Gymshark Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Should you buy Gymshark? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this Gymshark review, chances are you have watched the ads for Gymshark and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the Gymshark to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

At the end of this review, I will also tell you the best alternative of Gymshark so that you can enjoy the same benefit at a lower cost.

In this Gymshark review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

What is Gymshark?

Even if the primary goal of exercise is to improve one’s health, there’s no reason why one can’t also improve one’s appearance through rigorous physical activity. Gymshark is the place to go if you’ve been thinking about a new workout attire.

You’ve probably seen influencers all over Instagram sporting this brand’s famed leggings and workout outfits because of their popularity.

It’s easy to see why the brand is so well-liked when you consider the high quality of the apparel they produce.

The brand gained its massive 5.4 million Instagram followers thanks to the support of celebrities like Nikki Blackketter and David Laid. They are also very popular, as seen by the roughly 2 million likes they have received on Facebook.

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Overview of Gymshark

There was no way to know the origins of this big global brand were so modest. In 2012, Ben Francis and some of his high school pals conceived of the idea to launch a fitness company. This one, like so many others, had its beginnings in a garage, only this one was in the United Kingdom.

Rapid expansion from its Solihull, England, base has allowed them to serve customers in 131 different nations. The company’s valuation increased to over £1 billion by 2020, and a large portion of that increase is attributable to the influencers.

Initially, the company’s product offering consisted primarily of dietary supplements and a few select pieces of clothing. In 2013, however, the Luxe Tracksuit became a social media phenomenon.

Brand ambassadors were hired after the team discovered the transformative potential of social media. The results of the 2020 campaign, in which the business paid 125 influencers to promote the brand, were clear.

Despite being primarily an online retailer, they opened a pop-up shop in London in 2020, with further locations perhaps opening in the future if the company continues to gain popularity.

These training clothes are for everyone, not just the bodybuilding males they originally catered to. It is only via the frequent release of new products and sets that the company can hope to grow.

Although Gymshark sells a wide variety of items, this evaluation will focus on three of their most popular: leggings, shorts, and joggers.

Even though the tops are popular on their own, they really take off when sold in a pair with the bottoms.

You may get a full wardrobe of clothing like tank tops, sports bras, t-shirts, and hoodies. However, many items are cropped to complement the high-waisted style of the bottoms, but you may still select from a variety of options.

Additionally, there are six distinct collections:

  • Adapt 
  • Essentials 
  • Flex 
  • Seamless 
  • Seamless Fit 
  • Vital 

Furthermore, what fitness-oriented company would be complete without complementary products? The brand sells not only apparel and accessories, but also tools like water bottles and resistance bands. In any case, they are primarily transporting garments rather than tools, so it’s likely that there are higher-quality alternatives available elsewhere.

Customers had positive reactions to the Gymshark sizing chart. Waist sizes range from 24 to 32 inches from XS to XL for women.

Men can choose from sizes small to XXL, with waist measurements ranging from 31 to 39 inches. This range of sizes is not particularly accessible, but the company is working to improve this.

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Gymshark Leggings Review

You’ve probably seen more Gymshark leggings than any other piece of clothing on Instagram or in your home fitness training videos that have kept you busy throughout the epidemic.

Women’s leggings from Gymshark are among the best-selling options. Body positivity advocates Nelly London and Chloe Ting have both been featured wearing Gymshark clothing in their videos and commercials. Is there any truth to the claims that the leggings provide a superior fit?

This review of Gymshark will include information on three different types of leggings: the Vital Seamless Leggings, the Flex Leggings, and the Energy Plus Seamless Leggings.

Gymshark Vital Seamless Leggings Review 

To satisfy the demand for timeless black leggings with a bit more flair, Gymshark created the Vital Seamless Leggings.

These black leggings have a high waistband that provides support and a wicked cool shading contour design that stands out against the dark color. Nylon, polyester, and elastane provide the fabric its excellent stretch and moisture-wicking properties.

On days when you just want to lounge around the house, pair your Vital Seamless Leggings with a Gymshark hoodie. That’s how cozy they are, honestly. In addition, they are quite robust, making them an excellent choice for strenuous exercise.

