Gymshark vs Alphalete – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

The market for athletic gear has been targeted by numerous companies. Only a select few of the many brands competing for consumers’ attention can hope to maintain their status as household names. While some companies do a better job of advertising than others, ultimately, consumers care most about the quality of the items itself.

As a result, athletic clothing now serves not only athletes but also others who have a more laid-back lifestyle or who simply value being able to move freely and comfortably throughout the day.

Gymshark vs Alphalete: What They Offer


At first glance, the company seems to cater to those who lead busy lifestyles, but there’s more to it than that. The company’s mission is to sell products that are ergonomically designed to improve your life at every stage of development.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes may find high-quality activewear here to help them reach their fitness objectives. They also sell the usual assortment of gym bags, water bottles, and other fitness-related products.


The brand was able to differentiate itself while offering similar products because of its focused advertising and attention to the fitness community. Their clothing is mostly organized by tops and bottoms, but they also have some more specialized sections for things like limited edition collections, greatest sellers, and more.

There is also a small selection of casual clothing here that is cut to highlight the body you have worked so hard to achieve. There is a good range of options for both men and women, from comfortable and practical base layers for men to figure-flattering gowns.

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Gymshark vs Alphalete: Quality


Although Gymshark is the cheaper choice, the study suggests that the lower price tag does not come at the expense of quality. They stock a wide variety of fabrics in their garments, and some customers have complained that this makes it difficult to determine which items will be of the highest quality.

Our research began with a review of the company’s website, where we gleaned the essential information we needed before turning to the web to learn what actual consumers had to say about their own experiences.

Although Gymshark has earned a reputation for producing high-quality workout gear, you may come across online reviews claiming that the brand’s current offerings are of inferior quality.


Reviews of Alphalete’s apparel quality over the previous few years have generally followed the same pattern: many reviewers felt the quality was superb three to four years ago, but that hasn’t been the case within the last year or two. Many customers are tiring of the unexpectedly low quality of their goods.

A number of consumers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the durability of recently produced garments, claiming that they quickly rip or wear out, while older garments continue to look and function as new for many years. The brand may be adopting a rapid fashion mentality, and quality control is currently inconsistent.

Gymshark vs Alphalete: Pricing


Aside from the high quality of their products, Gymshark also provides reasonable prices. When compared to rivals, not only do they provide deep markdowns during sales, but their regular prices are also competitively low.

Initially, the company’s low costs in many clothing categories were a major selling point for many buyers. Sadly, many consumers may not feel the value is worth the asking price.


There is no doubt that Alphalete is more costly than Gymshark. There hasn’t been a huge shift in price, but the quality has declined, leaving people wondering if it’s still worth it.

Aside from their newsletter, the only other place to discover discounts is in their modest online sale section. Customers may have formerly considered Alphalete’s apparel to be worth the price, but this opinion may have changed over time.

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Gymshark vs Alphalete: Sizing


The firm is relatively body positive, regardless of cost or quality, because most sizes run from extra small to XXXL for both sexes. Many customer reviews on the internet may comment that the sizing seem a little odd.

Dissatisfied customers have resulted since they can’t find the perfect fit because their body measurements don’t correspond with the clothes.


Since Alphalete also provides a good selection of sizes for their items, they are virtually in the same position. No matter which section you peruse, you will find that the most common sizes are extra small to XXXL.

There aren’t many reports of dissatisfaction with the way their items fit, so you can probably stick with your usual sizing. Generally speaking, the size range is not particularly extensive, thus they do not cater to unusual or specific body shapes.

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Gymshark vs Alphalete: Customer Reviews

Customers will always reveal the truth about a company’s products, regardless of how much advertising, persuasive mission statements, and eye-catching images are used. Listed below are the most often mentioned complaints regarding both companies and their wares.

  • People enjoy Gymshark’s low cost.
  • Customers believe Alphalete is overpriced for what you receive.
  • Gymshark’s apparel has a shockingly short lifespan.
  • Many customers believe Alphalete’s quality has recently declined. Customers are dissatisfied with Alphalete’s shift toward fast-fashion products.

Gymshark vs Alphalete: Final Verdict

Since they’re so similar, picking one as a better bet is difficult, but we think Alphalete will be the best option.

Each clothing lines share many characteristics that make them comparable, and both are distinguished from the competition by their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Although both Gymshark and Alphalete have amassed sizable customer bases, the former’s product quality falls short of expectations more often than not, and the latter’s is more hit-or-miss.

This comparison of Gymshark and Alphalete lays out the benefits and drawbacks of both brands to give you an honest idea of what to anticipate from each.

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