not doing daily activities in the same way, and your brain looks forward to new things.

Exercise with Friends

Another excellent way of staying motivated to do some exercise is to perform that exercise with a group of friends. Often, doing certain things with a group of friends makes it interesting and prevents us from feeling like the activity is the same old boring routine, which will eventually result in the lack of motivation for that activity. 

Friends are also great because they can get you out of bed and encourage you to exercise with them. While you do not necessarily want your friends to guilt you into going exercising with them, as this could create a negative attitude toward exercising, you will be more likely to show up to a previously arranged meeting to work out if you know that other people are depending on you to be there.

Surround yourself with ambitious people whose goal is to improve their lives in every aspect because soon, you will realize that you have also started to think similarly and to aim at an improved life.

It is always important to have someone to remind you of what your goals are because sometimes, you get lost in the world, and you forget the reason why you do certain things. 

Exercising with friends who have a positive attitude towards exercising and towards life, in general, is one of the best ways to realize your full potential and to be happy with what you have accomplished up to that point and with what you want to accomplish in the future.

Step-by-step Approach

For so many of us, it is sometimes hard to even get out of bed. In those moments, going out and exercising seems like the last thing we want to do. The best solution is to start your day step by step. Do not set a goal of exercising as soon as you open your eyes. 

Instead, take one step at a time. Wake up, get out of bed, have a cup of coffee, have breakfast, put on your workout clothes and shoes, and only after you have fully enjoyed the morning should you go and do some exercise. A step-by-step routine helps you to overcome the lack of motivation; it gets your heartbeat rate slightly elevated, and you will feel much better knowing what you have accomplished that morning.

The step-by-step approach also applies to your exercise routine overall. Do not expect that you will be able to launch yourself into complicated, challenging, or high-intensity workouts right away if you are just starting out. 

Focus on beginner exercises that are easy to learn and perform, and make sure that you are doing these exercises properly. As your fitness level improves, you will be able to take on new and more complex exercises and increase the challenges offered by your workout routine.

If you start out with unrealistic goals, then you will not achieve those goals, and you will be discouraged. Set realistic goals for yourself, such that each goal that you accomplish will encourage you to reach your next goal. In this way, you will continue to improve and advance your fitness level.

This step-by-step approach does not have to be limited only to exercise and workout regimens. It can be applied to all aspects of our lives. It does not matter if you need the motivation to exercise, to do your work, to study, or anything else. A step-by-step approach is something worth noting and remembering because you can only benefit from it.

Keep Your Workout Clothes in Sight

One of the most specific ways of maintaining and recapturing motivation to do some exercises or to go to the local gym is to keep your workout clothes in sight.

In this way, you will constantly be reminded of exercising and its benefits. Keep your workout clothes or your running shoes somewhere in plain sight so that you get constantly reminded of the training. You can keep your clothes or your shoes next to your bed, in front of the bathroom door, or near the doors of your closet – it really does not matter. 

What matters is that your brain gets constant information about exercising, which will create a habit of exercising. Soon, you will be in a situation in which you will not need any motivation boosts in order to perform certain activities.

This technique also helps because if it is easier to get into your workout clothes and out to wherever you are exercising – whether it is the gym, running track, yoga studio, or your home workout station – then it is more likely that you would actually put on the clothes and go. Having everything immediately available takes away one obstacle on those days when your motivation may be low, and just one obstacle might be enough to prevent you from getting to your workout.

Motivational Quotes Work, Too

One of the biggest clichés as regards motivation or the lack of it is motivational quotes. However, for many people, motivational quotes do the job. Find people who inspire you, read and listen to what they have written or said, and implement that in your daily routines, whether it has to do with exercise or something else.

Find quotes on the Internet, write them down, and leave them next to your mirror so that you can see them every time you looked at yourself in the mirror. These motivational quotes will give you the positive energy boost that you require and will make you feel much better, especially if they are about the goals that you set for yourself. 

Do not run away from the motivational reading material. Use it to make your own experience better and easier. Watch motivational videos because after watching or reading material like that, your brain will want to accomplish similar results, and it will encourage you to perform whatever activities you need to perform. 

Do not limit yourself to your own experience. Broaden your experience and worldview by conducting research on other people’s lives and experiences. See what they did that made them successful in life, and try to apply that in your own life.

Do What You Like

Another important thing is to do what you like and not what others expect you to do or what anybody else wants. In the end, nobody else matters but you. If you find yourself in a situation in which you do something that is not a pleasure for you, try to look around and see if you have been doing it for yourself or for someone else. 

What you need to realize is that you are the master of your destiny. You decide on what you want to do. If you want to go swimming, do it because you like it, and you think that it is beneficial for you. 