Don’t want just black ones? Leggings are available for fifty dollars and come in a variety of marl patterns, including: smokey grey marl, brown marl, teal marl, orange marl, blue marl, and dark green marl.

Gymshark Flex Leggings Review 

You’ve seen these leggings before; they’re the ones that draw attention to your rear end without making you feel like you’re about to tear a stitch every time you squat. This is the first appearance of the Gymshark Flex Leggings.

These mid-rise pants have a jacquard logo and are designed to highlight your abs on top of your legs. This polyamide, polyester, and elastane fabric is soft, breathable, and quick to dry.

This set is elastic and adaptable, as the name implies. When paired with the coordinating Gymshark sports bra, you’ll be ready to take on your next workout in style.

For some reason, at the time of this Gymshark review, all sizes and colors of this pair were sold out despite being on sale for $20 instead of $40.

Gymshark Energy + Seamless Leggings Review 

Another gorgeous pair of black leggings, this time. Feel perfect and strong with the extremely high-waisted Gymshark Energy Seamless Leggings.

The cutouts at the shoulders and upper back are a nice touch. These 7/8-length tights also have teeny little cutouts at the ankles. The legging, which is constructed from a stretchy blend of nylon and elastane, will flatter your shape while sustaining your active lifestyle.

You will have no fear in undertaking any form of exercise, from weightlifting to cardio. No doubt the leggings will make it easier for you to finish your workout. Due to the cuts, we recommend extra caution when wearing and washing this item.

Despite selling out so quickly at full price (about $55), this pair was apparently very popular. And in every conceivable size and hue as well! After a short hiatus, this pair will once again be sold in mint, blue stone, taupe, black, and dark green. The dark green choice would complement a camouflage Gymshark sports bra or top splendidly.

Gymshark Shorts Review

Gymshark’s men’s sportswear is equally high quality, despite the fact that women make up about two-thirds of the brand’s target demographic. 

After all, the company got its start in the industry by manufacturing garments for men, and shorts are the brand’s bread and butter.

In my review of Gymshark, I will focus on two of their most popular products: the Sport Shorts and the Arrival 5″ Shorts.

Gymshark Sport Shorts Review 

If you’re looking for a simple pair of black shorts, but you want something of great quality and wearability, you’ve come to the right place. The Gymshark Sport Shorts are the epitome of minimalist style without sacrificing functionality or comfort.

This is a pair that you can wear without fear of overheating. The polyester construction and mesh panels greatly improve breathability. The fit may be adjusted to your liking thanks to the drawcord at the waist.

You can keep your belongings secure during your workout without having to worry about losing anything thanks to the hidden zip pockets on the side. These shorts are the “ideal all-rounder” and look excellent with a Gymshark tank top.

It’s true that guys have fewer color options to pick from than women do, but you can still pick from black, electric blue, or charcoal. There are currently no available pairs at the time of this review of Gymshark; however, they can be purchased for $25.

Gymshark Arrival 5” Shorts Review 

The Arrival 5″ Shorts are the best option for those who like a more tailored, shorter length. The sleek cut and shorter inseam look great on most people and are quite wearable.

Similar to the last pair, this one is also constructed entirely of lightweight polyester with sweat-wicking technology. The elasticized waistline can be adjusted to your preferred level of comfort with the use of flat drawcords.

Since the pockets are open, you can easily put your hands in them during a break, but you can’t always put anything in them.

Dark green, black, white, petrol blue, red, teal, and orange are just some of the available color options. Each set is cheap at only $20 for both shorts.

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Gymshark Joggers Review

How about some baggy pants for a change? When the evenings become chilly in the fall, gymshark joggers are a need for cooldowns and jogs around the neighborhood.

Reviewing two of Gymshark’s best-selling jogging styles—the Fit Tapered Joggers and the Power Joggers—here.

Gymshark Fit Tapered Joggers Review 

Those who want a more tailored fit than the typical Gymshark sweatpant will be pleased to meet the Fit Tapered Joggers.

