Gorjana vs Mejuri – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Buying jewelry was once reserved for presenting to loved ones on special occasions. However, these new businesses are working to alter that. You can now shop for yourself when it comes to jewelry.

Both Gorjana and Mejuri adhere to the principle of self-care, but it’s unclear which brand is superior.

We researched the cost, sizing, and quality of both companies so that you could get the most out of both options. To find the best jeweler, read our comparison of Gorjana and Mejuri.

Brand Overviews


Gorjana, founded in a California beach town in 2004, offers ladies all around the world simple, cheap jewelry they can wear every day. They sell necklaces and rings that are great for layering because of their subtle sophistication.


In 2013, Canadian company Mejuri began making jewelry with the goal of encouraging women to appreciate their individuality. The company has earned a name for making beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices.

The company is dedicated to developing eco-friendly jewelry and offers gemstones and diamonds that were sourced ethically for much less than the competition.

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Gorjana vs Mejuri: Quality

Now that you have a general concept of the products offered by each business, let’s examine them more closely by type.


Gorjana offers affordable fine jewelry. Although the jewelry won’t last as long as if it were made from solid gold, it will cost much less. In addition, nickel and similar metals that cause skin irritation and a greenish hue are not offered for sale.

At Gorjana, they think jewelry should have a greater purpose than merely looking good. That’s why it needs to reflect who you are as an individual and how you like to present yourself.

Each item is meticulously handcrafted by their team of talented artisans. All of their jewelry is also sourced and made in an ethical manner because they don’t think that quality should ever be compromised for the sake of exploitative Fair Trade methods.

If you’re in the market for a new set of earrings, necklace, or bracelet, go no farther than Gorjana.


Mejuri is dedicated to only using premium materials sourced in a responsible manner. Jewelry is handcrafted from 18k and recycled gold vermeil, diamonds and gemstones of AAA quality that have been sourced ethically, and platinum.

The company’s signature fine gold jewelry is a 14k blend designed for everyday use. They went with 14k gold because of its increased durability, meaning you may wear the pieces to the gym, the shower, and even to bed.

Mejuri is a name that is gradually becoming well known among fashion-forward women for its exquisite jewelry. The brand employs skilled craftspeople who employ high-quality materials to create heirloom-quality heirlooms.

Mejuri’s creations are not only always fashionable, but also classic enough to be worn for decades. And because of its business model, which is based on selling directly to customers, Mejuri is able to sell its high-quality products at shockingly low prices.

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Gorjana vs Mejuri: Pricing


The prices of Gorjana’s jewelry range from $45 to $725. This is cheap when compared to the going rate in the retail market. Also, since Gorjana strives for minimalism and accessibility, its items are not necessarily real gold but rather 18kt gold plated.

Gorjana is the more wallet-friendly option because its prices are slightly cheaper than those of Mejuri.


Mejuri sells jewelry for a reasonable $60-$850. The brand’s pieces are often priced a little higher than Gorjana, but they still prioritize accessibility.

Furthermore, the brand is plated in 14kt gold rather than solid gold, and its components are sourced in a more ethical manner.

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Gorjana vs Mejuri: Sizing


Necklace lengths at Gorjana are more flexible, ranging from 12 to 34 inches. Nonetheless, there is a smaller selection of ring sizes (5-9) compared to Mejuri.


Mejuri provides sizes 3-13 for rings, 16-18 inches for necklaces, and 6-9 inches for bracelets. In the jewelry industry, these dimensions are typically standard.

Gorjana vs Mejuri: Customer Reviews

Here are the key points of comment on Gorjana vs. Mejuri, based on our personal experience with both brands and research conducted across several online review platforms, such as Reddit.

  • Gorjana is less expensive than Mejuri.
  • Mejuri is frequently fashioned from higher-quality materials.
  • Gorjana ring sizes are relatively constrained.
  • Mejuri is the more environmentally friendly brand.
  • Gorjana’s return policy is more limited.
  • Mejuri is the superior brand for daily use.

Gorjana vs Mejuri: Final Verdict

How do you decide between Mejuri and Gorjana? Our top selection is Mejuri, which we highly endorse.

When compared to Gorjana, Mejuri is a tad more costly. In terms of quality, scalability, and durability, however, it is unrivaled. In addition, its return policy is more accommodating, and its products are constructed to withstand regular use.

We found that the price and quality of both brands were relatively comparable; nonetheless, we found that Mejuri was the superior brand.

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