What is Grape Seed Extract Supplement?

Grape seed extract is a supplement derived from grapes (the same grapes that are used in order to make red wine). While some people may believe that it might be easier to eat grapes than go for supplements, you must remember that the extract works as a more potent form – and thus, will be able to provide more benefits than the fruit does. 

While the use of this supplement is fairly recent, it is being employed to assist with a variety of illnesses, more so as the studies involving it increase in number.

Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

To begin with, grape seed extract has certain cardiovascular advantages to provide. As the supplement acts as a blood thinner, it may help prevent clots in the heart, and reduce inflammation in associated areas. 

Thus, it can also help improve circulation – and has been found to reduce symptoms in those who have poor circulation and subsequent inflammation of the legs (chronic venous insufficiency). 

Apart from this, some studies have shown that grape seed extract in combination with other ingredients helps lower levels of cholesterol. It also helps reduce systolic blood pressure and heart rate, particularly in some patients with metabolic syndrome.

While studies regarding a few fields are still in their early stages, scientists believe that grape seed extract has many more benefits to provide. It may help slow down the rate of damage of the eye during diabetes (a condition referred to as diabetic retinopathy); in other cases, it may help with improving night vision.

Grape seed extract may also prove beneficial to slowing down the memory loss associated with age – even if it does not improve memory by itself (1). The supplement has positive effects on the skin too, by helping reduce dark skin colorations.

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Sources of Grape Seed Extract

As the name suggests, grape seed extract is derived from grapes – and there is no other available food source for the same. Supplement forms of the extract contain more beneficial properties than actual grapes do, because of the higher concentration of the extract present in them.

Grape seed extract is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Additionally, the extract also contains relatively high amounts of linoleic acid, polyphenols and flavonoids.

Deficiencies of Grape Seed Extract

There are no known deficiencies caused by the lack of consumption of grape seed extract, as it is not an essential nutrient. 

The converse is also true – consumption of grape seed extract does not seem to be the cause of any deficiencies or health-related issues, proving that it may be a smart and healthy choice, specifically for those who may have heart-related illnesses.

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