These men’s joggers are functional and won’t waste your time. A crisp embroidered logo is featured on the thigh and back pocket, and there are both zip and open pockets on the outside.

You can use these joggers for both casual wear and workouts thanks to their comfortable polyester, cotton, and elastane blend.

We presently have this set in stock for $45 and offer it in three different colors: charcoal marl, black, and navy.

Gymshark Power Joggers Review 

With the Power Joggers, you may enjoy superior style and functionality.

This woven fabric is ideal for bodybuilding because it is made of 100% cotton and is quite durable. You can focus on your training without worrying about your belongings falling out of your pockets, as this set is made to help you work out more effectively.

Three primary colors, black, grey marl, and dark blue, are available for the men’s range. As of the writing of this Gymshark review, however, every last pair has been purchased, no doubt in response to the 50% off promotion reducing the price of each pair from $50 to $25.

Is Gymshark Squat Proof? 

They most certainly ought to be! Considering the intended use of the products, this Gymshark review revealed that they must be squat proof.

Does Gymshark Shrink?

When washing clothes, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer’s instructions are there for a reason. High temperatures might cause the products to shrink because many of them are constructed from synthetic materials like nylon, spandex, or elastane.

In order to prolong the life of your Gymshark clothes, you should never put them in the dryer.

Who is Gymshark For? 

Anyone who appreciates the aesthetic of athleisure or who simply enjoys working out would benefit from the products. The clothing is not only practical for your workouts, but also fashionable. This Gymshark review showed that the designs are understated but draw attention to all the right places.

Getting what you desire, especially during sales, requires quick action. Customers often express frustration that so many items have sold out so quickly. The products, especially in light of the enormous buzz, are moving quickly off the shelves.

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Comparison: Gymshark vs. Lululemon

This Gymshark review will begin with a comparison to another comparable firm, Lululemon, before diving into the specifics of what customers think.

Lululemon, like Gymshark, provides customers with a variety of activewear options. They’ve been around for almost 20 years, so they’ve got plenty of experience as well. The outrageous prices at Luluelmon are another trademark of the company.

You’ll have to shell out at least $100 for a pair of leggings, despite their claims of premium quality.

When compared to Gymshark, which mainly sells gym apparel, they do provide more selections for a wider variety of athletes. Lululemon also operates a sizable brick-and-mortar presence, whereas Gymshark operates only through temporary outposts. However, Gymshark offers worldwide shipping.

In the end, it’s up to you to determine which brand is best for you. In either case, you’ll be the envy of your gym mates.

Benefits of Gymshark

1. Product Quality is acceptable

Gymshark’s product quality is satisfactory. It’s well-designed and serves its purpose well. Some customers may, however, receive defective products from them. As a result, I would recommend that Gymshark inspect the products before shipping them to customers. Customers are less likely to receive subpar or defective products as a result of this.

2. Customer Service is Available

Shopping in stores that provide poor customer service is extremely inconvenient. As a result, it’s critical to shop at stores that at the very least provide a phone number and an email address for after-sales service.

Gymshark’s customer service is adequate but not exceptional. You may contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your order, but it may take more than 48 hours to receive a response. This is not ideal, especially in some emergency situations.

3. Gymshark meets the product description

Many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements to increase sales. This does not always imply that the product is a scam.

Gymshark’s advertisements are quite impressive and can catch the attention of customers. Some may believe they are overhyped. However, you cannot conclude that it is a scam because Gymshark does, to some extent, deliver on its promises.

4. Door-to-door Delivery

Many people prefer to shop online because it saves them time. Simply place an order and wait for the product to arrive. You are not required to drive to a physical store to obtain the product.

Gymshark is an online retailer that offers door-to-door delivery. Even if you live in a remote location, you can still purchase from Gymshark.

5. Easy to Place an Order

Gymshark’s website design is appealing. It is very simple for people to place an order. Simply click the “add to cart” button and proceed to the payment page with your credit card. Unlike a physical store, Gymshark’s website accepts orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gymshark Cons and Complaints

1. Gymshark is Overpriced

Gymshark is not inexpensive. Many people complain that it is too expensive. Because the quality of Gymshark is not superior to that of other similar products, the higher price is not justified.

