Hakura Patch Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Should you buy from Hakura Patch? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this Hakura Patch review, chances are you have watched the ads for Hakura Patch and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about Hakura Patch to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

In this Hakura Patch review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

What is Hakura Patch?

The Hakura patch is a Japanese weight-loss product that claims to make it easy to lose weight. You will see results in a short period of time. It claims that you won’t experience any side effects because these patches are made entirely of natural ingredients.

People who want to lose weight have discovered that working out regularly and eating a well-balanced diet is the best way to do so. However, this process could take months or even years to produce results.

Imagine losing weight without having to work out very hard or eat very little. Imagine not having to wait weeks, months, or even years for your diet and exercise to assist you in losing weight. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Hakura patches only use natural Japanese ingredients that are completely natural and in their purest form.

These include essential oils, natural minerals, Japanese Banzai mint, also known as Shiso, Coptis Japonica, and Salicornia, all of which are found in nature.

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How Does Hakura Patch Work?

The Hakura patch is made up of a variety of natural and potent medicines. Coptis Japonica is one of these things; it kills bacteria and aids the body in getting rid of them.

Japan’s Banzai mint boosts metabolism by breaking down fat and causing the body to use more energy overall. Furthermore, Japanese Banzai Mint and Salicornia aid in calorie burning and weight loss by preventing your body from absorbing sugar and causing you to gain weight. 

They also aid in the removal of toxins from your skin and the removal of stretch marks. The way these patches work causes your body to become more alert.

They operate in a straightforward manner. When you apply the patch to your skin, the active ingredients begin to enter your body through your pores and sweat glands. These patches are designed to be worn for a couple of hours, allowing the active ingredients to be administered in small doses.

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How to Use Hakura Patch?

Hakura patches are simple to apply. You don’t need any special tools to apply the patch to your skin.

Follow the steps below to properly apply your Hakura patch.

  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the patch. If it isn’t, wash it and dry it with a towel.
  • To get to the sticky side, take the patch in your hand and gently peel off the plastic.
  • Now, apply the patch to your skin, preferably in areas where you have a lot of extra fat, such as your belly, and gently rub it in so that it sticks well.
  • Leave the patch on for three to four hours. Meanwhile, you can go about your daily activities without fear of the patch coming off.
  • Remove the patch after a few hours and wash the affected area with warm water.
  • Wearing the patch every day for at least a month will cause visible changes in your body.

Things to keep in mind while using Hakura patches:

  • Pregnant women should avoid using Hakura patches.
  • They should not be used on children or people over the age of 65.
  • If your skin is in pain, do not apply the patch. Put it somewhere else instead.
  • If the patch causes your skin to itch or turn red after you apply it, remove it immediately and wash your skin with warm water.
  • Although the patch can be placed anywhere, it may work better if it is placed where you want it to.

Pros and Cons of Hakura Patch


  • The Hakura patch is reasonably priced.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • A prescription is not required to purchase or use the Hakura patch.


  • There is no scientific evidence that the product helps people lose weight.
  • They are unsure about the product because they lack critical information about it.
  • There have been few or no clinical trials on them.
  • Results are not guaranteed.
  • There are no regulations in place at the FDA.

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Is Hakura Patch a Scam? 

It’s hard to say if Hakura Patch is a scam or not. Because dietary supplements don’t have to meet the same standards for effectiveness that OTC and prescription medications do, the evidence isn’t there to prove weight loss patches induce weight loss.

Additionally, any studies conducted by the product manufacturers are typically small and do not meet the usual standards for scientific research.

Some of these weight loss patches may have a minimal impact on weight loss, but there may be side effects that overwhelm that minimal impact.

In other words, their benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Side Effects of Hakura Patch

Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate dietary supplements like other medications, and the ingredients in transdermal weight loss patches have only been studied for their effectiveness taken orally, their side effects aren’t fully known.

Also, different patches contain different ingredients, so side effects will vary. The best way to find out how a particular weight loss patch might affect you is to talk with your doctor. They can help you decide if the product is a safe choice for you.

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Is Hakura Patch Safe?

Because they are not regulated in the same way as OTC or prescription medications, dietary supplements don’t have to meet the same safety standards. As a result, many nutritional supplements, including weight loss patches, have not been tested for safety.

What makes these patches potentially unsafe is not just their ingredients, but also the purity of those ingredients and the dosage.

Unsafe Ingredients of Hakura Patch

Just because you can buy a supplement from your local store or online, it doesn’t mean its ingredients are always safe to use.

For example, many weight loss patches claim they use natural ingredients from plants. But being natural does not guarantee that they’re safe and without side effects.

Research from 2018 explained that many herbal ingredients might present the same dangers as prescription medications.

In some cases, the government has had to step in. For example, the FDA has warned that many OTC dietary supplements contain hidden active ingredients that could harm you.

In 2021, the FDA issued a public notification advising people not to purchase the Hydro Pinapple Burn supplement advertised for weight loss because it contained the controlled substance sibutramine.

This ingredient can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which is potentially dangerous for those with a heart condition or history of stroke.

That same ingredient is found in other weight loss supplements on the market today.

If you decide to take any type of supplement, it’s best to check the ingredients and ask your doctor before taking any pills or applying any patches with this listed as an ingredient.

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Recommendations for weight loss

Researchers don’t know for sure how safe and effective weight loss patches are, so if your doctor has recommended you lose weight, you’re likely better off trying tried-and-true methods of weight loss.

That means — you guessed it — diet and exercise. If you follow a diet and exercise program that you create with your doctor’s guidance, you have a much better chance of staying safe, losing weight, and managing your weight in the long term than if you use weight loss patches.


There are several diet programs available today, and many of them do not promote calorie restriction. Rather, they advise nutritious, whole food choices.

But it can be hard to know which eating program is right for you.

Researching the food plans of certain popular diets, talking with your doctor, and seeking the advice of a registered dietician are all great ways to find the eating plans that will work best for you.

It may also be a good idea to consider your favorite foods when researching a diet. If you consume a good amount of carbs in your current diet every day, you may find it more challenging to stick with a low carb diet. But if you feel like that plan is more doable, you might consider giving it a try.

You may need to try different diets before finding the one that works best for you.


Moving your body while improving your diet can help when it comes to weight loss. Exercise not only burns calories, but also builds muscle. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat does.

Besides its weight loss benefits, maintaining a regular exercise schedule can also:

  • Help manage your current weight. Exercise is essential in preventing obesity since it helps you burn calories for energy.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease. Exercise improves circulation and heart health by pumping oxygen-rich blood to your body while helping lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Aid in smoking cessation. If you’ve been trying to quit smoking, exercise makes it easier by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can also help limit any weight gain when you stop smoking.
  • Help manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Exercise can help improve insulin production, which in turn lowers your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In addition, if you have diabetes, exercise helps you manage its symptoms.
  • Improve your mental health. After you exercise, you may feel a sense of relaxation. That’s because it releases chemicals that can help improve your mood and help you feel more relaxed. It’s also a helpful way to deal with stress and some symptoms of depression.
  • Improve your sleep. Exercise may help you fall asleep faster and help keep you asleep longer.
  • Always talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise plan.

Talk with your doctor

Weight loss patches have not been proven safe or effective for weight loss.

But if your doctor has recommended that you lose weight, there are a variety of other questions you can ask them to help you along your journey, such as:

  • “Can you help me put together a program for losing weight through diet and exercise?”
  • “Could you refer me to a registered dietitian for help with my diet?”
  • “Am I a candidate for prescription weight loss drugs or weight loss surgery? What are the side effects for both?”

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