Otherwise, you might get into a situation where your life feels miserable just because you do not want to say no to a friend when he or she invites you to a weightlifting workout when you actually hate weightlifting.

Do not be afraid of having your own opinion and saying “no” to things you do not like and that you think might harm you, your body, or your health. Life is short – too short to spend on doing things you do not like. When you do things you actually like to do, your need for motivation will be reduced to a minimum.

This happens because your brain ties things you like with positive effects, and because of that, you will be willing to do such activities without any problems. Part of doing what you like is adding variety to your workout. Even if you start out doing an exercise that you absolutely love, chances are pretty good that if you do that exercise repeatedly, you might eventually start to get tired of it. This will not exactly encourage you to keep going, especially if you are bored with what you are doing. 

Changing up the type of exercise that you are doing can keep you excited and interested in your workouts, which makes it much more likely that you will keep the exercise routine going.

If you feel like you are starting to get bored, you might want to consider trying out a new class at your gym, buying a workout video, looking up some new floor or weight exercises, or trying out a new type of exercise that you’ve never considered before.

Positive Thinking

Although this way of being motivated may be characterized as something for people from the hippie movement, the power of positive thinking has been proven to help, even in some cases of diseases. There are numerous cases in which terminally ill people managed to overcome their diseases when everything else failed because they refused to give up. 

They kept their heads up and kept being positive, and they were rewarded for not giving up. To keep a positive attitude towards people and life, in general, is to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Positive thinking provides you with enough positive energy to fulfil your daily responsibilities without getting tired or exhausted. 

Negative thinking equals negative energy. When you are thinking positively, everyone around you feels that, and they feed off that positive energy, which makes their days and lives more positive. On the other hand, negative thoughts create negative energy, which makes everyone around you feel negative and bad. 

By staying positive, you do not only have a positive attitude towards life but your body and brain also do not need any additional motivation for your daily activities. Positive thinking may actually be one of the best ways to remain motivated for your daily activities, including exercising. 

With positive thinking, you might actually be unstoppable because it makes you believe that you can overcome any kind of obstacle that life throws at you. Positive thinking is not just an idea put forward by some hippies from the Beatles era. Positive thinking is much more than that. It is a life philosophy and a way of life.

Realistic Goals

One of the crucial things for you not to lose motivation and maintain it throughout the entire workout process is having realistic goals. Do not start exercising, or anything else in life for that matter, with big goals that are too high because that is a definite road to failure and feeling miserable. Instead, set your goal to be more realistic in nature. 

Create a list of short-term goals or those that are possible to achieve in a short period of time. Basically, what you need to do is to create a “to-do list.” In this way, you will be able to cross out the goals that you have achieved so far. 

Achieving goals has a tremendous psychological influence over the human brain and the human body, such that it makes you immediately go for another goal on the list.

Instead of creating a goal of losing 60 pounds in 4 months or any other unrealistic time frame, create a goal of losing 5 to 10 pounds per month. In this way, you won’t have to wait 6 months to cross out this goal. Instead, you will be able to cross out one goal every month, and we already mentioned the psychological effects of achieving short-term goals. 

If you keep doing this, you will always have the motivation to perform certain activities, and it will provide you with a boost of positive energy that can only help you in further fulfilling your goals. However, in a situation in which you wait for a long time in order to achieve your goal, your motivation decreases as time passes by. This is because if it takes you too long to achieve a goal, then the improvement is hardly visible, and you lose motivation when wondering what the point of all this is.

Lower your Expectations

Strongly correlated with setting realistic goals is lowering your expectations as regards certain activities that you perform in your life. By lowering your expectations, you are taking the pressure off, which makes you perform your activities much more effectively and productively. 

When your expectations are too high and you fail to meet such expectations, your level of motivation will be very low, and it will become a problem for you to start doing something else.

On the other hand, every fulfilled expectation gives you a motivational boost that keeps you on the right track. Fulfilling your expectations also gives a boost of positive energy, which makes everything else feel better. No matter how small expectations are, the psychological effects of fulfilling such expectations do wonders relative to staying motivated for any other kind of activity in the future.

As mentioned previously, the issue of motivation can be crucially important in achieving goals and fulfilling your plans. However, there are often situations in which motivation is lacking, and we need to find a way to raise that level of motivation in order to fulfil and achieve previously determined plans. 

Several solutions to this kind of problem were given in this section. However, that does not mean that these solutions can be applied to your case because every person is different, and different things and customs make people motivated.

The aforementioned list is just an example of what some people have done to overcome their problems that were caused by the lack of motivation. The most important thing in all of this is that you do what you like and what makes you feel happy. This is the best possible way to stay motivated and avoid the problems caused by the lack of motivation.

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