You will be able to find a similar or identical product at a lower cost elsewhere. Let me tell you where at the end of this Gymshark review.

2. Inefficient logistics

Gymshark is a small company with insufficient capital to invest in logistics. They are forced to rely on inefficient third-party logistics. They have minimal control over the shipping speed.

Therefore, you may see a lot of customer complaints about their slow delivery. If you want fast shipping, go with a large marketplace like Amazon. Unlike Gymshark, Amazon can ship products in a matter of days.

3. Gymshark Has Few Positive Reviews

I looked for positive Gymshark reviews but came up empty-handed. While the product is excellent, customers may be dissatisfied with their service.

Because Gymshark is a small company, you should not expect them to provide world-class service. It is preferable to purchase from a large marketplace such as Amazon if you want to ensure good after-sales service. There is much better customer protection there.

4. Gymshark does not offer unconditional refunds

Gymshark does not always issue refunds to customers. Although there is a refund policy, Gymshark has complete discretion over whether or not to issue refunds.

Some customers may find it unjust. However, this is a disadvantage when purchasing from an independent online store. Personally, I prefer purchasing from marketplaces such as Amazon, where the refund policy is reasonable. When requesting a refund, you will have Amazon’s backup.

5. Difficult to Return the Product

If you don’t like Gymshark, it’s difficult to return it to them. You would be responsible for the shipping costs.

That is why I dislike shopping at independent stores. If you want to avoid this problem, I recommend purchasing from Amazon. If you don’t like the product, you can easily return it. Later, I’ll tell you where you can get a similar or identical product to Gymshark on Amazon.

6. Some Good Reviews are Written by Gymshark’s Affiliates

You probably have found some other reviews of Gymshark and all of them are saying good words.

But some of them are actually paid to write, meaning they are sponsored posts. Therefore, their words are often biased and not trustworthy. Those reviews are simply sales pages and do not tell you the downsides of Gymshark.

By common sense, should you trust someone who has a conflict of interest that receives huge compensation by “reviewing” Gymshark? Probably not. They are not reviewing, but selling!

Therefore, I recommend reading the reviews of those written by the non-affiliates of Gymshark.

7. Gymshark Spent a Lot of Budgets on Advertising

Gymshark spends a lot of money on advertisements. There is nothing wrong with marketing their products via paid advertisements. 

But the problem is how can they make a profit with huge marketing costs? It’s common sense that Gymshark passes the costs to customers. So that explains why Gymshark is more expensive than other similar products you can find on Amazon. The higher price doesn’t mean their quality is better. They are just trying to cover their marketing costs.

As a smart customer, you should only pay for the quality of the product, but not the marketing costs of the product. That’s why I recommend purchasing from a large marketplace like Amazon, which I will tell you more about later.

Is Gymshark a scam?

I cannot say Gymshark is a scam for legal reasons. I researched them thoroughly, including their social media pages, review sites, forums, and so on. And while I see nothing suspicious about their business, I cannot find any verified positive reviews.

If Gymshark is a genuine and well-established company offering high-quality products, you should be able to find numerous positive customer reviews about them online.

But, strangely, I can’t find any. This could be due to the company’s service quality rather than its product quality. As a result, I have less faith in them. That’s why I looked for a similar or identical product on Amazon for you. Let me elaborate later.

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Positive and Negative Feedback by Real Customers of Gymshark

Positive Feedbacks

  • Leggings, shorts, joggers, and other workout clothing are available.
  • a large customer base
  • Ideal for the gym, giving comfort and support.
  • Many of their items feature a thick waistband for a pleasing form.
  • Financing is accessible through Klarna or Afterpay.

Negative Feedbacks

  • Premium costs
  • Products that are in high demand tend to sell out quickly.

Gymshark Customer Reviews

The question that arises now is, “How do consumers feel about the brand?” Whether looking at reviews for specific products or aggregated feedback from review sites, it’s evident that shoppers are happy with their purchases.

