Home Remedies For Hepatitis

Hepatitis just means inflammation of the liver, which can be caused by different viruses (usually contracted via the mouth, such as through contaminated food, or the blood), while alcoholic liver disease is liver inflammation and injury due to excessive alcohol intake. Whether or not I had these conditions, I would never take a supplement to “clean my liver” (such as artichoke leaf extract). 

Trying to “detox” the liver makes no sense anyway because every time you take a pill, your liver just works harder to metabolize it. Plus, a recent report, which I agree with, showed that many cases of reported liver toxicity and failure are due to contaminated dietary supplements! And multiple hepatitis studies have demonstrated a worsening of the condition with dietary supplements taken simply for “antiaging” benefits. So the smartest thing you can do for your liver is to avoid taking any unnecessary pills.

For some people, losing weight can take a large burden off an unhealthy liver; it can potentially improve liver enzymes and slow progression of the disease. If you have hepatitis or alcoholic liver disease, ask your doctor how much physical activity you need and what caloric changes you need to make. And remember, heart healthy = liver healthy!

Finally, the greatest development in liver disease, especially hepatitis C, is happening right now. Conventional drugs can now put the condition into remission for years, if not for life. This is one of the greatest medical success stories since the discovery of drugs that can put HIV in remission!

Home Remedies For Hepatitis

Milk thistle

Some studies have shown milk thistle (Silybum marianum) seeds might benefit people with liver problems or liver damage, but others haven’t. One of the best trials conducted on milk thistle (also called silymarin) and liver damage found that patients who had failed with interferon had minimal to no response on high-dose (2,100 milligrams per day) silymarin. However, more than 18 randomized trials (for hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease) suggest this supplement warrants a discussion with your medical team at earlier stages of the disease process. I believe it could provide some benefit for those who have more mild and recent liver injury.

Soy protein

Taking 32 grams per day for 12 weeks decreased the liver enzyme ALT in hepatitis C patients better than a placebo. ALT reflects liver health, and abnormally high levels suggest liver injury is occuring. Experts believe soy protein may improve liver function and reduce inflammation.

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