Hey Hann Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Tired of constantly having to deal with unwanted body and leg hair? Well, the Hey Hann IPL Hair Removal Handset promises to be the solution you’ve been looking for. With its advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, this handy device claims to get rid of hair for good by breaking down the hair cycle and blocking regrowth. And, since you can use it from the comfort of your own bathroom, it could save you a ton of money in the long run.

But is Hey Hann IPL Hair Removal Handset too good to be true? I’ve done my research to find out if it can actually live up to the hype. Here’s what I’ll be covering in my review of this hair removal device.

What is Hey Hann IPL Hair Removal Handset?

Ditch those painful waxing and shaving sessions, and say hello to smooth, hair-free skin with the Hey Hann IPL Hair Removal Handset! This innovative laser device is designed to remove unwanted hair growth from any part of your body, including the face and sensitive areas.

You can use the automatic mode for larger areas like your arms, legs, abdomen, and back for permanent hair removal and silky-smooth skin. IPL works by penetrating down to the second layer of your skin without harming the top layer, and it’s most effective for those with light skin and dark hair.

Unlike lasers, IPL emits light at multiple wavelengths, making it a gentler option for hair removal. Hey Hann can be applied in just a few minutes to any part of your body, and it produces flashes that can last for over 10 years! Plus, with 5 different power settings, you can customize your treatment to suit your skin tone or sensitivity while still getting amazing results.

In just 3-4 weeks, you’ll be on your way to smooth, hair-free skin. So why wait? Get your Hey Hann IPL Hair Removal Handset today and say goodbye to unwanted hair!

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How Does It Work?

Say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and epilating with Hey Hann’s IPL hair removal handset! This revolutionary device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to break the cycle of hair growth. IPL works by converting light energy into heat, which then destroys hair cells and slows down hair growth.

And don’t worry about it being safe – professional dermatologists recommend and use IPL in salons and spas. In just 30 minutes a week, you can get a full-body treatment at a fraction of the cost of clinical laser treatment.

What sets IPL apart from laser treatment is that it uses multiple wavelengths of light, like a photo flash, instead of just one. This results in a more scattered and less focused light, which penetrates the second layer of skin (dermis) without damaging the top layer (epidermis). This means less damage to your skin overall.

But keep in mind that IPL may not be as effective on uneven areas or for people with dark skin tones or a tendency for keloid scars. It also works better on dark hair than light-colored hair.

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Saves Money in the Long Run

With Hey Hann IPL, you get a permanent hair removal solution. Say goodbye to the repetitive cost of waxing, razors, and depilatory creams. After just a couple of IPL sessions, you’ll have achieved permanent hair removal results that save you money in the long run.

Less Painful than Other Methods

Hair removal can be a painful experience with traditional methods like waxing, epilating, and threading. With IPL, you can enjoy a relatively pain-free experience. Plus, IPL eliminates the risk of cuts, burns, or irritation that come with razors.

Removes Underlying Hair Too

With traditional hair removal methods, you have to wait for hair to grow out to remove it. But with Hey Hann IPL, you can remove even underlying hair that hasn’t yet appeared on the surface. All surface hair is shaved before the session, so you’ll always have hair-free skin.

Hair Growth Decreases Over Time

Hey Hann IPL damages the pigment and hair follicle, which stops hair growth. Over time, hair growth decreases until it stops completely, giving you permanent results.

Time Effective and Convenient

IPL is a convenient and time-effective method that can be done during your lunch break. Each session only takes 30-60 minutes, and you’ll achieve permanent hair removal in three to seven sessions. Unlike waxing and shaving, IPL saves you time and gives you long-term results.

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Can You Use It For Permanent Hair Removal?

Hey Hann hair removal is a popular choice, but it’s important to know that some hair regrowth is totally normal. Don’t stress, though—over time, you can get another treatment to reduce the amount of hair that grows back. In some cases, you might even be able to get rid of all the hair.