The 21,805 ratings and counting that give Trustpilot a 4.7/5 star rating confirm this. Customers that experienced problems with their orders praised both the quality of the products and the responsiveness of customer service.

One happy customer wrote, “I got a pair of leggings and they ripped at the gym after a week!

However, I sent images and explained what had happened to the support team, and they promised to send me a new pair of shoes for free. It’s crucial to realize that these things do happen.”

This experience was echoed by another buyer: “I had a tiny problem with my leggings, and the help I received when I inquired what to do was fantastic; they offered me a refund gift card value within an hour. The clothing is often of high quality.”

Due of the numerous glowing reviews, we are inclined to recommend Gymshark.

Gymshark Promotions & Discounts

There are no Gymshark coupons available at the time of this review. You can join up for their email to learn about any upcoming promotions or special offers. Their wonderful leggings are frequently on sale.

Gymshark deals are quite seldom, so when they do happen, the products sell out quickly.

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Gymshark Shipping Policy

In spite of their claim that they deliver worldwide, the company does not offer shipping to all countries. Thankfully, they offer US shipping options.

Customers are currently complaining about the delays in delivery, but at least shipping costs are reasonable.

FedEx Ground costs $5 and typically takes between 4 and 7 business days to arrive at your door. If you spend more than $75, shipping is on the house.

Expedited shipping is available for $15 if you need your item quickly. Alternately, express shipping is on the house for orders above $150.

If your shipment doesn’t arrive by the promised date, please contact customer support. Please complete this within 7 days of the estimated delivery date shown on your tracking information. If you suspect that your shipment will be delayed, contact the company immediately through phone or email.

Gymshark Return Policy

Returns are accepted within ninety days of delivery. Products can be returned for a full refund if they are unused and still have their original tags attached. Masks cannot be returned, but swimwear and underwear with the hygiene strip still attached can be returned.

Your purchase will be refunded in full, but returns are not permitted. For certain locations, including the US, the corporation will even pay the return shipping cost.

Simply comply with the guidelines given on the site to initiate the return procedure. Make sure you have the return label by completing the Returns Portal form before sending your package.

Where to Buy Gymshark?

In part, the brand’s cult status stems from the fact that its products are available exclusively through the company’s website,; as a result, the site sees heavy foot traffic during the brand’s infrequent sales events.

How to Contact Gymshark’s Customer Service?

Gymshark does not have great customer service. It may take more than 48 hours to get a response from them.

You can contact them via their Live Chat or by filling out their Contact Form.

Gymshark Reviews: Final Verdict

Gymshark is a fantastic product that delivers on the promises made in their advertisements. However, I would not recommend purchasing from them. Instead, you can find a similar or identical product on Amazon.

Because Gymshark is a small company, I am hesitant to purchase from them. Personally, I always try to find an alternative on Amazon. Every time, I can find a similar or better one at a lower price on Amazon. In the following section, I’ll tell you where you can get it on Amazon.

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Where to Get the Best Alternative of Gymshark?

If you’d like to get the best alternative for Gymshark, you might go to Amazon.

I just found a very similar product on Amazon that can produce the same or even better results. It is also more reasonably priced!

That’s why I bought one from Amazon, and I don’t regret it because of the excellent customer service and quick delivery.

You should look into it so that you won’t regret it later.

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Gymshark FAQs

Who owns Gymshark? 

Ben Francis, the company’s founder as of the time of this review, is the only owner of the Gymshark brand.

Where is Gymshark made? 

The company claims to have its origins in the United Kingdom and to have its main office in Solihull, England. The Arrival 5″ Shorts, for example, are manufactured at Sintex International Inc in the Philippines, rather than in the UK.

Does Gymshark run big or small?

The items have enough of stretch to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit. Still, if you want a snugger fit, you may want to order a size lower. However, if you like a more relaxed fit, we recommend sizing larger.

It’s all subjective, so before you buy, be sure to check the sizing chart and read reviews from others who are a similar size to you.

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