Honeylove vs Spanx – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Investing time and energy into finding the ideal shapewear is crucial, since it has the power to transform both one’s appearance and sense of self-worth. 

That’s why we compared these shapewear manufacturers side by side. Read on to learn about the merits of Honeylove and Spanx and, ultimately, our recommendation.

Honeylove vs Spanx Overview

Honeylove has been steadily gaining market share since 2016, when it was still far behind industry giant Spanx.

Both lines offer sculptwear designed specifically for women by women and share an emphasis on superior construction, soft fabrics, and flattering silhouettes. Due to the similarity between these products, we have summarized their key features:


Honeylove has been getting a lot of press lately, and they’ve amassed over 120k Instagram followers in that time. Bodysuits, camis, bras, thongs, sculptwear, and other items are all designed with one thing in mind: giving women the confidence and security they deserve.

Let’s evaluate this brand by separating out its positive and negative aspects.


  • Provides Stylish, Durable, and Comfortable Shapewear
  • Wide selection of sizes, from extra-small to triple-extra-large
  • The right match can be found with the use of a questionnaire.
  • The piecemeal articulation of the bones allows for maximum form and contour.
  • When you spend $75 or more, shipping and returns are on the house.
  • Service to the consumer is excellent.


  • Somewhat more expensive than some competing brands of shapewear.
  • Hard to remove at times.


For nearly two decades, Spanx has been the go-to brand for women’s shapewear. As well as shapewear, they also sell things like leggings, jeans, jackets, activewear, and even a men’s department!

To help you determine if this brand is perfect for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits and drawbacks.


  • Provides Stylish, Premium Shapewear
  • Available in a wide range of flattering styles and fabrics, including shapewear; many casual and dressy options; many fashionable silhouettes
  • Various degrees of shaping are available.
  • Everything ships for free (in the US)
  • All returns within 90 days are without cost.


  • Disparities in sizing are sometimes present
  • Drops off your shoulders at occasions when wearing

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Honeylove vs Spanx: Customer Reviews

In order to give you an idea of what other customers think of Honeylove vs. Spanx, we decided to look through thousands of reviews on the internet:

“I tried both of them, and Honeylove is the better and more comfy of the two. To decide, try them on.” glitzdream on Reddit

“I have some [shapewear] from Honeylove that works incredibly well; I believe the boning is the secret.” mycuppatea23 on Reddit

“I purchased a honeylove shaper. They’re not paying me to write this! I enjoy how it squeezes my tummy but not my hips or buttocks. It’s a little tough for me to get out of, but I guess that’s true of most shapewear. It’s not a miracle cure, and it didn’t make me a size smaller, but it helped straighten up my stomach without flattening out my appealing contours.” mycatappreciatesme on Reddit

“I have a lot of stomach issues, so even tight jeans are out. Spanx is the only shapewear I can handle because all it does is smooth things out; it’s like a light coverage foundation in that it doesn’t change anything but makes everything look a little smoother.” Anonymous on Reddit

“I think spanx are great if you just need to smooth things out, but they aren’t the best if you want to look thinner.” ninjette847 on Reddit

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Honeylove vs Spanx: Conclusion

It’s not possible to say that one brand of shapewear, Honeylove or Spanx, is inherently better than the other. Honeylove is superior to the other brand if you need a more structured, non-sagging garment. A pair of Spanx, on the other hand, might be the way to go if all you need is underwear for everyday wear.

Both manufacturers allow for hassle-free exchanges and refunds, so you can try both before committing. Make sure your items are returnable by trying them on over your undergarments.

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