The regrowth of hair depends on different factors, like the type of hair and the person doing the removal. Usually, when hair does grow back, it’s lighter and less noticeable than before. This is because the laser can still mess with the hair follicle, even if it doesn’t destroy it completely.

If the follicle is damaged but not gone for good, the hair will eventually grow back. It can be tricky to get rid of every single follicle, so some regrowth is common. But don’t worry, if hair does grow back, you can always get another treatment to deal with it. Depending on how much hair you want gone, you might need a few treatments.

Just keep in mind that some hair might be too light, short, or resistant to the laser treatment. If that’s the case, you might need to switch up your hair removal strategy and try plucking stray hairs, for example.

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Is IPL Hair Removal Safe for Everyone? Know the Risks and Limitations

So, IPL hair removal is generally considered safe for most people, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. For instance, pregnant women and those taking blood thinners should avoid IPL.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re on Accutane for acne or have active acne, IPL may not be the best option for you.
  • If you have a skin resurfacing disorder, a tendency to develop keloid scars, or severe scarring or sunburn, you may want to think twice before getting IPL.

Just like any medical procedure, IPL does come with some risks and side effects. These can include:

  • Pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Crusting

So, it’s always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional before getting IPL to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

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IPL Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

While it’s been a popular option for those with light skin and dark hair, technology has made it available to a wider range of people. However, there are still some things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, the Fitzpatrick scale is a great way to know if IPL is right for you. If your skin falls in the 1-4 range, then you’re good to go. But, if you’re not sure, just head to a professional who can advise you. If you’re using an at-home device, like the Hey Hann IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, make sure it has a skin tone sensor that you should use before each treatment to avoid any burns or scars.

Also, your hair color matters. If you have light blond, white, grey, or red hair, this method won’t work for you. Some skin conditions, tanned skin, pregnancy, tattoos, and moles can also make IPL a no-go.

Make sure you read all the manufacturer’s safety precautions before using the Hey Hann device and consult with a dermatologist if you have any doubts. And, avoid methods like waxing, tweezing, epilating, or threading while doing IPL treatments. But, feel free to keep that growth under control by shaving.

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How to Contact Hey Hann’s Customer Service?

Looks like Hey Hann’s customer service isn’t the best. Don’t expect a quick response if you reach out – it could take more than two whole days! But hey, here’s how you can get in touch with them:

  • Phone: Sorry, no phone number available.
  • Email: Sorry, no email address either.
  • Chatbot: They do have a chatbot on their website, so that’s something!

Where to Get the Best Alternative of Hey Hann?

If you’re looking for a solid alternative to Hey Hann, Amazon might just have what you need. I recently discovered a product on Amazon that can give you similar, if not better, results and it’s super affordable too. Trust me, you won’t regret checking it out.

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Q: Is there a risk of cancer from radiation rays?

A: No worries, the low-level non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation used in Hey Hann IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is safe and won’t cause cancer as it doesn’t produce enough energy to harm your DNA.

Q: Does it really work?

A: Yeah, it can be effective but may take longer than salon treatments as it’s not as powerful.

Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Unfortunately, no. The results can vary from person to person and depend on many factors, including genetics. Even the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery can’t predict how many treatments you’ll need and how long the results will last.

Q: Why does it take so many sessions to see good results?

A: It’s because hair growth goes through three stages, and not all hairs are in the same stage at the same time. IPL is only effective on hairs in the active growth stage, so you’ll need multiple treatments to get all hairs.

Q: Is it safe for facial hair removal?

A: You can use it on your cheeks, but not near your eyes or eyebrows as it can cause eye damage. Check the device carefully if you want to use it on your face. Some IPL devices have separate flash cartridges for facial use for better precision.

Q: Is IPL the same as Laser Hair Removal?

A: Not exactly. Both use light energy to target hair pigment, but IPL uses a broader light spectrum, while laser uses a specific wavelength.

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